Sunday, March 20, 2011

Second City and Saturday Night Live (EDitorial)

Here are the years that various actors (focusing mostly on those associated with SNL) completed their first year with the group (graduating).

Alan Arkin (Chicago)

Joan Rivers (Chicago)

Fred Willard (in the Christopher Guest mockumentaries) (Chicago)

Brian Doyle-Murray (SNL alumni, National Lampoon Show, Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, & Bill Murray's brother)(Chicago)
Joe Flaherty (Chicago)
Harold Ramis (SCTV & worked with SNL alumni)(Chicago)

John Belushi (SNL alumni & National Lampoon Show)(Chicago)

John Candy (SCTV)(Chicago)
Bill Murray (SNL alumni & National Lampoon Show)(Chicago)
Dan Aykroyd (SNL alumni)(Toronto)
Joe Flaherty (SCTV)(Toronto)
Brian Doyle-Murray (Toronto)
Gilda Radner (SNL alumni & National Lampoon Show)(Toronto)

Dan Aykroyd (Chicago)
Eugene Levy (SCTV & American Pie movies)(Chicago)
Gilda Radner (Chicago)
John Candy (Toronto)
Eugene Levy (SCTV)(Toronto)

Catherine O'Hara (Toronto)
She was on SCTV and was going to be on SNL, but head writer Michael O'Donoghue scared her off by spray painting "Danger" on the wall and burning a photo of Lorne Michaels.

Dave Thomas (Toronto)

Peter Aykroyd (SNL alumni & brother of Dan Aykroyd)(Toronto)
Shelley Long (from Cheers) (Chicago)

Robin Duke (SNL alumni)(Toronto)
Martin Short (SCTV & SNL alumni)(Toronto)

James Belushi (SNL alumni & brother of John Belushi)(Chicago)
Tim Kazurinsky (SNL alumni)(Chicago)

Mary Gross (SNL alumni)(Chicago)
Tony Rosato (SNL alumni)(Toronto)

Mike Myers (SNL alumni)(Toronto)

Bonnie Hunt (Chicago)
Around 1990, Bonnie Hunt turned down Saturday Night Live because she wanted to be able to improvise if she was going to be in a stage setting. She is best known for movie roles, like the friend in Return to Me and the mother on Cheaper by the Dozen.

Dan Castellaneta (Homer on The Simpsons) (Chicago)
Dan Castellaneta originally did radio voices and was hired by Tracey Ullman in 1987 to be a performer on her Tracy Ullman Show (a variety show like SNL). Although he was primarily a performer, he also voiced for the Simpsons animated segment of the show as Homer Simpson. And thus voice acting became his primary job.

Mike Myers (Chicago)

Chris Farley (SNL alumni)(Chicago)
Tim Meadows (SNL alumni)(Chicago)

Dave Foley & Kevin Macdonald (Toronto Training Center)
In about 1989, Dave Foley met Kevin Macdonald. They started working together, and they later ran into the rest of the comedians who would become the Kids in the Hall (also produced by SNL creator, Lorne Michaels).

Steve Carell (SNL voice & from The Office) (Chicago)
Although Steve was never a player on SNL, he voiced Gary in all 11 of The Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoons on SNL. He was originally hired (along with Stephen Colbert) to be players on the Dana Carvey Show. That was the debut of Robert Smigel's Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon and his other cartoons. And so when Robert took his cartoons to SNL, Carell and Colbert continued to do the voices.

Amy Sedaris (from Mad TV) (Chicago)

Stephen Colbert (SNL Voice)(Chicago)

Rachel Dratch (SNL alumni)(Chicago)
Jon Glaser (Chicago)
Adam McKay (SNL writer)(Chicago)

Tina Fey (SNL alumni)(Chicago)

Horatio Sanz (SNL alumni)(Chicago E.T.C.)
Horatio was actually also a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, although he had moved on to SNL when UCB was picking up steam with Amy Poehler and its TV show (after it moved from Chicago to New York).

Jerry C. Minor (SNL alumni)(Toronto)

Jeff Richmond (SNL alumni)(Chicago)
Jeff was hired as a musician on SNL. He married Tina Fey and composes music for 30 Rock now.

Jane Lynch (SNL host & from Glee) (Chicago)
Jane hosted SNL in October, 2010.

Jack McBayer (from 30 Rock) (Chicago E.T.C)

Liz Cackowski (SNL writer)(Chicago)
Liz was a writer on SNL from 2003-2006. She is the girlfriend of SNL writer (and member of The Lonely Island), Akiva Schaffer. Currently she writes on Community.

Tom Flanigan (SNL writer)(Chicago E.T.C.)
Tom was hired as a writer at SNL for the 2010-2011 season.



Anonymous said...

this lady was on snl once...
don't know why because she's clearly crazy and out of her mind
read this article:

Anonymous said...

what the eff is this post about?

The Animation Empire said...

Anony 1,

Well, she's entitled to her opinions. She was on with Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey (and Jon Lovitz). Yeah, she was mostly annoying, but she was sometimes funny, no different than SNL players nowadays.

Is she crazy? I don't think so. She just has political views that are the opposite of Glee. Not sure why she targeted Glee (maybe because she's a fan and wants to watch it but doesn't want the unsolicited political messages).

Either way, I don't think it's worthy of posting here. She's just a former SNLer who's getting into politics. Like Al Franken, but he did it much longer and became a Senator (and he's on the opposite side of the fence).

Maybe an "SNL and Politics" article? But judging from Anony 2's response, finding more Andy content is a better use of my time.

Anony 2,

Read the title and intro sentence. I think it's clear. If this is a genuine question, let me know. If you're ranting that you don't care, then just ignore it or contribute to Andy-related stories (versus some more SNL-oriented content).



Jen said...

can't belive such a small minded person like victoria jackson used to be on snl. didn't know she was a homophobe. but I didn't like her too much anyways during her days on snl, so no big surprise there.

The Animation Empire said...


I'm not sure if Victoria Jackson is a homophobe. What's the definition of homophobe? She seems to be against Glee showing the homosexual kiss. So that could mean homophobe or it could be specific to what it was. Not sure.

I'm not really defending her though (just defending the value of not jumping to conclusions and not branding people), as I never really found her very funny (but I could put most of past SNL cast members in that bucket).


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