Monday, January 05, 2009

Andy Samberg - Gets painted by Paul Rudd (Everyone's a Critic)

Update: Added the Hulu vid for our international peeps. Enjoy! Originally posted 11/18/08


Digital Short: Everyone's A Critic

Paul Rudd paints a masterpiece of Andy Samberg in his latest film. Also features Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Casey Wilson, and more.

Holy crack in the smack! Wow. This is a mix between gay jokes, random humor, and violent shock humor. Wow. I like the random stuff, but the rest... not so much. Andy and Paul were much funnier in the promo for this episode.

There's a lot of death and violence going on. So who wants to see what the portrait looks like? This seems like it's "The Ring" on crack! =^)

What do you think?

Andy answered the question of whose music this is: it's his. In other words, that's Andy's voice. Jorma mixed it up. Do you want it to be on their February Incredibad CD? I do.




Sparkly Jen* said...

It was all you said, and more. I think it was pretty stupid and I felt totally awkward when I was watching it. I had enough of that disgusting suicide crap when I went to see The Happening.


Anonymous said...

Hey is there any way the song can be put up for download? I love the song, I sing it all the time now haha.

The Animation Empire said...

You could wait until someone YouTube's a remake. =^)


The Animation Empire said...

Sparkly Jen,

Yeah, totally agree. Suicide ain't that funny. I'm surprised so many players were up for it.

- TAE said...

i liked the song, i liked the happening, and teh suicide crap in "everyones a critic" is different than the happenings suicide crap.

Andrew said...

I really want to know what this song is. Its been stuck in my head for over a month now!

The Animation Empire said...

To download the video, go to and download the video as an MP3; that will give you just the music.

Andy answered that question: it's his. In other words, that's Andy's voice. Jorma mixed it up. Do you want it to be on their February CD?



Marc Kantor said...

I want the song! Can I get a clean version of the song?

Anonymous said...

Also cannot get the song out of my head! I've never used Zamzar, but I'm guessing it gives an mp3 of the entire audio straight from the video...?

Like some other posters, I'd love to have a full clip of the song.

The Animation Empire said...


Yup. Then you can edit it down in Premiere or any video or music/sound editor.

Maybe we'll do that for ya, since it's a popular song that no one has.


Anonymous said...

I'd like that.

Anonymous said...

I have to give TLI and Paul props on this- I thought it was hysterical. My fellow art grads and I were passing it around and posting it nonstop, it might have something to do with being artists about to brave the world- maybe it related to us better? I am surprised so many people did not like it. It's just taking of Indie and other things in such a hilarious way- give it another chance"(.

Anonymous said...

Now we international peeps can't even access the videos on Hulu. ;_; I miss SNL.

Anonymous said... this song on the CD? I love it...can't get it out of my head...please tell me it is.

The Animation Empire said...

Good question. We'll have to wait a few days to find out. There is an "interlude" song called "Shrooms" that I think could be it, but you never know.


Like,Woah. said...

that song keeps running through my head too. It is similar to some stuff i've heard from martin denny, but the vocals are better. you've got to upload it here!

Will said...

I love the song as well haha. Sadly, it's not on the CD though. If anyone ever finds a clean version of the song, they should post a link up here. said...

It won't work in actual fact, that is exactly what I suppose.

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