Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What do you think of Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom?

It seems that people are very passionate about talking about Andy and Joanna together or just Joanna Newsom, so at the advice of one of our Anony readers, we're dedicating this post to discuss Joanna Newsom or Andy and Joanna.

You can find a link to it over on the right ---->

That way you can always come back and check in on the discussion.

So what do you think of Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg? Leave a comment below!

After you leave your comment, go to these pages to get the scoop on their relationship and who Joanna Newsom is...

Learn about Joanna Newsom here:


Now some sitings...

(1) We called it first here that Andy was dating Joanna Newsom (their first date at a NY Islanders game) in late 07:


(2) Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom at a party after SNL at the end of the 07-08 season:


(3) Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom together at LAX in June 08:


(4) Andy goes to a Joanna concert in March 09:


(5) Joanna and Andy at the Kentucky Derby in May, 2009:


(6) Andy and Joanna at the MTV Movie Awards at the end of May 09:


(7) Joanna and Andy at the CFDA Fashion Awards on June 14, 2009:


(8) Andy and Joanna in August 09:


(9) Andy and Joanna at the Emmys on September 20, 2009:


(10) Andy and Joanna in West Village, NY on October 26, 2009:


(11) Joanna at Andy and Friends on November 8, 2009:



Other good posts...

(12) Joanna with Andy outside SNL:


(13) Joanna and Andy pose:


(14) Joanna signs an autograph at SNL:


(15) Joanna's Peach Plum Pear set to Single Ladies video:




Anonymous said...

No... not a fan! she has something cold about her.

I'd rather see him with someone cute like nasim or jenny. funny and funny go well together. weirdish and funny...not so well.

I've seen happier looking couples tbh.

nwhyc photgraphy said...

I agree she doesnt seem like she would get andys kind of comedy and humor, do you think they will get married?? Jorma has already, and I feel Akiva and his gf are very close.

Jasmine Samberg(: said...

I think Andy needs to dump her and get with me(:

Anonymous said...

I think as long as they're happy, it's a good match. I mean we're all kind of jealous of Joanna, but realistically as long as they both love each other, it's a good thing. I'm not a fan of Joanna's music, but I support her and Andy and hope it works out. :)

osmosis said...

i dont understand her music,i just dont. and i think that him and katy perry would of been a way better couple :) but i still wish them a good relationship

Anonymous said...

why would you hope it works out ??? he doesn't really look like the happiest guy ever, and he should! He could with another woman, probably!

sure I wish him happiness but It's pretty obvious that they are not meant to be together. and I don't think they will get married.

she kind of makes me angry!

Anonymous said...

i really like them together. i mean i am in love with him..and i do like her music and she seams nice but i would not like it if they got married but what can i say.

Anonymous said...

yes i love them together! she was as sweet as can be when i met them and they seemed really happy and affectionate!

Anonymous said...

"Why would you hope it works out ??? he doesn't really look like the happiest guy ever,it's pretty obvious that they are not meant to be together. she kind of makes me angry!"

I never noticed them looking unhappy together. In all of the shots above, they look happy to be with one another. Certainly they don't look gooey-eyed-in-love in every candid shot, but then again who does? Neither of them has any obligation to the other; I think if one of them wasn't happy with the relationship, they would break it off. Not trying to be rude or disrespect your opinion, just curious.

Unknown said...

i don't think their good together, theres something about joanna that is not a part of andy. which is that joanna is cold a dry and looked like a mermaid at the emmy's with andy.

Anonymous said...

i see she is different and andy always has a different taste for that but man, there has so be some reason why he is with her i mean they have been dating for like 3 years and no ring yet so..... idk i find her annoying

Anonymous said...

It's really hard to say because we don't get to see them together very often, but from what I've seen I think he deserves better. But if he's happy i'm happy.

Anonymous said...

i think she is okay looking but her attitude omfg look up on youtube johanna newsome joke, i mean comon her boyfriend is a comedian that joke will make you want to kill her first then yourself

Anonymous said...

I have another question... so for those of you who think Andy doesn't go with Joanna, who do you think our Andy WOULD go with? (don't say yourself, that answer won't count, I know we all wish it was us haha!) celebrity wise? or other well known name.

Anonymous said...

hmm i do not know some one who is more funny, better looking, and different but not weird/different. And some one who doe snot dress him like a douche. He said in an interview she dresses him when they go out together, look at some of his outfits when there together.....

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous and brilliant. I hope they are happy.

Anonymous said...



Isn't he single?

It Builds Character. said...

Funny...a lot of Joanna's fans think she could do much better than Andy because of her previous bfs. I actually only came across this blog trying to look for more info about her upcoming projects (triple cd being released 2/23).
Andy's a person, not your Ken doll to decide if he should date Barbie one day and Midge the next.

Ed Price said...

Ken would never leave Midge for Barbie.


Miss Brooke said...

I believe that Andy deserve someone else better, I just don't understand what does he see in her? I may not know Joanna personally, but after viewing clips/pics of her, she seems to be so full of it. Sorry Miss Joanna, but ur no diva...

I may not be a psychologist, but I'm guessing that one of the reasons why Andy is still with Joanna is probably because he doesn't want to be alone and maybe its hard for him to find someone to accept him for who he is (not for his fame & $$$).

Now here's a question for everyone, if Andy wasn't a celebrity and he's just ur basic average guy, would you still wanna be with him?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read in the New York Post too that he was single. I don't think they're still together.

Ed Price said...


It could just be a misunderstanding. They didn't seem to quote Andy or any sources. They might have just assumed he was single.


Anonymous said...

To Miss Brooke's question: "Yess!" but that's why we all like Andy, cause if you didn't know he was a celebrity and you just met him on the street, he wouldn't come across as just an average guy, there's something intriguing about him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Andy Samberg. I love him so much, and am completely jealous of Joanna. I mean I guess as long as he's happy, BUT I most definitely with he would be single. Or with me! :) I mean the likelyhood of that is in the negative possibilities but that alright!

Faith said...

I really do hate her, and I think Andy could and can do so much better. Andy deserves to be with a better women.I would be much more fine with him dating another comedian or something. She doesn't give off a good vibe and I never liked her. I don't are if I don't know her, just really don't like her.Hopefully Andy doesn't marry her or else we're all gonna kill him.

Anonymous said...

In an interview with Joanna on youtube when she talks about her favorite animal and what music she likes, she came across to me as childish and dumb.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Like most of you on here, I want him to be happy. If she makes him happy, then hey, whatever. My issue is with Joanna's personality and how she comes across in interviews and stuff.

She comes off as cold and hard. They seem happy enough, but I don't see that spark. They say opposites attract, but they seem to be at the very ends of the spectrum.

We have to remember that this could just be how they come across on the outside, who knows what their relationship is really like.

Ya know...I don't really follow astrology religiously or anything, but I was curious and did a compatibility thing for her star sign (Capricorn) and Andy's (Leo). Kind of lame, I know, but still :P The very first sentence was, "You couldn’t find two more diametrically opposed characters than Capricorn and Leo."

Anonymous said...

Sorry for a double post, but here's the whole astrology thing, if you're interested in reading it :P


iGummerz said...

I still think we should get her email and send her hate mail. I care about Andy being happy but I don't feel like he's the happiest at the moment. She someone that you just hate from he start.

Anonymous said...

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flatworm said...

You all are some silly babies. Nobody can understand any relationship from a couple of candid pictures. Andy will never be with you, and Joanna is a goddess, you're fine.

Dasfunny said...

I agree with flatworm. Furthermore, how are Andy and Joanna opposites?They both seem nerdy, in different ways albeit. Also, none of the people on here know anything about either of these people. For one thing, people who are funny tend to do so to hide who they really are. It's a defense mechanism.

Lex Penn said...

How can I make it known to Andy that I am interested and thoroughly prepared to have a threeway with involving him, Bill Hader and myself?

Anonymous said...

Andy Samberg is the luckiest man on earth, that's what.

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