Wednesday, February 14, 2007

EDitorial: Why wasn't Andy Samberg on the show this week?

EDitorial: Why wasn't Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live this week?

The show I'm referring to is 2/11/07, hosted by Forest Whitaker.


He was there.

He did the voice announcing of "Sloths!" Plus he obviously wrote it and made it with his Lonely Island cohorts.

And he did the intro with Drew Barrymore the previous week.

Basically, they understand that the world loves Andy. They need that and want that. However, they don't want it to be the Andy Samberg show. Andy doesn't want that either. So they give the world 1-2 Andy sketches each night, and they limit it to stuff that The Lonely Island wrote. Stuff that will be viral on the internet and that the world will love.

That particular night he did Sloths and Andy Popping Into Frame. His only live appearance was the voice intro for Sloths.

Because they limit it to stuff The Lonely Island wrote, we're mostly going to get Digital Shorts and movie references like The Usual Suspects, the Total Recall sketch (Andy was Quato; I still can't find a video of that anywhere) and the intro with Drew Barrymore (Say Anything...).
Even the Sloths video featured Sloth from Goonies. I love it when these guys pull out these old references.

So they've been pulling him out more to use him as a tool. They only pull out Andy as a big gun. That way the fans come to see the funny Andy Samberg skits, but he doesn't take over the show (like Eddie Murphy did).

Plus, it's no coincidence that Justin Timberlake did a concert with Andy with their Gift in a Box song, and Justin's hosting again this week. I smell another smash hit Digital Short music video.

In the meantime, The Lonely Island is finishing post-production on their movie, Hot Rod, and I'm sure Andy and The Lonely Island are preparing their next project (i.e. writing a script for their next movie).

So we may be complaining, but Andy isn't complaining. Honestly, they should make some more movies, maybe do 4 or 5 seasons of SNL, and then they should take another stab at their own sketch show. I think they are ready for it (their sketches are much funnier than Awesometown was, now that they have experience), and the world is ready for it (i.e. they have enough fans).

This was a comment I wrote on Samberg Daily:


Anonymous said...

He did the out of breath jogger for the 2/10 episode but it was cut after dress rehearsal I guess cause I was at that dress rehearsal for my birthday!

The Animation Empire said...

So that would have been the second appearance of his out of breath jogger?

He really needs to come up with some better recurring characters (it would currently just be the jogger, Deep Dish, and Blizzard Man. Like maybe they should do Young Chuck Norris in bizarre situations.

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