Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coming Hosts on SNL

Here's the lineup...

Oct. 3: Ryan Reynolds/ Lady Gaga
Reynolds doesn't have any movies coming up right away but did just star in box-office faves The Proposal and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The Green Lantern is scheduled for release June 17, 2011 with production expected to kick off January 2010. The release date of Deadpool remains unknown though it is expected it won’t hit theaters until 2011/2012.

Oct. 10: Drew Barrymore/ Regina Spektor
Barrymore stars in (and directed) the upcoming roller derby movie Whip It with SNL cast member Kristen Wiig.

Oct. 17: Gerard Butler/ Shakira
Really, does there need to be any reason to put Gerard Butler before the camera? OK, yeah, he's got a flick to plug -- Oct. 16's Law-Abiding Citizen. He also stars in the upcoming The Bounty, which features SNL cast member Jason Sudekis.




Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ryan was in The Proposal- which did really well and was super funny. :)

Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Freakin' pumped for Season 35 of SNL! Andy is going to be amazingly awesome and hysterical as hell as always! Megan Fox was suprisingly good in the last WU Thursday it was hilarious, she might be good, well at least I hope.

Sandy Nixon said...

OMG, I'm so excited for those hosts!!! Going to be awesome!!! Ahhh, looking forward to every Saturday!!

Lauren said...

The show blew me away. 10x what I expected. Andy looked so handsome (as usual) and Megan wasn't so bad either.

Anonymous said...

Last night was great! Megan actually did a really good job and surprised me with her accents....and I hate to say it, upstaged Kristen and the new girl in the biker skit... except when the F-Bomb was dropped- HAHAHA- What was that- LMAO! I felt really bad for her then. U2 was amazing ofcourse and generous with their music. Will Forte did his best job ever, in my opinion, in the Digital Short. He was very funny! Kenan was the funniest I remember him and Seth was letting them roll. The others we always talk about and love were great, but I was pleasantly surprised with the overall cast and show. Hurray!

Anonymous said...

BTW, TAE, Is your comment about Gerard positive or negative, it's hard to tell because it can be read in two ways. Just curious.

The Lonely Island fan said...

I was a wee disappointed last night in the show. Andy wasn't in many sketches at all and the Digital Shrt was also sans Mr. Samberg (though the short alone was funny). Megan Fox was actually really good in the show too.

I'm looking forward to the next upcoming guests for sure! Should be great! Was I the only one who still doesn't think Keenan should be on the show anymore? :P

Ed Price said...

Anony1, I Actually mentioned The Proposal, but you're absolutely right.

Tisha and Laruen, yeah I think everybody made Megan look good because they played so many great characters off of her!

Anony2, yeah, Jenny Slate dropped the F-bomb in her first SNL skit, and they didn't see it coming so they didn't bleep it out. Hahaha. I hope they aren't too hard on her!

Ryan from TLIF, I agree. Andy was lacking. You didn't mention the Transformers digishort, but that wasn't super funny either. And I agree that Kenan isn't funny. I think he's on there because (1) he's black and large (and between him and Fred, they can nail all the black man impressions) and (2) he's got a cult following cuz he's been on TV and in movies since he was a kid.


Ed Price said...

Oh and...


Positive! I love Gerard! I just saw Rock N Roller. I think Guy Ritchie is starting to go downhill, but Gerard totally nailed it!!! He did a great job!


Anonymous said...

Apologies! I didn't see the Proposal listed! My bad!:)
To add to your Gerard Butler comment, I couldn't agree more. Gerard's a fantastic actor!

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