Monday, September 14, 2009

Megan Fox - Thinks Andy Samberg is sexy

And the Transformers star said that she does not look like Angelina Jolie despite being frequently compared to the mother-of-six. She said: "People see a dark-haired girl with tattoos who's in an action movie, and it's, 'She's the next Angelina.’

"But I have nothing in common with her." The actress also reveals that she wishes she had agreed to appearing in the Hannah Montana Movie, and thinks an ideal date would be: "A sexy sandwich with Andy Samberg and Jonah Hill…"


Andy Samberg... sure. But Jonah Hill? Really?



Sandy Nixon said...

There was an episode of Chelsea Lately where they brought up that article and read the Andy/Jonah part. Chelsea said she hates it when pretty girls try to pretend they are attracted to nerds, like she would move away from her boyfriend (Brian Austin Green) for Jonah.

Anonymous said...

i jheard there was a pic of megan, andy and jonah doing a sexy sandwich and someone said they almost puked when they saw it, is there anyway for us to see it?

Ed Price said...


I can't find this. If anyone finds this pic, let us know!

Maybe they're doing it for SNL (wishful thinking), but Andy, Kiv, and Jonah are all pals and Megan's hosting. You never know. Maybe that was just Megan laying us a hint?


makenzie, said...

ha, i know!
I mean i seriously bet that she wouldn't even think twice about leaving her cute little bf or whatever he is for Andy or Jonah.
Plus shes not even pretty! She look slike trash with those ugly tatoos. idk why guys drool over her her and Angelina are both not attractive...
and im kinda upset that SNL made her the first host of the season...

Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

I agree with you guys, this is just a bunch of bull, especially about the Jonah part, you can tell that she is lieing her fake ass off.

Sincerly Tisha- said...

Pretty effective material, much thanks for your article.

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