Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Andy Samberg - Wants to release an album

Here is an article where Andy Samberg talks about releasing an LP with his Lonely Island dudes, Jorma and Akiva.


""It's something we've always wanted to do and we've been working on putting it together," said Samberg of an LP he's hoping to record soon with his Lonely Island troupe writing partners, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. "It's about finding the time, but we've definitely got some ideas.""

This next quote makes me wonder what their idea with Justin was going to be... maybe we'll find out when Justin hosts next...

"Samberg said the writing team originally came up with a different idea for Timberlake, but show honcho Lorne Michaels insisted they exploit his musical side. "We wanted to do an early-'90s-style R&B song and Jorma came up with the 'Di-- in a Box' premise," he said of the smooth, Color Me Badd-esque ballad about an unexpected holiday surprise."

This next quote makes me think that it's interesting that a lot of the music they are making fun of was from a similar era. My Testicles, Special Gift, Narnia Rap, and even Young Chuck Norris were not all that far apart in the time periods that the music was popular...

""We presented it to Justin once we thought it was funny enough and he didn't even blink," Samberg recalled. "He was like, 'Oh yeah! Absolutely!' " Inspired by some of the music the Lonely Islanders grew up listening to as kids in the San Francisco Bay Area — Jodeci, R. Kelly, the Isley Brothers, LeVert and "any '90s R&B band who had a song with the word 'freak' in it" — the song was a perfect fit for Timberlake, who was also a fan of all those acts. Plus, the former boy-bander was more than willing to poke a bit of fun at his harmonizing past and dress up in the goofy color-coordinated suits, oversized shades and complex facial hair."

"He basically came up with the hook," Samberg said. "I had a loose melody and he took the reigns and schooled us on how to record and make it sound fantastic. He added pauses to make it more catchy. And that 'Midday at the grocery store' line? That was his."

"We traded messages after [the whole thing took off online]," Samberg said. "He loves it."

"Samberg said that now that he's done filming the big-screen comedy "Hot Rod," directed by Schaffer and featuring Taccone, he's hoping to get working on that album."


The Lonely Island dudes could easily release two full musical albums without recording any new songs:

From The Lonely Island:
- The Heist
- Bing Bong Brothers
- Just 2 Guyz
- Ka-Blamo
- Stork Patrol
- My Pants
- We Didn't Do the Bu This Month
- Awesometown Theme Song
- And lots more...

From Saturday Night Live:
- Lazy Sunday (Narnia Rap)
- Young Chuck Norris
- Natalie Portman Rap
- My Testicles (with Tom Hanks)
- Harpoon Man
- Special Gift (with Justin Timberlake)
- Sloths
- Andy Popping Onto Frame techno mix

However, I think he'll mix it up some with Lonely Island, SNL, new music, and some skits (like Adam Sandler's stuff). In that case, they can stretch out the existing music over like 6 albums (along with the new material).

- We added the Crazy Delicious image to the Narnia Rap blog and video:

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