Thursday, October 11, 2007

Andy Samberg - A Message From Michaela

I have a feeling that Andy and the dudes have no clue about what's going on... on the Internet. They're just too busy. So he probably isn't checking his IMDB forum. Thus, I'm hoping that this will increase distribution of Michaela's message so that he gets it. She seems really cool, and it's a shame that she can't get in contact with him directly.

Michaela is an 11-year-old actress who was in a skit that got cut from Saturday Night Live this last week. Here is her IMDB page:

Well, on Sunday, Michaela sent Andy this message (via the forum on his IMDB page):

"It was really fun being on the show last night but it stinks that the -- skit got cut. I hope I get to come back again and be in a skit with you. You were really funny and nice. Love, Michaela A
PS. You are a really funny dancer and me and the other kids were doing your dances in Conans room. Haha"

So Michaela was in a skit with Andy that got cut. And she got to dance in Conan's dressing room. =^)

Of course, this message confused many people, so 1291LM wrote:

"Out of interest, what are you talking about?"

Michaela's response Sunday evening:

"Im an actress and me and some other kids were supposed to be in one of the SNL skits last night but the skit got cut because there wasnt enough time. But Andy was really nice and he was very funny and really nice to us. The skit was really really funny too so I hope they will do it another time. Lots of skits get cut because the show is Live and they run out of time but we still got to do it for the first audience. Anyway that is what I was talking about. I hope he reads his IMDB board. He was really nice to us all and he is a very funny dancer and me and the other kids liked him alot.
I dont think I am allowed to talk about the skit because it didnt go on the air and my mom told me not to talk about it. She just said I could say hello on his imdb because I have an IMDB page too. So anyway, thats what I was talking about."

Yes, Michaela. Please don't talk about the skit. You may have said too much already (some details are purposefully missing from this post). We wouldn't want you to get in trouble for talking to us about Andy. We want more of that, not less. =^)

I'll link to it on TLI's blog and email it out to the dudes. Hopefully Andy will read it.

Thanks, Michaela.


PS: Here's the post...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Michaela -

I'll see Andy on Saturday night after the taping of SNL, I will definitely tell him to check out his IMDB profile for you message!

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