Friday, July 30, 2010

What cast changes would you like to see for next season on SNL?

So Faith prompted a good discussion, which is what her wish list would be for cast changes on SNL this upcoming season...

The people on the cast of SNL are I think almost the same. Andy's staying. I think a black female will be introduced.

- Abby Elliott

- Bill Hader

- Seth Meyers

- Nasim Pedrad

- Andy Samberg

- Jason Sudeikis

- Kenan Thompson


- New Cast Member to Play Obama

- New White Guy

- New Female Cast Member


So Kristen already said she'd come back, and we know Bobby wouldn't miss it. Plus I don't know why Fred would leave. Will Forte is also missing from this list.

Basically, my best guess is that Fred, Will, or Kenan would be the next to go (and I'd be fine seeing them all go, although I have to admit that each has some hilarious bits).

This is what I'd miss from them...

Fred Armisen: His Surface Map bit he did on Weekend Update a few years back was hilarious. His Governor Patterson makes me laugh every time, and his Native American comedian (Billy Smith) is amazing. Nicholas Fehn proves that he's got skills. His Garth and Kat bit is amusing, but even then I'm laughing at Kristen and Seth. Most of the other times I'm just not laughing at his jokes, including his Obama (it's more the writing that's funny than the performance), Telemundo stuff, Elinda Node (court stenographer), and Roger Brush (producer that takes over talk shows). The dude has 77 impressions, but none of them are memorable to me. After 8 years, he could probably go soon.

Will Forte: It's his Weekend Update songs that I'd miss, but he doesn't do them very often. I like his dancing coach bit, and MacGruber is always amusing. I think the MacGruber movie bomb is juat a perfect example that his humor is just a little too weird for people to connect to him (as well as his Brothers Solomon bomb). His Bon Jovi bit is amusing, but really his Carl (annoying Office guy), Clancy T, Greg Stink, and Tim Calhoun just further show that his comedy is more "weird" than "funny." His Goerge Bush wasn't much of an impression, and it got replaced by Jason (and Will Ferrell guest appearing) there at the end. I'm surprised that they kept him around for 8 years, with him not touching bases with his audience, but there are occasionally strokes of genius like his Megan Fox digital short where he was socially awkward and dumped her and his Chips skit where Jason Sudeikis played like a Colonel Sanders engineer. Will has also been around for 8 years and could probably go soon.

Kenan Thompson: He pretty much saved himself with Diondre Cole's "What Up With That?" this past season. His DJ Dynasty Handbag, Grady Wilson, Jean K Jean, Lorenzo MacIntosh, Oscar Rogers (Fix It), and Virginiaca Hastings walk the line between mildly amusing and "make the pain stop!" I love his Bill Cosby and Whoopi Goldberg, but most of his other 64 impressions are just him.

But with Kenan as the only black member, Fred doing most all the cold openings, Will playing a lot of the straight guy and every-man characters, and the fact that none of them have other options to go to, it might be awhile longer before they leave. Plus it doesn't look like Lorne has a bunch of hot shot young actors to bring in and mix it up, like he did in 2005 with Kristen, Andy, Jason, and Bill (which would mean more of a reason to phase out the older actors).

Other thoughts:

- I agree that they could get another black actor or actress on the show.

- I agree that another Obama impressionist would be good (AlphaCat is the most famous and Obama's personal favorite).

- I don't think they will or should lose Bobby or Kristen (or Abby or Andy, for that matter).

- I'm on the line about Jenny Slate. Her commercials are funny, but she still hasn't proven herself. However, I think Nasim Pedrad is the next Cheri Oteri, so they should definitely keep her.

- I would like to see more new blood (new actors), because Bill and Jason are also starting to run out of jokes and steam.

- Of the non-featured players, I think only Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig still have momentum and steam in their characters and digital shorts.

- Seth Meyers should stay, of course. He's becoming a cultural icon.


So what do you think?



Anonymous said...

I really hope Fred doesn't leave he's really funny! Will Forte, Jenny Slate, and Nasim Padrad can go. I don't think Bill and Jason are loosing their steam. I think they still have alot of tricks up their sleeves. It'll be great to see a new guy cast member. Maybe someone like Andy ;)


Faith:D said...

I love how I just post stuff and people start a conversation about it haha.

Faith:D said...

Also, I have to agree with ^. SNL needs someone like Andy to come and save them. Bill, Andy, Seth, Will, and Fred are good. Kenan isn't that funny. Neither is Bobby. Abby isn't getting too much attention because of Kristen, she's in every skit, and Jenny and Nasim can go. I will be trying out for SNL after high-school, (5 years) so yea.

Anonymous said...

see you in 5 years on tv :)

Anonymous said...

nasim can stay but jenny sucks

Anonymous said...

Jenny sucks ALOT

Anonymous said...

nasim is gonna be the next kristen. she's amazing!
snl hasn't been that funny in a long time. It needs a serious comeback. and I think they should stop doing the same sketches over and over again (like whut up with dat, or the sports announcers), because those are funny the first time and maybe the second but it kinda gets old to see them do the same sketches over an over again with just small chances.

what they should really get is some new writers! seriously (and i'm a true seth meyers fan, but maaaybe he's not the best head writer out there)!

Anonymous said...

Nasim is NOT the next Kristen! She's not the next ANYTHING! Niether is Jenny! Abby... Maybe. Bobby... probably

Anonymous said...

why so angry? everybody can have their opinion

Anonymous said...

nasim is great. why she's not a full cast member amazes me.

The Animation Empire said...

The last Anony,

Well, it's pretty rare when a cast member becomes regular after only one season. Abby and Bobby took two seasons, and Nasim is about in their caliber. The last ones to get bumped up after only one season were Andy, Kristen, and Bill Hader. You can probably see why. Bill was all over the place, Kristen rocked the impressions and characters, and Andy's digital shorts put YouTube and NBC videos on the map.


The Animation Empire said...

In other words, Nasim will likely be promoted next season. She definitely deserves it. Thanks!


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