Friday, October 29, 2010

Andy Samberg and TLI - new album (song guesses)

You may be asking yourself “, why are you reporting on an announcement of a rap album, let alone a fake rap album?” Well I’ll tell you why, fictional person who talks to computers: banana hemorrhoids. Yes, that answer doesn’t make any sense, but neither does talking to a computer and asking it stupid questions.

No, we’re reporting on it because this album will be the basis of most of the SNL Digital Shorts next year and those are always awesome. For those unaware, Andy Samberg and his friends Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer started the Lonely Island prior to joining SNL (Taccone and Schaffer as writers), where they created short digital videos that were precursors to the "SNL Digital Short" of today. Both Schaffer and Taccone have branched out into directing as well. Schaffer handled the Lonely Island’s first feature Hot Rod while Taccone directed the masterpiece MacGruber. So yes, we’re excited.

And we’re also reporting on it because their last album, Incredibad, is actually a good album and worth listening to as it’s actual music and not a collection of jokes. These guys actually know how to rap and have good taste. Along with their great sense of fun and star studded guest MCs and singers, their next album should be straight up ballin’. Which I’m pretty sure is a term popularly used for expressing one’s appreciation in someone else’s work of art.


Thanks to Anony for finding this article!

So let's take a moment to guess / wish about some of the songs (in addition to their original songs which we aren't going to guess about; these are in order of how likely I think they are to make it in the album)...

1.  Mother Lover
2.  On the Ground
3.  Shy Ronnie
4.  Grape Jelly
5.  The Tizzle Wizzle Show
6.  Roy Rules
7.  Iran So Far (they couldn't get the rights to include this on Incredibad)

8.  Young Chuck Norris
9.  Ariel & Efrim / My Testicles
10 Awesometown
11 Two World's Collide
12 Harpoon Man
13 Hero Song
14 Bing Bong Brothers
15 Kablamo
16 Just 2 Guyz
17 I Think I Might Have Killed the President (Listen)
18 Heist (remade as Lazy Sunday; Listen)
19 Zanzibar:

Judging how they recently released a version of their Awesometown theme song to their TLI YT channel, I think they might actually call the next album "Awesometown," which of course would make that song a give-in to appear on their second album.

In Incredibad, they only included 5 older songs, and none of them were from pre-SNL, so they might only include a few of these songs, and not #14-19, since those are all pre-SNL.



Anonymous said...

that's stupid. why would they put all old songs on the album?
they're not stupid

The Animation Empire said...

They wouldn't. They put 5 old songs on their last album, increasing it from 14 to 19 songs.


Connie said...

I don't think the old songs (President, Heist, Kablammo etc.) will be on there. They're still up for download on the archive of their old website. And although Incredibad was mostly songs that were Digital Shorts, the songs were written first, then made into Shorts. Stuff like Tizzle Wizzle and Harpoon Man are just TOO stupid to put on an album. Because Incredibad was actually a pretty decent rap album, for something which was based in comedy.

I will be very happy if Two Worlds Collide and On The Ground are on it, and Mother Lover should be a given.

And needless to say I really hope Grape Jelly isn't on there. Although I really don't think it will be since Emma Stone sang lead.

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