Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Andy Samberg SNL promo with Dana Carvey

What? Three posts in one day? What's the world coming too?

Dana Carvey hosts an all-new SNL 2/5 with musical guest Linkin Park. SCHWINGGG!

Wow. Jim Carrey and now Dana Carvey? SNL loves us!

Andy and Dana are hilarious here together, with Akiva doing his normal editing thing on the "Potato Man" title.

Dana is showing his age a little where Andy actually looks better doing Dana's gags.

Wow, the "schwing" gag is amazing. Talk about dedication to craft. I was laughing hysterically and had to watch it a few times just because I couldn't believe that they did that. They did the same gag for 30 seconds or so, knowing that the awkwardness of it would make it funny. Had to be Andy's idea.

I always see Andy doing these promos and it kind of makes me want a Lonely Island show where the whole show is Andy (and Jorm and Akiva) doing skits like their digital shorts with stars like Dana.

Overall, a great promo! Did you like it?



Anonymous said...

dana who???
as far as I'm concerned this guy hasen't done a decent movie since waynes world, where mike myers played the lead pretty much.
what did they run out of stars so they have to take ex-snl castmembers? (when he didn't even stand out that much during his cast, yes I've done my research)

can someone please explain to me why WHYYYY they bring dana carvey back?

The Animation Empire said...


Are you serious? Really? Dana Carvey saved SNL. I'm serious. It was on the brink of being canceled in 1985. Jon Lovitz and Dennis Miller got it just enough of an audience to have one final season after their failure season in 85. And that's the season (1986-1987) when they brought on Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman. Phil and Lovitz were good, but Dana's Church Lady (on the very first episode of the season) immediately made him into the "next Eddie Murphy" and brought SNL back on America's map.

His characters include Grumpy Old Man (inspired a series of movies), Garth, Ching Change, Hans (and Franz), Church Lady, and Lyle the effiminate heterosexual (hilarious).

His George Bush Sr. was the first legendary presidential impersonation that all of them have been trying to achieve the status of. On SNL he did over 50 impressions, also including his impossible-to-beat Johnny Carson and Jimmy Stuart.

Dana Carvey won an Emmy on SNL and was nominated an additional 4 times (only Lorne has that beat, and nobody has been nominated that often for acing on SNL). He was also nominated for another Emmy on another show, totaling 6 Emmy nominations with one win.

And all that to say, when he was on SNL, the man was a legend. However, he left SNL and everything fell apart for him.

He was such a legend that he left SNL to create his own variety show and to star in his first movie, Clean Slate. The movie was funny, but didn't do well (it did inspire Momento though). Basically, it wasn't shocking enough. And his show was hilarious, but it also wasn't enough (a half hour variety show in prime time on a major network is a huge challenge and almost impossible to get to work).

So he did everything right on SNL and nothing right after that. He found his niche on SNL (crazy characters) but he didn't have the ability to turn those characters into longer stories the way Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrell have. In fact, he was Adam Sandler's hero, which is why Adam cast him in Little Nicky, produced Master of Disguises (a flop), and has now cast him in Jack and Jill.

Which is why Dana Carvey is on. He's in a large role in an Adam Sandler film later this year, Jack and Jill. Basically he's trying again.

He's a legend.


Anonymous said...

legend is a pretty big word!
to me that only fits people who can not only make it in one show but in their whole career. Legends are people who stay in peoples minds for centuries.
dana carvey may have been a big shot for two seasons but he quickly got overrun by the "grown up" cast - sandler, schneider etc.
not even my father remembered his name and he watched every snl episode ever. sure he remembers one or two characters but dana carvey is not one to remember.

you can't honestly compare him to greats like eddie murphy or will ferrell.

and since when is snl about bringing back their has beens? They haven't had a "non-famous" person host the show in years now. I don't understand what dana carvey did NOW that makes him snl worthy. jack and jill isn't gonna come out in quite some time since they're still filming it. so he doesn't even have anything to promote. (not that every host has to promote something but they usually do anyways)

every other ex-snl castmember that was host on the show is still big and successful like tina and amy.

it's not that I don't like dana, I just don't understand why he hosts now.

Connie said...

'it kind of makes me want a Lonely Island show'

That's why it sucks that Awesometown wasn't picked up =( But yeah, if they hadn't got the SNL gig, I could see them doing a show like Whitest Kids U Know. I wish they would anyway!

The Animation Empire said...


Yeah, there's no reason why they can't start a show now. And it would be better because they're far more experienced than when they tried their sitcom and sketch pilots. Plus they're famous, so it would be a bidding war (which means they could make a lot of money and pick their channel and time better).


Yeah, I already mentioned that he failed after the show. And I think he was more important to the show than both Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrell. However, they were far more successful when they left (even Jon Lovitz was, and he hasn't been all that successful). Plus guys like Rob Schneider, David Spade, Kevin Nealon, Chris Kattan, and Phil Hartman didn't do as well on the show, but they all had better careers in TV and film than Dana did once they left the show.


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