Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SNL - Emmy nominations for individual performances

So we once posted a list like this, but I want to do a version that also gives credit to the song performances, since those are also individual performances. Plus we added 2011.

This list is in chronological order and is of all the individual players who have been nominated (or won) for their efforts on SNL.

Saturday Night Live - Emmy nominees for individual performances

- (win) Supporting Actor: Chevy Chase

- (nom) Supporting Actor: John Belushi
- (nom) Supporting Actor: Chevy Chase
- (nom) Supporting Actress: Gilda Radner

- (nom) Supporting Actor: Dan Aykroyd
- (nom) Supporting Actor: John Belushi
- (nom) Supporting Actress: Jane Curtain
- (win) Supporting Actress: Gilda Radner

- (nom) Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy

- (nom) Performance: Eddie Murphy
- (nom) Performance: Joe Piscopo

- (nom) Performance: Billy Crystal

- (nom) Performance: Jon Lovitz

- (nom) Performance: Jon Lovitz

- (nom) Performance: Dana Carvey

- (nom) Performance: Dana Carvey

- (nom) Performance: Dana Carvey

- (nom) Performance: Dana Carvey

- (win) Performance: Dana Carvey

- (nom) Performance: Phil Hartman
- (nom) Performance: Mike Meyers

- (nom) Performance: Molly Shannon

- (nom) Performance: Will Ferrell

- (win) Song: Justin Timberlake (* in a Box)
- (win) Song: Andy Samberg (* in a Box)

- (nom) Performance: Tina Fey
- (nom) Supporting Actress: Amy Poehler

- (nom) Supporting Actress: Amy Poehler
- (nom) Supporting Actress: Kristen Wiig
- (nom) Song: Andy Samberg (Mother Lover)
- (nom) Song: Justin Timberlake (Mother Lover)
- (win) Guest Actor: Justin Timberlake (host)
- (win) Guest Actress: Tina Fey (as Sarah Palin)

- (nom) Supporting Actress: Kristen Wiig
- (nom) Song: Andy Samberg (Shy Ronnie)
- (nom) Guest Actress: Tina Fey (host)
- (win) Guest Actress: Betty White (host)

- (nom) Supporting Actress: Kristen Wiig
- (nom) Guest Actress: Tina Fey (host)
- (nom) Guest Actor: Zach Galifianakis (host)
- (nom) Song: Akiva Schaeffer (Jack Sparrow)
- (nom) Song: Jorma Taccone (Jack Sparrow)
- (nom) Song: Jorma Taccone (I Just Had Sex)
- (nom) Song: Andy Samberg (I Just Had Sex)
- (nom) Song: Andy Samberg (Jack Sparrow)
- (nom) Song: Andy Samberg (Golden Rule)
- (nom) Song: Justin Timberlake (Golden Rule)
- (win) Song: Justin Timberlake (Monologue)
- (win) Guest Actor: Justin Timberlake (host)

Andy Samberg's Emmy Win and six total nominations come from writing the lyrics and music of his hit songs (**** in a Box, Mother Lover, Shy Ronnie, I Just Had Sex, Jack Sparrow, and Golden Rule), but I'm convinced that the performances make those songs. It's interesting to look at the list and see that the only winners (who were players) are Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Dana Carvey, Andy Samberg, and Tina Fey (all have won 1 each). But the list makes more sense as you see the names all the nominees (who were players):
  • Chevy Chase - 1 win; 2 nominations
  • John Belushi - 2 nominations
  • Gilda Radner - 1 win; 2 nominations
  • Dan Aykroyd - 1 nomination
  • Jane Curtain - 1 nomination
  • Eddie Murphy - 2 nominations
  • Joe Piscopo - 1 nomination
  • Billy Crystal - 1 nomination
  • Jon Lovitz - 2 nominations
  • Dana Carvey - 1 win; 5 nominations
  • Phil Hartman - 1 nomination
  • Mike Meyers - 1 nomination
  • Molly Shannon - 1 nomination
  • Will Ferrell - 1 nomination
  • Andy Samberg - 1 win; 6 nominations
  • Tina Fey - 1 win; 4 nominations
  • Amy Poehler - 2 nominations
  • Kristen Wiig - 3 nominations

This is a pretty accurate list of who was great on the show and who stood out the most (I also think Bill Murray is great, but it makes sense that he wasn't nominated because he didn't break out above his co-actors until his movies).

There were many late bloomers on SNL who didn't break out until after they left the show: Bill Murray, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Belushi, Martin Short, Conan O'Brien, Damon Wayans, Kevin Nealon, Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garofalo, Jay Mohr, Chris Rock, and Rob Riggles. Plus several players were popular on the show, but because of their silly style of humor, they were never nominated for awards, but they were also successful after they left SNL: Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Chris Kattan, and Jimmy Fallon.


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