Thursday, August 24, 2006

Andy Samberg VS Bill Hader - Impression Off

Andy Samberg VS Bill Hader - Impression Off

This was a segment of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. This is the first episode of the season, introducing Andy Samberg and Bill Hader. This aired on 10.01.05.

The gag is pretty simple. Bill is an exceptional impressionist. Andy excels in silliness. The result? An Impression contest where Andy loses badly, but everybody thinks he's funnier. That's because he is. It takes a lot of talent to be silly.

Amy Poehler judges while Horatio Sans observes. Bill does Peter Falk and James Mason. Andy does Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts, Cristopher Walken, and Bill Hader.

"Maybe your last name suits you, Hader."

Andy yells out "New Guys!" at the end. Good ending with Bill winning.

Note: The video got deleted so we reposted with a new video...


Ed said...

I think Amy and Jason will be the next Weekend Update hosts. Here's why:

It was Jimmy and Tina. That was good.

Then Jimmy left and Amy came on. That went pretty well. Now Tina left and probably Horatio.

It makes sense to put Amy and Jason on for several reasons:

(1) Jason did his first year already. He's super-talented and ready for a bit more spotlight.

(2) Rumors are going around that it's Jason and that it's Amy.

(3) It makes sense to keep Amy going (she's golden).

(4) The team-ups have worked very well lately. Two people are funnier than one.

(5) Since they're down to two women next season, they wouldn't want to use them both as anchors. That would limit their skits.

(6) They don't want to make it the Andy show. They'd rather bump up another talent and use him where he truly shines: SNL Digital Shorts. Like this one:

Ed said...

Why I think Andy Samberg would be a good host of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update:

Huge disclaimer: these are my opinions only!!!

These are the three reasons why I think Andy would be a great host:

(1) My favorite hosts of Weekend Update were Norm MacDonald and the Jimmy/Tina team because they nailed: silly, random, and sarcastic. (Least favorite is Colin Quinn because he turned it into a political commentary.) Silly, random, and sarcastic are Andy's specialties. Case in point:

(2) Andy has energy and the audience's favor. He steals the show. You mentioned that Bill would make a good host. I agree, but Andy stole the show with less funny material in the Impression Off:

(3) Andy can make stupid jokes really funny. For Andy, he goes clear past the what and straight to the how. In other words, it's not WHAT Andy says that is funny. It's HOW he says it. Case in point:


(4) It's not a coincidence that Andy has starred in almost all the Digital Shorts and that he starred in all the music videos (even Natalie Portman where that role was 100% random and unnecessary). The reason is that The Lonely Island is backing him up. Behind every joke of his, you get three funny comedians instead of just one. Observe:

So do I think that Andy will be the next Weekend Update host? Nope. I think they need Andy to concentrate on Digital Shorts. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And they don't want him to dominate the show with both (ala my Eddie Murphy reference). So I'm going with Jason and Amy for 100, Alex.

Ed said...

So they went with Seth because he got promoted to head writer. Bummer - Seth has never made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

do you know where I could find a functional video of the impression-off? the myspace one isnt working.

Anonymous said...

i really really wanna see this video!! sometimes i hate that i live sweden..

Anonymous said...

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