Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Andy Samberg - All His Lonely Island Videos

We over at AndySamberg.BlogSpot.com would like to treat you to a tour of every Andy Samberg video he did with The Lonely Island. These don't include their Hot Rod promos or their SNL work.

Now, I'll be linking to other pages in order to watch the videos wich is, yes, lame-tastic. However, by doing that we can be much more likely to guarantee that you'll be able to see the videos, in case the videos get removed or whatevers. I'm also going to try to put them in the chronologicals of the order, but I guarantee squat. Post a comment if you think I got the order wrong!

Andy Samberg is... Perfecto:

Andy Samberg... Dances wearing a trashbag (Oops, Oh My):

Andy Samberg is blown up by Akiva (Lethal Objection)

Andy Samberg runs and screams (Vanilla Sky):

Andy Samberg - Jorma licks his face (News Getters):

Andy Samberg - Who invited Steve?

Andy Samberg raps... Kablamo!

Andy Samberg... Wants to be with a Stork:

Andy Samberg... Gets drafted into the 49ers (Football Town):

Andy Samberg... Is the Backseatsman:

Andy Samberg tells you about Dudatude (IGTV Buzz Countdown):

Andy Samberg in the Bu! (all episodes)

Andy Samberg... Gets addicted to toothpaste (TLI Episode 1):

Andy Samberg in Regarding Ardy (TLI Episode 2):

Andy Samberg in the Awesometown Theme Song (2005):

Andy Samberg getting climbed on (Awesometown; 2005):

Andy Samberg puts Jorma into a chair:

Andy Samberg... Goes to the drycleaners:

Andy Samberg knows what you're thinking (20 Questions):

Andy Samberg... Talks to a chip (Sup Chip):

Andy Samberg is the alien, Glirk (2005):

Andy Samberg... Judges Beards (Castaways; 2005):

Andy Samberg... Knows Jack Black (Awesometown - Fox Cut):

Andy Samberg Tours Saturday Night Live (2005):

Andy Samberg... Ignores Tucker (2006):


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