Thursday, April 17, 2008

Andy Samberg - dumps Nikki cuz the hole's too big

saturday night love

Yes, Andy Samberg is IN ths video...

This is a video with Andy in it, made by an NYU student, Nikki.
It takes place outside the SNL Studios and also features Will Forte.

"A mocumentary style comedy following a night in the life of a die-hard Andy Samberg fan and other SNL fans who make up her quirky circle."

Andy Samberg is on at 04:09 through 04:23 - ish.

At about 4:20 you can see Andy Samberg walking away with... Joanna Newsome! Take a look at her ears to confirm! =^)


Mad props to Will Forte. Seriously. He's eager to chat with fans like none other.



jen said...

I love this video!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who's the girl that he walks away with?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that's Joanna Newsom.

Anonymous said...

Nikki is awesome. Andy, take it as a compliment. Give the girl a chance.

Anonymous said...

those girls are idiots, and the one, in love with andy is a freakin perv. he made it obvious he didn't like her, that's what she gets. "now that it over" it never began! what a stalker. I'm so jealous of the girl he walks away with tho.

Anonymous said...

LOL stupid girls. this really makes me embarrassed for them.

Lindsey said...

This is the kind of thing that makes Andy shy away from his fans. Great job. You're ruined it for all of us.

Anonymous said...

wait, was he serious when he said she was crazy or was that just andy being andy

The Animation Empire said...

Lindsey - Wow, that's brutal. I think Andy was okay with it. She was probably a bit eager when pitching her skit to him, yes, but I think he's had a lot worse. =^)

Anony - No. He was playing his role that she had set up with him beforehand (Nikki mentioned this to us). He's normally not that cold. If this was real, he would have just made fun of her and tried to annoy her instead of taking it seriously.

Thanks for reading everyone!


Nicki said...

Dear Animation Empire,
I appriciate what you do so much ! I know there are a lot of negative comments on here and you might take that offensive, but you really shouldn't they're just rude and probably are to everyone. I know it's hard work to update everyone on the latest Andy news and that's why I come here everyday. Thank you so much for your work(:

The Animation Empire said...

Thanks for stopping by each day Nicki. It's Andy fans like you who help keep going!


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