Thursday, June 10, 2010

Was Aziz Ansari's MTV Movie Awards opening better than Andy Samberg's?

From MTV...

MTV Movie Awards 2010: Relive Robert Pattinson And Taylor Lautner As Les Grossman's 'Bad A** Cops'

We started out with Les Grossman, whose Tom Cruise cameo might have gone over a few of your heads. If you have no idea why the A-list movie star was dressed up like an overweight ugly bearded producer, then do yourself a favor and go out and rent "Tropic Thunder." Then cross your fingers that Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson actually star in a movie called "Bad-A** Cops." But never grow handle bar mustaches. Either way, the film would probably make at least a billion domestic.

Hey, there's Bill Hader!

The intro video went on to include some of the biggest films coming out — Michael Cera ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World") was seen trading in his life as an actor to be a book end, Jaden Smith kicked Les's a** in a karate fight while his dad Will looked on in approval — and then Les sent us on with a show.

We must say, as much as we love Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari's opening monologue was about a billion times better than last year's. First he commented on the 3-D phenomenon (making the astute assumption that the 3-D movies really don't look as realistic as, say, "Julie & Julia"), he moved on to "Twilight" because, since it's MTV, of course "Twilight" is the biggest movie of the year...

He briefly summarized the first two films — like anyone in the audience didn't know what it was about — before making fun of the "New Moon" cliffhanger. As he astutely pointed out, it wasn't much of a cliffhanger because OF COURSE Bella was going to say yes! Let's just say we got some pretty hilarious reaction shots from Kristen, Taylor and Rob in the audience during that.


I've got to admit that Aziz's standup was better than Andy's, because let's face it, that's Aziz's thing. But if you compare that to the sweet song that Andy opened with, then you're comparing apples to oranges, and I'd give it to Andy, honestly.

Plus I'd give the movie opening to Andy as well. Tom Cruise was entertaining, but it's a different kind of humor.



TheKinkySurgeon said...

i thought the movie spoof that aziz did was absolutely boring! i was really disappointed, i watch the show every year, it's my favorite award show.

compared to the andy one .. or for example jack blacks lord of the rings or spider man spoof. those were memorable! (aswell as jimmy fallons star wars ... the sith conversation? absolutely hilarious! "i see you got barbecue sauce on my bathrobe" - "you have done that yourself!" ) i totally already forgot what aziz did with those movies. and pleeease don't tell me those were the best movies to make a spoof of this year. don't take a serious movie! not precious and the blind side. take like for example harry potter, the hangover, avatar or date night.

honestly, les grosmann stole the show. his little video they did in the beginning was so much more fun than aziz's movie spoof. and the performance with jlo? great!

i did think that aziz did a good speech in the beginning and the little thing he did with zach galifianakis was also funny.

andys was better. but i hope they invite andy again to host the show, i still think he can go bigger, do better. the sky is the limit!

Anonymous said...

idk. i didn't think aziz was all that funny and i was kid of disappointed. all they did the whole night was talk about twilight and it bothered me.

Anonymous said...

Ed Price said...

Good point. I thought when Andy did it they did a better job of mixing up the Twilight stuff. And his joke about Twilight (him as Dracula and Teen Wolf) was exactly the kind of sarcastic humor they needed to make light of the fact that they were featuring Twilight too much.


Anonymous said...

ugh... twilight here twilight there.
russell and hill fake fighting about moon winning best movie. i mean... this is so stupid. they just have the biggest fanbase at the moment. the same thing could happen to any movie with a hot cast and simple love story in it. (the thing i said about the hot cast is not at all my opinion)
are the next two movie awards gonna be just like this? can't wait till the twilight hype is over. i'm so fed up with it.

Anonymous said...

nooooooo- Andy much better.

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