Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Saturday Night Live cast photo

Thanks to Freya for the scoop!

Who do you think is going to leave now that the season is over?

- Fred Armisen (been on awhile and has another show)?
- Kenan Thompson (been on awhile)?
- Kristen Wiig (film career)?
- Andy Samberg (films and albums)?
- Bill Hader or Jason Sudeikis (films)

Honestly I don't think Andy, Bill, or Jason have anything to go do yet (or not that they have proven).

Kristen's Bridesmaids is doing decently enough and proving that she can star in films, but is one film enough proof for her to leave and go for it? On the plus side, she already has another director writing for her next film with Friends with Kids. It's going to be easy to motivate others to write for her if she makes her own hits like Bridesmaids.

Jason's Hall Pass barely survived, but he's got another shot coming up with Horrible Bosses. Bill has even less of a shot, with a long shot (Skeleton Twins), a bit role in MIB3, and a rumored larger role in Ghostbusters 3 coming up.

Andy has one starring role coming up (I Hate You Dad with Adam Sandler) and several supporting roles, but he could always do a TV show with TLI or another album.

Fred Armisen is Brainy in the Smurfs film and Speedy Gonzalez on Looney Tunes (Kristen is Lola Bunny). I think Fred will become mostly a voice actor.



Anonymous said...

I hope at the very least they don't all leave at once. There's a lot of talent weighted in those who could have the potential of moving forward and I would be concerned if they all made the jump at once.

What about Seth Meyers? How much longer do you think he has?

TheKinkySurgeon said...

for seth i think snl is all he has at the moment. after that he's still got his key party movie to make and I think he should rather write stuff instead of act, he does that better.

i would have at least appreciated it if - when they know that they will leave - they would say something in the last episode of the season. and they didn't. i was very frustrated when will forte just left without a word.

Ed Price said...

Kinky Surgeon,

Agreed. Seth is a staple on SNL, key behind the scenes, and has nowhere to go. As long as the producers like him, there's no reason for him to leave.

That said, after a year or two more he would be wise to line up a talk show gig because that's the most natural move for him at this point.


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