Sunday, November 02, 2008

SNL 11/1/08 - Ben Affleck & David Cook

Updated: We added Giraffes, Night School Musical, and Robo Call! We also updated some info.


Join us as we search for Andy Samberg videos...

Air Date: November 1st, 2008

Host: Ben Affleck

Musical Guest: David Cook

Special Guests:

Cameos: Sen. John McCain, Tina Fey, Cindy McCain

Backstage: Sen. John and Cindy McCain

A backstage visit with Sen. John and Cindy McCain

Cindy is pretty attractive. That Barbara Streisand bit was great!

McCain QVC Open

Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin (Fey) address the Nation on QVC

Summary: In order to raise last-minute awareness for their campaign, Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin (Tina Palin) purchase airtime on QVC and hawk related pieces of merchandise.

Recurring Characters: Gov. Sarah Palin.

Wow! It's the real John McCain and fake Governor Sarah Palin (Tina Fey).

McCain is willing to make fun of himself. A very good move. =^)


Ben Affleck's Monologue

Summary: Realizing that his support of Democratic candidates has backfired over the years, Ben Affleck grants his endorsement to Sen. John McCain in the hopes it will benefit Sen. Barack Obama.

Jar Glove

Summary: The product that offers a more viable solution for opening a jar that doesn't involve accidental homicide.

Note: Repeat from previous episode.

The View

The ladies of The View welcome Alec Baldwin

Summary: The ladies argue about the Presidential election with special guests Jennifer Aniston (Casey Wilson) and Alec Baldwin (Ben Affleck).

Fred Armisen plays Joy. Kenan Thompson plays Woopi Goldberg. Kristen Wiig plays Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Ben Affleck plays Alec Baldwin. And Casey Wilson plays Jennifer Aniston.

I remember the old days, when SNL parodied The View. Cheri O'Teri did Barbara Walters, Tracey Morgan played Star Jones, Ana Gastayer played Joy, and the female host played the previous blonde female.

In related news (Elizabeth and Palin were both parodied in this episode), Elizabeth Hasselbeck got sassy when introducing Sarah Palin at a rally:

Elizabeth was even more excited about being able to "talk for a full five minutes without being interrupted."

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Summary: Keith Olbermann (Ben Affleck) cuts off his guests after misquoting them, then grouses that his celebrity didn't enable him to break a co-op's illegal "No Pets" policy.

Keith Olbermann is indignant and his cat is innocent.

Also includes Kenan Thompson & Fred Armisen. The cat bit at the end is pretty funny (and long, but the length makes it even funnier).

Target Greatland

Summary: The Target Lady (Kristen Wiig) is the unlikely recipient of a weird UPS delivery driver's (Ben Affleck) wanton affections.

Recurring Characters: Target Lady.

The Staten Island Zoo

Summary: Zoo official (Jason Sudeikis) shows off a falsely accurate student video on the rocking lifestyle of giraffes.

Oh my gosh! They made a sequel to Sloths! They finally put it online!!!!

David Cook performs "Light On"

Weekend Update with Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers

Summary: Sen. John McCain announces some of his desperate last-minute campaign strategies. Drs. Patrick (Will Forte) and Gunther Kelly (Fred Armisen) sing a campaign song. Amy Poehler's grumpy Aunt Linda (Kristen Wiig) comments on the new Fall TV season.

Update: Sen. McCain

Sen. McCain unveils his new strategies on Weekend Update

Senator McCain comments on his campaign strategy.

The Sad Grandpa rocks!!!

Update: Robo-Call

The vote-prodding phone-bot breaks down...

Will Forte gets his comedy on!

Night School Musical

Summary: The musical stylings of middle-agers who are fulfilling their Senior Year equivalent.

Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy Samberg looks good bald!

Grady Wilson's Put the Fire Back

Stoke the flames with some smooth moves...

Summary: Grady Wilson (Kenan Thompson) demonstrates how to put the fire back in your marriage.

Kenan Thompson talks about sex.

The Zolesky Brothers

Summary: Brothers (Ben Affleck, Bill Hader) pitch a coming-of-age story complete with unnecessary gay porn.

David Cook performs "Declaration"

Coat Store

European styling never looked so good...

Summary: Bierhoff Brothers (Fred Armisen, Ben Affleck) pitch their Times Square coat.

Reminds me of Hanz and Franz. Hahahaha!!! They're even saying things at the same time! The tent's pretty funny.

Fred Armisen and Ben Affleck sell you coats.


Ben Affleck: Thanks to David Cook, Tina Fey, Sen. John McCain, Cindy McCain!

Overall: What? Was Andy Samberg only in the Night School Musical in this episode? Of course, Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island did the Giraffes video as their sequel to Sloths!

I also didn't see Bobby Moynihan.

It was classic to have Tina Fey play off of the real John McCain. It was also great to have a guest appearance from Cindy McCain.

They ended up putting the Giraffe song online!!! Thanks NBC!



Skip said...

Please post the Target Lady skit with Ben Affleck. Funniest thing I have seen him do.

Cane said...

Bobby Moynihan had one line in the Target sketch as a fellow UPS courier, who was frustrated that it took Ben's character so long to do his work.

(Love your blog.)

Anonymous said...

what about the video of will forte singing in a really high-pitched voice?

Anonymous said...

Please post the Zolesky Brothers skit...maybe it's just my immature humor speaking, but I thought that was one of the most hilarious things ever. Welcome to next years Halloween costume.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above poster- I thought the Zolesky Brothers skit was absolutely hilarious. Please post it!

Anonymous said...

Was Robo-Phone from this ep?

The Animation Empire said...


Yeah, pretty sure Robo-Phone was from this ep.


Thanks for the compliment!


Fukkah said...

Yeah dude, Zolesky brothers was official.
Hader has Orbison range.
High Post it.

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