Sunday, March 08, 2009

Andy Samberg's J--- In My Pants - Not on Australian Radio

Cult YouTube, iTunes hit by The Lonely Island shunned by radio

No. 1 iTunes video, 30 million YouTube hits
Group earns Universal Republic record deal

THIRTY MILLION people have played it on YouTube, it's the most downloaded video track on Australian iTunes and it features cameos from Justin Timberlake and Molly Sims.

But J--- In My Pants, by The Lonely Island, is a song you're unlikely to ever hear on Australian radio.

It’s just too rude.

The track - about an unfortunate recurring case of premature ejaculation – includes the lines: "Checked my phone and saw you rang and I / J---ED IN MY PANTS / Open my window and a breeze rolls in and I / J--- IN MY PANTS / When Bruce Willis was dead at the end of sixth sense I / J---ED IN MY PANTS".

Sydney's mainstream broadcast giant, Nova 969, played the song just twice during the week, both times late in the evening.

On Nova and Sea FM stations nationally, the song was aired 10 times - in total.

The Lonely Island - Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer - confirmed radio stations were also avoiding the cult hit in the US.

"It's selling really well on iTunes and it's received millions and millions of hits on YouTube, but I don't think many radio stations are actually playing it because it's so dirty," they told

"We do have a clean version which we've been sending out, where they bleep out the ‘j---.’ There's some moaning that goes over the ‘j---.’ It's me and Andy going "errrrrr, in my pants," but we're not sure how many are playing it," said writer and singer Jorma Taccone.

Nova 969 music director Toni Pipicelli said the song's strong following on YouTube could mean increased play.

“It's great talking point with our listeners, and with it now doing so well on the iTunes charts, we’re giving it some more spot play,” she said.

The Lonely Island describe the track as “pretty harmless”, and say that’s borne out by the lack of protest from Christian and family groups.

"There has been surprisingly little fanfare. I mean, who's going to mess with the guy in the corner ji--ing in his pants, you just feel bad for him, you just want to stay out of his way. Hopefully most people will just see that it's all in decent fun."

They say the reason for the song's success is simple.

"People are really immature. I think it’s the combination of a hilarious concept, married with a hot beat. That level of sarcasm is never going to come out in print."

The trio said while “cleaning up the song” dimished its comedic appeal, they were willing to do it to get their music to a broader audience.

"The main reason we're making this record is so kids can listen to it and I think if they can still get the joke and it remains something that parents deem appropriate for them to hear then its a win, if it's a little softened up, it's because it's for people who should hear it a little softened up."

The lack of airplay hasn't put the celebs off either.

The Lonely Island album Incredibad features Justin Timberlake as the star of their hit D--- in a Box, Natalie Portman has her own rap song called Natalie’s Rap, T-Pain collaborated with them on I'm On A Boat and other celebrities such as Jack Black, Norah Jones, and Julian Casablancas of The Strokes have joined in.

The Californian trio - dubbed by critics as the world’s “funniest comedy team for the internet generation” – has now landed a three-album deal with Universal Republic.

So with some of the biggest names in America clambering to get a piece of The Lonely Island, is there any chance they’d try to get Obama on board?

"I really hope he has better things to do than hang out with us making songs," they laughed.

* Incredibad is released in Australia on March 27



The Lonely Island has two more albums coming!!!!

That's awesome!!!


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