Monday, March 16, 2009

Andy Samberg - On Ellen this week!!!

We've got the inside scoop from Ellen's promoter, Nicole from Telepix TV. Here's what they say...

Tune in!!! SNL and Digital Short sensation Andy Samberg stops by on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss his new role in the bromantic comedy "I Love You, Man." Watch the exclusive interview this Tuesday March 17th!

Check your local listings.

Here's the Quicktime video promo with clips of Andy Samberg:

Or the temporary, manual instructions for the Flash version:

Go to and click the Tuesday image on the left with Julia Louis-Dreyfus' picture. The video in the middle plays a promo that shows the upcoming Tuesday episode. On there you'll see a few quick shots of Andy Samberg.

NOTE: These instructions won't work past this week.

It's Ellen’s ST. PATRICK’S DAY SPECIAL with JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS and “SNL’S” ANDY SAMBERG! So Apparently Andy isn't as popular as St. Patrick's Day or Julia Louis-Dreyfus yet, but it's still good! =^)

Afterall, Andy's still on SNL; Julia's been off the show for about 15 years... and she's gone on to do two successful sitcoms.


Here's the promo in Ellen's words:

It's St. Patrick's Day!! This is one holiday that I never forget! In fact, I've been “remembering” all month! My whole show today is gonna be themed for the occasion! I'll have dancers from the McCartan School of Irish Dancing! A dunk tank full of green slime! And of course… green booze for all!!

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS (“The New Adventures of Old Christine”): Here's what's been going on… we're neighbors on the Warner Bros. lot. Earlier this season, I threw a rock at her. Then she came on my show in a sling and blamed me! Then she got drenched in my dunk tank (by the new Vice President of the United States)! Now she's back and I've had to increase security! (And it's official… Julia will soon be reuniting with the entire cast of “Seinfeld”!)

ANDY SAMBERG (“I Love You, Man”): It's his first time here! Y'all know him from “Saturday Night Live”! He's done impressions of Mark Wahlberg, David Blaine, Rahm Emanuel… and he was in a classic with Justin Timberlake where they put very personal parts of their anatomy in a box and gave them as gifts! (Though I decided to exchange mine.)


1 comment:

The Lonely Island fan said...

Cool! I'll definitely have to DVR this.

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