Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Andy Samberg, TLI, and Michael Bolton perform at the Emmys!

But in addition to Michael Bolton, they also included Akon, John Stamos, Ed Helms, Maya Rudolph, and William H. Macy! What a crazy performance! They need to keep doing things like this and the Emmys will bring Andy back to host! They gotta know Andy is pure television gold...

There were also seagulls, crazy mustaches, and lots of sex! Also pretty sure I saw a couple of Na'vi tribesmen from "Avatar" writhing around near Cap'n Jack Sparrow. It's pretty crazy, so you kind of need to watch it for yourself. More than once. There's lots of visual metaphors that you'll probably miss on the first two viewings. Check it out (comment with any other links you find to versions of this vid):

Thanks to Rayanna and Anony for the scoop!

John Stamos tweeted on Sunday, "this will be on my face tonight at the emmys". Here's the pic he took:

John Stamos' photo - this will be on my face tonight at the emmys.

So that's pretty random that they got Ed Helms, Maya Rudolph, and John Stamos to perform Golden Rule, but there's no way they could book Timberlake and Gaga, so it makes sense that they just got three other people. They looked pretty good and sounded good enough.

How do you think Stamos, Helms, and Rudolph did?

Did anyone else notice that TLI did very little actual performance here? =^)

How did Bolton do? I was kind of hoping he'd be changing costumes a few times.

Who did you see in the audience? Jane Lynch introduced them. And I saw Kristen Wiig, William H. Macy (obviously), and anyone else?


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