Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson died

I guess I will never realize my dream of seeing Michael Jackson and Andy Samberg appear together in a digital short.

Michael Jackson is of course the star of one of the greatest digital shorts of all time...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Full story:


Farrah Fawcett has also died: 1=28103&silentchk=1" target=_blank>>1=28103&silentchk=1

Deaths aren't the most cheerful topic, are they?

Who would you like to see Andy do a digital short with (you know, before they die)?


Kelsey said...

I would love to see Andy do a short with Robert Pattinson seeing as how Andy choose him over Zac Efron and all...haha that'd be great to see, Andy and Rob...

The Animation Empire said...


Yes, they could do a Twilight spoof! Not like Andy did for the MTV Movie Awards (dracula and teen wolf), but a high quality spoof like how Dear Sister was a spoof of The OC.

Also, I'd love to see Andy do shorts with older actors like Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Robert Deniro, or Harrison Ford.


Kelsey said...

I honestly don't care who the other people are, just as long as Andy is in the sketch, haha! =) It would be hilarious though if Andy did a sketch w/BRUNO! They are two of the funniest guys around right now, just saying. I can just picture Andy dressed up as some character like Bruno.

The Animation Empire said...

Good point. Sacha did Borat for a cold open a few years ago, to promote that movie. But because the Bruno movie isn't during the SNL season, I suspect we won't get a repeat of that.


Kelsey said...

I know, it's kind of bad timing for their would-be collab seeing as how SNL isn't in a season right now, but I still think it would be funny. haha I remember Sacha doing Borat, very nice! =) I actually just watched Borat today, lol!

Kelsey said...

I meant I remember Sacha doing Borat on SNL, sorry,it sounded like I meant I remembered the movie. Who could honestly forget the movie? =P

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