Thursday, July 16, 2009

Justin Timberlake loses Green Lantern to Ryan Reynolds (Andy Samberg cries)

Update: Whoa! That Green Lantern image was huge. I made it smaller. And check out the comments for the debate on the actors (didn't include it in the post since it's way off the Andy topic). Thanks!

Well Andy Samberg just lost his chance to be a super villain and fight Justin Timberlake's Green Lantern.

Previously the rumors included Bradley Cooper, Shawn Roberts, Brian Austin Green, Chris Pine, Anton Yelchin, Ryan Gosling and even Jack Black.

Warner Bros. then narrowed the candidates for the role of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan down to just three candidates: Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds (Wolverine). See the pic below (courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter) for your three Hal Jordan finalists:

I think what put Justin in the pack was his recent movie roles (even though they're small) and all his appearances on SNL lately, especially teaming up with the one and only Andy Samberg (yes, that's why this is on here).

Bradley made the finalists because of his success with the movie Hangover, and Ryan's been an up and comer for awhile, in comic movies Blade 3 and Wolverine. So he is probably the biggest fan and campaigned for it the hardest. Plus his recent successes with Wolverine and The Proposal probably looked promising to the execs.

So let's see if Reynolds can do it!

And for those who care, the film will be directed by Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Zorro, Casino Royale).

I don't know who's casting these things, but Andy Samberg needs to be a super hero right now!!! (please)



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Also, the SNL writers were nom, as was the show in the new variety program section! Amy, Kristen and Tina were all nominated as well as JT for SNL. Too bad the special SNL shorts wasn't, but still, lots of great things hurray! I still am surprised that Bill, Andy, and none of the other talented guys have been singularly nominated yet, but maybe soon!

Anonymous said...

um yeah, justin is not an actor, but was considered for his huge public following.
ryan reynolds? an "up and comer"??? are freaking serious??? he is so much more than that, and you are obviously blind
bradley cooper was famous before the hangover: yes man, he's just not that into you, wedding crashers, the rocker, failure to launch, any of those many anything to you? but it is true that the hangover really secured his spot in the number one status.

Ed Price said...

Anony 3 (who posted at noon),

Whoa! Slow down a bit! I merely gave a half-sentence explanation of these actors that you are pointing to.

My guess is that I actually know more about these actors than you do, which is part of why I posted this. I'm a huge fan of all three.

So what I said is sort of a superficial summary from the perspective of the producers. I know that Bradley Cooper didn't all of a sudden pop up out of nowhere for Hangover. And I know that Ryan Reynolds didn't pop up out of nowhere for Wolverine and The Proposal. I gave the short explanation because I didn't want to get too far off the topic of Andy Samberg. So I'm doing that in this comment instead. =^)

I first became a fan of Bradley Cooper from his 46 episodes as Will Tippin, the awesome friend and flirt of Jennifer Garner on "Alias." He was also in "Kitchen Confidential" for a season, and he's been on Nip/Tuck 6 times. And then, yes, I've seen all those movies you said. If you haven't seen "He's Just Not That Into You," I recommend it. It's a bit of a chick flick, but Bradley pulls out a nice sleeze ball performance. And he might not have gotten picked for Green Lantern, but he's got a bunch of new comedies coming as well as Hangover 2 and... wait for it... The A-Team (he plays Face)!!!

And you're cutting Justin Timberlake short. He STARTED as an actor before he was a musician!!! He started on MMC ("Mickey Mouse Club," where he met N-Sync members and music producers) and has been in 6 movies, and he's been on TV over 25 times (not including talk shows), including 10 episodes of SNL! He was a major "villain" in "The Love Guru" and King Arthur in Shrek 3 (and soon to be "Shrek 4ever After"). Plus you've got to check him out in Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan to see what he can do in drama! If that's not an actor, what is? The first producers who recognize Justin would be a perfect box office star are going to make bank.

Finally, the one who won the role, Ryan Reynolds, first caught my attention in the TV show, "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" (original title). Of course, he'd been scrounging roles for 8 years prior (including The Odyssey and episodes on X Files and Sabrina). His breakout film was Van Wilder, and he's been all sorts of films since then... In-Laws, Harold & Kumar 1 (sort of a nod to star, Kal Penn, who supported him in Van Wilder), Blade 3, Ametyville, Waiting (a hilarious insiders look at being a waiter; also includes Justin Long, Anna Farris, and the discovery of Andy Milonakis), Just Friends (also has Anna Farris; watch this one... it's my favorite movie he's been in), Smokin Aces (showed that he could carry action well; Blade 3 was a little too cheesey), Definitely/Maybe (not the best story), Wolverine, The Proposal, and more.

So of the three I definitely see why they went with Ryan Reynolds. He's done his time and proven that he can carry action and a story well. Plus he's got an amazing comedic timing, which is important for any blockbuster film.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Poor Jared Leto who was a final contender is left out "( . Ryan was also in Kids (??) some show on Nickelodeon- which had given him major friend history before his relationship with Alanis Morrisette (started with "You Can't Do That on Television")! Before Alias Badley Cooper fantastically played the "good guy" role in an ABC family movie that also starred Jason Priestly (it was like the Bachelor tv series) (this was when they released a few really good movies--shock!--before starting to release, in my opinion crappy ones again).
Just adding this for fun! - Cheers!

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