Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Andy Samberg - Tells you a secret about the Internet

Andy Samberg tells Fred Armisen a secret about the Internet. It's just a few seconds, and it's at the end of this video clip:


Fred Armisen talks about Andy Samberg, out of breath

Here is a brief mentioning of Andy Samberg in Fred Armisen's blog.

The blog:

"Andy rehearsing for the "Out of Breath Jogger". He had to do it a few times and really did become an out of breath jogger. Isn't life a paradox? That's the name of a new book we are writing together."


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Andy Samberg - Wants Bill Clinton in a Digital Short

Here's an interview with Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen about the Iran So Far short they showed on Saturday Night Live.



Q: So, Ahmadinejad...What did you think of his visit in general? Did you think Columbia should have invited him to speak?

Fred Armisen: I thought that...I don't want to say anything political because it ends up on a blog and it seems like I'm making a statement about it. I have a feeling about it. I'll just say that I think that his speech should have just spoken for itself. I don't know that they needed someone to come out and go, "This guy is petty." He was such a lunatic that I would have gotten that right away.

Andy Samberg: I thought it would have been rad if he actually just put a soap box in Washington Square Park, stand on it and just say whatever he wanted... He actually might be the musical guest on "SNL" next week.

Q: Performing on what?

Fred Armisen: Bass guitar. He's a really good bass guitarist.

Andy Samberg: Just bass solos. Upright.

Q: You've heard his work before?

Andy Samberg: Oh yeah, he does a lot of cool jazz fusion stuff. A lot of solo bass albums. He shreds. Right?

Fred Armisen: He shreds. And pops.

Andy Samberg: He shreds and pops.

Q: What do you think this digital short will do for U.S.-Iran relations?

Fred Armisen: I just hope I don't get shot.

Andy Samberg: Yeah, I hope it doesn't hurt U.S.-Iran relations. Certainly, we're not anyone to think that we're gonna be taking anyone on or make a difference on this front. We just think Ahmadinejad is an interesting looking dude, and Fred's impression was spot-on. We thought we should do something on him. But obviously, with all of this, we just want better relations between the U.S. and Iran.

Fred Armisen: Do you think they watch in Iran? I doubt it, right?

Andy Samberg: I have this dream of him watching the video and chuckling, "Okay, you got me! SAMBERG!" I feel like maybe he's a secret Monty Python fan or something.

Fred Armisen: Yeah, that's not the jacket I want.

Andy Samberg: Or "SNL" at least. "My favorite is the cheerleaders!"

Fred Armisen: "Phil Hartman? He's the best."

Andy Samberg: "But it hasn't been the same since the first season."

Q: In these digital shorts, you've had Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam who's next?

Andy Samberg: Clinton? Thinking about asking Clinton.

Fred Armisen: That would be a good one.

Andy Samberg: Play some sax.

Fred Armisen: That would be pretty great.

Andy Samberg: I said it in jest, but now I think we're getting a little too big for our britches.

Q: He was just here a couple weeks ago.

Andy Samberg: Oh yeah, because of his book.

Q: Yeah, so maybe he'll do it. Help him sell some more books.

Fred Armisen: That would be the top, wouldn't it?

Andy Samberg: Yeah. Unless you could get a time machine and go back in time to shoot a digital short with JFK.

Q: Andy, you referenced Flock of Seagulls, you did a send-up of Color Me Badd...what are you trying to tell us about your musical tastes?

Andy Samberg: That I have really good musical tastes.

Fred Armisen: He does have really good musical tastes!

Andy Samberg: Oh, Fred!

Fred Armisen: What, I'm only being honest!

Andy Samberg: You're being so sweet right now!

Fred Armisen: Sorry! I have really terrible musical tastes.

Q: Like what?

Fred Armisen: A lot of religious stuff. Christian rock. A lot of bands, like marching bands. New Polish stuff. Anything new, contemporary Polish stuff.

Andy Samberg: Not the old Polish crap.

Fred Armisen: No, not the old stuff. Only new pop star ladies.

Andy Samberg: Poland is the new Montreal, I think they're saying.

Q: What is it about these digital shorts that you find so appealing...that gets you going?

Fred Armisen: We make some MON-ey! We make some MON-ey!

Andy Samberg: We actually don't make any money from these.

Fred Armisen: What?

Andy Samberg: I like them because they're edited to hide the fact that I'm a terrible performer.

Fred Armisen: I like the names of them..."digital shorts"...makes me fell like I'm in the future.

Andy Samberg: Yeah, Fred's all about the future. That format is what I did with my friends before we got to the show, so it's what we're most comfortable with and what we have the most experience with. So it was sort of a natural thing for us to start doing when we got here. We've just been very fortunate that it's gone so well so far. Knock on wood!

Fred Armisen: I'm just lucky to have caught a ride on this one.

Q: Last question is an unrelated one for you, Andy. Ian McShane, your co-star in Hot Rod this past summer. He was here a few days ago but didn't have time to sit down for an interview with me. I'm a big "Deadwood" fan so I'm very curious about him...Is he as much of a badass in real life as he is on "Deadwood"?

Andy Samberg: He's nicer in person, obviously, because he's about the meanest guy in the world in "Deadwood," though he's not without his charms. But I will say this about McShane. In the movie we did, there are a lot of fight scenes. Before a shot, he would be very mellow, you know, "How are you, love?" But as soon as they yelled, "Action!" he would get that fire in his eyes, and you realized there is something deep down in that guy that is terrifying. But in a beautiful way. When I'd see that, I'd think to myself, "Oh, this scene is going to be so awesome! It's crazy!"

Fred Armisen: Have you seen him in Sexy Beast?

Q: No.

Fred Armisen: Dude, you gotta see him in that! It's unbelievable in that movie. He's terrifying. It's worse than "Deadwood"!

Q: Really?

Fred Armisen: I'm telling you, it's frightening.

Andy Samberg: In real life, he's actually quite lovely and charming. But don't piss him off.

The Process of Elimination: Not Scarlett Johansson

We believe in the process of elimination.

That's why anybody who's up on their gossip knows that Scarlett and Andy are nothing more than friends. Scarlett is going with Ryan Reynolds.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Adam Levine interviewed about acting with Andy Samberg

Here's a short but sweet interview where Adam Levine references his Iran So Far song he did with Andy Samberg.

Here's the song:

Here's the interview...

Read more of the interview here:,0,1691443.story

"He has sung with Stevie and Kanye, about love and sex, but a few weeks ago Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine found himself crooning a love song to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, in a Saturday Night Live spoof. It takes a special kind of pop star to take himself so unseriously, and Levine is that kind of pop star...

"On a Chicago tour stop, Levine spoke about the view from the top, his SNL short, and how a nice Jewish boy from Los Angeles went from alt-rock to soul in a single bound...

"Q: The SNL sketch with Andy Samberg was very amusing, and the best part was how serious you looked.
A: It was really hard to be that serious, because I kept cracking up in the middle of takes because it was so unbelievably funny to shoot."

Another interview clip from this longer interview:

"Q: What kind of response did you get from the Saturday Night Live's "I Ran" video (a mock musical love letter from cast member Andy Samberg to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?) How did you get involved in that?
A: Everybody loved it. The phone has been ringing off the hook. It was hilarious — well, I thought it was hilarious. I got a call from Andy — he had our guitar player James (Valentine)'s number — and he said "Hey, come do this." I flew in for 12 hours to New York, filmed it, and then flew back to the tour.

"Q: I detected a little Color Me Badd style in your performance in that video. Channeling a little "I Wanna Sex You Up," were we?
A: I try to take from all areas of cheesiness."


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Andy Samberg - All the Interviews of Andy Samberg

Here is a chronological compilation of all the interviews of Andy Samberg.

Please let us know if we have any of these interviews out of order or if the videos aren't playing. Just click "Talkback" to leave a message!



TV: David Letterman (stories: Kiefer Sutherland & the Honda commercial)


December 20

TV: Conan O'Brien (stories: Andy naked and Steve)
NOTE: Unfortunately, we have not found a current copy of this video.


TV: Friday Night Live on MTV (He's a Leprechaun)

Internet: Socialite Live (At MTV Movie Awards, Andy talks about Mike Myers and making out with a dog)

Internet: People (He explains how to kiss)

Internet: Cosmos (at MTV Movie Awards, He wishes Paris Hilton the best)

Internet: Backstage with SNL (he thinks you should stalk Amy Poehler)

Internet: Comic Con (Acting Immature & explaining Junk in the Box)


Radio: Unknown (He thinks his movie crushes)

TV: Hollywood Press TV (Talk about mustaches)

Radio: 107.7 The End (Just friends with Natalie Portman)

Live: Metreon, San Francisco (Ultimate sandwich, ninja climedia, and Kevin Bacon)

Radio: BJ Shea Morning Experience (Takes the compliments)

Radio: Kidd Kraddick (He gives comedy advice)

Internet: Paramount (His worse comedy show and he likes Laser Cats)

Internet: Hooman on the Street (Kirsten Dunst, Ultimate Punch, and James Blunt impression)

TV: Fox 6 News (Tells the Lonely Island story)

Internet: Skinflix (He raps about carrots, potatoes, and shirts)

Internet: Michael Showalter Showalter (Confused for Adam Sandler)

Internet: Vegas film critic, Jeffrey Howard (talks about Andy's newfound fame)

July 11, 2007

TV: Much on Demand (He likes jellybeans)

July 30, 2007

TV: David Letterman (Andy cried during Love Story, talks about Junk in a Box, and about playing Daddy Warbucks)

July 31, 2007

TV Conan O'Brien (Andy put oil on his testicles, he gives away underoos, and he spreads rumors about the other movies)

August 3, 2007

TV: Jimmy Kimmel (Talks about his SNL audition)

TV: Jimmy Kimmel (stories: Performing in a concert with Justin Timberlake)


Internet: Paper TV with Kenan Thompson (Lebron, Kanye, and Andy snorting Vodka)

Internet/Magazine: Paper TV with ?? (he makes out with her and wears a dress)


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fans Punching each other before they eat

Ever since Andy's hilarious punching video, the fans are coming out with their own versions!

Here's the original video:

This first one's pretty good.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Andy Samberg - 10 seconds of Andy

Here it is! For your enjoyment! The spectacular production known as 10 seconds of Andy!


Um, okay. Slow news day.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Junk And A Box - Fan Made Video

"When Adam Goldhamer desperately tries to find the perfect anniversary gift, he gets inspiration from an unlikely source."

This one is painful. Here's a fan-made video for Andy Samberg's Junk in a Box.

Warning: Some harsh language.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Andy Samberg - Gets Removed (NBC closes their YouTube channel)

Well. It's official. NBC closed their YouTube account.

Know why you can't watch this video below?

It's because NBC closed their YouTube account.
(Sorry for the tease. Check out the video here:

This article comes from Podcasting News:

"NBC Universal has quietly yanked Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s D*ck in a box off of YouTube. Try to view the video, and you get a message that the video is no longer available.

The video removal appears to be part of a larger shift in NBC’s strategy for Internet video.

According to reports, NBC has killed the YouTube channel that it announced with fanfare in June of 2006. At the time, the two companies described the arrangement as “a strategic partnership that will combine NBC’s quality programming with YouTube’s vast audience to enhance the entertainment experience on YouTube while engaging viewers in innovative new ways to promote NBC’s Fall program lineup and other preferred shows over the next year.”

That year is up, and NBC has moved it’s attention to developing its own video sites, where it can control how the videos are used and how they are monetized. The change is bad news for YouTube, which already faces a billion-dollar lawsuit, a coalition of media companies that think YouTube has the responsibility to screen content before it is published, and growing signs that big media companies may get Internet video, after all."

Meanwhile, CBS' YouTube channel rejoices!!!
That's the news. Read it and weap.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Box in a Box - Fan-Made Spoof of Junk in a Box

A woman, Leah Coffman in London (from Philadelphia), wrote a spoof of the Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake video, Junk in a Box. She then got another woman in Philadelphia, Melissa Lamb, to lip sync to her music.

Thus was born Box in a Box, the spoof of a spoof that has been viewed by over three million people.

Warning: Some light crude language and innuendo.

"Britney showed the world her box.
But my box is just for you."

The video:

Shorter version:

It was shown on MSNBC:

Then they got interviewed on the same show:

And then they made a movie trailer of their experience (the movie clips are hilarious):


Monday, October 22, 2007

Junk in a Box - With Puppets

Yes, that's right. Here's the Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake song with puppets.

Warning: The lyrics are not edited. Some light language.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is Out of Breath in 1982

Did NBC just shut down their YouTube account???

Andy Samberg plays the Out of Breath Jogger in 1982. I believe this is from his second season (correct me if I'm wrong).

"Pet rock!"

It's pretty much one joke, which is why it is so short. But I think it is still a very funny, random joke.

"Andy Samberg plays a jogger out of breathe from 1982."



TheAnimationEmpire update:

Who Would Win? Vote in the YouTube comments of the video.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Andy Samberg - In Internet People: Real Clips Version

Somebody took the Internet People Flash video and inserted the actual clips. Andy Samberg has two videos in here: Narnia Rap & Junk in a Box.

Here is the original Flash video, Internet People, which features Andy twice:


This is another find from our researcher, Devonte. If you've got a minute (actually 58 seconds), check out the heady dream on his channel:

Friday, October 19, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is still the Blizzard Man (with Common)

Andy Samberg teams with Common and... um... that one guy, John something. Andy Samberg does Blizzard Man character again. This is from Andy's second season, 06-07.

The first one (with Ludacris):

An ebay video he did with Ludacris:

[SNIP - It got removed, and NBC hasn't posted it officially]


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fan-Made Spoof of Andy Samberg's Wallrider

Wow. I never thought the Wallrider silliness would get a fan-made video, but here it is, and it's actually not that bad. There are definitely funny parts.

Here's Andy's video:

"i met this kid who loved to do sweet tricks on walls, so i had to do something with that. haha."


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Andy Samberg - Dances with Natalie Portman (Sheldon)

This is from Andy's first season on SNL.

"Natalie Portman on SNL, in the Bar Mitzvah skit with Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch and Andy Samberg."

Also, Fred Armisen and Chris Parnell are in here.

I got to thinking, Andy Samberg really gets to mack on the ladies when he's on SNL. I mean, think about it...

He danced with Natalie Portman in this video and in the Natalie Portman rap:

He made out with Kristen Wiig and Drew Barrymore:

He danced with Drew Barrymore:

And he made out with Scarlett Johansen:

Plus he made out with a dog: =^)

[SNIP] Video was removed [SNIP]

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Andy Samberg - Sings about Sloths

This is a classic Andy Samberg song we never posted. Andy Samberg teams up with Jason Sudeikis to sing in hard rock style about Sloths. This was obviously written by Jorma, Andy, and Brian Tucker. This includes Kristen Wiig playing the "straight man." Andy also does the narrator voice at the beginning.

From the description:
"They sleep 18 hours and party 24."

WARNING: Offensive language and offensive themes such as "eating cocaine off America's gravestone."


Monday, October 15, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is a Naked Guy Talking on a Cell Phone

In this Weekend Update, Andy Samberg is a naked guy talking on a cell phone.

Saturday Night Live goodness from this week, 10/13/07.

Seth and Amy are anchoring it up.



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Andy Samberg - Punches people before they eat

12/4 - Updated with working videos!


Andy Samberg punches people before they eat in the new SNL Digital Short from 10/13/07.

Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, Jon Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, and more appear in this skit. Of course, what would a bunch of punching be without murder, zombies, and dancing?



TheAnimationEmpire update:

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is the Swedish Chef with Rowlf (Seth Rogen)

Wow! This is the Swedish Chef character that Andy used to land his role on Saturday Night Live in his auditions (it's rumored that this one made Lorne laugh, which is rare), and he used this character his first season in Swedish Ring Tones; see it here:

Now, Andy Samberg is back as the Swedish Chef in his third season. This time Seth Rogen is Rowlf and Maya Rudolph (Janice), Jason Sudeikis, and Bill Hader (Animal) are his backup band. Animal gets a fake solo.

From 10/06/07 on Saturday Night Live.

"SNL host Seth Rogen and cast member Andy Samberg share a song."


Andy Samberg - Is Nurse Nancy

From Wikipedia:

"Scott Garbaciak (Andy Samberg) is the star of the fictional film, Nurse Nancy. The trailer reveals Garbaciak to be playing all the film's roles, resembling Eddie Murphy films such as Norbit and The Nutty Professor.
Originally filmed for the 18 November 2006 show, but cut after the dress rehearsal."

Nurse Nancy was shown on Saturday Night Live on January 20, 2007.

Update: Here's the embedded video. We're reposting this so more people can see it with the new easy-access to the video.

Andy Samberg plays an overweight female nurse named Nancy, a doctor, a patient, a pizza-delivery man, a police officer, a rapper, a football player, a friend in the wedding, the groom, and a Karate Man, pictured here:

Images from the Magic Nose Goblin:

I thought this was really lame at first, but I think it kind of grows on you.

Links to the video: (does this work?)


Friday, October 12, 2007

Andy Samberg - Gets the Ladies with His French Accent

Here Andy Samberg gets Kristen Wiig to go sing kareoke with him, due to his awesome French accent.

This is from a "Joplin Alive" skit on Saturday Night Live.

"Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader host a video postcast from Joplin inside the back booth of Bennigans."


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Andy Samberg - A Message From Michaela

I have a feeling that Andy and the dudes have no clue about what's going on... on the Internet. They're just too busy. So he probably isn't checking his IMDB forum. Thus, I'm hoping that this will increase distribution of Michaela's message so that he gets it. She seems really cool, and it's a shame that she can't get in contact with him directly.

Michaela is an 11-year-old actress who was in a skit that got cut from Saturday Night Live this last week. Here is her IMDB page:

Well, on Sunday, Michaela sent Andy this message (via the forum on his IMDB page):

"It was really fun being on the show last night but it stinks that the -- skit got cut. I hope I get to come back again and be in a skit with you. You were really funny and nice. Love, Michaela A
PS. You are a really funny dancer and me and the other kids were doing your dances in Conans room. Haha"

So Michaela was in a skit with Andy that got cut. And she got to dance in Conan's dressing room. =^)

Of course, this message confused many people, so 1291LM wrote:

"Out of interest, what are you talking about?"

Michaela's response Sunday evening:

"Im an actress and me and some other kids were supposed to be in one of the SNL skits last night but the skit got cut because there wasnt enough time. But Andy was really nice and he was very funny and really nice to us. The skit was really really funny too so I hope they will do it another time. Lots of skits get cut because the show is Live and they run out of time but we still got to do it for the first audience. Anyway that is what I was talking about. I hope he reads his IMDB board. He was really nice to us all and he is a very funny dancer and me and the other kids liked him alot.
I dont think I am allowed to talk about the skit because it didnt go on the air and my mom told me not to talk about it. She just said I could say hello on his imdb because I have an IMDB page too. So anyway, thats what I was talking about."

Yes, Michaela. Please don't talk about the skit. You may have said too much already (some details are purposefully missing from this post). We wouldn't want you to get in trouble for talking to us about Andy. We want more of that, not less. =^)

I'll link to it on TLI's blog and email it out to the dudes. Hopefully Andy will read it.

Thanks, Michaela.


PS: Here's the post...


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Andy Samberg - Gets interviewed by Kenan Thompson

"Kenan Thomspon interviews Andy Samberg at PAPER's Un-Hollywood Film Series party. They discuss, among other things, LeBron James, Kanye West and how Andy is going to snort some Skyy Vodka."

Update: We're reposting this blog now that we have an embedded video of it. We also added the embedded video to our post of the one where Andy wears a dress and makes out with his photographer:

Another link to this interview with Kenan:


Andy Samberg - Calls out The Live Journal fans

Kelly's a winner.

"September 29th, 2007: andy samberg and i make a short clip for all the lonely island fans out there, there's a community with 400+ members and i promised them a shout out from the dudes. however, jorma and kiv will appear on my films shortly :)
thanks again to andy samberg who was totally cool about making this film, see .. he isnt like my other video. it was all fun and games.
© 2007, Kelly Mcaulley
featuring Andy Samberg

Here are those Live Journal communities:

Here it is along with other SNL stars:


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Andy Samberg - PUNishes you with Seth Rogan (SNL Promo)

Mwahahahahahaha! Seth and Andy are hilarious together!!!

Andy Samberg and Seth Rogan advert (I'm abreving) SNL.

"Seth and Andy announce upcoming episode, flanked by members of Spoon."

And here Seth impregnates Andy...

For those who don't know, Andy and Seth did a Google skit together for the MTV Movie Awards, so they've got a bit of a history together.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is Kevin Federline: Parenting Tips

Kevin Federline is slightly more responsible than Britney Spears.

I think this is the first time Andy Samberg got to say, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" The fact that they're opening with Andy really shows that he's one of their strongest assets.

"An address by Kevin Federline (Andy Samberg) sharing parenting tips."

More Linkage:



TheAnimationEmpire Update:

There is a new product coming out called Email.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Andy Samberg - Gets impregnated by Seth Rogan

Andy Samberg gets impregnated by Seth Rogan (or something) in this commercial for the Saturday Night. The Live one.

"Seth Rogen announces upcoming episode, flanked by members of Spoon and Andy Samberg."


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Andy Samberg - Wears a Dress and Makes Out with His Photographer

Here is a video taken from Andy's Paper photo shoot. Andy Samberg is wearing a dress. He's interviewed by his photographer. He makes out with her. His penis is pretty long. I wonder how he keeps it hidden.

Andy's answers are pretty darn hilarious! He got her on the first question.

Update: Here's an embedded video.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Andy Samberg - NBC gets sued over "Iran So Far Away"

One correction to this article: this video isn't just doing well because of this lawsuit controversy. That's only a small part. It's mostly the humor, the quality of the video, the quality of the music, and the policital controversy it's causing.

This article is regarding the "Iran So Far Away" video:


"On Monday morning, as it made the rounds on the AIM and the blogs and that, "Iran So Far" was yet another mildly amusing Andy Samberg-helmed "Saturday Night Live" digital short. In case you missed it, it's a slow jam featuring some hushed rapping about Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, buoyed mostly by Fred Armisen's Ahmadinejad impression and a surprise guest appearance by the actually-OK-in-miniscule-doses Adam Levine. As these things go, it did the trick, but it's no "Roy Rules".

But it's Tuesday now, and the internet's still abuzz about "Iran So Far". As our postmillenial attention spans don't permit mere amusement to retain mere chuckle fodder for more than maybe a day and a half, that can only mean one thing: CONTROVERSY.

Turns out, the Silk-style backing track of "Iran So Far" was lifted from an unlikely source: Mr. Richard D. James, better known to you and me as Aphex Twin. Samberg (or whoever) lifted the piano track for "Iran" straight offa "Avril 14th", a tune from Aphex Twin's 2001 double LP Drukqs.

Mr. James' publisher, Chrysalis Music, was apparently less than amused by the uncleared sample, which-- according to, prompted NBC to take the video off the show's website (replaced, it seems, by "COMING SOON") and their official YouTube channel.

It's at this point that the plot-- never the show's strong suit-- thickens. According to The Daily Swarm (who first reported all this nuttiness), an "SNL" source confirmed that the sample was, indeed, Richard D. James' work, and that a clearance procedure is currently in progress. In addition, Daily Swarm reports that Chrysalis Music has confirmed that NBC didn't actually need permission to use the song for "ephemeral use," and won't, until they plan to air the show again. The internet being roughly as ephemeral as a stone tablet, the video remains yanked from all official NBC sites until, presumably, some clearance agreement is made.

Will Mr. James and the brass at NBC ever settle their differences? Will "Iran So Far" ever flash across our TV screens again? What will Andy Samberg Jodeci up next?

In the meantime, check out Aphex on a few dates this winter, or watch Spoon and Seth Rogen on "SNL" this Saturday night. "

Here's the controversial song:


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Andy Samberg - Dances and Sings as a High School Senior

This is the SNL spoof of Disney's High School Musical 3: Return of the Seniors.

Andy Samberg plays Zach Effron as Troy Bolton, the lead character. Lebron James plays the newcomer. Maya Rudolph (naked), Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Keenan Thompson, and Jason all play supporting characters. Andy, Maya, and Lebron sing.


"This is my year... I'm a senior now."
"Are you tough enough?"
"You're my special girl."

More Linkage:


Monday, October 01, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is Gay (Iran So Far)

This is a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Andy Samberg singing a gay love song to Iran leader Mahmoud after he came to New York. Part political satire and part cultural silliness. It also features Fred Armisen as Mahmoud, Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5), and a special appearance by Jake Gyllenhaal.

UPDATE: We added more videos of this, the original speech on TV, and lyrics! We gave you the hookup!!!

NOTE from Chez of The Lonely Island: NBC has pulled the clip out of fear of being sued by Aphex Twin's label's lawyers (clear your samples next time Jorm! That's hip hop ya'll!!!) They are working on getting the sample cleared.

The good news is that this is the Interweb, so you'll find a ton of links below.

"Andy Samberg and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad together at last, in this SNL Digital Short with Adam Levine (Maroon 5)"

Another link:

And here's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in action, talking about there being no gays in Iran:

The lyrics:

They say true love comes only once in a lifetime,
and even though we’re from opposite ends of the earth,
my heart tells me you’re the one for me.

I remember when it started, saw you on the news
you were hating gays
I was eating food.
I was feeling you, and even though I disagreed with almost everything you said
you aint wrong to me, so strong to me, you belong to me.
Like a very hairy Jake Gyllenhaal to me.

(Mahmoud, you make) my heart beat rihgt out of my chest.
My mind says no but my body says yes.
Nuclear threat. The only threat I see,
Is the threat of you not coming home with me.

Our love for each other’s like when atoms collide.
Can’t express how I feel,
And yo Adam let’s ride.

Adam Levine: And Iran, Iran so far away,
Is you're home, but in my heart you'll stay.

He ran, for the president of Iran (Adam: Iran).
We ran together to a tropical island (Adam: island).

My man, Mahmoud, is known for violence (Adam: violence), smilin'.
If he can still do it then I can.

They call you weasel. They say your methods are medieval.
You can play the Jews. I can be your Jim Caviezel (Adam: Caviezel).

S&M, nestlin', we be wrestlin'
You can be the port that I put my vessel in.

So I try to mute the TV (Adam: Shh),
But you can still see me.
With your sleepy brown eyes, butter pecan thighs,
And your hairy butt. Yeah.

Adam: And Iran, I ran so far away.
Come home, and in my arms you'll stay.
I used to look at the stars and dream.
Around the world seems hard we're seeing,
And a twinkle in your eyes, Mahmoud.

Talk smooth to me,
Without a tie.
Your pants high waisted, damn so fly.

We can take a trip to the animal zoo,
And laugh at all the funny things that animals do.
Like Eugene, You got me straight trippin', boo.
I hope you look at my eyes and say, "I'm trippin' too."
You say Iran don't have a bomb, but they already do.
You should know it by now, it's you.

Adam: And I ran, I ran so far away.
Because you're home, but in my heart you'll stay.

I'm crazy for this one, Mahmoud.
You can deny the hollocaust all you want,
But you can't deny that there's something between us.

I know you say there's no gays in Iran,
But you're in New York now, baby!
So time to stop hiding,
And start living.


Jake Gyllenhaal (hand gesture): Two

Alright. I know I messed up in there with the lyrics. So write a "talkback" if you have a correction! Thanks!



The Animation Empire update:

A Who Would Win, Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan.

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