Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Andy Samberg's New Business Venture

As you guys might remember, I posted a video on here not to long ago of a video Andy did for Canary Hop a travel website. Well it turns out that Andy not only did a commercial for them, but is actually an investor in the site. Here's an article from CNBC:

"Andy Samberg dives into his latest venture as an investor in CanaryHop, a sort-of do-it-yourself travel site for the adventure-minded.

Samberg has not only invested in the site, he created and starred in — what else — a video that is nothing if not Sambergesque in its depicting what CanaryHop offers users. Although you may not wake up being able to speak a foreign language, throw knives with pinpoint accuracy or charm a cobra, you will most assuredly come out the other end learning something new.

Samberg joined forces with co-founders Damon Spiegel and Brand Finefrock to create a travel site that allows users to create a travel experience tailored to their level of adventure.

The website describes itself as “a marketplace for activities, tours, lessons, and experiences, and categorizes users as either Canaries — those that sign up to guide or host — and Hoppers, or travelers.

Canaries upload activities and book the trip. Hoppers search the listings to find trips that interest them. Canaries and Hoppers alike post to the blog letting readers know what is offered and how they have benefitted from participating. The site is adding trips daily, and current destinations include Vancouver, New Zealand, Bangkok and Malibu."

The video for those that haven't seen it:


Andy's New Animated Movie

So you guys might have heard that Andy was in yet another Adam Sandler move, but this time of course it's animated:

Wow, this looks so cool.For those of you that couldn't tell, Andy was the human who comes in with the giant backpack. This will also be Andy's 3rd animated move after Space Chimps and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. I wonder if Andy is going to become a staple in Adam Sandler films like David Spade and Kevin James (who also appear in this movie)? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Andy Samberg is Sarah Palin

Don't think this has been shown yet...

Sarah Palin visits Weekend Update on the night "Game Change" premiered about her vice presidential bid, only something is off this time.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's speculate why Paul Brittain left SNL

UPDATE: Added more info around Jenny Slate, Michaela Watkins, and Casey Wilson.

Speculate on why Paul left? That sounds like a good idea, right? =^)

Paul Brittain is said to have left "to explore other projects."

It sounds like he fell victim to what so many before him did. Basically, SNL is tough for featured players (and sometimes for anyone who's either black or female and who doesn't push their own stuff and get the writers to like them). Typically the featured player has to push their own skits, get a few hit characters or impressions, and slowly prove themselves to the audience and to the writers. Once the popular players leave, the writers slowly move over to the new regular players, and that's when they finally get to shine (sometimes 4 or 5 years into it). It can be very frustrating and obviously requires endurance and some sort of planning and strategy.

The first people to complain were in the 75-76 season (the very first). Garett Morris felt like the writers never wrote for him (he was right). Laraine Newman felt the same thing (also right). The only woman the writers wrote for was Gilda Radner, and it was because she had the flair that Kristen Wiig and others had. Gilda would write her own skits and slowly prove herself to the writers, who would then write for her too (the formula that Wiig, Oteri, and Poehler used). Plus Gilda was part of the National Lampoon radio show, along with Aykroyd, Chase, Belushi, and the head writer, Michael O'Donaghue. So she was already familiar with the cool kids, and they were all friends and clicked well together. (Lorne was actually accused of basically hiring out all of Lampoon, and ironically the other players from the Lampoon radio show that he didn't get were Christopher Guest, Bill Murray, and Brian-Doyle Murray, who competed on the rival show, Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, and of course all three later joined SNL.)

The next season (75-76), Bill Murray felt it (Bill's rival Cosell show flopped after 14 episodes, and he was hired to replace Chase, who left to make movies). Bill entered the show with the writers already knowing the other players. And so he couldn't get the writers to write for him (Aykroyd wrote him in as a supporting actor, but that's all he could get), and Bill wasn't used to writing his own stuff. Finally he told Lorne that he's really funny (in a funny way) and deserves a skit of his own, and Lorne responded by telling him to do what he just did as a short monologue. He did (explaining how he's actually funny to the audience), which warmed the fans to him and got the writers on his side more.
In the 80-81 season, Gilbert Gottfried complained that no one wrote for him.

Fast forward to 85-86, when Damon Wayans was frustrated that he didn't get his own skits (no one was writing for him, and he only got a small handful of his own  skits through), so he made a skit about him (playing a gay cop), which got him fired. And of course, Damon went to his brother Keenan Ivory, and In Living Color was born (and the careers of Damon, Keenan Ivory, Jim Carrey, Tommy Davidson, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, Marlon and Shawn, Jennifer Lopez, and Rosie Perez).

In 88-89, Ben Stiller joined the show but didn't last long. He had trouble getting his skits through, so he left and later started his own show (Ben Stiller Show).

Later in 90-91, Chris Rock started his SNL career, which he later called very frustrating. No one wrote for him, and when he wrote for himself, he had to write himself as a stereotype in order to get any skits through. He left at the end of the 92-93 season and went to work at In Living Color as an occasional guest player instead. He said he felt a lot more freedom on In Living Color, but one thing he liked about SNL is that the original writers were given credit and ownership/authority with their skits. On In Living Color, they might decide to do your skit without you if you're not around.

In 93-94, Janeane Garofalo started and then left mid season (they started her out as a regular player). The reason is that she was frustrated with all the sexual skits and immature skits on the show then (which was led by Sandler, Farley, Spade, and Sandler's friends, who were writers, and who went on to become writers on Sandler's films now). Her biggest frustration was with Sandler. Basically, when she was written into a skit, it was never a skit she wanted to be in.

Jay Mohr started in 93-94. After being a featured player for two seasons, he wanted a bump up to a regular player. When told that he would be a featured player again (right before his third season would start), he walked out and quit. Read Jay Mohr's book, Gasping for Air Time. In there, Jay talks about how hard it is to fight for air time (you have to get the writers to write for you, or you have to write and push your own stuff... and still get the writers to collaborate with you).

In 03-04, Finesse Mitchell started. He's an incredibly funny comedian, and he managed to become a regular player two years later, but it was also his last season... he felt like he wasn't being written for, and he couldn't compete with all the new players pushing their skit ideas.

In 09-10, Jenny Slate had her only season. Jenny's online videos are hilarious. But she got almost nothing of hers on the show... no one wrote for her and the reason that her online skits are hilarious is half because of her writing partner, who was not writing for SNL.

And that brings us to Paul Brittain who left in the middle of his second season in 2012. Why did he leave? Most likely because he had a tough time getting his skits to air, and again no one is writing for him. But to be fair, no one is writing for any of the featured players. They're focusing on the established players. So the trick is for the featured players to get their own skits in themselves and slowly build trust in their abilities to the writers and to the audience.


More about Jenny Slate and the ladies who left SNL (Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins, and Jenny Slate)...

The F-Bomb wasn't the issue why Jenny Slate left SNL. If it was, she would have been fired right after that, not at the end of the season (the F-Bomb was at the very beginning). Besides that, Cheri Oteri survived after slipping out an F-Bomb (she put a dollar in the Swear Jar during the goodbyes). So that's not the issue.

The biggest thing that F-Bomb did was shatter Jenny's confidence to push her skits in the meetings and get air time.

Sure the F-Bomb got people fired in the past, but that was because they did it on purpose, weren't humble, and didn't apologize to the producers immediately... both Jenny and Cheri did that (which is why Jenny was kept on for the rest of that season).

Jay Mohr wrote a book about SNL called Gasping for Air Time. Getting air time is a huge struggle (Finesse Mitchell wrote about his struggles with it in an interview, even after he was a regular player... the newbies like Bill, Jason, Andy, and Kristen were making bigger collaborations with the writers than he was), and if you're not an A-type who's fighting for air time (in a good natured and collaborative way), you don't win it. Jenny had that enthusiasm when she started the season, but after the F-Bomb, it was gone.

Read up on some more of the history here:

And Michaela and Casey also were separate issues. The bigger issue there was that Lorne had just lost a series of A+ women on the show (Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler)... and then he just had Kristen Wiig. He was trying to build out more women who could work up to become the A+ role.
Casey didn't have it in her. Michaela was funny, but she overlapped with Kristen Wiig and didn't bring enough "new" to the table (although Lorne was right that she could hold her own show).

On the same season that they brought in Michaela (08-09), they also brought in Abby Elliott. Abby works great for the show. A few funny characters and she nails hilarious female impressions. That was the mix Lorne was looking for. Abby stayed.

Next was Jenny and Nasim (09-10). Again, Nasim nails the characters and the impressions (her Kim K is super popular). Jenny Slate didn't get the characters and impressions out there (no one wrote for her, and after the F-Bomb, the only thing she wrote and pushed for herself were her hilarious Tina commercials). Nasim had to earn her right to get air time and to be considered funny. It really does go back to Jay Mohr's book, Gasping for Air Time.

So it's not really about clearing the plate of all the women (because Lorne kept Abby when he let go Michaela and kept Nasim when he let go Jenny; Abby and Nasim met the need he was looking for), and it's not about the F-Bomb. It was about getting your stuff on the air and proving to the world that you're funny. Jenny's online stuff is hilarious, and it proves that. But that never translated onto SNL.



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Upcoming SNL Hosts

"Spring is finally, officially here and what could be a better way to celebrate than to announce our April hosts and musical guests!! Coming up on April 7th, we've got two SNL newbies: hosting duties fall to the lovely Sofia Vergara from "Modern Family" while the musical guest is British pop sensation, One Direction (cue teen girl screams.) And keeping it going, on April 14th Josh Brolin returns for his second time hosting, joined by musical guest, Gotye. April is going to be so much fun!!"

From: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/backstage/backstage/april-hosts-announced/index.shtml

Andy Samberg for Canary Hop

Attached is a link with a short video (it didn't have an embed code) of an ad Andy did for a travel website called Canary Hop. You should definitely check it out, it's pretty funny.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Who's been nominated for an Emmy for hosting SNL?

Alright, if I didn't do it earlier, I'm going to do it now. I'm predicting that Jimmy Fallon's SNL episode will get him a nomination for best guest actor on a comedy series. Last season, Justin Timberlake (won), Zach Galifianakis, and Tina Fey were nominated for that (I was disappointed that Jim Carrey wasn't, because he was so funny).

This year I'm predicting that Jimmy Fallon will be nominated. I'm also predicting that Melissa McCarthy will be nominated this year (for Guest Actress). Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Betty White, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Timberlake all also have a shot if they host this season.

Here's the list of hosts nominated for Emmys:

- Justin Timberlake (won)
- Zach Galifianakis
- Tina Fey

- Betty White (won)
- Tina Fey

- Justin Timberlake (won)
- Tina Fey (won - for guesting as Sarah Palin)

That's it. It's a relatively new concept, but JT has won it twice. Tina Fey's been nominated three years in a row for it.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tennis Balls Digital Short

Hey guys! Sorry I was gone for a while, it was my Spring Break week, but I'm baaaaaaack!

And I brought with me last week's digital short, "Tennis Balls":

OMG! I loved this! I'm so happy, too, because this is the first GOOD digital short we've seen in a LONG time. Great job, Andy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Picture from "That's My Boy"

So it looks like Andy's character finally does get to ride a bike. He looks so precious on his little pink bike with his little pink helmet.

Monday, March 12, 2012

More photos of Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom - Mark Twain Awards

Thanks to X-tina Smith for this scoop...

So here are more photos of Andy and Joanna together at the awards show from last year (our last siting of Andy and Joanna together).

Do you love the words on them in this picture? Check it out (actually Joanna looks very beautiful here)...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Akiva Schaffer Edits "Neighborhood Watch"

Yesterday, The Lonely Island tweeted:

"Inside the "Neighborhood Watch" editing room! Kiv may or may not be hung over: twitpic.com/8u56rj"

Inside the "Neighborhood Watch" editing room! Kiv may or may not be hung over:

Aw, I've missed seeing pics of Kiv! He does look kinda hungover, or maybe just tired from all the editing...

Not much for Andy news, other than lots of blogs reviewing the trailer for "That's My Boy", but most of the speculation is on Adam Sandler, so we won't worry about that for now!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Flashback Friday

Hey, guys this week for Flashback Friday I'm posting The Lonely Island's pilot sketch show for Fox "Awesometown". For those of you that haven't seen it, it's a 19 minute long show that runs much the same as SNL. It's writen by and stars the dudes, and includes some special appearances by Jack Black, Kal Penn, Chester, and Sarah Chalke. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New "That's My Boy" Trailer & Kony2012

Another poster and trailer for "That's My Boy" are out!

I'm going to LOVE this movie!!

In other news, TLI tweeted yesterday about a video that has been spreading across the internet the past 2 days and really needs to be seen:

Here is the video to the link they posted:

So help spread the word about Kony 2012! If TLI cares, you sure as hell should too! :)

10 Things You Didn't Know About Saturday Night Live

UPDATE: Added background info for #8 at the bottom...

Okay, so it's impossible for me to guarantee that you didn't know these 1o things, but I will say that you PROBABLY didn't know about them. =^)

1. When Richard Pryor hosted, they aired the episode on a 7-second delay. They didn't trust his potty mouth.

2. John Belushi injured a host (Buck Henry) during a Samurai sketch (he hit him with the sword).

2. During Bill Murray's first season (the second season of SNL), Bill Murray gave a personal appeal to the audience, saying that he wasn't funny on the show, and asked people to feel sorry for him and laugh (a bit that he wrote with Lorne Michaels when they realized that his humor wasn't coming across on the show). 

3. Lorne left at the end of the 79-80 season and was then re-hired in the 85-86 season. They hired him back because Dick Ebersol was leaving (Ebersol rode Eddie Murphy's success and then when Murphy and Piscopo left, he followed it up with one successful season of Martin Short and Billy Crystal; Ebersol left because he demanded that the show wasn't live anymore, because of how difficult it was... the producers refused and so he left). When Lorne got hired back, he decided to start from scratch and let the entire cast go (including Crystal and Short). Bonus bit: Billy Crystal got nixed from the first SNL episode back in 75 (he was a guest). His bit was too long, and his agent insisted that they couldn't cut the length. So Lorne cut the act. (So Lorne cut Crystal twice, but the first time made a lot more sense... he just couldn't fit the long bit in.)

4. SNL asked to vote whether or not to stop bringing Andy Kaufman onto the show. The audience voted against Andy (his wrestling act turned him into a villain).

5. At the end of the 1985 season (which didn't go so well), Lorne pleads for another season (another chance), and he ends the season with an episode where Billy Martin gets fired and sets fire to the stage, apparently killing some of the cast. Lorne rushes Jon Lovitz out of there, who is his star cast member. Behind the scenes, Jon was the only one that the producers and executives agreed had to come back. Dennis Miller and Nora Dunn also returned, but everyone else was cast fresh. This was actually not too far from Lorne's original plan. He hoped to bring in movie talent to get people to watch in 1985, and then he planned to phase them out and carry forward the fresh comedian talent. This was the beginning of a new system Lorne developed where he would carry forward the fresh talent, cut the talent that wasn't working out and work to redefine the show every few years with new talent. (Sure that sounds like common sense, but this was the first time anyone on SNL had pulled it off. There have been no reboots since then; just a natural ebb and flow of new talent added to the existing cast, which is why Lorne collects a lot of players when he foresees a potential mass exit, which is why he has a lot of fresh talent this year.)

6. After being fired from Lorne (during his first season, in 85-86), Damon Wayans came back onto the show (last show of the same season) to do a standup monologue.

7. Ben Stiller appeared on the show and left. He later developed his Emmy-winning Ben Stiller Show.

8. Jeannine Garofolao was talked into joining the show, but she immediately had creative differences and frustrations with Adam Sandler and his friends.


And some more background info about #8...

It's not a rumor. Sandler and Garofalo have been quoted in several books and magazines to support this.

In the DVD, "Funny People", Judd and Adam are hanging out more-so with Ben Stiller (I'm pretty sure Garofalo isn't in it, but she might be seen a little since they're producing the Ben Stiller Show, and she's in it). That is from 92-93 after Stiller got frustrated with SNL and left (after only a few episodes). (The frustration with SNL is that you have to do your time for a few years and build your audience when you can before you're on the top and can experiment more and do what you want more.)

So Stiller didn't have the patience for that, he left, and he started his Emmy winning show (Ben Stiller Show), which was also worked on by Judd and Garofalo. So the clip from Funny People was while Stiller and Judd were making that show. (It actually took Sandler longer than Farley and Rob Schneider to become a regular player because he didn't strike as quickly with memorable characters.)

Garofalo didn't really start being frustrated with Sandler until 94-95 when she joined SNL. By then Sandler and crew were on the top of the show, doing whatever they wanted, and she was entering into that world. What that meant is that she was being written into these sexual immature skits constantly and she saw it as too low-brow humor (it was very low-brow when Sandler, Farley, and Spade were on top). And they pretty much had a team of writers supporting them with their style of humor (the team now writes and produces for Sandler's films).

So Garofalo's frustration was with all the writers and the main immature actors on SNL (Sandler was at the top; she had the most arguments with him, but all of them frustrated her). She didn't want to be part of it, and so she left during her first season (only 14 episodes). It wasn't long (the end of the same 94-95 season) before the studio producers (one level above Lorne and his crew) got frustrated with it too and let both Sandler and Farley go at the end of the same season (even though Sandler and Farley were the most popular players and still had time on their contracts). (Rob had already left to try to get into films; they kept Spade on for one more season.)



Monday, March 05, 2012

Joanna Newsom is looking foxy (and Andy Samberg's pretty studly)

Andy and Joanna (09/12/2011)

Look at Andy's tie! Now follow it down! Ha!

Thanks to X-tina Smith for the photo!

Joanna looks pretty cute here, right?


Sunday, March 04, 2012

This Week's Digital Short

So FINALLY, Andy has released a long-awaited SNL Digital Short:

I think this had about the same amount of humor as the last one did. ("Convolted Jerry" http://www.hulu.com/watch/317027/saturday-night-live-digital-short-convoluted-jerry#s-p1-sr-i4).

Not exactly hilarious, but I am glad to see Andy hasn't completely given up on the shorts. Still, if the whole TLI group were working on them instead of just Andy, they would be just as funny as they had been in previous SNL seasons. Let's hope TLI gets together for at least one more DS this season!

Link to watch the Secret Policeman's Ball Live

Ok guys, by clicking on this link, you can watch The Secret Policeman's ball live at 7pm eastern time today (3-4-12) Andy and some other SNL cast members including Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan, Fred Armisen, Taran Killam, Jay Pharoah, and Kristin Wiig are set to be there so tune in!


Andy's Sketches from Saturday

Lindsay Lohan was the host this week, and Andy was in quite a few sketches.

First Andy started off as Kid Rock in the cold open :

Next, Andy plays a Psychic host for the Psychic awards show :

Then Andy plays what appears to be the only male member in a girls gang :

After that we have what was probably my favorite sketch of the night, scared straight where once again Andy plays the ring leader in a gang of 3 friends. I love how they're laughing so hard the can't even get their lines out at the end.

And finally, we have Samberg playing Buddha in "Rude Buddha":

There was also a digital short about a couple singing with a giant Afro for a wedding invitation, but i'm still working on finding video for it.


Overall I think last nights episode was very good. There was quite a lot of Andy, and that always makes me happy. So far I think this season is great, and I can't wait to see what's in store next week with Jonah Hill.

Friday, March 02, 2012

New SNL Promo

Here's a new SNL promo for tomorrow (9/3/11) night's show with Lindsay Lohan as host

I'm not gonna lie, kinda enjoying Andy's scruff here, also he looks really well put together with his new hair cut and glasses. Our little Andy is moving up in the world.
Also that was a pretty boss secret handshake.

Flashback Friday

Sorry I'm a little late on this one guys but here ya go, have some nice classic Lonely Island. This one's called News Getters and involves Akiva's suspicion that Jorma's gay, and how he intends to prove it.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

"That's My Boy" Trailer

YAAAAAY! It's FINALLY here, guys!

WOW, this movie looks VERY rated R. But also very funny! I cannot wait to see it, this is probably be the biggest movie Andy has done so far, and maybe the biggest he will ever do. In other words, it's BIG.

Also thanks to X-tina for the link: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1680209/thats-my-boy-red-band-nsfw-trailer.jhtml

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