Friday, July 31, 2009

Andy Samberg - Refuses to be in an anti-Eminem music video

From Daniela:

Heey, I just came across this article. It's not a big one, but I found it a bit interesting.

After reading it, I just thought that it shows that Andy wouldn't just dive in to any chance he could get to be in a video and that he's a big fan of Eminem ( even though we already know that ) .


Mariah Carey dressed up as a man when she shot her new ‘Obsessed’ music video outside New York City’s Plaza Hotel last Monday. In the video, the 39-year old singer dressed a lot like Eminem.

There was a rumor that the song is actually a response to the rapper’s unflattering references to her and her hubby Nick Cannon from Eminem’s track ‘Bagpipes from Baghdad’. In Mariah’s song, she sings “Why are you so obsessed with me/ Boy, I wanna know/ Lying that you’re sexing me/ When everybody knows/ It’s clear that you’re upset with me….You’re delusional/ Boy, you’re losing your mind.”

Andy Samberg was originally cast to play the guy in the video but once he found out that it was presumably anti-Eminem, he backed out and Mariah filled in.


Andy refuses to poke fun at Eminem. So... when are we going to see Eminem and Andy together in a digital short?


Andy Samberg - Does he look like Isaac Cohen?

Daniela found this great article...

Isaac Cohen, Britney Spears’s latest guy, is getting a lot of attention lately — not just for dating the divorced diva but also for his supposed resemblance to Spears’s ex, Kevin Federline.

Maybe Cohen and Federline have the same facial hair. But does anyone else out there think that Cohen looks more like Andy Samberg in his now famous Saturday Night Live short with Justin Timberlake?

It’s an interesting theory, especially in light of the recent Diaz-Timberlake split and the nagging question of whether Britney’s after Justin again. She sure should be — his star’s on a major upswing while hers is trawling the depths.

Sources told TMZ they felt a reconciliation between the two was unlikely, but the website also reports that the pop stars’ mothers talk to each other on a regular basis.

This is why not:

Dating Isaac, who looks like Andy, who’s now close to Justin, as a way to make Justin jealous?

It’s inefficient. It’s unlikely. And as it turns out, it’s also over, as Britney tells X17 that she and Cohen aren’t together.

That Samberg guy. Is he single?


Answer - No, he's not single:


From Daniela:

Here's another article I found that Andy is mentioned in.

The Big question in this article is - Does anyone think that Issac Cohen look more like Andy Samberg in his Saturday Night Live short with Justin Timberlake ?
My answer to that question would be a "no", but I'm sure everyone else would have a different opinion.

They also have an interesting theory, but I would like to think that Andy Samberg would never date Britney Spears, he's too smart to be in all that drama.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

DJ Nu-Mark shares his work on the Lonely Island CD

DJ Nu-Mark, known for previously being a part of Jurassic 5, talks about working with The Lonely Island guys on their album.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

J Nu-Mark's also gaining fame for his work with "Saturday Night Live" comic Andy Samberg.

The "SNL" star has a hip-hop parody band called The Lonely Island, and DJ Nu-Mark worked on the group's 2009 CD, Incredibad.

"I did two songs for Andy Samberg's album," DJ Nu-Mark said. "It was a completely different pace than I was used to. Those guys are really quick-paced and hilarious, but they stay very focused.

"I came late in the game, but they wanted me to augment some beats and work on some new stuff. I got to be on the song 'Punch You in the Jeans.' These guys do have a quirky sense of humor."

See the rest of the article here at


Andy Samberg - Rocks the heii out of you

Sweet fan-made vid made with Andy clips and set to rocking music!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fleet Foxes' singer Robin Pecknold has a soft spot for Andy

Here's an article from Detroit News that briefly mentions Andy! It's an article about Robin and his musical influences, including Andy Samberg. Here's an excerpt:

Though he name-checks all sorts of important artists when talking about his influences, Pecknold does loosen up at times. He says he appreciates songs like Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," and has a soft spot for the work of the Andy Samberg-fronted hip-hop pranksters the Lonely Island.
"I think that 'I'm on a Boat' song is an amazing song, regardless of comedic intent," he says. And "Motherlover," too. "That song's insane!" he says. "It's got a nice groove to it."

Nice to see Andy and the rest of The Lonely Island are appreciated by many!

Andy Samberg Talks - Getting Ready To Host The MTV Movie Awards (video interview)

Here's a hilarious interview we missed where Andy talks about hosting the MTV Movie Awards. No news here; just Andy being hilarious and silly.


Andy Samberg adds some color

Here's an article from featuring Andy Samberg as an example of bright shoes as a new style! I know we've all seen Andy sporting this shoes on numerous occasions!

Article by Samira Zoofan: Quick way of adding some color to your outfit

EDitor: The article explains how your shoes can add some fun, bright colors to your outfit. Andy is given as an example. Andy just got 50 fashion points!!!

"Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live in bright teal and white shoes"

Andy Samberg's Hot Rod toy props - Ryan's got them

Are you looking for Andy Samberg's Hot Rod toy props? They were in this deleted scene in Hot Rod:

Well, you're too late! Ryan's got them!

Check out Ryan's post, read his story and explanation, and check out his pics of the toys and his certificate of authenticity!!! Think you're the ultimate Andy Samberg fan? Well, think again...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Andy Samberg on Yo Gabba Gabba!

So, I had heard that Andy was going to be on Yo Gabba Gabba, but I couldn't find which episode he was on. Thankfully, I came across this video that has his part on the show!! Enjoy watching Andy doing his "Dancey Dance"!

(Did you hear a familiar quote?? "Funky Fresh!")

Yet Another Comic-Con Interview with Andy Samberg!


He looks a little uncomfortable in the beginning, I would too after being pulled aside for all these interviews in one day!!


Thanks to Access Hollywood for the interview!


TAE (the EDitor):

A few more people know about Andy now. This is Andy's second time at Comic Con (first was in 2007 for Hot Rod). Andy likes being called a "Hot Nerd" and "Hot Glasses Wearer." Andy feels bad for the crazy lives of the Twilight kids. Andy admits that he didn't watch Twilight until he was prepping for the MTV Movie Awards (I knew it!!!).

And Andy talks about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. A great interview! Checka it out!


Andy Samberg - is on Taylor Swift's Facebook page

Check it out!

Click it to see it bigger!

Is that tattoo on Andy's arm permanent????

Thanks for the tattoo catch from: ardnaxela0502 (

From Daniela:

Here is a picture I found off Taylor Swifts facebook.


Andy Samberg - Had a good year on SNL (article)

Tina Fey wasn't the only "Saturday Night Live" cast member to get a bounce from the 2008 presidential election.

Andy Samberg used the show's surging ratings as a platform for a banner year that featured a hit album, a hosting gig for the MTV Movie Awards, tens of millions of online hits for his SNL Digital Shorts and a supporting role in the box office hit "I Love You, Man."

"I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel like some kind of breakthrough," Samberg acknowledges.

Samberg and his Lonely Island comedy troupe collaborators Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone have been producing the innovative SNL shorts segments since 2005, enlisting the likes of Justin Timberlake and Natalie Portman. This year, they realized a dream by making an album, "Incredibad," which debuted in February and immediately hit the top spot on iTunes.

The album's first single, "Jizz in My Pants," has been viewed more than 53 million times on YouTube. Other Samberg "SNL" clips -- the "Mark Wahlberg Talks to the Animals" segment, the year-end "Motherlover" video reunion with Timberlake -- are close behind.

"If nothing else, we broke some ground and created a Mother's Day anthem," Samberg says of the wildly inappropriate video that featured Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson. "I think the world needed one."


Actually it was Amy Poehler who was the cast member that got the bounce from this past year and the one before, doing Hilary Clinton. Tina Fey was no longer a cast member and pretty much just promoting 30 Rock.

Good to see that Andy realizes how great of a season he had.


Andy Samberg & Akiva Schaffer shout out to Ninja Bear

The Lonely Island's and SNL's Andy Samberg & Akiva Schaffer say hello to Ninja Bear.

Ninja Bear is here:


Monday, July 27, 2009

Even Abercrombie wants to be on that boat...

Abercrombie's store for kids has a shirt that says "I'm On a Boat" now too. I don't think they have it at the regular Abercrombie store, just the one for kids, which is kind of odd to me, but whatever floats their boat. ;) This shirt costs $19.50.

It's not as snazzy as some of the others I've seen (mainly because the others actually had a boat or even better, a pic of Andy, on them), but it's still cool that this is becoming more and more popular. If you want to order the shirt online go here: and scroll over to the middle of the pictures and it should be there!


Comic-Con: Another Andy Samberg interview! (video)

Here's a short clip I found from surfing the interwebs!



Andy Samberg & TLI - Performing live on Jimmy Fallon (photos)

The Lonely Island – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – May 12, 2009

Photos from:


New Blogger - Sandy Nixon

Sandy's been so great lately, that we invited her on board, and we were lucky enough for her to agree to blog with us.

So please join us in welcoming Sandy Nixon on board as our newest blogger!

Here was her first blog:

Thanks for joining us, Sandy!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ask Andy Samberg Blog - Who's Akiva Schaffer dating?

So who's Akiva Schaffer dating?


Only you probably haven't seen her like that. At least not in public. =^)

Her name is Liz Cackowski. Normally, she looks a little more like this:

Here she is behind Andy and Kiv:

Here it looks like she's talking to Akiva about what Andy's talking on the phone about:

Here is Liz with Akiva, Jorma, Andy, and Joanna at that infamous New York Islanders game on November 29, 2007:

From Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

With Horatio Sanz in 2006 at the Newport Film Festival:

With the Second City Comedy troupe in 2003:

Whether or not Liz met Akiva on the MTV Movie Awards or on SNL as fellow writers, they obviously got closer on SNL.

Here Liz appears in Ariel and Efrim (she's the big-haired backup dancer with Amy and Maya):

Her most notable acting appearance is as Jennie Tate on the Jeannie Tate Show, a webisode program that might get picked up for full episodes on HBO.

The first episode of the Jeannie Tate Show, featuring Bill Hader:

All the episodes:

What Liz has done:

"In the Motherhood: Shepfather (#1.5)" (2009) TV Episode [Actress .... Gretchen]

"In the Motherhood: Practice What You Preach (#1.4)" (2009) TV Episode [Writer][Actress .... Gretchen]

"In the Motherhood: Bully (#1.3)" (2009) TV Episode [Actress .... Gretchen]

The Old Man and the Seymour (2009) [Actress .... The Lawyer]

I Love You, Man (2009) [Actress .... Zooey's Friend #1]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) [Actress .... Liz Bretter]

"Saturday Night Live: Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters (#33.3)" (2007) TV Episode [Actress .... Audience Member] (uncredited)

"The Jeannie Tate Show" (2007) TV series [Writer] (writer) [Actress .... Jeannie Tate]

"Fat Guy Stuck in Internet" (2007) TV series [Actress .... Byte]

"Saturday Night Live" (2003-2006) TV Episode [Writer] (writer)

MTV Video Music Awards 2004 (2004) (TV) [Writer]

2004 MTV Movie Awards (2004) (TV) [consultant]


$6 I'm On A Boat - T-shirt

Sandy Nixon bought an "I'm on a boat" T-shirt online for $6 and she recommends it.

Buy it here:


Andy Samberg and Anna Faris: Comic-Con (photo)

Here's another cute photo from of Andy and Anna at Comic-Con. Enjoy!

Taken from Comic-Con 2009 Gallery

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Andy Samberg interview - Comic Con interview by E! News

Thanks to Nicole for the scoop!

It looks like this video is going to expire in 5 days, so watch it now!!!

Andy talks about Jorma's movie he's directing (MacGruber)


Andy Samberg - Comic Con Interview with JoBlo

Thanks to Sandy Nixon for this scoop!

(Why is their logo for the 2009 Comic Con festival an illustration of Aliens?)

Not that I expected him to do jumping jacks with his dick in a box, but I found Andy Samberg to be a really chill and laid back dude. Yesterday, before waiting in the awful Hall H line, chatted with the star of Saturday Night Live as he was at Comic Con to promote his new animated flick CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, eh?


Who’re you voicing in it?

I’m a character named Brent who’s kind of a doofus. He starts off in the movie as a kid who’s kind of like the poster boy for the sardine company that runs the town. So he’s kind of a local celebrity and then grows up to be kind of a weirdo, obnoxious blowhard. (laughs) And then Bill’s (Hader) character Flint creates the food machine and everyone forgets about Brent and he realizes he has no identity.

So does he become the villain or antagonist?

No. He’s a little bit of a nemesis to the main character but he actually just turns into comic relief who needs to revalidate himself.

Have you done voice work before?

Yeah, I did the movie Space Chimps and obviously tons of voiceovers just for other projects but not specific to animation other than Space Chimps.

How was the experience on Space Chimps and then doing this? Was it the same or different?

It’s fairly similar, you know. You’re going into the booth and reading lines. This character was a lot more screamy (laughs). Although I screamed a lot in Space Chimps. (laughs) Lot of screaming in animation. Yeah, it was cool. Although I became friends with the director of Space Chimps, this one from the beginning [directors] Phil (Lord) and Chris (Miller) are good friends of mine. So they kind of asked me to do it as friends as well as creators. They kind of tailored the part to me. It was pretty cool, pretty mellow.

Doing comedic things like Saturday Night Live where you’re doing live sketches, do you find it difficult to do voice work in animation and to get a line off and you don’t have that immediate reaction?

Not really. It’s a smaller audience, but you can generally feel the rhythm of it. If I’m doing a line, voiceover—this is kind of a weird thing to say--a lot of times I can tell if it’s a funny take or not. Like I know what the joke is supposed to be so I can feel if the timing and pitch came out in the way that will make me laugh. And also, Phil and Chris are there and they’ll laugh when it gets crazy. So yeah, it’s the same basic dynamic but you’re trying to make two people laugh instead of 300 or…

The nation?

(laughs) Yeah, millions!

So what do you have coming up? Are you sticking with comedy or are you going to venture out and do some more dramatic things?

I’m planning on sticking with comedy, I’m open for anything though. I’m going back to SNL in September. I finished the MTV Movie Awards in May, so I kind of been decompressing because we had a crazy SNL season and I did an album, then I did I LOVE YOU MAN, and press for that and press for the album. It was a lot jammed in to want to stretch. So after the movie I wanted to collapse.

Taking a break for the summer.

Yeah, and now I’m just kind of coming back up for air.

Do you get antsy then, if you’re off for a little bit too long?

Yeah, a little bit. I’m trying to teach myself to not be again. Since we got SNL we kind of just been going non-stop and it’s incredibly gratifying to produce so much but my parents are like, “Just stop and relax, you owe it to yourself to relax. “ (laughs)

What other projects aside from the new SNL season do you have coming out?

Nothing really planned to be honest. I’m talking about a bunch of stuff to a bunch of people, nothing’s really set in stone.

Do you like it better that way? Instead of just planning out the future, you see what opens up day to day?

Yes and no. Just like I was saying, “oh this is great, I can relax.” And the next second you’re like “what am I going to do? What’s going on? What’s everybody else doing? Oh, they’re doing a movie? Damn, I gotta do something!” I don’t know, it’ll be something, I’ll do something.

Are you liking Comic Con and seeing all the costumes?

Oh yeah, I love Comic Con. I wish the 8 year old me could be here.

How great would that be being a little kid and seeing all your heroes dressed up.

But also just like I wish this existed when I was kid. I mean, it’s the same thing now and I have that excitement or whatever, but I would coming here to hang out instead of doing press and panels. I’d prefer to do it both ways, it’s fun to sit there and flip through comics and see clips from awesome new movies. But I’ll take what I can get.

Extra Tidbit: Samberg looks a little like Pittsburgh Penguins superstar captain Sidney Crosby.


So, Andy's not working on anything. I hope to see him in bit roles in a few movies, namely Akiva's Jonah Hill movie and Jorma's MacGruber flick. Plus I hope that he and TLI will record another album, assuming that it's true that they signed up to make two more albums. Especially since making an album pretty much guarantees a sweet year of SNL Digital Shorts, as this last season proved.

Also, Andy said he'd be returning to SNL next season (we already knew that, but it's good to hear). And he did get an offer to come back and host the MTV Movie Awards next year (it was the funniest hosting job I've ever seen).

Plus with Andy's MTV Movie Awards hosting, his popular CD, his shorts gaining popularity, I Love You Man (and other movie bit roles), and Hot Rod gaining DVD steam, it's only a matter of time before he stars in another flick.

So I'd say Andy's future is bright. He just doesn't know it yet. =^)


Andy Samberg at the Funny People Premiere - Exclusive photos and story from Sandy Nixon

Hello everybody! We have the exclusive scoop from Sandy Nixon, who went to the Funny People premiere and got us photos (so these are different from the photos we've already posted). Here is Sandy's story...

Can you spot Andy? He's in the middle:

It was sooo fun!! I can't believe how many celebs were there!! Andy didn't walk to red carpet, as most celebs didn't. There were 2 entrances. Andy said hi for a few minutes and went inside. I tried getting a picture after the movie but he hesitated and said no politely.

Back of Andy's head:

Zach Levi (my guess is he's too new to be bored of it yet; that's why he was signing autographs for 45 minutes):

Anyway, the premiere was awesome, I saw 50+ celebs, I've included a list of all the ones that I saw. The coolest one I would have to say was Zach Levi, he was outside taking pictures and signing autographs for a good 45 min! Everyone else 5 minutes tops.

Anna Faris:

Andy talks to the little people:

Anna Faris and Andy Samberg were really cool too. Chris Rock came over as well, which was awesome because he was the only "A-lister" celeb that did. At the theater there was a courtyard with the red carpet on one side, and the parking garage on the other. In the middle was the Will Call line (where all the celeb guests and regular guests had to check in, including Andy).

Chris Rock:

Andy shakes hands:

Andy, as well as many other celebs came straight from the garage and didn't even walk the red carpet, which is why there aren't any photos of him and many others on wireimage or gettyimages on the red carpet. They had a guard rail set up that wrapped around an outdoor patio that was connected to the theater.

Picture of a picture of Andy:

My friend and I decided to go eat at the restaurant connected to the theater so we could eat on the patio (which was elevated like 5 feet so we could see everything!). Technically we weren't allowed to take photos, but the security guard was really cool and would let us sneak pictures and stuff until his boss would tell him to make us stop on his walkie talkie thing.


So Andy was cool and was taking photos with some people; I didn't get a chance to say hi or anything to him but I was a little upset because I almost wore the exact same shirt he was wearing! Which would have made conversation easier.

Are they trying to get Andy to sign the hat? Check it out:

After the movie (during the movie my friend and I shopped around Sunset) we went back and there weren't that many people waiting to see them. Andy walked by and we asked for a picture but he was hesistant, then said, "Sorry guys!". But yes, he was alone!

I can barely see his right eye. I think he would be a great super hero:

Akiva was there with Liz, but Andy wasn't hanging out with them really. Jimmy Kimmel was really cool afterward and my friend and I got a cool picture with him! The premiere was in 4 theaters, so I don't even know if they were in the same theater together.

Andy walking:

With Jimmy:

Andy was by himself though, as well as at the Grove (as seen on Perez) AND at the 4th of july party (that I attended as well). Possibly Joanna is back in New York busy with her own stuff?? I'm not too sure. Either way, it was a super fun event, and I hope to run into Andy more while he spends his summer here in LA!!

Andy is still walking:

Adam Sandler:

Jonah Hill:

Celebs I saw (other celebs were there that aren't on this list, but I just didn't see them):

Zach levi
marc mcgrath
jonah hill
david spade
chris rock
andy samberg
ryan secrest
elizabeth banks
kevin farley
andy dick
adam sandler
anna faris
seth rogan
jimmy kimmel
demitri martin
jeremy piven
topher grace
brian posehn
peter dante
torsten voges
jack mcbrayer
martin starr
b.j. novak
eric bana
jason scwartzman
nick swardson
Liz Cackowski
akiva schaffer
tom green

Seth Rogen:

Tom Green:

Looks like Andy forgot something:


Oh, also, Topher Grace was really cocky and just ran inside with his collar popped up and a baseball hat on. And after the movie he was walking and walked into a light pole and kicked the bottom of it making a loud noise and people laughed at him, haha. Kinda funny, probably embarrasing for him.

Andy talking:

Andy scratching his head:

More Andy photos:

Sandy gets a shot with Andy in the background:

Check out Sandy Nixon's profile here:

Thanks Sandy!


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