Monday, October 27, 2008

Andy Samberg - Is Rasta Man (Ras Trent)

Digital Short: Rasta Man

A Rastafarian melody for the Quad.

Andy! Andy! Andy! Gotta love the gag where he passes the black guys.

Wow! Andy managed to find a lot of interesting rasta terms for this one.

Andy needs to go get singing lessons. He's great most of the time, but he goes for the high notes in stuff like this and Best Look in the World and reveals his weaknesses. He needs to improve if he's going to keep doing these. That said, when he does these songs with musicians, then seems like the musicians produce him better.

Andy also needs a stronger song for this season. What with this one and Space Olympics, he hasn't found his Iran So Far, Junk in a Box, Young Chuck Norris, or Narnia Rap for this season yet. Keep looking Andy! You'll find it!

Surround yourself with the SNL writers and with your guests to see if you can find the winning idea!

Here's a song idea for Andy! Dress up like Britney Spears in catholic school girls clothes (her original music video) and do a girl pop parody. Hahahahaha!!!

Everyone, what did you think about this skit? What do you think Andy's next hit song could be?



Mike Gianella said...

Andy's voice isn't the greatest, but I think he was deliberately singing this one badly.

mandyjo218 said...

This is the pretty much the background music from Kablamo, Andy samberg rocks my world and yes he is very amazing indeed!!!Andy call me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no offense but I don't think you quite got it. Everything Andy does is satirical in some way. This is not him actually trying to impress you with his singing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with A. Nonnie Moose. He is deliberately trying to sound like a bad singing, dorky white guy wannabe! It's frackin' hi-larious!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I loved it.

But what does "Murder, She Wrote" have to do with rasta?

I Dick

Anonymous said...

wow.. samberg wasn't actually trying to sound like a well-trained singer showcasing his abilities.. ras trent wouldn't have been as funny if he had a great singing voice. the point was for him to sound bad!!

i think the skit is hilarious, especially since i know so many fake rastas and they have a lot in common with ras trent.

also when he's in cold stone creamery was hilarious, because if you think about it, any time you go to a chain fast-food place there's almost always some type of fake rasta with dreads.

Anonymous said...

Criticism fail.

Ed Price said...

Overall, Andy Samberg has a problem staying on pitch with high notes. It's been shown in a lot of his songs. This one is no different. You can say that he did it on purpose... and he might have.

Or he might not be able to control his voice on those notes, know that's a problem, and not care too much.

Or he might not even know it's a problem.

My guess is the second. I think he knows about it, doesn't intend it, but doesn't care too much. I think instead he just tries to do more songs and raps that are in his range (which is something he's said in an interview).


Anonymous said...

andy samberg is the sexiest man alive.
this is the funniest snl digital short i've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

ANDY!!! i think this is my favorite. hahah walking by the black people..hilarious. you're voice was perfect as ras trent. pretty sure it was supposed to sound like that. hopefully..but it was fantastic:))

Anonymous said...

The Murder She Wrote reference is from the name of a Chaka Demus & Pliers song of the same name...

Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! Braddadingdingdadingdongdingdong DUCK!

Anonymous said...

What's the night nurse reference at the end?

alex4444 said...

When it comes to Andy's voice, I'm sure he knows what he is doing on this one! Even having a bad voice can be edited in a professional recording. But the truth is that you can't sing deliberately bad if you are a good singer! So things are simple. Though he has a decent voice, he isn't a true singer, and must put a lot o f try to sing something out of his very limited range. Something he clearly doesn't want to do in this video!

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