Monday, October 20, 2008

Andy Samberg - Gets threatened by Mark Wahlberg (Mark Talks to Andy)

Mark Wahlberg Backstage

Mark Wahlberg talks to Andy...

So Mark Wahlberg's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel was a setup for this skit. I'm not sure who instigated this, but it certainly seemed that Mark's attitude had changed from previous interviews of "It wasn't funny" to "I'm going to kill Andy Samberg."

Check out Mark Wahlberg on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

My guess is that Marci Kline thought of it (or someone like Andy or the Lonely Island dudes mentioned the idea to Marci Kline), and then she called up Mark Wahlberg and sold it to him. I think she then handed it over to the SNL writers who basically wrote a very SNLy skit where Mark denounced the impression whilst re-enacting the impression. And then, Andy probably threw in his gags of his fear of Mark Wahlberg.

This is cute and mostly a solid publicity stunt for Mark Wahlberg, Andy Samberg, and SNL in general. However, this is not nearly as funny as the skit itself Andy did two weeks ago that caused this contravery. Check it out...

Andy Samberg is Mark Wahlberg Talking to Animals:

This "Mark Wahlberg talks to Andy" skit includes appearances by Amy Poehler, Josh Brolin, Kenan Thompson, and a donkey while Mark essentially recreates the skit whilst saying the impression was way off.

"Sure. Sure. It's big and beautiful." The audience didn't laugh, but I thought that was funny!

"Never again, okay?" Aw, come on! Andy has to do the impression again, especially after all this publicity that came as a result of it!!!

Also, this makes Andy out to be a total wimp (acting scared, not making eye contact, trying to excuse the skit as "silly," running away, etc.). Come on, Andy, Mark Wahlberg hasn't been buff for 10 years! You could take him! Especially with the donkey.





[ open on backstage kitchen area, as Andy Samberg roots through the fridge. He closes the fridge door to reveal Mark Wahlberg standing in wait along the wall. ]

[ Andy screams ]

Mark Wahlberg: Hey, Andy.

Andy Samberg: Ohhhh, Mark Wahlberg! Hi! How are you?

Mark Wahlberg: [ menacingly ] Oh, not so good, Andy. I mean, I saw the last show.

Andy Samberg: You did?

Mark Wahlberg: Yes, I did. And I gotta tell you, I'm very upset about this imitation, the thing with the animals. I mean, what is that?

Andy Samberg: Yeah, it was just a stupid thing we did! It was stupid!

Mark Wahlberg: Well, I gotta be honest with you, buddy -- I've been thinking about breaking that big, beautiful nose of yours.

Andy Samberg: Sure. sure, it's big and beautiful... yeah...

Mark Wahlberg: But, you know what? I decided not to, being the churchgoing guy that I am. But, I mean, it's nothing like me. What was that?

Andy Samberg: I know... I agree with you, and the thing I'd like to say...

[ Amy Poehler walks up ]

Amy Poehler: Hey. How you doing?

Mark Wahlberg: Hey, Amy Poehler! How's it going?

Amy Poehler: Pretty good.

Mark Wahlberg: You're pregnant. What's that all about, huh?

Amy Poehler: [ shrugs ] I don't know.

Mark Wahlberg: Well, it's nice to see you. Say hi to your mother for me.

Amy Poehler: Okay.

[ she walks off ]

Mark Wahlberg: So, Andy -- where were we?

Andy Samberg: Uh -- you were saying my impression was way off.

Mark Wahlberg: Yeah, I mean, look -- I don't get it. It was very inaccurate, you know?

Andy Samberg: Again -- yeah...

[ Josh Brolin walks up ]

Josh Brolin: Hey, Mark!

Mark Wahlberg: Heyyy, Josh Brolin!

Josh Brolin: What's going on?

Mark Wahlberg: How are you doing?

Josh Brolin: I'm good, good!

Mark Wahlberg: You were in the "Goonies" movie, right? [ Brolin nods, confused ] I produce "Entourage"!

Josh Brolin: Yeah, I-I-I know...

Mark Wahlberg: Say hi to your mother for me, alright?

Josh Brolin: Okay. [ turns and exits ]

Mark Wahlberg: And your stepmother.

Andy Samberg: Look, Mark, I-I didn't mean any offense by you. I'm a fan of your movies...

Mark Wahlberg: Whoa, hold on a second. [ he approaches a donkey being held by a rope by a costumed Kenan Thompson ] Hey! Hey, donkey!

Kenan Thompson: What's up, Mark?

Mark Wahlberg: How's it going? You live in a barn, right? I'm in "Max Payne". Have you see that movie? [ the donkey turns itself around ] Okay, donkey. Say hi to your mother for me.

Mark Wahlberg: [ he returns to Andy ] So... Andy. I'm -- actually, I'm glad we had this talk. I feel better.

Andy Samberg: Good. You know, me, too. [ he grimaces ] "Say hi to your mother for me?"

Mark Wahlberg: [ starts to throw a punch, then stops ] You know what? I'm not gonna go there. [ extends his arms ] Give me a hug. Come on! We're gonna hug it out, bitch!

Andy Samberg: Alright...

[ they hug ]

Mark Wahlberg: I love you.

Andy Samberg: God bless you.

Mark Wahlberg: Never again, okay?

Andy Samberg: Okay.

Mark Wahlberg: Okay!

Andy Samberg: Alright.

[ Andy runs away, flailing ]

[ fade ]


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