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Ryan Reynolds SNL Promo

Unfortunately, Ryan's SNL appearance is off to a bad start, and I blame Kenan! =^)

Honestly, the Lady Gaga gag was decent, but after Andy's Megan promos last week, I think Kenan should stop doing these. He's just revealing that he's not all that funny, and that can't be a wise career move.

Am I being too hard on him?

Well, the good news is that SNL is full of great players, and we'll get to see some great skits on Saturday! I hope they do a great digital short with Ryan! I thought Ryan was hilarious in stuff like "Just Friends," and I hope he shows off his chops!

Plus they could do a funny spoof of one of his super hero movies (Blade 3, Wolverine, and the coming Deadpool and Green Lantern). Or they could even combine the idea with his romantic comedies (like The Proposal) and do a spoof romantic super hero skit or short.


The Best 'Saturday Night Live' Hosts EVER

Megan Fox did a decent job hosting this week, and we're pretty excited that Ryan Reynolds is coming up next.

Here are Yahoo's pics (choices) for best SNL hosts EVAARRRRR!!!

1. Steve Martin
Comedian and "Wild and Crazy Guy" Steve Martin is so ingrained in the fabric of "Saturday Night Live" that some people mistakenly believe he was once a Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Player... But Steve has hosted "SNL" more than anyone else, 15 times so far. Aside from the Festrunk Brothers, Martin's memorable "SNL" moments include a sublime dance number with Gilda Radner and a fully costumed performance of his novelty song masterpiece, "King Tut." Don't think Steve's the best? Well, ex-cccuuuuuuusssssseeeeee us.

[Editor: Steve Martin got highly involved in Laser Cats 4, and Andy talked to him before Steve threw Alec out the window. That's mostly all that Andy and Steve have done together. I think TLI should film a sequel to King Tutt with Steve.]

2. Alec Baldwin
Until we saw him on "Saturday Night Live" for the first time in 1990, we always thought of Alec Baldwin as the serious, handsome Jack Ryan he played in "Hunt for Red October." Sure, he'd been in some comedies, such as "Beetlejuice" and "Working Girl," but he wasn't particularly funny in those roles. At the real-life 30 Rock, he clearly found a place he could cut loose and let his inner comedian shine through...

[Editor: SNL pretty much kept his career afloat; plus it got him his gig on 30 Rock, and he's just hitting his prime now as a result. 30 Rock just won him an Emmy. Alec hasn't done much with Andy Samberg (a hot dog skit comes to mind).]

3. Paul Simon
Singer-songwriter Paul Simon brought his low-key comedy stylings to "SNL" four times as host (he appeared seven more times as a musical guest)... [He's old school-tastic.]

4. Christopher Walken
When we think of Christopher Walken and "SNL," we always think of these five words: "I gotta have more cowbell!" But in Walken's seven hosting slots, he's had some pretty great skits, including the [recent] Walken family reunion, in which the entire cast - black and white alike - did their best impressions of the edgy actor...

[Editor: Andy was in that impressions skit, and Christopher Walken participated in a Laser Cats, but that's mostly the extent of their collaborations together.]

5. Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake has hosted "SNL" three times, but there are so many hysterical skits in those shows that it seems like he's done the job more than Steve Martin.

[Editor: In addition, he's performed in 3 episodes (one as the musical guest), and he's cameod in 5 additional episodes. So he's appeared in a total of 9 episodes. That's why it seems like he's been on as much as Steve Martin; cuz he's actually appeared more than Walken has.]

He's a riot on the comedy show, and we're not the only ones who think so. The Grammy-winning singer has actually received two Emmy awards for his "Saturday Night Live" turns. The first came in 2007 when he and "SNL" castmember Andy Samberg won an Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics statue for their Digital Short "D*&k in a Box." Earlier this month, he won another. This time, more than just his musical talents were recognized (although he was also nominated for writing "SNL's" "Motherlover" and "I Love Sports" from the ESPY awards), the pop star took home Emmy gold as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

[Editor: In addition to the sketches listed above, Andy did the hilarious Immigrants skit with JT, where they contemplated what their descendants (i.e. themselves) would be like. In addition, Andy and JT did the Beyonce Single Ladies backup dancers skit (Bobby Moynihan's idea), and they appeared as Cathy and her husband in a WU mock of the comic strip characters (and Jessica Biel knocked us out as Jessica Rabbit).]

6. Buck Henry
Ten-time "SNL" host Buck Henry was a staple on the show between 1976 and 1980, making an annual tradition of MCing the final episode of each season. He also built a stable of recurring characters along the way. Among them were Howard the stunt coordinator; noogie master Todd DiLaMuca's father, Marshall; and creepy Uncle Roy. But it was in his most memorable role that Buck really took one for the comedy team. As the straight man to John Belushi's Samurai Futaba, Henry stood by as the unpredictable comedian wielded a real Samurai sword in skit after skit. In a 1976 sketch, Buck was struck by Belushi's blade in the Samurai Stockbroker's office. He didn't let the cut stop him. He did the rest of the show with a bandage on his head. Never ones to miss out on a joke, the whole cast joined in and did the rest of the episode with bandages on their heads, too.

7. Tom Hanks
Everybody loves Tom Hanks, and everybody loves Tom Hanks on "SNL."...

[Editor: He appeared with Andy Samberg in the TLI "My Testicles" song. It's underappreciated and absolutely hilarious.]

8. Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris seems to be the man of the hour, following his tour de force hosting gig at this year's Emmy Awards. But we wonder if NPH would've had that shot if he hadn't hosted the Tonys. And we're pretty sure that he wouldn't have landed the Tony gig if not for his performance last season on "SNL." Proving that his years of experience on TV, films, and on Broadway have paid off, Neil Patrick showed versatility as he jumped from a "Today Show" skit to the "Doogie Howser" theme song digital short to Fran, the air traffic controller with the long fingernails. Now if we could get him and Justin Timberlake to cohost, it would be a flawless show.

9. Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen has cred in the "SNL" host world... because she was the first woman to MC the show... And she was funny to boot... Shades of Murphy Brown's comedic timing to come.

10. John Goodman
John Goodman has hosted "SNL" 12 times - including MCing the show once a season for 11 years in a row. The burly sitcom star immortalized a lot of roles, considering he was never a series regular. There was Pat Arnold, a Mike Ditka-obsessed fan of "Da Bears" (his part was originated by Mike Myers, but he took it over when Myers left the show, explaining the difference in appearance as weight gain). And, of course, there was his turn as "Mighty" Mack McTeer - John Belushi's "Blues Brothers" replacement - a part he would continue to play in live shows and in the film "Blues Brothers 2000." But his most infamous role had to be his appearances as Linda Tripp from the Monica Lewinsky scandal days. [He guest appeared 4 times just to play Linda Tripp.]

Read more here:

Thanks to Tisha Loves Comedy! for the scoop!


Weekend Update Bloopers

Bloopers from last season's dress rehearsals. Seth released this compilation to help promote SNL WU Thursdays.

No Andy here, but it really helps show the process that SNL uses to select what makes it on air.

It was great seeing Andy in two skits last Thursday. I hope they use him again this week!


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Bobby Moynihan Blog is back!

Our Bobby Moynihan blog is back, baby! So check it out for daily Bobby Moynihan goodness!


Jenny Slate: Language Not Ready for Prime Time?

Language of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Member Isn’t Ready for Prime Time

No matter how Jenny Slate’s tenure at “Saturday Night Live” turns out, at least she can say she made a memorable debut.

In a sketch that aired well past midnight on the season premiere of “SNL,” Ms. Slate, a newly hired featured performer, accidentally let slip a word that isn’t supposed to be uttered on network television during most hours of the day. (On this family-oriented blog, we can’t specify which one, but suffice to say it is one of George Carlin’s notorious seven words.)

At about 12:42 am on Sunday morning, Ms. Slate appeared in a comedy skit called “Biker Chick Chat,” a satirical talk show in which she played a hard-living motorcycle mama who interviews similarly tough-talking ladies on her program. The skit made frequent use of some not-so-nasty words to stand in for their vulgar counterparts, making a slip of the tongue distinctly possible if not inevitable.

When one of the program’s guests, played by Kristen Wiig, threw an ashtray at Ms. Slate, she (approximately) responded: “You know what? You stood up for yourself, and I [expletive] love you for that.” (A clip of Ms. Slate’s performance can be seen here at the Huffington Post. If it’s not already clear, this clip contains an obscenity.)

Before the camera cut away, Ms. Slate puffed up her cheeks in apparent realization at what she had said, and a few audience members could be heard tittering, but the sketch continued without interruption or further incident.

In the 35-year history of “Saturday Night Live,” obscenities have been rare on the show. In 1981, the cast member Charles Rocket used a swear word during a parody of “Dallas,” an episode that dogged him for the rest of his career. In 1995, Cheri Oteri accidentally used a vulgar word during a sketch; when she appeared onstage at the end of that broadcast, she put a dollar in a swear jar, and the incident was quickly forgotten.

A spokeswoman for NBC’s East Coast Entertainment division said the network would have no comment on Ms. Slate’s utterance.

In April, the Supreme Court found in favor of the Federal Communications Commission, overturning a lower court’s ruling that the F.C.C. could not punish television networks for broadcasting fleeting expletives between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Jenny Slate, you should immediately apologize to the execs and get on SNL and put a dollar in the swear jar (maybe in the goodbyes of the next show).

Here is Jenny Slate's curse flub (WARNING: Language):

Jenny puffs her cheeks to show that she knew she messed up pretty big. Kristen Wiig dismisses it like a true champ. Here are some temporary versions:


Darrell Hammond is off SNL

Darrell Hammond was not in the first episode of SNL and is not in the credits. We're 90% sure that he is off the show (if it smells, looks, and tastes like a taco, then BLAM -- it's a taco).

Darrell is being billed as a "special guest" in the SNL WU Thursdays and no longer as a cast member. That means that he is off the show and negotiated regular appearances of his impressions (at least for SNL WU Thursdays; hopefully for SNL as well).

We'll miss you, Darrell.


Andy Samberg - Freaks out cuz the plane's about to crash (Flight Attendants)

Flight Attendants

Summary: Flight attendants (Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox) are unnaturally upbeat and bubbly while announcing devastating news from the cabin.

Megan Fox ... Carla, flight attendant
Kristen Wiig ... flight attendant
Andy Samberg ... passenger from Hawaii
Abby Elliott ... passenger; Andy's girl
Bill Hader ... pilot (voice)
John Lutz ... passenger
Bobby Moynihan ... passenger
Nasim Pedrad ... passenger
Jenny Slate ... passenger

Andy and Abby play the straight characters here. Look for appearances from newcomers Nasim and Jenny in the front row (you really only see them in the final shot). Kevin Lutz and Emily Spivey appear at the bottom of the wide shot. They are SNL staff writers.

Kevin Lutz appears in the Flight Attendant sketch (wearing glasses at the bottom of the shot of all the passengers). Kevin is an SNL writer (since 2004) and he's an actor on 30 Rock. This is Kevin's 16th appearance on SNL in a bit role.

Emily Spivey is a writer on SNL since 2001, and she's appeared as an audience member and in other bit roles 4 times now. Emily is sitting next to Kevin on the bottom of the wide shot.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Andy Samberg - Meets Megan Fox's Roommate, Optimus Prime (Digital Short)

Digital Short: Megan's Roommate

There is totally more than meets the eye. Andy Samberg comes over to Megan Fox's apartment for a movie date, only to encounter bitter jealousy from her roommate Optimus Prime.

Megan Fox - Herself
Andy Samberg - Hiself
Bobby Moynihan - Optimus Prime
Surprise Guest - Bumblebee

I think that Optimus was Bobby Moynihan (confirmed; I was right). Come on. Nudity jokes? TLI can do much better, especially with Transformers!

I have to admit though, it's funny. Plus it sticks with you after it's over. It's just so absurd. The surprise guest at the end doesn't hurt.

That said, they could have gone much bigger with Megan Fox and Optimus Prime at their disposal!


Thank you for watching our Fox pitches!

Thank you for watching our two pitches to Fox. The view count helps call attention to them to Fox!!!

Here is the first video, Gurkel's Revenge:

If you like it, rate and comment on Gurkel's Revenge here (to give it even more attention to Fox):

And here's Santa's Slay (lots of potty humor):

If you like it, rate and comment on Santa's Slay here (to give it even more attention to Fox):


Here is our newest promotion video, a documentary about Gurkel's Revenge and Santa's Slay:

Here is our first promotion video for Santa's Slay:

If you like Santa's Slay, please vote for it by rating and commenting and on it:



(Originally posted 9/2/09)

Andy Samberg Blog Update - WHAT'S HOT

Okay, so we added something to the bottom of the left column, and we call it...

Andy Samberg Blog - WHAT'S HOT

So check it out to see what the latest and greatest news and video blogs are on our site!!! Basically, we're running so much sweet content through here that we wanted to put something out there for you to find the top blog updates!

So we were thinking you'd be reading something over on the left and be all scrolling down the page and stuff and then you'd get to the end and be like, "Okely Dokely, I'm done." And then you'd stop reading the blog or whatevers.

Well you're doing that NO MORE!!!! That's right! Now you'll be reading on the left, scrolling down, get to the end, and then you'd be like, "Hey. I haven't read that sweet article yet." And then you'd click it and read some more!!! Mwahahahahaha!!! We created a monster!!!

And, um, here are the current links, but it changes every few days whenever we post another sweet Web-log:

SNL, 9/26/09 - Megan Fox & U2
Coming Hosts on SNL
SNL Weekend Update Thursday - 9/24/09
Andy and Megan Fox SNL Promo
SNL Weekend Update Thursday - 9/17/09
Andy and friends at the Emmys
Katy Perry is in love with Andy Samberg
Andy and Seth Meyers on MSNBC News this morning!
Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon at the MTV VMAs
Andy Samberg - Visits a cancer patient on Oprah!
Andy Samberg behind the scenes of "Cloudy" Video
Andy Samberg on Martha Stewart
SNL Fires Casey & Michaela (and picks up Jenny and Nasim)
Chester and Andy Samberg's Back Hand Five
Taylor Swift with Andy Samberg
Happy Birthday, Andy Samberg!
Andy Samberg lost to Fred

Man are we awesome!!!



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Incredibly difficult SNL digital shorts trivia game!!!

Can you name all the TLI (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone) digital shorts from 2005 to present?

It pretty much doesn't do anything until you get the answer right. So if you forget a word, like if you type "People Getting Punched Before Eating" instead of "People Getting Punched Right Before Eating" it will wait to respond until you enter "Right," and then it will instantly count it. It's also not case sensitive, so you can type in all lowercase to save some time.

So I beat it twice, getting all 50 of them with 1:37 left and then 2:40 left on the 10 minute clock. But believe me, it isn't easy. (Only 2 people took it before me.)

So take the test and leave a comment here letting us know how you did.

Thanks to Betsy for making this!


Andy Samberg - hangs with Doogie Howser at the Emmys (Neil Patrick Harris photos)

Andy hangs with Doogie:

Hey, Andy, Neil has a great singing voice, as evidenced by Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog." So hook him into a digital short! (They did one together where they made fun of the Doogie theme song, but it was weaktastic.)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coming Hosts on SNL

Here's the lineup...

Oct. 3: Ryan Reynolds/ Lady Gaga
Reynolds doesn't have any movies coming up right away but did just star in box-office faves The Proposal and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The Green Lantern is scheduled for release June 17, 2011 with production expected to kick off January 2010. The release date of Deadpool remains unknown though it is expected it won’t hit theaters until 2011/2012.

Oct. 10: Drew Barrymore/ Regina Spektor
Barrymore stars in (and directed) the upcoming roller derby movie Whip It with SNL cast member Kristen Wiig.

Oct. 17: Gerard Butler/ Shakira
Really, does there need to be any reason to put Gerard Butler before the camera? OK, yeah, he's got a flick to plug -- Oct. 16's Law-Abiding Citizen. He also stars in the upcoming The Bounty, which features SNL cast member Jason Sudekis.



Claire didn't like Weekend Update Thursday this week

I think that last week's weekday Weekend Update had a few things going for it that tonight's didn't: the anticipation of the fall comedy season, a general buildup of topics from the summer and, between the VMAs, Joe Wilson and Serena Williams dustups, a bonus amount of foolishness to mock.

Additionally, last week's cold opener was much stronger than this week's. Obama shopping his health care plan around to interviewers from various networks is a cute idea but some of the various impersonations either just didn't translate (I wouldn't have known that new cast member, Jenny Slate I believe, was doing Kathy Griffin unless it hadn't been announced) or seemed rather pointless (like Abby Elliott's Kristin Cavallari. SNL can do better than a Valley Girl interviewing the President). I did like Andy Samberg's sullen teenage vampire at least, and even though Bill Hader's Keith Morrison impersonation is ridiculous, it still makes me laugh.

The fare for the update in general was lighter than last week--a smoking ban in New York City parks (with a photo of a teenage squirrel), a burrito-eating contest. I didn't care that much about the original setup of the monkey/911 call but I did like Seth and Amy saying after the transcript was aired, "We have a secret for you guys--that was us."

Then came Fred Armisen as New York governor David Paterson. If it makes sense, I don't find his impression funny, but I find its existence hilarious. I'd love to hear the writers justify why they do the most wrong (and sometimes delightful) blind-people gags. I have a feeling it's because Paterson is a politician and a rather hapless one at that, but it's like they purposefully try to make it as offensive as possible, which, again, I find entertaining. I also like how the impression is evolving into something even weirder than it was before, as he's now something of a Borscht belt comedian, opening his eyes wide open for New Jersey jokes.

Next came some predictable Bill Clinton humor and then Megan Fox did a drop-in. Of course I hope she's a good host of SNL this weekend--I don't want to sit through it and have her suck--but for some reason, maybe because she doesn't seem to have a ton of facial expressions, I don't have high hopes.

Then Andy Samberg did a bit about a college nerd although it was hard to buy him as a nerd when he looked kinda cute and was wearing a tight t-shirt. Just saying.

So, I felt much less enthusiastic about tonight's installment than last week's--I don't know if that means the show needs a lot more drama in the news to maintain a strong weekday presence or if it was just an off week. But I did like seeing Paterson wandering around in front of the camera, yet again.

Grade: C


Do you agree or disagree with Claire?


Andy Samberg - Is a CW vampire! (video)

Updated 10/19/09 - Added the image.

From Weekend Update Thursday, 9/24/09

Cold Open: Obama's Healthcare Interviews

Andy's a CW vampire! Of what show? Does it matter? =^)

Also includes some Weekend Update and Fred changes from Obama to Governor Patterson.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Shep, the Swine Flu Expert (video)

From Weekend Update Thursday, 9/24/09

Swine Flu Expert

Andy Samberg plays Shep, a University of Connecticut senior.

Tip 1: Avoid the sex.

Tip 2: Get a single room (involves crying)

Tip 3: Vitamins.

Andy got cut off, but we think it was planned. Andy's hilarious! (Like you didn't know.)

Wait, does this mean that Spider-man T-shirts aren't cool? =^)

Andy Samberg has been on Weekend Update before. Click the links below for the videos (leave comments if the videos aren't working anymore).

His past WU appearances include...






SNL Weekend Update Thursday, 9/24/09

Cold Open: Obama's Healthcare Interviews

Andy's a CW vampire! Of what show? Does it matter? =^)

Also includes some Weekend Update and Fred changes from Obama to Governor Patterson.

Nasim Pedrad's first SNL appearance, and it's on a Weekend Update Thursday! Congrats to Nasim for a quick and early appearance!

She also nailed her first impression, Kathy Griffin:

It's not saying a ton, but this is also the best Kathy Griffin impression that SNL has had yet (Ana Gasteyer in 98 and Chris Kattan in 2003; neither got follow up performances).

Abby Elliott adds another impression to her growing armada... Kristin Cavallari (and Fred's silence makes it even funnier). Here's Abby's Kristin:

Abby has also done Angelina Jolie 3 times and these other celebs once: Chloƫ Sevigny, Jamie Lynn Spears, Joan Cusack, and Rachel Maddow.

Abby needs some characters though!!!

Bobby Moynihan pulls out one of his funniest impressions in Guy Fieri:

Fred Armisen has done Governor Patterson 4 times in 2 seasons and has done Barack Obama 15 times in 3 seasons (this season just started, though).


Swine Flu Expert

Andy Samberg plays Shep, a University of Connecticut senior.

Tip 1: Avoid the sex.

Tip 2: Get a single room (involves crying)

Tip 3: Vitamins.

Andy got cut off, but we think it was planned. Andy's hilarious! (Like you didn't know.)

Megan Fox and Bill Clinton


Like a Boss - Shirts!

They range from $17.90 to $23.40 here:

Thanks for the scoop, Anony!


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Andy Samberg wakes up at 7PM (Seth Meyers interview)

Question: Andy Samberg [who visited Northwestern in 2008] is hugely popular with college-age populations, having made a name for himself via the SNL digital shorts. What is he like off-camera?

Seth Meyers: He is one of the sweetest guys I know. His sense of humor in the digital shorts is the same as his sense of humor in real life. It’s like being friends with a meerkat, he’s so ******* nocturnal. He lives in my neighborhood, and every time we make plans to watch football or something, I’ll get a text message at seven o’clock at night saying he just woke up. But he’s a good man.

Read the full interview with Seth:


Vote for your favorite SNL Digital Short!!!

Vote by "rating the photo" over on the right.

They picked 13 of them to rate. "I'm On A Boat" is in 7th place, even though it's #1 on this site!


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Andy Samberg and Megan Fox SNL Promo

Updated: Added the image and the Hulu version of the video. And we ask you a question about it. Originally posted 9/22/09.

It's finally up!! I'm excited for the new season, I hope you are too! Andy is in the season premiere episode promo (YAY!) with Megan Fox! Enjoy!

Video versions:

What's your favorite gag here?
  1. Sexy Sandwich
  2. I Was Talking to Her
  3. Boobs in Pants
  4. Host with the Most

TAE: The hilarious Host with the Most bit comes from Andy's venture into humor like that of Michael Cera. Overall, I think Megan is off to a good start, and in "Host with the Most" she comes across as cute and not vicious. Also, in Sexy Sandwiches, I like how Megan keeps her eyes on Andy to time her sandwich eating precisely with his. Nice!

Hey, and we added this post to our list of Andy Samberg promos over on the right. Go check them all out!


Jamie gets into Andy Samberg's shorts (SNL Shorts: Part 1 and 2)

Andy Samberg blog reader and friend Jamie Frevele...

Brings us a deep look into the history of digital shorts.

that's how I make my day better, at least for a few minutes at a time when I can steal them from the crushing ennui. I watch the SNL Digital Shorts.

She gives us a nice history lesson behind the SNL digital shorts, from Gary Weis to Tom Schiller:

(But Jamie, I'd like to see a Part 3 that mentions later SNL short directors, Christopher Guest (and where he went from there), Ben Stiller, and Adam McKay.)

You did mention that Adam made this masterpiece for SNL (and it is the origin of the "SNL Digital Short" title):

Jamie followed up her blog with this great piece on the TLI dudes:

Right now, Jorma Taccone is getting ready to direct the "MacGruber" movie, based on a Saturday Night Live sketch for which the premise is MacGruber being blown up before he can solve anything. I'm not going to sugarcoat this, but as a fan of Jorm, I'm worried.

Click the link above to read more.

And here is one of Schiller's pieces, starring Chris Farley:

Thanks for this great series, Jamie! Please keep it going!



Buy a replica Andy Samberg Hot Rod suit

Andy Samberg blogger Ryan C (from, is selling his replica Hot Rod suit he made himself (and it's amazingly accurate). (He doesn't need it anymore cuz he's got the real deal now.) =^)

He wore it as a Halloween costume, so if you're looking to go as Rod this year, here's your chance!

The bid starts at $25:

Click the link above for lots of pics and info. Here's one pic:


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SNL Weekend Update Thursday, 9/17/09

We might as well cover SNL again, since it's Andy Samberg-tastic!!! =^)

Amy Poehler is back on the show, and Kristen Wiig Madonnas it up:

This is a mock of Madonna honoring Michael Jackson. Check out that vid here:

This next vid starts with the Cold Open that makes fun of the "You lie!" Obama interruption; explaining how it happened in a hilarious way:

Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, and Kristen Wiig are hilarious!!! Fred Armisen makes fun of himself. Jason gets to do the "Live from New York" honors... but it's not Saturday Night. =^)

Bill Hader has a good impression on WU after the cold open. Checka it out.

Andy Samberg came up with the idea for the "Really" piece (based on hearing Seth use it a lot):

Seth and Amy dig into Kanye!!! Yay!!! The VMA really doesn't matter. Hahahahaha. So I guess Andy's a little related cuz he presented Beyonce's award at the VMAs.

Unfortunately, no Andy last week. Come on Andy! Get in on the Thursday goodness!!!


SNL Cast Wants Robert Pattinson to host

E! Online caught up with Seth Meyers, Kristen Wiig, and Andy Samberg on the Red Carpet at the Emmys 2009 and asked them if they think they'd be getting Rob Pattinson any time soon.

Here's what they said:

"Seth Meyers: We would love to get Robert Pattinson. How dare you tell me he's the hot guy from Twilight, like I don't already know!"

"We're campaigning for Rob to host SNL this season. Will it happen?
Kristen Wiig: Oh! I don't know. I don't know about that yet!
Would you give him the A-OK?
K.W.: Oh yeah, he'd be great!"

"Andy Samberg, whom we just want to snuggle, was busy making his way inside, but not before giving Rob the thumbs-up. Literally. When we asked A.S. real fast if he thought Pattinson would be able to hold his own on SNL, Andy gave the thumbs-up, nodded his head and mouthed, yessss."

Enjoy the full article HERE!

Andy Samberg at the Emmys 2009: Red Carpet

Update: Added another video of Andy and TLI. In this one Andy gives his favorite curse word and reveals that he thinks Lost should be remade into a new show. And we added the link to a new Justin Timberlake interview where he mentions he'd do another SNL digital short. Originally posted 9/20/09.

Justin mentions doing another short with Andy (thanks Anony):

New vid: Andy gives his favorite curse word and reveals that he thinks Lost should be remade into a new show:

Link to the vid:

Thanks for this scoop from "The Anony who got the Miss Piggy reference." =^)

I'd have to agree with Jorma. Alf needs to be updated.

Andy and the dudes interviewing it up for

Justin Timberlake interviewage:

Here are some photos of Andy on the red carpet with girlfriend Joanna Newsom in tow.

More photos at and

Also check out this video of the Lonely Island (my favorite part is when Andy become afraid of the bee, his fear seems genuine, lol)

And check out this video from TV Guide as well!


Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom - Still together (9/20/09)

So we're pretty much just updating you when we verify that Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom are still dating.

This is from the Red Carpet appearances on 9/20/09 at the Emmys (Andy was nominated for Mother Lover with JT).

Click here for more Red Carpet photos and vids:

Enjoy these pics...

Joanna Newsom blings it up! Kissy kissy....

TLI and their ladies:

Up close:


Monday, September 21, 2009

Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake, TLI, and SNL lost at the Emmys

For anyone who was curious, Andy, TLI, Justin, and SNL had some losses at the Emmys.

For starters, Andy, Justin Timberlake, and TLI were nominated for the best song category (Mother Lover), but they lost to Hugh Jackman's Oscars song:

WILLIAM ROSS, Original Music ABC
JOHN KIMBROUGH, Original Music
DAN HARMON, Original Lyrics
ROB SCHRAB, Original Lyrics
BEN SCHWARTZ, Original Lyrics
81st Annual Academy Awards
Song Title: Hugh Jackman Opening Number

What's interesting is that the song was written by TLI's old palls, Schrab and Harmon, who started and ran Channel 101, which is where TLI got their start.

And then Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler lost as well...

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
WINNER: Kristin Chenoweth for "Pushing Daisies" (2007)
Other Nominees:
Jane Krakowski for "30 Rock" (2006)
Elizabeth Perkins for "Weeds" (2005)
Amy Poehler for "Saturday Night Live" (1975)
Kristen Wiig for "Saturday Night Live" (1975)
Vanessa Williams for "Ugly Betty" (2006)

And SNL lost to the Daily Show...

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series
WINNER: "The Daily Show" (1996)
Other Nominees:
"The Colbert Report" (2005)
"Late Show with David Letterman" (1993)
"Real Time with Bill Maher" (2003)
"Saturday Night Live" (1975)

SNL took only two Emmys in the Creative Arts Awards from 9/12/09, one for Justin for hosting and one for Tina Fey for her guest appearances as Palin. It's ironic that Fey lost this year for 30 Rock, but won for doing a few guest appearances on SNL. It goes to show that some categories take more time investment than others.


Andy Samberg - Visits The Office (Emmys Red Carpet photo)

The SNL funny guy (with girlfriend, singer Joanna Newsom) makes friends at The Office – on the red carpet, natch – with Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl on the NBC comedy, The Office.

Here's a photo from the Emmys last night, 9/20/09.

Thanks Anony for the scoop on this pic!


Andy Samberg - Get a grip!!! (photo)

This was from the January 2008 issue of Esquire (along with all the other weird B&W Andy photos.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Justin Timberlake Joins Emmy Awards Presenters

Watch the Emmys tonight and see if Andy wins!!!

On Thursday, Emmy winner Justin Timberlake was announced as a presenter alongside David Boreanaz, Hayden Panettiere, Jon Hamm, Simon Baker, Jimmy Fallon and others. After winning with Andy Samberg in 2007 for "D--- in a Box," Timberlake picked up his second Creative Arts Emmy last weekend, for his guest-starring work on "Saturday Night Live."

Among this year's standout prime-time nominees is "American Idol," which has eight nominations, including Ryan Seacrest's nod for a reality-show host. "Mad Men" is up for 16 trophies. The 1960s-set cult favorite is competing against "Big Love," "Breaking Bad," "Damages," "Dexter," "House" and "Lost" in the Best Drama category. The comedy series being nominated are "30 Rock," "Entourage," "Family Guy," "Flight of the Conchords," "How I Met Your Mother," "The Office," and "Weeds."


Justin is up for two more Emmys tonight, including Mother Lover!

Watch the Emmy's tonight and see if Andy Samberg wins his second Emmy (and if Justin wins his third)!!!


Andy Samberg - NY Times Square prank

Doesn't even look like him. Charles Trippy, you're a jerk for deceiving foreigners like this! (Trippy talked him into doing this and edited it for him.) Shay is funny as always.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Raining 'Meatballs' In The Saturday Box Office Report!

Go see Andy's new movie! It's reigning/raining in the box office!

1. "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" ($8 million)
2. "The Informant!" ($3.7 million)
3. "Love Happens" ($3.2 million)
4. "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" ($3 million)
5. "Jennifer's Body" ($2.7 million)

What do Bill Hader, Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox all have in common? No, they're not signing up for an ensemble dramedy, though that would be nice -- instead, all four actors are duking it out at the box office this weekend with their respective debuting films "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," "The Informant!," "Love Happens" and "Jennifer's Body."

Friday night proved a decisive victory for the family friendly "Meatballs," which features the voice talents of Hader, Anna Farris and Andy Samberg. The film raked in $8 million by the end of its opening night, putting "Meatballs" several million dollars ahead of every other box office competitor. It also spells trouble for the Elijah Wood-starring "9," which only made $1.6 million on Friday evening and has undoubtedly lost its computer-animated throne to "Meatballs."

Go here to see why he thinks the other films aren't doing as well:


"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" scores in the Reviews

"Cloudy" is out now! Go see it! And it is raking up the positive reviews! Observe...


I’m forecasting big things for this tasty morsel, which converts junk food into nourishing cinema, as it subtly serves up relevant and timely messages about financially strapped cities and glutinous Americans growing fat on genetically altered sustenance.

Pretty heady stuff for a movie inspired by a 1978 children’s book penned and illustrated by Judi and Ron Barrett. But first-time filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, a couple of staff writers from TV’s “How I Met Your Mother,” have taken the Barrett’s beloved little tale well beyond the page by indulging their imaginations in creating a silly-serious story sure to whet the appetites of kids and adults alike...

Have you ever seen the damage a spaghetti tornado can do? How about a "food-alanche?” ...

That includes his father, a bait shop proprietor with limited sight (his bushy brows fully cover his peepers) and an even more limited vocabulary that rarely ventures beyond spouting fishing metaphors.

He’s voiced with curmudgeonly gusto by James Caan, who, like the rest of the cast brings depth and complexity to what easy could have been a stock role...

Their [Flint and Sam] sweet and smoldering romance is a delight to behold, as are the plethora of beautifully drawn 3-D scenes, like the aftermath of an ice cream snowstorm and a highly inventive set piece in which Flint surprises Sam with a life-size castle molded out of Jell-O...

There are also a couple of clever running gags involving the town’s self-serving mayor (voiced with perfect pompousness by Bruce Campbell from the hilarious “Evil Dead” series) and his diaper-wearing adult son, Brent (Andy Samberg), who hangs on desperately to his one accomplishment in life: serving as the face of the town’s “eat sardines” ad campaign when he was a baby...

Equally intriguing is the satirical slant Lord and Miller place on the food industry’s push toward defying Mother Nature by artificially enhancing their products. And as we all know, it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature...

Excerpts from:


"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" is a breezy, witty, fun little 3-D animated fantasy about a young scientist who invents a machine that can convert water into food and has it rain from the sky over his town...

"Cloudy" was directed by screenwriters Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who keep the many action sequences crisp and exciting, and put plenty of zingers into the dialogue.

The main cast is rounded out by Mr. T as a local cop, Earl, who's seen way too many 1970s blaxploitation kung-fu movies and goes bouncing around town with zealous pride in his job.

Kids will love the fantastic creations that Flint conjures up, especially the jiggly castle made of Jell-O.

My only misgiving about "Cloudy" is that while it talks the talk about intelligence being a good quality, its plot argues the opposite: that intelligence only gets you into trouble, causes damage, endangers lives and makes women want to look like cliched bookworms.

Even though Flint's intelligence eventually solves the problems, that doesn't make up for the destruction and emotional stress it caused in the first place.

To me, that's not very smart.

Excerpts from:

[EDitor: I disagree. There should always be consequences to actions, even when the intentions are good. They're teaching kids some bits of real life, and I'm in favor of it.]


... The lackluster marketing campaign led me to think this was yet another CG-animated kid's movie with a sappy story and potty humor that only children could enjoy. I hadn't read the book as a kid -- so far the only person I've met who has read it is Andy Samberg -- so I went in with zero expectations and was overwhelmed by this thoroughly enjoyable movie. Boasting smart, subversive humor and some of the most impressive 3-D yet seen in an animated feature, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a surprisingly clever and highly entertaining comedy. The writing and direction of Phil Lord & Christopher Miller (best known for exec producing the sitcom How I Met Your Mother) is sharp and engaging, chock full of references to everything from first-person shooter games to Steven Spielberg movies and The Twilight Zone.

There's malevolent glee to be had in an ice cream snowball fight where no child is safe, or a monkey's life-or-death battle with a giant Gummy Bear. There's plenty of verbal wit as well as visual gags, with the voice cast succeeding in making their characters alive and fun. Hader and Faris are the standouts as two nerds who strive to be taken seriously, but Samberg and Bruce Campbell (as the gluttonous, scheming mayor) have plenty of memorable moments. The voice cast also includes Mr. T, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Benjamin Bratt, Al Roker, Lauren Graham, and Will Forte.

The filmmakers aren't afraid to push the edge with either the humor or the animation. The movie features a number of splashy, colorful set-pieces, including an avalanche of food that threatens to destroy Swallow Falls and the heroes' climactic battle set against a backdrop of deadly peanut brittle stalactites. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is silly enough for kids to enjoy, while adults will appreciate the movie's charmingly oddball characters, sly wit and anarchistic streak. After suffering through a largely bland crop of summer movies, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was exactly the kind of out-of-left field surprise gem you hoped that autumn would bring. Just be sure to catch it in 3-D.

Excerpt from:

'Meatballs' is food for thought

... Writer-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, whose television credits include CBS' "How I Met Your Mother," pack each scene with jokes big and small, and the voice cast shines: Mr. T stars as an overzealous cop (complete with blue short shorts), Neil Patrick Harris gives voice to a frenetic monkey, and Andy Samberg plays a former sardine poster boy who has become an overgrown Gerber baby.

The smartest addition to the book, though, is weathergirl Sam Sparks (Anna Faris), a perky blonde who plays dumb. Thanks to Flint, she discovers that intelligence can be attractive. That makes two valuable lessons, more than the USRDA in most kids' films.



Overall, these are some great reviews! Let's hope the box office reflects the same love as these reviews!


j*** in my pants - Fan lip sync and skit thingy

Hilarious! Check out these girls (and a few boys). They're having a ton of fun!

Good use of green screen effects.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Andy Samberg - Has 3 more years on his SNL contract (interview)

That would make a total of 7 years that Andy would be on SNL. We need Jorma to get some time on SNL too!!!

Oh and Andy knows about Box Office Mojo. =^)

This scoop comes from innaj87 Thanks Innaj; you must be Andy's biggest fan in Denmark! =^)

This is an older interview from last year, but it's fun to read and it reveals how long Andy has on his contract. Plus Andy digs into Hot Rod a little and he's never seen Iron Man (or so he says).

Here's the interview...

Coming to theaters in the not too distant future is the comedy I LOVE YOU MAN. ILYM is... I-L-Y-M, I LOVE YOU MAN, don't make me type it over and over! ILYM is a comedy about a guy: Paul Rudd who realizes, as he is about to get married, that he has no guy friends. In an effort to help him be more normal, his fiance: Rashida Jones sets up a series of hilarious play dates so her man can find guy friends. Along the way he runs into another guy: Jason Segel, and they become friends. Lou Ferrigno plays himself. JK Simmons plays the proud papa. Oh, and his brother: Andy Samberg is gay.

Anyway, here is the interview I did with Andy on the set. It was done in roundtable form…meaning it wasn’t just me…

Question: So, where do you keep the Emmy?

Andy Samberg: Uh, in my bed. It’s in my bed.

Q: Is it in a box?

Andy Samberg: It’s not in a box, no.

Q: Do you hug it?

Andy: Yeah, it’s like my security blanket.

Q: So tell us about your character, he sounds interesting.

Andy: God, I hope so….because he is a character in a movie. I am Paul Rudd’s younger brother, Robby. I like dudes, and I help him find friends.

Q: You’re a gay guy who likes straight men?

Andy: Yeah, that’s the gist.

Q: Thomas Lennon’s character, Doug, is he gay?

Andy: Yes.

Q: Does he know he is gay?

Andy: Yes.

Q: Is this the most amazing script you have ever read?

Andy: It’s like top thousand. Like, it’s in the top thousand scripts I’ve ever read. I’ve probably read like four hundred. No, it’s totally good. [John] Hamburg knows what he’s doing.

Q: Are you guys having a good time?

Andy: Yeah, it’s actually a great time. It’s a bunch of really goofy people—three dudes from ‘The State,’ two dudes from ‘Human Giant,’ Jane Curtain is here, JK Simmons. It’s rad. It’s a bunch of awesome people.

Q: Lou Ferrigno.

Andy: Lou Ferrigno. Lou Ferrigno gave me some workout advice.

Q: Start?

Andy: [Laughs] He’s like ‘Stop being less muscular than me.’ It’s going to take me awhile though. Yeah, he’s ripped. He’s a very nice guy.

Q: Is this the best year ever on Saturday Night Live?

Andy: Uh, for me. I’ve been having a great time. Although, we had the strike. But we came back with a vengeance. I’m very happy. I don’t have any way to gauge how the show is doing compared to other years when I’m there, because I’ve lost all perspective. But I think we are having a good time. I definitely like everyone I work with.

Q: Any ideas about what’s going to happen this Fall? Obviously there is the election…

Andy: Yeah, what’s going to happen in regards to what?

Q: Do you know any guest stars, any hosts?

Andy: I don’t know anything. It generally happens pretty close to the show. It’s actually live, so you get people showing up on Saturday and then they are like ‘And you are in, you are in the show. Walk out on stage…Paul McCartney’ and then he does. I’m guessing there will be a lot of politics, as we’ve been doing. I’ll have a lot to do with that. Everyone knows me as the ‘political guy.’ [Laughs]

Q: In terms of the digital shorts, they really took off and almost became the focus of the show for a while. Do you feel like, show to show, the pressure to keep topping it?

Andy: Not particularly, the thing about doing so many of them at this point, they are just like writing a sketch. It’s like, they aren’t all going to be ‘Dick in a Box’ It’s not going to happen. We try and just stay with what we have always done. Which is, if it is making each other laugh, go for it.

Q: Are you ever surprised when stuff sticks or misses, like stuff that you thought was going to be great?

Andy: Yeah, I guess. There are certain ones that I know I liked a lot, that weren’t necessarily huge but I know I liked them. I’m pretty happy with everything we have done.

Q: What’s next for you, feature wise?

Andy: Um, I don’t know. I swear, I don’t know. Talking about it, thinking about it.

Q: ‘Hot Rod 2’?

Andy: [Laughs] Yeah, I don’t think ‘Hot Rod 2’ is in the works. I don’t know if you guys check Box Office Mojo.

Q: But they made ‘Hot Rod’ underwear, man.

Andy: They did, upon my request.

Q: Are you wearing them?

Andy: I wear them everyday. It’s hard for me to let go. My two partners, Akiva and Jorma, we want to do another movie. It’s really, really tasking to try and do it while doing SNL, and unless they fire me I have another four years on my contract. I think, definitely doing ‘Hot Rod’ we learned a lot in terms of how much energy it takes, and we are going to make sure its something we are really excited about before we take that on again. Any cool stuff like this, like come work on a movie that I think is going to be cool and have a part that I like. I’ll do that do in the meantime.

Q: So you like playing the gay guy who’s into straight dudes?

Andy: Sure. I’m into playing any part that I think will get laughs.

Q: Overall, there is a lot of adlibbing here, has there been one day that has just been over the top or has it just been nonstop?

Andy: I think it’s been pretty much nonstop. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are the two leads in the movie and they are like…rifters. They like messing around, and Hamburg, he writes great but he’s also super open-minded. If you have pitches, he’s all for it and he’ll sort it out in the editing room. So, it’s been pretty fun. It’s a lot of very silly, funny people.

Q: What about J.K. Simmons, is he pretty funny?

Andy: He’s hilarious. When I first read the script, I said that I was into the part of Robby and that I thought that the dad should be played by J.K. Simmons. When I met with John Hamburg and before I said that to him he was like ‘We are after J.K. Simmons for the part of the dad.’ I was like ‘Oh my god, that’s perfect.’ Because I had just seen ‘Juno’ and he was my favorite part of that movie. I saw those things working with him in that part, and I’m finding it very amusing.

Q: It seems almost as if the guys from ‘The State’ and the Judd Apatow group are becoming one massive improvisational comedy. I know that with SNL it makes it tough to keep getting out, but would you be interested in working with Judd and those guys?

Andy: Yeah, I’m into all of that. I’ve never worked with Judd but I’m obviously a fan of his stuff, particularly ‘Anchorman.’

Q: They are talking about a sequel. I don’t know if they are joking, but…

Andy: Yeah, that would be my dream come true. I love that movie. Bill Hader and I always talk about the climate in comedy right now, and that everyone is just kind of fans of each other. When I was growing up, I watched ‘The State.’ Being able to hang out with those dudes, it’s so awesome for me. For them it’s like ‘Oh, you are from SNL, we are all comedy guys.’ But for me it’s like ‘Ah! It’s the fucking State’ It’s a big deal. Also, I feel like ‘Superbad’ having Joe Lo Truglio in there or something, for people like us who are comedy nerds, it’s a super no-brainer.

Q: What’s interesting with ‘The State’ is that they were ahead of their time with their non-sequitur laden humor, now, that’s the popular type of comedy today.

Andy: Yeah…I don’t know. There is still a lot of stuff you can’t get away with in mainstream comedy. People aren’t as willing to go as surreal as you might think.

Q: You did end a film with a guy crapping his pants, as like the stinger of the film.

Andy: Well, it got made. I liked it, but it didn’t exactly break any records. But, you know, we are doing pretty well on DVD.

Q: Well, it doesn’t end with theatrical these days.

Andy: I think with ‘Hot Rod’ we knew what we were doing. We knew what we wanted to make and I think we made it. It’s a crazy comedy for people who like comedy. I’m totally happy with it.

Q: ‘Harold and Kumar’ didn’t do well in theaters but then on DVD it made a killing and they made a sequel to that.

Andy: Yeah, they did make a sequel. Yeah, awesomely. Who knows, I don’t think we are going to get the offer for ‘Hot Rod 2.’

Q: We just want to see more scenes of you dancing in a forest.

Andy: Well, that could be arranged for a small fee. I could do that right now. Bus everybody out to the forest.

Q: What was your favorite scene in ‘Iron Man?’

Andy: My favorite scene in ‘Iron Man?’ God, there were so many. Probably like, him talking to the robots. Just that run, and when he was building the suit.

Q: You didn’t see the movie, did you?

Andy: Nope. No interest.

This interviewer was obviously a big fan of Hot Rod.



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