Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ryan Reynolds SNL Promo

Unfortunately, Ryan's SNL appearance is off to a bad start, and I blame Kenan! =^)

Honestly, the Lady Gaga gag was decent, but after Andy's Megan promos last week, I think Kenan should stop doing these. He's just revealing that he's not all that funny, and that can't be a wise career move.

Am I being too hard on him?

Well, the good news is that SNL is full of great players, and we'll get to see some great skits on Saturday! I hope they do a great digital short with Ryan! I thought Ryan was hilarious in stuff like "Just Friends," and I hope he shows off his chops!

Plus they could do a funny spoof of one of his super hero movies (Blade 3, Wolverine, and the coming Deadpool and Green Lantern). Or they could even combine the idea with his romantic comedies (like The Proposal) and do a spoof romantic super hero skit or short.



Sarah! said...

i thought keenan was fine in these! in my opinion, the promos are never really that funny... even with andy (although his are usually the closest to funny).

and to me, on the SNL premiere last week keenan was the only one that reallly made me laugh... i think he's one of the only ones (along with TLI) holding the show together

Anonymous said...

you really are much too hard on him.

Kate said...

I completely agree with Sarah. And I do agree with anony as well.

Anonymous said...

i thought kenan did pretty well. i mean it wasn't hilarious but it was kind of simple and random. i liked it

Anonymous said...

I agree- I thought he was probably best I've seen him! I laughed out loud at his one skit and although I adore him, you want to give him a teddy bear hug, he usually just makes me smile (which is still a wonderful thing).

Ed Price said...

Fair enough. Thanks for your comments everyone. I'll ease back on him in the future because it seems I'm in the minority here.

I think the issue with me is that his style of humor (and all these jokes) is where I was at in studying comedy back in elementary school. So this style of humor just isn't funny to me anymore, because this is how I think without trying to be funny. So I look at this and I think, "Keenan's just being normal and expecting people to find it funny."

And I don't find it funny; I find it normal. The basis of all humor is in the surprise (this is why people sometimes laugh at horror movies; they get surprised). And I don't find Kenan funny because he never surprises me.

So I think it's just me. I was on one blog where 10 people said similar things that Kenan wasn't funny, so I know it's not just me who thinks this. That said, there are obviously a lot of people like you and others out there that find him funny (which is why he's been on TV most of his life, and he's starred in a few films).

And watching him on SNL last week... I think his guy-in-underwear shtick was slightly funny, but I did laugh when Megan got involved. And with his WU French character, I mostly just smiled when he got up and danced (and Seth attempted to). Most of the time, in the past, I've only laughed when he's played the straight man and stared with wide open eyes (his Trekies bit was hilarious). But even then, I look at that and think, "I only find him funny because of his looks he gives? Come on; any cast members could learn how to give funny looks... they just don't bother."

SNL also can't lose him because he fills a hole with his impressions. I just don't see a future for him after SNL, but that's probably true for a lot of the cast members (and has been in the past).


makenzie, said...

none of them were funny except the last one. haha.
Keenan repeated what Ryan said. that was pretty good.

Ed Price said...

Makenzie, I thought the Lady Gaga gag was okay. I didn't find the repeating one funny because I do that a lot. I also take it to the next level and repeat things back slightly wrong or backwards. And then Kenan ended it by saying "Kenan" at the same time like he was victorious and I didn't really find that funny, because obviously it was scripted.

Anyway, like Sarah mentioned, these promos aren't usually super funny anyway. However, if you click through the list of Andy's promos we have on the right and watch the vids again, you'll see how Andy's promos started out pretty okay and then slowly got better and better. Now his promos kind of outdo all the other ones where you're almost anticipating his promos like it's a special event. =^)


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