Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Andy Samberg on Martha Stewart (videos)

This was a 2007 appearance that Andy made to help promote Hot Rod, and we've featured quotes and pics on this blog, but an Anony found us the videos! Finally!

Thank you, Anony!

Okay, Martha Stewart is way too smart for us, so we can't embed the videos here.

We're sending you over to Martha's Web site, and you'll have to wait through 30-second commercials for each vid. =^o

Since we can't show the videos here, we included photos below each link, along with our thoughts about what Andy's saying.

First, Andy's on at the end of this vid, at 7:32 - Check out his funny expressions and antics, just while he's waiting to come on:


Second, Andy comes on and talks Swedish Chef, Hot Rod, and prepares the crust for the pie:

"...Emmy-award winner, Andy Samberg!" - It's cool that Andy can be announced that way!

Andy tells the story of how he tried to come up with ideas of impressions for auditioning for SNL and threw together the Swedish Chef impression at the last minute.

Andy's comic influences were Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Mel Brookes, Monty Python, and Steve Martin (The Jerk). Andy needs to do a musical digital short with Steve Martin! They did Laser Cats 4 together, and Martin and Samberg have appeared in a few skits together, but the man behind "I'm On A Boat" and the man behind "King Tut" need to get together to do a musical short!!! How about a rap or R&B sequel to King Tut? That would be hilarious!!!

Johanna Samberg, Andy's biggest sister, calls in. Her name is "Annie." Andy is geniuinely surprised. His nickname is "Droidy" (Andy... Android... Droid... Droidy... Star Wars fan). Andy is heading to Irvine to his family right after the show.

"Oh, yeah, you gunna get me at the airport? It's gunna be there at like 9:10." - Hilarious!

No, Andy, eating apple pies at McDonalds does not count as "baking a pie."


In the third video, Andy makes the pumpkin pie filling and explains where the inspiration for D*** In A Box came from:

Nice job promoting Libby's, Andy! =^)


In this fourth video, Andy gets his turkey carving sweater on, the one he's going to wear on the plane:




Sandy Nixon said...

haha, the sexual references were the best... like how andy has a strong wrist, and the audience laughs, then he states that martha just keeps setting up the jokes for him! lol

Innaj said...

OMG!! the best thing ever...I wonder if she notices the sarcasm?? that just made my week, now my homework seems much less annoying/boring, so thanks:). Oh and I think the best part is where his sister calls thats so sweet.

Ed Price said...

I was amazed by how almost everything you say in cooking could be taken as sexual innuendo. I could see Andy constantly looking up and thinking, "Should I joke about that? No, Martha doesn't get it. I'll let it go." Hahahahaha! At least he was respectful to Martha through it all.


Sandy Nixon said...

hahaha, also when martha asks andy which he thinks is worse, too wet or too dry, hahaha. ohh so funny!

Anonymous said...

hahahah!! ah this was amazing. I read awhile back that he'd been on the martha show and was dying to see it. Perfect setup for sex jokes but not exactly the type of audience who would laugh at them! Still though that was great!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, how awkward would it be if Andy and Joanna got married- his sis and his wife would have the same name!

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