Friday, May 08, 2009

Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom (and Akiva, Jorma, & Seth Meyers) - At the Kentucky Derby

Taken on May 1, 2009

Andy and Joanna are still dating!!!

Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom - At the Kentucky Derby

When I complimented Andy on his attire, he had to give credit where it's due: "She dresses me."

They are a genuinely adorable couple. Their combined talent alone makes for a powerful combo.

Andy Samberg's shoe:

But more importantly, his fun sock. Loved the footwear choices on all the guys.

Andy, Joanna, Akiva, Jorma, and Seth:

Between SNL's Seth Myers in the foreground and Andy Samberg in the back - the place had a high hilarity vibe.

On the right is Andy Samberg's head and Akiva Schaeffer's date:

Best Room in the House: The library. Just add alcohol!

Jorma Taccone and his wife:

Jorma was hilarious.

More of Jorma and his wife:

Seth Myers and His Human Kindle:

Andy and Joanna in the mid-ground:

Jorma's wife and Akiva's date in the foreground at the Briar Rose Party.



Is this a violation of Andy's privacy? Do you think he knew the pictures were being taken (given that he posed for a few)?

Let's take a vote...

- Too stalkerish: 2
- He's cool with it: 2


Thanks Elise!


Madison said, "Wait, I thought they broke up!"

Our response:

No, they didn't break up. It was just rumors. It started because he went home for vacation and didn't take her or even mention her in interviews. Plus he was seen walking arm-in-arm with his friend, Aubrey Plaza (from Funny People and Parks and Recreation). Well Aubrey told us herself that it was her in the video but she isn't going out with Andy (she has a boyfriend). Then Andy and Joanna were spotted two other places together after that; this one is the second.

To make a long story short, people jumped to conclusions (we jumped to questions). They're still together.



Anonymous said...

I think focusing on his personal life is a bit stalkerish.

ky said...

Hes cool with it, if he wasn't there would be no pictures on flickr.

Anonymous said...

Aw look, he just loves her.

I love it.

Anonymous said...

Too much and stalkie-like, yes. I'm sure none of them thought their pics would be public domain from a party guest AND the vast majority are candid and non-posed photos. However, I am very happy they are together and look so happy and in love! I adore them both! FYI- the guy that looks like Seth Myers, aside from the actual Seth Myers, in some of the background pics, is his brother (MAD TV) Sean (?I think that's his name). These are less stalkerish than the airport and other ones- those were ridiculous.

Madison said...

Wait, I thought they broke up ?!?

Anonymous said...

NO. not cool.
personally, i am no fan of forest elf herpes. i just can't understand this relationship.
comedians should be making fun of her, NOT dating her.

plus she's not jewish, and to andy's jewish mother that means no jewish grandchildren. that too should be more of a reason why the two of them should not be continuing.

and i'd also like to put out there, on a more personal attack level,

Ed Price said...


No, they didn't break up. It was just rumors. It started because he went home for vacation and didn't take her or even mention her in interviews. Plus he was seen walking arm-in-arm with his friend, Aubrey Plaza (from Funny People and Parks and Recreation). Well Aubrey told us herself that it was her in the video but she isn't going out with Andy (she has a boyfriend). Then Andy and Joanna were spotted two other places together after that; this one is the second.

To make a long story short, people jumped to conclusions (we jumped to questions). They're still together.


Anonymous said...

That last anony. person should take his/her issues on a time out. I thought it was against the TAE's wishes to slam people, and particularly this site is supposed to have nothing to do with her. I am shocked that TAE has not deleted that commentary that has unnecessarily slammed her.

People have different tastes and opinions, which is fine, but ranting on that is cruel. Plenty of people think she's amazing and I am one of them and that's my opinion that I am entitled to as much as you are yours. However, if I had problems with her or anyone else, I'd keep it to myself, not subject the rest of the readers to your.....hatred.

Ed Price said...

We agree with this anony. Like Audrey said on another thread, Andy is happy. Isn't that enough for us to show her some respect even if you aren't attracted to her or don't like her music?

The truth is that Andy liked her music before he met her, he went to her concert and met her, and he totally pursued her. So obviously he likes her. We should leave it at that.


Skyler said...

aw I'm glad they didn't break up. theyre so adorable together.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted the update!


Anonymous said...


I'm going to like, hunt Andy's girlfriend down.Andy's mine. xD

Anonymous said...

I agree with both anony. On one side, Joanna Newsom's music is a matter of personal taste, and that should not interfere with your perspective on their relationship. If you really like him, you should be happy that he's happy.
However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which shouldn't be taken so seriously by others. It might not have bee the nicest way to express his/her's opinions, but at least it sounded like it was coming from an honest place. hahaha.

Personally, I feel like Andy and Joanna's relationship is awkward and disconnected in a sense. They're obviously attracted to each other, as they've been together up until now, but I don't see the similarities in their interests or publicly displayed personalities. Plus the whole picking out his clothes thing is a bit controlling, but I am in no position to judge. :)

Anonymous said...

She's got that unique beauty that is very appealing and shes very talented. They are both performers and are both hugely talented - if you really think about it, they do make sense.
Im sooooooooo in love with Andy Samberg, I'd be absolutely devastated if they were to announce that they're getting married (seeying as how he is around that age where men start thinking about settling down seriously - his career is sorted and now a wife perhaps? :( anyway...) I'm terribly jealous too. BUT at the same time when you look at them you can tell that they really care for each other. They look so smitten and happy and in love that I can't help but be happy for them.
You can't... *weep*... argue... *weep*... with love...*sob, sob, sob, weep* :( I happy that he is happy. They are in love.
*some more broken-hearted sobbing*

Anonymous said...

I'll be weepy with you, the anony. above me. *sniff* I'm also insanely jealous but at the same time want them to be happy.
*sad face*

Daniela.xo said...

Haha I have the same socks as Andy !! Except instead of the red part, mine are black :P

Anonymous said...

Im sure we all a little dissapionted when we heard they were stil dating.. i know i was.. but the truth is Andy is 30 years old. He should have a girlfriend and be getting married. Lets be honest im sure almost all of us have a 0% chance of even meeting Andy. Let alone have a chance with him. I am a HUGE fan of Andy. He is truly AMAZING! Im sure most of u agree. Andy would want us to support him not talk shit about his girl. Besides do u see the way Andy is looking at her ? Its adorable, hes so in love. Joanna is and extremly lucky girl, and im sure she knows that. So lets all stop saying mean things and be happy for him. Andy is greatt. <3 :)

Jared said...

Bravo, Andy! I think she's a great catch. To me, they look genuinely interested in each other from the Derby photos. I am not familiar with her music yet. However, I thought she was absolutely gorgeous when I first saw her in the MGMT Kids video. I had to find out who she was. As someone else more or less said earlier, she has an exotic beauty to her.

Screw the haters! If they love each other, I hope it works out for them!

Anonymous said...

I love how so many of these posts put this in the context that he is somehow better than her or too good for her in some way. She is an incrediblely unique artist and poet and a beautiful, brilliant woman! If anything he is the one who totally lucked out here! People are so small and shallow! It really gets old sometimes.

Unknown said...

Whose the girl with Seth Meyers??

Unknown said...

Also i dont think its THAT stalkerish...hes hot!!! id do the same if i any celeb on twitter or whatever other social network who updates statuses is just setting themselves as long as you dont cause harm or bother them...

Alicia said...

every other girl that is in love with andy the same way i am, wants him to be single!! (even though i know i will never be with him) but i guess im happy that hes happy. *tear* She is SO FREAKIN lucky to have him by her side and care for her. But still im upset cause im deeply in love with andy!!! i just dont know what to say......*whimper*

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed Patrick Bateman in the last photo? Needs a late 80's walkman around his neck though.

Lex Penn said...

It seems to me that Andy should try out some of his fans.

Anonymous said...

i love andy he is cute i wish he was single. i want him sorry hes mine.

Ed Price said...


That's hilarious! I always wonder about that. But it seems like some stars only browse fans for one-night stands. (I think of Funny People with Adam Sandler where they pretty much say that.) But Andy and TLI don't even do that, do they?


It took me a moment to figure out that last sentence you wrote. Hilarious! If you haven't, check out the home page for the latest Joanna Newsom info.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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