Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chester and Andy Samberg's Back Hand Five

Update: We added another possibility... Chester's movie he's directing. Originally posted 9/1/09.

Thanks to Sarah! for this link, Chester just posted a new video a few hours ago with himself and Andy. This is his first video in a year! Hopefully there will be more to come, especially with Andy.

(Please be for MacGruber. Please be for MacGruber. Please be for MacGruber. Please be for MacGruber.)

So I think the top two possibilities for where this video comes from are...

1) MacGruber
: Andy was MIA between an LA radio interview (when he said that Jorma and Akiva were off working on MacGruber) and on a recent trip last weekend to Tokyo with Joanna. There was a few weeks in there when Andy could have swung on over to the MacGruber set to film this bit with Chez. Now, we know that these suits are mocap suits. It probably means that they're bodies are being replaced by something animated. Could be for MacGruber, since it has a movie budget! This sounds like Akiva directing, and we know that Akiva's on scene on the MacGruber set. Chez appeared in the dudes first movie (Hot Rod), and so he might appear in this Jorma movie too.

2) San Bernardino Bound: Chester's directorial debut, this film features Andy Samberg, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Mc Lovin in Superbad), and Josh Peck (Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon). Chez writes and directs, and it is produced by The Collective, a new but successful indie production company (so this film is legit and should hit theaters in a limited release as an indie film). It could be this film, and then Akiva is helping by shooting it. Still, doesn't seem like Andy was out with them for long enough to shoot a full film. And why is Chester in it and not behind the camera? Still seems like it's for #1 (MacGruber).

Thanks to Holly for this link:

3) SNL: SNL is starting up, and we know that Andy's already thinking about and planning for the digital shorts (from the Megan Fox news). Although Chez has yet to appear in an SNL digital short, and they haven't needed mocap suits for an SNL digital short yet (but they've used green screens, such as Space Olympics, muppets, such as the fish in Like a Boss, and editing animations, such as Andy's head blasting off in Like a Boss). So this might not be for SNL because Chez hasn't been on SNL yet and they haven't done 3D animation on SNL (it costs a lot, typically). However, they could be breaking ground! We do know that Akiva directs the digital shorts, and it makes sense that he'd be directing this for SNL (but it also makes sense that he'd be a second unit director for Jorma on MacGruber).

4) Just a Chez vid: The third and least likely choice is that Chez just talked them into making this vid for his YT account. I'm sure the explosion animation was for his YouTube account, and this whole "explosion" bit might be just for his YouTube account, but Andy and Akiva wouldn't be there filming for just a YT vid like this and they wouldn't have Andy and Chez in mocap suits just for the vid.

So my overall guess/opinion is that this is for MacGruber (the location, costumes, and the fact that they're shooting) but the gag itself was just for Chez's channel. (They might not have even known where to put it when they shot it, and maybe Chez suggested his channel.)

What do you think? Thanks again to Sandy and Sarah for getting this vid up so fast yesterday!

Here's Chez as Richardson in "Hot Rod" (he had arguably the funniest role):



Sandy Nixon said...

Just though, possibly for MacGruber??? Sure hope so!

Ed Price said...

Hahaha! I left that same question as a comment on the YT page! =^)


Kate said...

That would be amazing if it was for MacGruber.

Anonymous said...

AGH! In my nightmares I thought Megan Fox would end up with a great it be U2! (haha) And NOOOOOO- it is U2- I cannot believe the legends will be playing the same night as her....barfaroni.

Ed Price said...

Anony, well she isn't going to perform with them, right?


Holly said...

I read that Chester is going to direct a movie called "San Bernardino Bound" starring Andy, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Josh Peck.

Sandy Nixon said...

Ooo, good search Holly! That is another possibility.

Ed Price said...

Yes, Holly, thanks for the link! I'm adding that one. =^)


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