Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Andy Samberg Vs. Harpoon Man

Andy Samberg takes on Harpoon Man in this Saturday Night Live Digital Short. John C. Reilly gives comedy a stab in this seriously funny short.

Andy gets a little too cocky as he starts to make fun of this urban legend hero.

Hilarious ending.

Bill Hader gets speared.


Andy Samberg - is blown up by Akiva (Lethal Objection)

This one is called Lethal Objection. It's another classic from The Lonely Island. It stars Andy and Akiva, who are both on Saturday Night Live (Akiva is a director and writer).

Andy with his keys is the best part, followed closely by Akiva running through the garage.


Andy Samberg - Runs & Screams (Vanilla Sky)

Here is an older Lonely Island skit starring Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live. I haven't blogged everything they've done, as I try to stick with the ones that I think are funny. For some reason, this one is funny to me. It is intended to be a mockery of the Vanilla Sky trailer, but it gets severely lost in all the silliness.

Mostly it's Andy screaming, running, and out of breath. He does a similar gag with his Out of Breath Jogger character on SNL.


Andy Samberg is - Tom Cruise's Waiter

Andy Samberg is Tom and Katie Cruise's Waiter on Weekend Update, from Saturday Night Live. This guy is funny in everything he does!

What I appreciate about Andy is that he has mastered the "how" not just the "what" of comedy.

The video was deleted. Anybody know of another video of this skit?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Andy Samberg - His impressions

These are Andy Samberg's impressions from his first season (2005-2006) of Saturday Night Live.

Andy Samberg is Young Chuck Norris:

Andy Samberg is David Blaine:

Andy Samberg is Jack Johnson:

Andy Samberg is Michael Sessions:

All these images are from the SNL Archives:


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Andy Samberg is - Jack Johnson (JJ Casuals)

This is a video of Andy Samberg playing Jack Johnson. It was a commercial on Saturday Night Live.


Jack Johnson: Hi! I'm mellow pop-folk singer Jack Johnson. I like to keep it super casual. That's why I always go barefoot. But sometimes there are places you can't go without shoes.

[ cut to Husband and Wife at restaurant ]

Husband: Table for two, please.

[ Maitre'D looks down and sees barefeet ]

Maitre'D: I'm sorry, sir...we can not serve you without shoes.

[ Husband looks at wife looking suprised ]

[ cut back to Jack Johnson ]

Jack Johnson: That's why I invented a new kind of shoe for the laid back lifestyle. [ he holds up a pair of JJ Casuals ] JJ Casuals.

[ sings ]

"Keep it casual, whatever.
Keep it natural, with shoes that look like feet.
Things get hectic but don't sweat it
Keep it JJ Casuals.
Mmm mmm, do you like to keep it mellow?
Can you dig it?
Shoes that look like feet."

[ Husband and Wife go back to restaurant ]

Maitre'D: I've told you, we cannot serve you without shoes.

Wife: But he is wearing shoes.

[ Maitre'D looks down ]

Maitre'D: Oh, JJ Casuals. My apologies, sir. Right this way.

Jack Johnson V/O: [ sings ]
"JJ Casuals.
Shoes that look like feet."

Transcript from:

To Watch The Video

JJ must really like the skit, because it's on the official Jack Johnson website...

Step 1 - Cut a hole in the... I mean, click "Bonus Videos" on the upper right of the site.

Step 2 - Click the icon four videos down, on the left.

And here's Jack Johnson talking about Andy's impression:


Andy Samberg - Google-ful jpeg

It's hard to find an image of Andy Samberg (from Saturday Night Live) in his Ron Google character done at the MTV Movie Awards (hosted by Jessica Alba).

The text behind him almost looks like a chalk board. Weird.

Here's my blog for the video:


Andy Samberg is - The Swedish Chef

Updated 10/21/09 - Added a longer video of this sketch.

Andy Samberg is the Swedish Chef! Enjoy this commercial from Saturday Night Live that advertises Swedish Chef Ringtones!

One thing I love about Andy is that he gets that jokes should be short sometimes. He knows this is a one-laugh gag, he nails it, and he leaves.


Andy Samberg for Taco Town

Andy Samberg costars with Doug and Bill in this Saturday Night Live commercial for Taco Town.

The best line is, "Pizza?! Now that's what I call a Taco!"


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Andy Samberg - His Live Journal, sort of

Andy Samberg has a Live Journal. Well, he had a Live Journal. It wasn't so Live. It only lasted for 18 days. And it really wasn't him. He made four posts, used three icons, and flirted with girls.

His posts mostly talk about Saturday Night Live stuff. The image is regarding this post: "Like right now, I'm totally entertained by the fact that this mood icon dude looks a whole lot like me. Seriously, check out the nose and the chin."

Here's his bio. You'll notice that he's fake:

You'll also notice that his website link goes here:

I'm not sure who the fan was, but it's very convincing. The quote on the website link is also good: "I'm Christopher Walken, whazzaaaa?" That's from his Impression Off, which I blogged here:

Enjoy the fakeness!

Andy Samberg - This Gif is Kablamo!

Nice Gif! This is of Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live. He's doing the Lonely Island skit, Ka-blamo! It's a rap about, um, Ka-blamo.

Jorma's teetering in the background.

It's a nice gif with a few frames that work very well together. Enjoy!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Andy Samberg - Unofficial Website

Here is the unoffical website for Andy Samberg. It's mostly lame. However, there are some cool pics in the image gallery and there are a few earlier Andy videos here.

Here is a dedication video to the Dudes. It was edited by the site creator:

"Dude needs to ease on up."

Warning: I believe there's a bad word in the music somwhere. Hard to tell with the accent.

"This is pretty much the worse video ever made."


Andy Samberg raps - Ka-Blamo!!!

The funniest part of Lonely Island: White Power was this video. Check it out. It's just a whole bunch of silliness done by The Lonely Island before they were on Saturday Night Live.

Andy Samberg sounds exactly like Adam Sandler at the beginning.

"Your water is watery."

Warning: there's a gross mole.

At the end: "Hard."

"You watch the Disorderlies. Not Ka-Blamo!"


Friday, August 25, 2006

Andy Samberg - Dancer of Hope

Here Andy Samberg and Akiva do the Hope dance for Jorma, to get him to feel better. This is a pretty silly sequence, and Andy nails it.

The pic is from Awesometown.

"Shh. Don't talk. Just watch."

This was an ad for Awesometown (a failed pilot made by The Lonely Island) that works very well as it's own short. Time - 1:09


Andy Samberg - word

Word to Andy Samberg. This Saturday Night Live player is featured on this subtle yet fun animated gif. It was made by Lesley B in Connecticut.

It features Andy from the "Lazy Sunday" Chronicles of Narnia rap. Never heard of it? Clickems:

Here is the offical download page for the gif:


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Andy Samberg VS Bill Hader - Impression Off

Andy Samberg VS Bill Hader - Impression Off

This was a segment of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. This is the first episode of the season, introducing Andy Samberg and Bill Hader. This aired on 10.01.05.

The gag is pretty simple. Bill is an exceptional impressionist. Andy excels in silliness. The result? An Impression contest where Andy loses badly, but everybody thinks he's funnier. That's because he is. It takes a lot of talent to be silly.

Amy Poehler judges while Horatio Sans observes. Bill does Peter Falk and James Mason. Andy does Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts, Cristopher Walken, and Bill Hader.

"Maybe your last name suits you, Hader."

Andy yells out "New Guys!" at the end. Good ending with Bill winning.

Note: The video got deleted so we reposted with a new video...

Andy Samberg is - Perfecto

Andy Samberg is - Perfecto

This is from his Lonely Island days, before he started as a performer on Saturday Night Live.

Basically this video is really annoying. It's designed to be annoying. It's only one shot with Andy wearing a blanket as a cape, shown over and over, in a very annoying way. And Chez is a bad actor.

So why should you watch it? I don't know. I thought the annoyingness of it was funny, though. Plus, Andy Samberg has charm, even when he is being annoying. Chester Tam costars as Gay Cap.

Enjoy being annoyed!

Another older Lonely Island video featuring Andy is Backseatsman, which is even more annoying (unintentionally, which is worse). So let's not show that one.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Andy Samberg lies to Kevin Spacey

Here is a mocking of The Usual Suspects. Now the tides are turned as Andy Samberg lies to Kevin Spacey. This is a skit from Saturday Night Live.

When Kevin Spacey demands to know why Andy Samberg is late arriving at the studio, the mockful featured player fabricates a story right before his unsuspecting eyes.

Of note: the two bald guys who paint themselves gold, Kevin Spacey's pic is in the background, "stone philips" is a funny gag, the high-larious shot toward the end: "Eye saw ewe, I felt gill tea." And there is a guest appearance from Jorma, "Oh, um, Mr. Spacey, this fax came for you."


Friday, August 18, 2006

Andy Punching

Here's a gif of Andy punching. Punch, Andy! Punch!

Featuring Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Andy Samberg is - the alien, Glirk

Here Andy Samberg joins Jack Black in remaking an old skit he did for Awesometown. Black did a much better job acting than Jorma did. (To Jorma's credit, he's normally not that wooden.)

Originally done with Jorma. In the original skit, the skin of Glirk was way cooler. However, Andy had the role down by the second one (on Saturday Night Live) and did a better job. Plus the ending of the SNL version is funnier. And the antennae are funnier than the old Glirk design.

The new version with Jack Black:

The old version with Jorma Taccone:

Steve Martin kills Alec Baldwin - Andy Samberg watches

Andy's line: "Ah. Hey, Mr. Martin. You hosting the show tonight?"

There. That's my excuse for showing you a hilarious video where Steve Martin proves he's actually funny. This started an episode of Saturday Night Live (February 4, 2006).


Andy Samberg is Admiral Spaceship - Laser Cats

Bill Hader and Andy Samberg make a pitch to Lorne Michaels about their new digital short "Laser Cats." The short within the short is about a future where a nuclear war causes cats to be mutated into weapons that shoot lasers from their mouths.

This is an SNL Digital Short from Saturday Night Live.

Andy is Admiral Spaceship, and Bill is Nitro. Look for Lindsey Lohan and Rachel Dratch as the Princess they rescue. Also look for Lorne himself as the evil Robotron. And the strays are just too funny. Plus Jorma gets zapped.



Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Akiva Schaffer is a 14-year-old girl

Akiva Schaffer is a 14-year-old girl. That's scary!

Akiva is a director on Saturday Night Live. He is part of the Lonely Island with Andy Samberg.

Kablamo Image - Featuring The Lonely Island of SNL

This image is kablamo! I just wanted to share it. Here are the Lonely Island Dudes from Saturday Night Live!

Andy Samberg - Raps with Natalie Portman

4/30/08 Update: Added another embedded video.


In this rap, Natalie Portman teams with a viking Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live. Viking? Why? I just don't know. It's kind of silly though.

This is the first song where Andy co-starred with a host. This later became normal as hosts wanted to do songs with Andy - Tom Hanks, John C. Reilly, Justin Timberlake...

The rap is all bleeped out, because apparently she has a potty mouth. This also surprises Chris Parnell, whom she lays the smackdown on with a chair.

Also look for the dog with red "x"s on its eyes. That's also kind of weird.

Pick one...



The Animation Empire update:

Check out our video, who would win in a fight, between Ash from Army of Darkness and Ash from Pokemon. This is inspired by Samberg's Andy Walking and other types of interview videos.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Alec Baldwin - The Man Who Married A Hot Dog

The Man Who Married A Hot Dog

Summary: Told as a child that if he loves hot dogs so much he should marry one, Jeremy Connors (Alec Baldwin) follows through in his adult years and raises a pair of awkward hot dog/teenagers (Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg).

This was written by Andy Samburg and stars Andy as a hotdog. It aired December 10th, 2005 with hosts Alec and Shakira (musical guest). The kids at the beginning can't act. This will mostly make you shudder. In a good way, though.


Andy Samberg - MySpace

Andy Samberg has his own MySpace page. I'm surprised. A little. He did a skit that made fun of it. I guess it would make sense. He also made it incredibly ugly and difficult to use. That's not so surprising.

Check out the pics! That's the only part he updates. Apparently he's "in a relationship." Also, he didn't seem to graduate from college.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Andy Samberg is - Ron Google

Andy Samberg is Ron Google. This is a clip from the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. The host is Jessica Alba. This is the beginning of the show.

Notice that Jessica laughs when Andy calls her "Albuquerque." Also Matt Dillon is laughing behind Seth. Also notice Will Ferral (also from Saturday Night Live) in his NASCAR suit for "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby."

Jessica Alba, Seth Rogan, and Andy Samberg engage in a funny dialogue (trialogue?). The Googliful song is funny, and Seth's comment on pork being "Much weirder to me," is pretty funny. Andy also ends it very well with the Yahoo comment. Enjoy the video:

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Saturday Night Live Tour - Andy Samberg & The Lonely Island

Andy Samberg has no lines in this video. He's the onely one of the three with no lines. There are three of them in The Lonely Island. Only Andy has no lines. The other two have lines. They say stuff. Andy doesn't.

Anyway, here is a brief studio tour of the Saturday Night Live offices. They are announcing the nominees for the 2005 Channey awards for The category is "Best Nudity." Glad I wasn't there for that one.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell - Lazy Sunday Narnia Rap

9/14/10 Update: Cleaned up links.


I have to show you a clip from SNL. It's called "Lazy Sunday" and stars Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg.

Looking for the lyrics?

For anybody who hasn't seen it yet, this is the video that put YouTube on the map, got NBC into doing Web videos, made SNL hot again, and got Andy Samberg his movie role. It had achieeved 5 million views on YouTube before NBC yanked it. Had it remained (if NBC put it up themselves), I believe it would easily be the #1 video on YouTube.

Chris has been on Saturday Night Live since 1998. He's pretty much not funny on the show (at least to me, but I go for the explosive humor like Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, and Chris Farley). Chris Parnell has had small roles in Ladies' Man, Anchorman, and will be in the upcoming Will Ferrell NASCAR movie.

Check out Chris Parnell's IMDB page.

Andy Samberg has been writing for the MTV Movie Awards and just got onto Saturday Night Live last year. He's filming Hot Rod, his first movie (and it's a starring role!).

Here is Andy's IMDB page.

They do an amazing job with their voices. It actually sounds like a rap. They should sell the song as a single and see what kind of sales it generates. The Steve Martin "King Tut" song sold amazingly well as a single (it was also originally featured on SNL); plus the Blues Brothers (Aykroyd & Belushi) had an album or two.

The clip is squeaky clean (except for one bleeped explicative), and it's the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. It has me saying (at least in my head) things like "Double True," "Crazy Delicious," "Cronic-what?-cles," "Ghost like Swayze," and "The Hamil-tens." Plus it got me to switch over to Google Maps (no joking; I previously used Yahoo Maps over Map Quest), and it makes me curious how Red Vines taste with my favorite carbonated beverage, the Pibb.

More links to the video:



TheAnimationEmpire Update:

We did our first fake commercial, Email Commercial (actually, we've been doing them for years; this is just the first one we did for YouTube). Saturday Night Live has been doing fake commercials since the 70s! Andy Samberg has been in some classic ones, including Taco Town, Lettuce, Peyote, and JJ Casuals.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Andy Samberg movie: Hot Rod being filmed

Andy Samberg movie: Hot Rod being filmed

From US magazine:

"The Paramount Pictures project centers on an accident-prone daredevil (Andy Samberg) who plans to jump the Snake River on a moped to emulate his hero Evel Knievel in order to win over his hard-to-please stepfather. The studio is eyeing a July start.

"Hey, substitute “jump the shark” for “jump the Snake River,” “Rob Schneider” for “Evel Knievel,” “mainstream audience” for “stepfather,” and suddenly the movie is based on a true story!"

Oscar winner Sissy Spacek will star with him in this movie.

Samberg was seen on July 28 in Cloverdale, British Columbia, filming the movie (the pictures are from the filming). Ian McShane plays Samberg's stepfather. Jorma Taccone (another member of Lonely Island) is also attached.

That link has more information on the cast and crew. It is being produced by Lorne Michaels, written by Pam Brady (South Park and Team America), and it is being directed by Akiva Schaffer, another member of The Lonely Island. This wouldn't be a long shot for Akiva, sense he has already directed a handful of music videos and all the Saturday Night Live digital shorts (and music videos).

Is Andy Samberg dating Kristin Dunst?

Is Andy Samberg dating Kristin Dunst?

US Weekly reports that the couple met in NYC while Dunst was filming Spiderman 3. Andy is working there on Saturday Night Live.

The unnamed source said, "They've been seeing each other for awhile, but it's under the radar... She thinks he's really funny. It's why all the girls like Andy."

There are many other rumors about the two meeting in other locations. Is it true? Or was it just two people flirting and hanging out? Probably the latter. This was happening in mid July so it may already be over. There are no pictures of them together, so it probably never got very serious.

Andy Samberg is on Wikipedia!

Andy Samberg is on Wikipedia! He has his own page there, as I'm sure everyone does. Do you have a Wikipedia page?

Here are excerpts from this article:

"On September 13, 2005, the Lonely Island website confirmed that Samberg would be joining Saturday Night Live as a featured player... Samberg has had more prominence in non-live segments over live segments overall, including appearing as a young Chuck Norris, a hardcore gangster rapper in Viking apparel [in the Natalie Portman rap], a parody commercial for lettuce... in a game of spotting doppelgangers which results in Samberg being suddenly and illogically shot... [and in a] short [that] featured Samberg and Tom Hanks parodying the macho image of early 90's male groups such as Right Said Fred; both appear bald and sing to their lovers about their paranoia of harm done to their testicles. A live segment Andy was in involved him teaching a community class about how to use Myspace to internet predators and a concerned mother."

Please read the rest here:

My introduction to the Lonely Island:

For those who don't know who The Lonely Island is, they are three budding comedians who did online short films on, they did a hit show, The Bu', on, they made three failed pilots, they started writing for MTV awards shows, they met Jimmy Falon, got introduced to Lorne, they were hired onto SNL, and they did Lazy Sunday, the Chronicles of Narnia rap.

Andy is a Saturday Night Live playa', Jorm is an SNL writer/producer, and Akiva is an SNL writer/director. Andy got the spotlight (and the other two didn't) because he was extra busy working the comedy clubs, which is pretty much the training ground for SNL actors. However, all three will hit the spotlight soon as they star in their first movie. Plus, Lorne would have to be crazy to not pull Jorma into the playa's club after their first season!

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