Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm on a Boat is #5 Top Internet video of 2009

Happy New Year's Eve, Andy Samberg fans!

Of course, this is just the author's opinion, but here you go...

10. "Sad Giants Fan"

9. Autotuning the news

8. “Vince With Slap Chop”

7. "Baby dancing to 'Single Ladies'"

6. “David After Dentist”

5. “I'm on a Boat”

In 2007, “Saturday Night Live's” hit-or-miss digital shorts series produced its biggest winner, “(expletive) in a Box,” in which Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg satirized early-90s blue-eyed soul to a tee. Two years later, Samberg hit the jackpot again, when his troupe “The Lonely Island” skewered modern music with the perfect “I'm on a Boat.” A perfect sendup of hip-hop culture and videos, the clip featured Samberg, bandmate Akiva Schaffer and Auto-Tune prince T-Pain on a boat. Wearing unusual outfits, they rhymed ridiculous lines, such as “This boat engine make noise.” It was an instant success from the very beginning, propelling Samberg's odd musical career.

4. “Balloon Boy Pukes”

3. “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”

2. “Charlie Schmidt's ‘cool cat'”

1. “I Dreamed a Dream”

Click to see the vids:

So if NBC let Mother Lover onto YouTube, then that one probably would have been on this list too.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Andy Samberg Digital Short: Tizzle Wizzle (The Jammy Song)

Update: Added the images and lyrics. Originally posted on 12/21.

Jammies, pills and knives!

The jammie shuffle, the jammie shuffle! Everyone put on your jammies NOW!
Comfy, cozy, snuggly-warm! Come on everybody, don't have a cow!
Pink ones, blue ones, even stripes! Jammie party, dance all night!

Awesome! This was one of the best digital shorts this year! I laughed harder than any other one this year, and I had to watch it several times.

I also appreciate that this short features all the newer, featured cast members who aren't used as often (or as well): Nasim Pedrad, Jenny Slate, Bobby Moynihan, and Abby Elliot.

Also, Andy was on Yo Gabba Gabba this year, and this is obviously a spoof/reference to that (since the show is primarily dancing like this short):


Did Andy Samberg steal the What Up with That? Christmas skit?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Chances Mike Tyson thought this was a real show? 80 percent. But Andy Samberg as John Stockton steals the show from even Sudeikis.

Excerpt from:

I think that's very generous of Howard to say that Andy Samberg stole the show in this sketch. I think Bobby Moynihan's Jake "the Snake" Roberts is still my favorite "What Up with That?" dancer, but I do admit that Andy had a fresh appearance and dance that helped make the third version of this skit great.

What do you think?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Andy makes fun of Mark again

Here's a fun article about Andy making fun of Mark Wahlberg again...

Boston boy Mark Wahlberg was mocked - lovingly - yet again on “Saturday Night Live’’ over the weekend. Andy Samberg brought back his “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals’’ skit, this time giving the routine a Christmas theme. Samberg did his dead-on impression of Wahlberg talking to a Nativity sheep, a partridge, Rudolph, and a snowman, telling each of them “Say hi to your mother for me,’’ in Wahlberg’s Dorchester drawl.

Last year, when Samberg first did his Wahlberg impression on the show, the real Wahlberg wasn’t very happy and wound up making a cameo on “SNL’’ where he warned Samberg not to make fun of him. Will the real Wahlberg appear on the show a second time to defend his own honor? Maybe so - if he’s smart. Another Samberg-Wahlberg battle might make for some good publicity for Wahlberg’s upcoming film, “The Lovely Bones.’’



Monday, December 28, 2009

Should Andy Samberg be nominated for a Grammy?

Article from Time magazine. Our thoughts at the end...

One of the rap songs up for a Grammy this year is about love. Another, lust. A third artist considers success and fame; yet another offers a heartfelt memorial to a musician's slain friend. And then there's a song about being on a boat.

"I'm on a Boat," a satirical number by Andy Samberg's comedy troupe Lonely Island, is somehow competing against the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Jay-Z in the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration category for the 2010 Grammys. Originally a Saturday Night Live digital short, the song mocks some of the very artists that it will compete against this January. For that reason, the Recording Academy's announcement of the nominees on Dec. 2 seemed more like a game of "One of these things is not like the other." "We weren't expecting it at all," Samberg says of the selection. "The main reason for this is that we don't consider ourselves musicians."
(See TIME's top 10 Grammy moments.)

Until recently, the Grammys wouldn't have either. The Recording Academy has always placed its funny nominees — Weird Al Yankovic, Flight of the Conchords — in the Best Comedy Album category. Samberg and writing partner Akiva Schaffer are the first comedians to compete with actual musicians. Their spoof of hip-hop grandstanding has been viewed nearly 38 million times on YouTube and appears on Lonely Island's comedy album Incredibad, along with other SNL digital shorts such as "Dick in a Box," "Like a Boss" and a rap song Natalie Portman performed when she hosted SNL back in 2006. Samberg says he has no idea why "I'm on a Boat" is considered legitimate music. "The Grammys didn't give us a reason," he says. "Although having T-Pain on there helps tremendously."

T-Pain makes so many guest appearances — including on Jamie Foxx's alcoholic anthem "Blame It," for which he earned another Grammy nod this year — that it's nearly impossible to turn on the radio without hearing his digitally altered vocals on someone else's song. In fact, his participation is what makes the "I'm on a Boat" satire so spot-on. Well, that and the fact that the video directly parodies actual rap videos, like Akon's yacht dance in "I'm So Paid."

"There's not any kind of magical formulation" to the Grammy nomination process, says Bill Freimuth, the Recording Academy's vice president of awards. Lonely Island's record company, Universal Republic, submitted the track, which was then approved by a screening committee. "They listened to it and said, 'Well, there's rapping and there's singing. Sure, why not?' " After that, the academy's 12,000 voting members gave "I'm on a Boat" the nomination. Freimuth agrees with Samberg about the T-Pain bump, saying the Auto-Tune master's participation "gave it that much more legitimacy" as a real song.

True, the lyrics — "I'm on a boat, I'm on a boat/ Everybody look at me/ 'cause I'm sailing on a boat" — are ridiculous. But they're not that far off from Foxx's "Fill another cup/ Feelin' on your butt." This year, those songs are some of the best the music industry has to offer.

Read more:,8599,1946254,00.html#ixzz0axyHJpOa


Here's the video again:

Our thoughts:

Yes, it should have been nominated. So it's a silly song. Big deal. There shouldn't be stipulations about how serious the lyrics are. It should be about the music. If they think Andy Samberg and T-Payne made a Grammy-worthy song that's of high quality, then it's a worthy nomination (and I agree that it's a high quality song).


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top 5 things SNL should do to "use Andy Samberg better"

This came about from a comment conversation I had with Jennifer. Comment if you have more ideas about what SNL could do to "use Andy Samberg better" and I'll add them to this list.

Notes to the writers:

1. Use Andy more. If you have a hilarious idea, consider Andy as a lead in the skit. He's super popular, he's won an Emmy, and he's been nominated for a Grammy. He's had a hit CD (Incredibad), and he's hosted the MTV Movie Awards. Those are a ton of accomplishments for someone still currently on SNL, so consider Andy Samberg for the lead role in any skit (don't put him in every skit; just consider him first).

2. Meet with Andy and think of ideas together. The best SNL ideas come from two or more people (and not just one person). For example, Paula Pell and Kristen Wiig talked together to think of one of Kristen's most popular characters, Gilly (who recently hosted the SNL Christmas special). So just sit down with Andy and have a conversation of what funny characters he could do or what cast members he could team up with in order to do a new character duo.

3. Have Andy impersonate Jimmy Fallon. Andy recently did his Jimmy Fallon impression on the Jimmy Fallon show (as Jimmy's cousin, Jewey Fallon), and it was hilarious! So write a skit where Andy impersonates Jimmy Fallon.

4. Have Andy impersonate Juliette Lewis. Andy impersonated Juliette Lewis in a "Lookers" sketch, and it was the funniest part of the skit... and Andy didn't say anything! So have him expand on his Juliette Lewis impression.

Notes to Lorne Michaels and the producers:

5. Prompt The Lonely Island (TLI) to make another CD and to bring those songs in as digital shorts. The best thing The Lonely Island has done for themselves and for SNL up to this point has been making their Incredibad CD. Think about it. Last summer, they made all the songs for that CD. Then, this past year (08-09 season), they made the following digital shorts because of that CD: Space Olympics, Ras Trent, Ji#* in My Pants, I'm on a Boat, and Like a Boss (then they topped it off with an original song they made after the CD, Mother Lover). They have never had that many quality songs in one season. And they won't do that this season either.

So you need to give them a mandatory break to make some songs right now, or make them do a CD this summer. How do you make them do it? Give them a bonus incentive, ask them nicely, give them a paid leave to get it done... whatever it takes. TLI, SNL, and NBC all will greatly profit from it.

I have a few more ideas (maybe for later):

- Bring Jorma onto the cast
- Have Andy do a musical digital short with Jimmy Fallon
- Have Andy also do one with Taylor Swift (she been practically begging for it)
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with T-Payne.
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with Tom Hanks.
- Have Andy do a song with Steve Martin.
- Have Andy do a digital short with Shannon Elizabeth. She twittered that she wants to.
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with Natalie Portman.
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with Will Ferrell.
- Have Andy do a song with Adam Sandler.
- Get Andy and TLI to make more musical digital shorts.
- Get the SNL Digital Shorts up on YouTube (try the NBC YouTube channel again, or just do an SNL YouTube channel).
- Get more of the Digital Shorts up on TheLonelyIsland YouTube channel.

So leave a comment if you have any more ideas! Let's get this article read by the right people!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Andy Samberg went to the SNL after party with Taylor Lautner

The 17-year-old actor, along with the night's musical guest Jon Bon Jovi, hung with the cast of the show at New York hotspot Matsuri. While chilling out with "SNL" stars Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers, Lautner dined on a sirloin steak, according to MTV News sources.

Excerpt from:

That's it. Just a brief announcement that Andy was at Matsuri after the Taylor Lautner episode. Andy typically goes to all the SNL afterparties (usually with Joanna Newsom) and then leaves earlier than most of the cast memembers, after about an hour or so. There was one report where (before Joanna), Andy partied a lot longer at those afterparties, and he would sometimes go off by himself to talk on the phone.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Joanna Newsom's Peach Plum Pear (set to the Single Ladies music video)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hahahaha. So this is one of Joanna Newsom's more artistic, interpretive style songs, called Peach Plum Pear. It was set to Beyonce's Single Ladies music video.

Made even funnier with this description:

This is not a remix or mash-up. This is what SHOULD have happened. By Brittani and Emerson

What does this have to do with Andy Samberg? Well, he's dating Joanna for one. I know Joanna doesn't intend this music as a joke, but I think it's very funny set to this music video, so I enjoyed her music. (And for those Joanna critics, Joanna can also sing in a more "normal" style of voice. This is an artistic style she chooses to use sometimes.)


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Is Andy Samberg SNL's savior?

Editor: So this guy is right, but he obviously doesn't know Andy well. Check out my comments at the end.


He’s a star in the making. Saturday Night Live’s fastest rising featured player since Will Ferrell. I wish I could have called this four years ago. If I had, I would’ve looked like a goddamn Nostradamus. Instead, I’m just one of the many people hopping on the Andy Samberg bandwagon.

[Editor: Star in the making? He hosted the MTV Movie Awards this year! And I guess I'm Nostradamus, because I've been blogging about Andy for four years, and I called that he was going to save SNL the moment that Lazy Sunday aired. It was obvious then that Andy Samberg was going to lead SNL.]

A few years back, Tom Hanks was hosting SNL. I hadn’t watched the show in years, mainly since Ferrell and a host of others left, and the sole reason I turned it on was because of Hanks. After all, Hanks is my favorite actor and I miss him in nothing.

Anyway, there was one skit that stood out to me. It sounds stupid, but I remember it making me laugh harder than anything else. It was a song called “Testicles” and it featured Hanks and some other dude, dressed as gay German pop singers called Ariel and Efram.

The bit was kind of stupid, but the way Hanks and the other dude got into it was what made it work. The other dude was of course Andy Samberg.

[Editor: I agree that I thought that skit was hilarious.]

Here’s the thing about SNL: it’s a show that has to be carried by one or two stalwarts in order for it to be successful. Think back on its history. Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, Will Ferrell. These are the people who’ve carried the torch.

In its bad years, it’s been carried by no one. The show needs a leader. What’s the reason it has fallen off in the past few years? The lack of a true stalwart. (The only memorable ratings stretch over the past five years was the Tina Fey as Sarah Palin show – more of a lucky coincidence for creator Lorne Michaels).

Actresses like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great. Jimmy Fallon is a funny dude. Horatio Sanz – eh I could go without him. None of them could carry a show ala Ferrell. Until Samberg arrived in 2005, the show really didn’t have anyone in that realm. They didn’t have the go-to guy.

Samberg is that guy. If Michaels and company were smart, they’d make him the star. They’d continue to showcase him in the always funny Lonely Island skits. They’d also continue to let him flex his muscles as a great impressionist (his Mark Wahlberg is dead on). They’d give him meaningful characters like Myers’ Wayne Campbell or Linda Richman.

In an SNL skit from two weeks ago, I watched Samberg perform as “Shy Ronnie” alongside Rihanna. Typically, Samberg’s musical performances are met with high energy. This one was met with dead silence. After all, the guy’s name is Shy Ronnie. It worked beautifully. Even in silence, Samberg brought it.

It’s been said that Phil Hartman was the glue that held the late 1980s, early 1990s cast together. Undoubtedly without Hartman, names like Adam Sandler and Chris Farley would likely have as much meaning to us today as Gary Kroeger. Not that those guys weren’t talented. Obviously they were. However, with thriving SNL behind them (thanks to Hartman and also Mike Myers), they were able to showcase their talents to a wide audience and eventually leverage that into a movie career.

Hel!, freaking Rob Schneider launched a successful movie career and I know he’s not talented.

If Lorne Michaels is smart, he’ll give Samberg a chance to carry the show (alongside the immensely talented Bill Hader) and the magic might just happen again.


I think they're using Andy well. Especially this last episode featured Andy Samberg in Fraternity, the digital short (which Andy sang), and his new Mark Wahlberg skit. So I think Lorne is using Andy. I agree that Andy doesn't have enough characters, becuase Andy isn't a chameleon. He's just funny. So the writers don't write characters for him very often because they don't know what he can do (at least not compared to the other performers).


Andy Samberg - with Kristen Wiig


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Andy Samberg in Fraternity (SNL skit)

These frat brothers sound out their letters.

Bobby, James, and Jason are neanderthals who use freshman to understand anything. Andy teaches them important lessons.

Cute. Enjoy!

Hot Rod - Let's Celebrate (photos)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Andy Samberg - as Jewey Fallon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (visit #3)

Update: Added the images. Originally posted 12/16/09. Happy Hanukkah!

So this wasn't an official visit where Andy was a guest (he already did that earlier this year). Instead Andy came on doing a bit as "Jewey Fallon," Jimmy's very Jewish cousin. Andy might be the first person to do an impression of Jimmy Fallon (at least on TV like this).

I'd love to see him bust out his Jimmy Fallon impression on SNL as well.

Jewey Fallon (12/15/09)

Jimmy's cousin stops by to talk about Hanukkah.

Thanks Ashute and Anony for the scoop!

Here are some comments (from the cheap seats):

annafred8814 - "I've never seen anyone do an impression of my Jimmy...not too shabby, Mr. Samberg. ;)"

purplegoatcheeze - "His impression of Jimmy is hilarious :D"

Jackie_Chan - "oh andy your dancing moves get me every time!!!"

I can't believe that Jimmy and Andy haven't done a music video SNL Digital Short together. They so should.


Andy Samberg - as John Stockton in What Up with That?

The show that isn't afraid to ask questions welcomes Mike Tyson and Jack McBrayer. Andy Samberg comes out as NBA player, John Stockton (no speaking; just dancing).

First the dress version of What Up With That..

Dress Rehearsal (Web exclusive):

The show version:

In this version of the skit, Kristen Wiig comes on with James Franco as Skintessa and Johnny Wade.

Mike Tyson dances more in the dress rehearsal. Also John Stockton (Andy Samberg) dances more in the foreground in the dress rehearsal.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Andy Samberg - is Mark Wahlberg talking to Christmas Animals

Finally a real sequel to the sketch that inspired threats from Mark Wahlberg!

Mark chats up some furry holiday friends.

Mark probably appreciates it now that he knows it's making him much more popular.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Full Episode: SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas

Saturday Night Live presents a holiday compilation hosted by the troublesome Gilly.

Starts with a Gilly skit, then a choir intro with Gilly, and then on with the skits. Gilly doesn't really introduce the skits since she doesn't really talk.

Features Steve Martin introducing his own "Christmas Wish." And Gilly sprinkles rat poison on him.


Bobby's pointing fingers

This is at the end of the last Scared Straight skit with Taylor Swift. Jason was getting Bill, Andy, and Bobby to crack up laughing.


Christmas is coming (SNL Christmas song)

Why doesn't SNL do another one of these?

SNL Christmas Song

This is hilarious despite Haratio Sanz. It's Jimmy, Chris, and Tracey who make this funny (and they're mostly silent).

Christmas is coming!


Friday, December 18, 2009

AASB: What cast member will leave next?

Ask Andy Samberg Blog: What cast member will leave next?

Andy, Kenan, Bill, and Jason were all in their 20s when they were hired. Abby (22), Jenny, and Nasim are all still in their 20s. So as SNL cycles out the older cast members, they'll probably keep brining in younger talent, just like they have been.

So the only difference from what SNL has already been doing (to get young blood on the show) is to cycle out cast members sooner, rather than waiting. The oldest cast members are Fred Armisen (43), Will Forte (39), Seth Meyers (36), and Kristen Wiig (36).

Will Will Forte or Fred Armisen leave next?

Fred and Will have been on for 8 seasons, Seth has been on for 9 (but he's only behind the WU desk), and Kenan has been on for 7. They've been on the longest. So probably Fred, Will, or Seth should go soon. Lorne hasn't let them go because they're so versatile and Seth's good at the WU desk (and the head writer). However, none of them are breakout stars (Fred and Will mostly just do impressions). Fred's Obama impression is the only thing that's keeping him on (and I don't find it entertaining). (That said, I think Fred has some hilarious imrpessions, and his Nicholas Fehn character is amazing.)

So Fred or Will would probably go next. I'd also be fine with seeing Kenan go (though I do love his new "What Up With That" sketches). Maybe Seth will pull a Tina or Amy and arrange a show to exit off to. Seth has been a WU anchor for 4 years. The longest anchors were Tina Fey (6 years) and Dennis Miller (6). So maybe Seth has another 2 years in him.


SNL Promo: SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas

No Gilly in this promo, but Kristen's at the end...


Thursday, December 17, 2009

AASB: Is the Twitter account TheAndySamberg legit?

Ask Andy Samberg Blog: Is the Twitter account TheAndySamberg legit?

Here it is:

No. It's not for real. The only real one is "andysamberg" which merely links you to "thelonelyisland." Andy texts his friends, but he does not participate in online social websites.

How do I know this is true? Actually, I don't. I'm guessing that it's not. Here are the reasons:

1. Andy doesn't go on social websites. TheLonelyIsland blog (Joni) already told us that.

2. These aren't the kind of things Andy would say. For example, Andy's favorite SNL digital short is Roy Rules (because it's about his brother in law) and not Chronicles of Narnia.

3. Andy wouldn't quote his own works. When you make stuff, you kind of get sick of it or don't find it funny.

4. It's not a verfied account.

5. If this was Andy, it would have more followers. For example the Twitter account "andysamberg" is Andy, and all it is is a link to "TheLonelyIsland" Twitter account. And that Andy account has 1,500 followers (and only the one tweet).

6. Andy's friends would follow him. Seth meyers, SNL, and The Lonely Island (and many others) aren't following that Twitter page. (But they are following all the other legitimate SNL tweeterers.

7. He never posts pictures or announces something coming up (that's not already all over the Web).

So there you go. Not Andy. I could be proven wrong, but I doubt it.


James Franco SNL promo

James Franco will be busy on Christmas. This promo is with Kenan Thompson.

Kenan is funnier than usual in this promo. Very amusing.


Blog update: What's Hot list

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bill Hader reveals a few details of "What Up with That"

Bill Hader: "I can vouch that Swift, who I can’t say enough good things about, does a really good Kristin Stewart impression,” Hader said. And another sketch he’s enjoying this season: Keenan Thompson’s “What Up With That?” musical interludes.

In the skits, Thompson plays D’Andre Cole, a talk show host who “takes on the issues of today with soul” while Hader plays perpetually bumped guest Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame. The series has also scored a number of special guest stars, including Al Gore, whom they nabbed while he was shooting a “30 Rock” guest spot, and “friend of the show” James Franco. “With James, he was originally in another sketch that got cut, so we just decided to stick him in ‘What Up With That,’ which started the whole visiting guest star thing,” he said. “Mindy Kaling we just grabbed on the way to the stage. She was just hanging out watching the show, and then she was sitting next to me asking me what to do.”

Excerpt from:

Check out the two “What Up With That” sketches below (only two currently exist):


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andy Samberg & T-Pain are glad that Jorma isn't getting on the boat

T-Pain says, "Andy sings in Auto-Tune to a hermit crab on an iPhone and then calls T-Pain to discuss boating and scones. PS - This was a real phone call that was re-enacted by the actual participants of the original phone call simply for your enjoyment, so yea, there. and check out more stuff @"

Watch above or click here:

So this is a commercial that Funny Or Die paid T-Pain for to get exclusive of Andy Samberg supporting his friend T-Pain by boosting his app in this video (that's the least Andy could do since T-Pain collaborated with him on On a Boat). And the video's on Funny Or Die, a Web site owned by Will Ferrell, who produced Andy Samberg in Hot Rod (after turning the role down for himself). Now we came full circle. =^)

I love the blueberry scones bit.

The scoop is from Marie. Marie, you rock and roll!


Steff's Hot Rod costume

Halloween is way over, but we're still finding some various costumes. Steff followed Ryan's instructions on his site, and made this costume:

From Steff:

This year I put in more effort in the creation of my Halloween costume than in any year before. The biggest difference had to do with the fact that I literally had to de- and then reconstruct my costume from the ground up. It was a daunting task but I really feel the end result was worth all the pain and suffering.

Steff followed these instructions from Ryan at The Lonely Island Fan:

Hot Rod Costume Instructions at The Lonely Island Fan

She purchased both these patches online:

Then she did the piping, star, and cape:

Click here for more pictures, more details, and links to where she bought the pieces:

Steff's Hot Rod costume


Monday, December 14, 2009

Andy Samberg - in Show Choir

High school can be tough.

Andy throws a basketball at Taylor. Then he comes up. And apparently he liked Kenan's singing for a moment there. Hmm. Never quite got funny. It was amusing at parts. I don't think it ended well. What do you think?

I'm glad they're using Andy in skits like this more.

It's obvious that they're pulling Kristen out more. They have gotten a lot of heat by featuring Kristen too much and now that they have a few different solid female players, they're trying to save Kristen for the big gun sketches and feature her as the lead in a sketch or two rather than put her in 7 sketches like they used to. So she only appeared in Surprise for this episode (and her voice was in the monologue).

Jenny Slate got to lead in two skits this week (Twilight Debate and Doorbells). I still think she's nervous, but Doorbells was hilarious. So at least they're giving Jenny a shot.

Fred Armisen also only appeared in two sketches this week. The big players were Abby Elliott, Kenan, and Jason Sudeikis (each with 5).

No digital short this week. Hopefully Andy will do one next week before the holiday break.


Andy Samberg - Rose Bowl Promo: Football Taping

Lift your head up, smile and look at the camera.

Andy's on right at the end.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Andy Samberg - in Twilight Debate (Lab Partners)

Two different camps find common ground.

Finally a new Jenny Slate skit. Amusing character, but not hilarious. Most of the jokes are with Taylor or just because they're talking about Twilight. Overall, it's an amusing skit and worthy.

Andy pretty much is a background character here.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Andy Samberg's 2009 favorites


3. John Mulaney - The Top Part
2. Mos Def - The Ecstatic
1. Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

Department Of Eagles - "No One Does It Like You"

(Apparently this was made in 09, even though song is from 08, does that count? If not then Major Lazer - "Pon de Floor")

Pon de Floor:

The "Crazy Hats" lady from the Fever Ray "Seven" video.

Wild Beasts

The Strokes - Is This It

South Park

Star Trek
District 9
Inglourious Basterds

Bangs: Take U 2 Da Movies

After a string of Digital Shorts that gave Stereogum an excuse to post about Saturday Night Live even on weeks where the musical guest was Nickelback or whatever, Andy Samberg finally opened it up big time in 2009, teaming with his Lonely Island writing partners Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone to bring us the laugh-tracks of Incredibad and their nonstop parade of genre spoofs and cameo all-stars: T-Pain, [Jack Black, Justin Timberlake,] Julian Casablancas, and even Norah Jones. Sadly the album hasn't received any Gummys this year, but it did secure a nomination from something called the Grammys? Never heard of it. But congrats Andy!



MacGruber movie review

Thanks to Marie for the scoop.

This is a review of the pre-screening of the film. It doesn't give anything away about the plot. Enjoy!

When given the opportunity to see an early screening of MacGruber, I was wary that it would follow in the path of prior Saturday Night Live films. Most sketch concepts generally flourish when they’re just that - sketches. A full-length comedy falls into the trap of relying on the same old recycled jokes to the point where you not only loathe the film, but you retroactively dislike the sketches they were based on. You might not believe me when I tell you this, but there’s no doubt: MacGruber was amazing.

Like any action movie, MacGruber begins with the diabolical plan of an evil genius to acquire and detonate a nuclear warhead. MacGruber (Will Forte), having sworn off the life of an action hero, is approached by the U.S. government and informed of the plan of his arch enemy Dieter Von Cunth (Note: the “h” is virtually silent). MacGruber, with his badass mullet, is the only one with the know-how and experience (his achievements include “starting tight end for the University of El Paso”) to save the world, and accepts the challenge. It’s time for MacGruber “to go pound some Cunth.”

Forte, who plays MacGruber with a perfect mix of confidence and ignorance, portrays a character with more depth and personality than has ever been established in the short SNL sketches. In addition, the writing for Forte’s character is smart, quick, and witty, albeit sometimes asinine. MacGruber spends the movie driving around in his red Miata, completely embracing all that was 80’s pop culture. He doesn’t use guns, but he always manages to come through. “Classic MacGruber!”

15 seconds, MacGruber!

Unlike other comedies, MacGruber isn’t completely tongue-in-cheek. The characters surrounding MacGruber play their roles more seriously, resulting in outstanding rapport between the hero and his cohorts. Ryan Phillippe is excellent in the role of Special Agent Piper, a young rookie whose tendency to follow the rules clashes with MacGruber’s no-holds-barred attitude. In addition, Val Kilmer, as Dieter Von Cunth, manages to take MacGruber completely seriously and in one scene asks his henchmen why they didn’t capture MacGruber, to which they reply that they “didn’t think he was a threat. They actually thought he was mentally retarded

The second star of the film is the hilarious and talented Kristen Wiig, who, as usual, delivers the performance expected of a comedian on top of her game. Wiig plays MacGruber’s new love interest, the impressionable and na├»ve Vicki St. Elmo. Wiig, in her most substantial movie role to date, is the needed passivity to Forte’s aggressiveness. The three heroes come together perfectly, each adding a necessary ingredient to the delicious dish that is MacGruber.

5 seconds, MacGruber!

MacGruber is the best SNL film since Wayne’s World back in 1992. It manages to take the concept of the original sketch and infuse it with new life. It generally works at all times, and manages to combine physical comedy, witty banter, and awkward sex. If you enjoy a good comedy, go see this movie when it comes out next year. Trust me, this movie is…


Andy's not involved in this film, but we're glad to see that the director and writer, Jorma, is doing well.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Should SNL show Andy Samberg digital shorts instead of domestic violence?

A lot of people thought Kenan's Tiger Woods skit was in poor taste.

"Saturday Night Live" is receiving heat for its sketch surrounding the Tiger Woods controversy, as some feel it made light of domestic violence. The sketch had Kenan Thompson as Tiger Woods holding multiple press conferences
, each time trying to cover up the beating he'd just received from wife, Elin Nordegren, played by Blake Lively.

It didn't help that Rihanna was the night's musical
guest. When in recent months your musical guest has been the poster child for domestic abuse victims, maybe it's not the best week to try out your new "domestic abuse can be hilarious" sketch. Maybe the folks over at "SNL" should have thought that one through just a little better...

It was indeed several minutes of the same joke over and over again, which pretty much sums up every single "SNL" sketch in recent months. The moral of this story? If you're going to write a controversial sketch, in which you try to find a humorous spin on domestic violence, you'd better be damn sure that you wrote some actual jokes.

Excerpts From:

I thought the skit was funny, but I agree that Andy and TLI should graduate from SNL in a year or two and talk Lorne into producing a show for them.

Plus the reviewers aren't thinking about what they're doing. Because they're making the skit more of a success by turning it into a news story. So it's more likely to get more follow ups or similar sketches because they're complaining about it. They should use their heads.


Rumor: John Hamm to host SNL again in January

We just finished recording our podcast where we interviewed Rich Sommer about Mad Men (what, you think we talked to him about Tiger Woods?), and when the subject came around to leading man Jon Hamm, Sommer mentioned that Hamm will be hosting Saturday Night Live in January.

[If true,] that's great news; one of the funnier episodes of the last few seasons was Hamm's hosting stint last year. "Jon Hamm's John Ham" alone would have made the episode a classic, but his James Mason impersonation, among other sketches, made it a near-classic.


What do you think?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Andy Samberg - in Nature of the Beast

It was a 2007 short film that Andy either did when he was a student at a college in New York or before he got on SNL (and he was doing stand-up and other random paid and unpaid gigs). It took a few years for them to edit together and release the short.

You can watch the 15 minute short film here (but other than seeing Andy in it, you won't find much value):

Thanks to Anony for finding the vid!

Directed and written by Nate Pommer. Starring Rob Delaney and Andy Samberg.

Synopsis: Darryl is an ex-con fresh out of the joint. He doesn't want any trouble. His old buddy Leo has double-crossed the wrong walrus. Two old friends, one strange night of demons from the past.


Andy Samberg - is the Swedish Chef (Blake Lively)

This is Andy's fourth appearance of the Swedish Chef.


Blake Lively
Fred Armisen ... Zoot
Bill Hader ... Animal
Bobby Moynihan ... Gonzo
Andy Samberg ... Swedish Chef
Jenny Slate ... Janice
Jason Sudeikis ... Fozzie
Kristen Wiig ... Beaker

The Muppets share a holiday song.

It's interesting that the Swedish Chef is the center point of this skit, and not Kermit, Miss Piggy, or another Muppet (like the show). It's because Andy brought on the Muppet skits with his Swedish Chef impression, and he's the cornerstone of those sketches.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Taylor Lautner SNL promo featuring Kristen Wiig

Update: Added a temporary YouTube version for you non-staters.

Kristen was a werewolf once too.

What do you think of Kristen's hair?

Not overly funny. Not like Andy's! In Andy's Blake Lively promos, you can tell that he isn't improvising like Kristen is here. Andy prepares his jokes!


SNL Christmas Special - A Very Gilly Christmas (Dec 17)

"SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas" will air Dec. 17 at 8 p.m. The two-hour special, the first for "SNL" since 2002, will be led by Wiig's Gilly, an ever-smiling Annie-lookalike who delights in violent mischief.

The special will feature new sketches with Gilly and highlights of classic holiday "SNL" sketches.

Wiig, roundly considered a standout performer on the NBC sketch comedy show, has built Gilly into a popular character. In a phone interview Monday, she said part of the fun of Gilly hosting is in her slim vocabulary, which consists mainly of the simple catch-phrase "Sorry."

"That can be a tough one to work around," Wiig said. "There's going to be no long monologue. Maybe her five-word vocabulary will stretch to 10 or 11."

A Gilly sketch is a very structured thing. It's always set in a classroom where an uncertain teacher (Will Forte) questions his students (Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan) on the source of some trouble making.

Wiig and Paula Pell, a writer on the show, came up with the sketch while writing something else, but the idea continued to stick.

"We just kept doing the smile and we did it for a couple weeks," said Wiig. "We were just like, `Let's write it.' Maybe she's this bad kid. We just started saying `Sorry,' and it came organically from there."

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will also make guest appearances on the special to help introduce clips they've appeared in as hosts, including Baldwin in "NPR's Delicious Dish and the Schweddy Balls" and Martin in "A Holiday Wish."

If pressed for a holiday favorite, Wiig cites John Malkovich's maniacal reading of "`Twas the Night Before Christmas" last year.

"Since `SNL' has been on for so long, it's 35 years of at least two or three shows a year kind of based on Christmas stuff," said Wiig. "There's a lot of good material there."


Yes, Kristen. That's why they do Christmas specials almost every year. =^)

Well, I guess if Andy got to host his digital shorts special awhile ago, then Kristen can host her own special as well. Heck, even Ace and Gary got to host their own special.

Glad that Alec and Steve will also show up. I'm curious what they will do with Gilly skits and still keep it fresh.


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