Friday, December 11, 2009

Should SNL show Andy Samberg digital shorts instead of domestic violence?

A lot of people thought Kenan's Tiger Woods skit was in poor taste.

"Saturday Night Live" is receiving heat for its sketch surrounding the Tiger Woods controversy, as some feel it made light of domestic violence. The sketch had Kenan Thompson as Tiger Woods holding multiple press conferences
, each time trying to cover up the beating he'd just received from wife, Elin Nordegren, played by Blake Lively.

It didn't help that Rihanna was the night's musical
guest. When in recent months your musical guest has been the poster child for domestic abuse victims, maybe it's not the best week to try out your new "domestic abuse can be hilarious" sketch. Maybe the folks over at "SNL" should have thought that one through just a little better...

It was indeed several minutes of the same joke over and over again, which pretty much sums up every single "SNL" sketch in recent months. The moral of this story? If you're going to write a controversial sketch, in which you try to find a humorous spin on domestic violence, you'd better be damn sure that you wrote some actual jokes.

Excerpts From:

I thought the skit was funny, but I agree that Andy and TLI should graduate from SNL in a year or two and talk Lorne into producing a show for them.

Plus the reviewers aren't thinking about what they're doing. Because they're making the skit more of a success by turning it into a news story. So it's more likely to get more follow ups or similar sketches because they're complaining about it. They should use their heads.



Anonymous said...

no i think tli is ready for a new show yet, i think they have it good at snl and maybe in five or more years they will be ready, they still are not famous enough to pull it off. It took Jimmy Fallon a long time and tli has more time to wait.

Anonymous said...

i meaant not ready for a show in first sentence^

Anonymous said...

andy is the highlight of snl at the moment, I don't know what would become of it if they didn't have his digital shorts etc.
He is at the moment not replaceable, and I think he probably should do a couple more seasons.
I wanna see another digital short with akiva or jorma in it. they have, until now, been the best ones!

if he continues like that, he could potentially become the next will ferrell!

I hope andy will do another movie soon, as a leading character. maybe he does have a cameo in mcgruber.

Ed Price said...


I understand where you're coming from, but they're at 5 years right now. That's at the high end of the stick. Another 5 years is ridiculous. Nobody stays on SNL that long, unless that's all they got (like Darrell Hammond and Tim Meadows). I'd give them 2 more years tops.


B. said...

Yeah, but according to IMDB none of TLI guys have major work lined up for the future, other than SNL. They most likely could get their own show, but it would probably get a shitty time slot and the funding wouldn't be that great, which means it, assuming the worst, wouldn't last long. Who knows, it could last 8 seasons. But leaving SNL, which for now is providing a consistent form of income and fan base, would be super risky.

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