Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FAQ - How to get Andy Samberg's Autograph

So how do you acquire the sacred Andy Samberg Autograph?

Ryan over at TheLonelyIslandFan is an experienced TLI fan and has gotten The Lonely Island autographs.

We'll give you a few highlights here.


1. Don’t send something you aren’t willing to lose.

2. Don’t send too many items at once. I recommend one, and Ryan recommends one or two.

3. Protect your stuff! Make it padded and secure.


1. Hand-write it. Otherwise it looks like someone just changed their name out and is sending it out to lots of celebs. Hand-written is personal.

2. Make it short and sweet. He is probably wanting to show appreciation but also burn through it in order to go watch his show, talk to his friend, work, or pretty much do anything other than reading letters from strangers and signing his name. Don't give him a reason not to sign your poster! Don't ask him out or pitch him something.

3. You’ll be almost doubling your postage. Include a self-addressed, stamped mailer.


During the SNL season:

Andy Samberg
c/o “Saturday Night Live”
NBC Studios
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

During the non-SNL season:

Andy Samberg
c/o Mosaic Media Group
9200 West Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069



Anonymous said...

thank you!

Sandy Nixon said...

The non-SNL season is a CA address, I know Andy is currently staying in LA, and he did a couple of years ago as he mentioned in an interview. I'm curious, does he spend every summer in LA? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am not living in the U.S.A so can you tell me what I should do in order to get Andy's autograph ? I'm a real big fan and I really want to have something which is autographed by Andy. Btw I'm from Turkey. So can you tell me the details about it, like I am curious about what would happen after my poster arrives to that address which you wrote. WilL you be able to resend the stuff back to me ? And if all of this is isn't a big deal how long do you think it will take him to autograph it and resend it to me ? I would be really happy if you could answer my questions. thanks a lot :)

Ed Price said...


The addresses above are where you send your request. They send it back to you. So you are the one who gets it. Sorry if that isn't clear.

You can send your request to the same addresses above, even if you're from Turkey. So make sure you include the return envelope and whatever postage on it so that they can send it back to you!


Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for answering my comment in such a little time... And also thank you for clearing the parts that I was confused about. I have some more questions though. Firstly if I want to send my request this week or the following week, where should I send it to ? Like, is it the SNL season right now couse I am watching the show ( I've been watching it since the 1st episode of the 37th season came out.)and I think they are in some kind of a holiday or a break right now. As I 've learned, it will continue in November so can you write the dates of those ? My final question is, how close are you with TLI ? I wanna know it so that I could count on the things you wrote :) that's all for now. Thank you sooooo much again. :)

Ed Price said...


Send it to SNL, since it's during the SNL season (until May). We're not very close to TLI. Just fans.



Anonymous said...


thank you so much!!! I will send it until may I guess. I am really grateful to you...

Thanks again! :)

P.S. : I hope you can meet with TLI in future.

Anonymous said...

can you give advice about what to send? (sorry, my english sucks)

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