Sunday, August 23, 2009

Megan Fox hosting the first episode of SNL this season

That is all. The title pretty much says it.

Man, it was hard to find a picture of her where she isn't half naked! =^)

Okay, so what could she do with Andy? Someone suggested that she plays a robot in Laser Cats 5. =^)

I'd love to see Shia make a guest appearance and for them to do a Transformers spoof with Shia and Megan (sort of how Andy did "Fast and Bicurious" with Seth Rogen).

What do you think Andy should do with Megan?



Anonymous said...

knock her in the teeth

Jennifer said...

i don't really want to see them snog! she's a drama queen diva extraordinaire.
i think she's gonna go down next to andy and the snl cast because she clearly can't act and they are all marvellous.
it's gonna be a laugh alright :)

can't wait to see andy again every saturday

Kate said...

I am just excited because it is said that she will do a Digital Short with Andy, which should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the hell she does, I hope it makes her look like the complete ass she is. Ok, I love Andy with all my heart, and, obviously, I can't stand Megan Fox. I agree with Jennifer when she said, " she's gonna go down next to Andy and the snl cast because she clearly can't act, and they are all marvelous." I 100% agree. First of all, SNL is a show for people with a GREAT sense of humor, where does this bitch show her sense of humor!? Does anyone see it? Not me. So, why would SNL get a boring host on an excellent show? All I hope is that, Andy makes her look like a complete ass. As for the Digital Short idea, there was already a robot in the last Lazer Cats with Steve Martin. So, why another robot? I honestly don't know, but, I do know that Andy the Great will make a hilarious Digital Short with this piece of whore. (: Sorry to all you Megan Fox fans. But, I know you can't hate me because we all share a love of Andy on this website(:

Anonymous said...

i think he should make another rap song about her and then at the end he says "did you like it?" *pause* "no?.....alright your ugly" LMAO!

Ed Price said...

Anony, that rap song idea would be hilarious!

A lot of people don't like Megan here. She's very "hot" right now, but I don't think it's going to last for too long. The horror sellout might work just because it's the Juno writer, but she's going to have to really work the dramas and other genres and show range if she's going to stick around for the long term. For example, Anne Hathaway could only get a few Disney-like films, and her career would have been over if it wasn't for all the smaller dramas she hooked into and proved that she could do blockbuster (Devil Wears Prada & Get Smart) and drama (Becoming Jane, etc.).



Anonymous said...

Lot's of people ARE stoked for Jennifer's Body, so you're correct, it will probably keep her going for a bit, I really hope it's not longevity, unless she cools the attitude and learns how to act.

I love that the Transformer director has taken his claim for her and their little feud- LOL! I guess the Olsen Twins did not want that honor! (FYI- She starred as the villan, beotch, pampered brat....big stretch one of their movies that I unfortunately watched.) People saying she could act is like people saying those twins could sing. *P-U*!

Anonymous said...

No- I never said Robot- I said Villan who eats Kitties. (Great excuse for the dudes and to plug Jennifer's Body). I hope the digi isn't a J.'s Body playoff- if they make out and she eats him- I'll kill her LMAO- jk, but seriously.... though maybe they'll put a twist on it and Andy will be the cannibal instead.

Ed Price said...

Stupid face! I haven't heard that phrase since I was a kid! Thanks for bringing my childhood back to me. =^)


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