Friday, August 21, 2009

Discussion: What movie should Andy Samberg be in next?

So we all think that Andy should go on and do more movies. But what kind of movie should he make?

Currently he's looking for roles and waiting around to see what he gets. Technically, even Hot Rod came about because the South Park lady and Will Ferrell were talking to Lorne Michaels about Andy, and Andy immediately asked if Akiva and Jorma could be involved. And it all fell in place.

But should TLI create their own movie? What would it be like?

Many successful SNL comedians have made their own movies. Whenever Eddie Murphy is in a dry spell, he busts out his own movie (he wrote Norbit with his brother). Mike Meyers also writes his own movies when he gets antsy (Wayne's World, Austin Powers, and The Love Guru). Will Ferrell helps keep his own career strong by teaming up with his director partner Adam McKay every couple of years (Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Landlord, Step Brothers, and soon The Other Guys). Adam Sandler is known for turning comedies into a business. He started out writing his own comedies with his partners, and now he produces them and puts together his own movies by picking scripts he finds (including remakes like Mr. Deeds and The Longest Yard). Plus he teams up with his friends to write fresh material sometimes (like Zohan). And he teams up with other actors to make interesting movies (like Anger Management with Jack Nocholson and Chuck & Larry with Kevin James).

Jorma got swept up with the McGruber movie from his interactions with Will Forte and John Solomon. Akiva got an offer to direct a Jonah Hill film. But TLI might not do their own movie together if they don't write it and pitch it themselves. And technically they've never made their own movei from the ground up.

Hot Rod didn't do so well, but...
1) They didn't put together that movie themselves. They just modified it to make it a mixture of their humor and that of the writer.
2) They've learned a lot since then.
3) They're much more popular now. They have more hit digital short songs out there, they've released a hot CD, and Andy has hosted the MTV Movie Awards (quite successfully, I might add; the producer wants them back).

So what should they do?

Do you have any thoughts? Your thoughts could be general or specific.

It could be a wacky adventure comedy like McGruber, Austin Powers, Zohan, or Love Guru. For example, they could do "Young Chuck Norris" or a parody of adventure films like Indiana Jones (Andy could be to Indiana Jones what Mike Meyers is to James Bond in Austin Powers).

Or it could be more of a traditional sports or relationship comedy like what Adam Sandler excells at (sports: Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, Longest Yard; relationships: Billy Madison, Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, Chuck & Larry, etc.) or like Will Ferrell does (sports: Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights). For example, Andy could do a hockey or soccer movie or a love story in college where he has to lead the chess team to victory (bad example).

Or they could return to their roots and do a full Bu movie where they make fun of shows like 90210 and OC. Or even better, mix High School Musical into that. =^)

So... what kind of movie should TLI do together?

Thanks and Enjoy!


The Lonely Island fan said...

I'm not so sure about a movie of "The Bu", but definitely some kind of TLI stamped film. I would think though that the new MacGruber movie is going to somewhat have a TLI stamp on it if Jorma's in control of the film. That might turn out to be REALLY funny. If it were being done like most SNL films I wouldn't be so enthused about a MacGruber film, but from what I've been hearing sounds like it's going to be raunchy and fun!

As far as "Hot Rod" goes, it's almost like the same thing with Austin Powers. The first one really didn't do well in theaters. However the home video sales is what sparked making a sequel because it rose in popularity. Certainly I don't think "Hot Rod" has broken any big home video sales records, but it certainly has well exceeded the theatrical box office earnings. Additionally A LOT more people are now aware of this film and nearly everyone I talk to has seen it and say the think it's one of the funniest movies ever. I suppose they could make a sequel and Andy, Jorma and Kiv could probably make it just as funny as the first, but I think they are aware of being careful about making sequels.

I remember Samberg talking in an interview about him and Justin working on "Mother Lover" and taking that risk of "Should we take something that is already a huge success and risk devaluing it by making a second short about the D*ck in a Box guys or do something different?" I think they have a very god sense of themselves and thinking carefully before walking into a potential disaster. I'm pretty sure they could fabricate some sort of "Hot Rod 2" story. They just need a simple premise like the first one and then just make all the stuff in the middle outlandishly hilarious. Easier said than done though. If they never make another "Hot Rod" that's okay, but I hope they make more movies. They are fast at their style of film making. Heck they said Hot Rod only took 45 days to shoot. That's remarkable considering how long most productions go.

The Lonely Island fan said...

I actually meant GOOD sense not god sense, hahah!

Ed Price said...


You have a good point about Hot Rod doing well in DVD sales. That's actually how they marketed "Harold and Kumar" to the producers: "This will make a little money in the theaters, but your big money will be in DVD sales." (Also, that's a good example about Austin Powers.)

I think a wiser move would be to do what Adam Sandler did. Adam Sandler also didn't do terribly well with Billy Madison, and he only did a little better with Happy Gilmore. However, the sales of Happy Gilmore on VHS were huge, and so his third movie, Wedding Singer, more than doubled the box office. And then the next two movies (Waterboy and Big Daddy) were his biggest two to date.

The bottom line is that Adam Sandler never did a Billy Madison 2. He didn't even do a Happy Gilmore 2 (although that would be sweet). Instead he made the movies about him and just did another story with a similar formula (it's even a similar formula to Hot Rod): Loser has to accomplish goal to help a family member, so loser applies himself and succeeds, and wins the girl in the process. That's why you go to an Adam Sandler movie almost like it's a sequel. Because it uses the exact same formula so its familiar.

So I think Andy and TLI should point to the DVD sales of Hot Rod and craft their own story from the ground up. It could even be a similar story to Hot Rod. We haven't had a good comedy set in a demolition derby or other environment like that. =^)


Anonymous said...

thelonelyislandfan: You mentioned almost everything I was going to. :) Animation Empire: So true; however, don't forget, the "loser" also always has a big heart, true to himself, and other hidden personality treasures. :)

Kate said...

I actually think they should come up with something totally original, no spoofs or remakes. And while I would love to see a Hot Rod 2, I think they would be better off with something totally different and new. Something like their shorts and old videos they used to do.

Ed Price said...


Like turn Stork Patrol into a movie. =^)

That would be funny.


Kate said...

Yeah something like that, something different and out there.

Stork Patrol would be an interesting movie. :D

Anonymous said...

they all ready made that movie, it had big bird and the dohdohs

Anonymous said...

I think they should do a Lazer Cat Movie haha but of course with a longer plotline and get Kiv and Jorm involve too :)

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