Sunday, August 02, 2009

Andy Samberg co-hosts a podcast!

Update: Nicole provided a link. Thanks Nicole!

So click here and wait awhile for it to load (after you click the play button on the gray bar on the top):

They start by playing Space Olympics (parental advisory: explicit lyrics), and then Andy talks over the song. =^)

Andy doesn't give much details of his dinner. Maybe he likes privacy.

They played KaBlamo! That one should have been on the CD or at least the DVD.

Andy: "Hey, ghosts! Heeeey! Ghosts!" =^)

They also play old school "Stork Patrol," Kiv's "I Killed the President," and "Ardy Rocks the Party."

Andy reveals that Jorma and Akiva are in New Mexico shooting MacGruber. Akiva & Jorma texted back that MacGruber is coming in spring 2010.

Andy says he wanted to film a music video for Boombox, but they ran out of SNLs.

The comedian, Shooter, is painful (I so hope he's being painful on purpose; but I doubt it cuz that would be horrible promotion). But the dudes saved it at the end.

What's that "Metaphor" song right at the end?

This scoop is from an Anony:

Andy Samberg hosted a podcast with Zack Galifianakis and Danny Mahone and some other really funny guys called "Comedy Death Ray Radio" episode 14. You can find it on iTunes!

Get it on iTunes here (thanks Anony):



Nicole said...

i found this link..hopefully it works!

Anonymous said...

it's Zack Galifianakis, and here is the direct link to iTunes :)

Sandy Nixon said...

I listened to this interview! I liked it, except that shooter guy was weird. Good interview though, wish there was more Andy!

Daniela.xo said...

Andy's voice kind of seems very glum and he isn't really silly/talkative!

Ed Price said...

Yeah, I think Andy's out of his element, the host did most all of the talking, and he didn't want to interrupt the host with his silliness, so he just waited to get called on, and it didn't happen enough. So mostly just awkwardness and not enough Andy (like Sandy said).


Anonymous said...

"The Shooter" is Andrew Daly (from "Eastbound and Down" and "Semi-Pro") doing another character, like the Danny Mahone character he did earlier in the podcast. The host is Scott Aukerman, Andy's head writer for the MTV Movie Awards.

Sandy Nixon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandy Nixon said...

Plus Andy isn't crazy/silly all the time. He was actually acting pretty normal, expecially for not getting a whole lot of talk time in.

Ed Price said...


That makes me feel a whole lot better knowing that "Shooter" doesn't really exist. Wow. I was hoping, but they just kept selling the character and I couldn't see the value of why someone would want to annoy us. Was the Danny Mahone character the party guy?

I'm not sure why they like to annoy and trick their audience, but they do it very well so... mad props to them for that.


Anonymous said...

I don't think they're trying to trick anyone -- I think once you hear a few shows, you start to get the format: The host usually has a comedian on, as well as a comic who does several characters (fake book authors or fake comedians or men on the street). And then sometimes he has a co-host on, who just adds his or her two cents every once in a while (like Andy S.). Jon Hamm did this brilliantly in Episode 12 - the best one IMHO. Aimee Mann was the co-host once as well.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty obvious that Shooter was just a made up character...? Danny Mahone was HILARIOUS. I love Andrew Daly.
I was kinda sad about the lack of Galifianakis...

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