Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jorma Taccone - First Look At Chaka In Land Of The Lost

The person you see is not Teen Wolf. Nor is it a small child dressed as Teen Wolf. It's our first look at the character of Chaka in Land of the Lost, the upcoming remake of the classic 1970s sitcom starring Will Ferrell.

AICN snagged the image, and Harry Knowles nearly peed himself with excitement over the remake of this childhood favorite. Chaka will be played this time around by Jorma Taccone, who's one-third of the Lonely Island comedy group where Andy Samberg got his start. I've been unclear until now on how true to the original series the movie was planning to, but all the original main characters are starting to be accounted for.

We'll get another look at Chaka in live-action in tomorrow's Super Bowl ad for Land of the Lost, but head to AICN for the full version of the image right now.



Andy Samberg's J--- in My Pants: Spanish Subtitles

J--- in My Pants: Spanish Subtitles

Essa é a versão melhorada do clipe "J--- In My Pants" com legendas eu português. A música foi composta pelo grupo The Lonely Island, composto por Akiva Schaffer (que faz o DJ no vídeo), Jorma Taccone (o segundo cantor), e Andy Samberg (que todos conhecem do Saturday Night Live), com a participação especial de Justin TImberlake como faxineiro no mercadinho. Desta vez eu melhorei as legendas e usei um vídeo de qualidade melhor. Divirtam-se!!!


Just 2 Guyz: Remixed with Berserk animation clips

Berserk - Just Two Guyz - Lonely Island

A Berserk parody I made featuring the song "Just Two Guyz" from the lonely Island players - Makers of "Chronic-What-Cles of Narnia!"

This is really well made!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Andy Samberg and Steve Martin look into Andy's future (Steve martin SNL Promo)

Yay! Steve Martin and Andy Samberg look into Andy's future.

Both are good jokes, and they're obviously Steve Martin jokes. The second one is especially hilarious!!!

I really hope Steve and Andy do a digital short together this week!!

As a bonus, here's Steve Martin doing promos with Kristen Wiig:

Not quite as funny, but hey.


Andy Samberg's Blizzard Man - Fan Made Tribute

Here's a brief fan-made tribute to Andy Samberg's Blizzard Man:

Also Eating POTATOES


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Andy Samberg Is Just Messing with Us Now (commentary on Couple of Homies short)

Could an SNL Digital Short go viral just for being bad? That is the only reason we can imagine last night's "A Couple of Homies" ever made it to air.

Before Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Andy Samberg's short films were pretty much the only thing Saturday Night Live had going for it when it came to buzz. "Lazy Sunday" basically made Youtube into a company Google thought was worth $1.5 billion. NBC executives can't stop crowing over how "Dick in a Box" represents their online future. And people seem to like "Jizz in My Pants", even though it just proves that the principle of a sequel always being worst than the original applies to dick humor, too.

The joke at the heart of the "Laser Cats" series was always "it's so bad it's funny," but the effort last night — in which Will Forte sings over two guys doing boring things like high-fiving and drinking sodas, before he shows his ass (you've been warned) — has to be some inside joke. Right? Even on a particularly horrible episode of SNL, this plumbed new depths of wtf?-ness.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jorma still dances shirtless - Every one (including Fleet Foxes)

So Jorma dances shirtless a lot.
Great to see the Lonely Island keeping their YouTube account healthy and regular. I hope they keep it up!

I figured we should do a history of Jorma dancing shirtless. They all feature Bill Hader not so impressed.

Death Cab from 1/17/06:

My Chemical Romance (Will Forte is hilarious) from 10/21/06:

Arcade Fire (his shorts are falling) from 2/24/07:

And most recently... Here he does it with the Fleet Foxes from 1/17/09:

Jorma has to pull out the sax to keep it fresh. Nice!

BONUS: Here's Jorma talking about his Land of the Lost role...


Revenge of the J---ing: More tributes to J--- in My Pants

A very passionate acoustic and voice cover from Lukifilms:

Mike and Dov ft. TK (vox)
Inspired by the SNL Digital Short by Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer of The Lonely Island, this is the incredible acoustic guitar cover of Jizz In My Pants by three really bored UCLA students. Yes there is a skull on a staff in the background.

Another Twighlight remix:

This one's from the DU frat:

Shatting parody:

Honda (song only) - Warning: Language...

Jill is amazing as she listens:


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Andy Samberg Caricature by Tom Richmond

A quick study of Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg. He’s got this incredibly thick neck and small cranial mass. An interesting face to draw.


Andy Samberg on Access Hollywood (Hot Rod video interview)

Here's an old article and video, but we recommend it. It's a nice experience where you can read the article while watching the video.


Funnyman Andy Samberg has been making audiences laugh since 2005 on “Saturday Night Live.” Next week though, the 28-year-old shows just how much his star is on the rise as he takes on the lead role in a feature Hollywood film – the comedy “Hot Rod.”

In the movie, Samberg stars as good-hearted daredevil Rod Kimble, who prepares for a giant jump for charity, earning money for his step-father’s much needed heart operation. The twist? Kimble’s step-father is abusive and he plans to fight his daddy-dearest after the old man recovers.

The funny film is poised to capture the attention of young America, looking for laughs and an on-screen love interest, which pairs Samberg opposite Australian beauty, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s soon-to-be missus, Isla Fisher.

Beyond his box office leap, Samberg’s stomping grounds are the halls of 30 Rock, where Saturdays often find him involved in hilarious SNL music skits.

In 2005, Samberg’s “Lazy Sunday” white boy rap — with Chris Parnell, about the twosomes goal to see “The Chronicles of Narnia,” got more than just TV ratings. The clip was an instant hit on the blossoming YouTube, with people sending the rap the world over.

Another of Samberg’s many comedic musical attempts, “D**k In A Box,” co-starring pop singer Justin Timberlake, also set pulses racing and fans scrambling to write their own parodies of the hilarious clip. Recently, Samberg was shocked, when that song was nominated for an Emmy.

Samberg’s penchant for musical routines on the sketch comedy show has had fans calling him the next Adam Sandler. It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if the curly-coifed actor followed in Sandler’s footsteps, becoming a big, comedic, box office draw. Following “Hot Rod,” Samberg has a host of upcoming movie projects including “Space Chimps” alongside Stanley Tucci and Christian Chenoweth.

His personal life seems to be going pretty well too. Samberg has been linked with, though declined to comment on, a host of leading ladies including Kirsten Dunst and most recently Natalie Portman.

Check out the video here:

Lots of spooning! Gotta watch it!!! =^)


Monday, January 26, 2009

Andy Samberg - Looking grodie on the beach (Lonely Island pic)

How does Andy look?

This image was put together for the Incredibad album.

Andy Samberg & The Lonely Island - Incredibad Press Conference on Tuesday

NEW YORK, NY. (Top40 Charts/ Universal Republic Records) - Dubbed by many critics as the world's 'funniest comedy team for the internet generation,' the comedic collaborative of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer will release Incredibad, their first comedy CD/DVD on February 10, 2009. The innovative trio, commonly known as The Lonely Island, made online and television history with some of the webs most popular satirical sketches.

Among the breakout gems to be included on Incredibad is the Emmy winning YouTube sensation "D*** In a Box," featuring superstar Justin Timberlake, which snagged a record-breaking 28 million views, and the more recent follow-up "J**z In My Pants," which had 15 million views in its first month on YouTube.



118 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

Limited space available, RSVP required: 212-841-8209



Sunday, January 25, 2009

Andy Samberg - Rollingstone Video Interview for Incredibad

Thanks for the heads up, Anony.

Video interview (click to open it in a new window):

Andy Samberg and his cohorts in the Lonely Island have brought a rock & roll spirit back to Saturday Night Live, satirizing ’90s R&cheese with their blockbuster digital short “D--- in a Box” and Pet Shop Boys-style synth-pop with new favorite “J--- in my Pants.” Now the trio of childhood friends from the Bay Area — SNL writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, along with Samberg — are finally releasing their debut album, Incredibad, on February 10th.

Click above to watch the trio at work (i.e. screwing around in their SNL dressing room) and learn a bit more about their division of labor: “I come up with the ideas — all of them,” says Samberg. Rolling Stone was hanging with the funnydudes at their photo shoot for a feature in the current issue — pick it up for a bit more insight into Justin Timberlake’s role on “D---- in a Box” and more.

Incredibad features T-Pain, Norah Jones, Jack Black, E-40, the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas and Timberlake and some top-notch producers, too: the hip-hop-heavy LP will include beats by Sly & Robbie, Jurassic 5’s DJ Nu-Mark and underground producer DJ J-Zone is lending a hand on the rhythm front.



Saturday, January 24, 2009

SNL Statistics - 1/17/09 (How Andy Samberg did)

Andy Samberg got only 4 this week. I think they try to keep Andy in the middle most ofthe time. he's a breakout star, rather than a solid team player.

Rosario Dawson 8
Fred Armisen 7
Abby Elliott 2
Will Forte 5
Bill Hader 4
Darrell Hammond 2
Seth Meyers 1
Bobby Moynihan 4
Paula Pell 1
Andy Samberg 4
Jason Sudeikis 6
Kenan Thompson 5
Michaela Watkins 2
Kristen Wiig 6
Casey Wilson 2

1st Place with 7 skits (MVP Award): Fred Armisen

2nd Place with 6 skits (Job Security Award): Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig

3rd Place with 5 skits (Team Player Award): Will Forte and Kenan Thompson

4th Place with 4 skits (Well Rounded Award): Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan, & Andy Samberg

5th Place with 2 Skits (Time to Worry Award): Abby Elliott, Darrell Hammond, Michaela Watkins, and Casey Wilson

Also: Seth Meyers has 1 because he's resigned to Head Writer and Weekend Update Anchor. Paula Pell is a writer (I think). I wonder if they're bringing her on as a player?

Overall: Bobby Moynihan and Andy Samberg gave a strong showing. Andy's Larry the Goose character got awfully close to Adam Sandler genius territory. =^)
Michaela slipped a little, but I wouldn't worry yet unless it happens every week. Casey needs to pull out something funny soon, or she should start worrying, especially if SNL continues to line up more women. Abby also hasn't broken out yet, so she better think about doing that soon. Michaela and Bobby already have broken out, so she and Casey are behind the curve if they want to stay active.
Darrell has been placed as a hired gun, where they only bust him out when the situation calls for it (thus only 2). That said, his value isn't as prevelant as it was in the past. Hilary is still around in the political scene, but that's not enough of a reason to keep Darrell (and his Bill Clinton) around forever.

I still think Will Forte and Kenan Thompson are at a higher risk (as are Casey and Abby because they haven't broken out, and Darrell because he can't stay forever). Will and Kenan are best served as the "straight guy," which is why they get used a lot. Will still has his hilarious songs and dances, and Kenan can get a few laughs with his smile. But they just aren't as funny as the rest. As Finnesse Mitchell implied in an interview, there's a lot of collaboration, but there's also a lot of competition to reinvent yourself constantly. Will, Kenan, and Darrell aren't reinventing themselves (although Will is getting close with his silly songs). Also, Casey and Abby haven't started inventing themselves yet. Their job security is the fact that they are women right now.

That puts Fred, Jason, and Kristen at the top as the team players and most valuable, with Bill, Andy, Bobby (and I believe Michaela, Seth, and Darrell) as the secret weapons that really do the biggest laughs when they're set up correctly.

Thoughts? Enjoy!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Andy Samberg - Lookalikes

Update: We added another picture for Sidney Crosby and two more for John Travolta. Previously posted on 6/11/08.


Who does Andy Samberg look like?

Evan Starkman from MTV's The Duel and Real World/Road Rules Challenge. (More on Evan: Here he is:

Linda Lingle, the Governor of Hawaii:

James Blunt, a musician who's debut album, Back to Bedlam, brought him to fame in 2005. (Andy has also done an impression of him.) Here he is:

Here's Gaspard Ulliel, a French actor in Hanibal's Rising (his IMDB page:

Here's Alex, BigFatLiar92's friend (a poster on IMDB), and one of those non-famous, regular, people:

Here's Matt Burkhart, another one of those non-famous, regular, boring people:

How about Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh penguins:

John Travolta from Welcome Back Kotter:

Peter Frechette from Grease 2:

or Landon Pigg, Musician:


Track lengths for Andy Samberg's Incredibad CD

"D--- In A Box", "J--- In My Pants", "Lazy Sunday" and tons more, with guest spots by Jack Black, T-Pain, Justin Timberlake and Julian Casablancas...

Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live's band The Lonely Island (who is often featured in SNL's Digital Shorts) have announced several details on their upcoming debut album, Incredibad. The tracklisting and artwork are below. Incredibad will be releasing on Feb 10th digitally or physically with a CD/DVD combo.

You can check out some of the band's videos here.

Incredibad Track-listing:

Who Said We're Wack? 1:16
Santana DVX (ft.E-40) 2:35
Jizz In My Pants 2:31
I'm On A Boat (ft.T-Pain) 2:36
Sax Man (ft. Jack Black) 2:07
Lazy Sunday (ft. Chris Parnell) 2:20
Normal Guy - Interlude 1:04
Boombox (ft. Julian Casablancas) 3:13
Shrooms - Interlude :34
Like A Boss 1:46
We Like Sportz 2:03
Dreamgirl (ft. Norah Jones) 3:13
Ras Trent 2:05
Dick In A Box (ft. Justin Timberlake) 2:41
The Old Saloon (Mix Tape Edit) - Interlude 1:05
Punch You In The Jeans 2:46
Space Olympics 2:55
Natalie's Rap (ft. Natalie Portman & Chris Parnell) 2:26
Incredibad 2:54

Jizz In My Pants 2:32
Just 2 Guyz 2:07
Lazy Sunday (ft. Chris Parnell) 2:22
Ras Trent 2:08
Dick In A Box (ft. Justin Timberlake) 2:41
We Like Sportz 2:06
Space Olympics 3:01
Bing Bong Brothers 1:12



Amy 'sobbed' at SNL tribute

Amy Poehler broke down and sobbed when her Saturday Night Live castmates performed an on-screen tribute to her after she gave birth.

The star switched on the TV to watch the musical tribute from her hospital bed hours after she and hubby Will Arnett welcomed their baby boy last October.

"He was conveniently born at 6pm so I could watch it live," Amy said told a meeting of the Television Critics Association .

The star called the gesture "awesome" and said her reaction was "uncontrollable sobbing".

Amy has now left SNL and says she's looking forward to switching gears in a new comedy.

The actress - who recently stepped out in Hollywood for the Golden Globes - said she's excited about the idea of being able to "turn the volume down a little bit and sit with a character".

In the mockumentary-style comedy, the blonde plays a mid-level bureaucrat in a city parks and recreation department who's looking to get ahead. The still-untitled series debuts in the US in April.


Did anybody watch the Golden Globes? Was Andy involved?


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Play Andy Samberg's J---ed In My Pants on guitar

How to Play J---ed In My Pants on guitar

A lot of people at parties ask me to play the SNL digital short J---ed in My Pants on guitar. So, I got drunk, figured something out and made this video. Thx! J CN

Watch the video for the chords!


Rock the Andy Samberg undies


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Andy Samberg - Takes friendship to the next level with Fred Armisen (Digital Short)

SNL Digital Short: A Couple of Homies

Two good friends take it to the next level.

Fred Armisen
Will Forte
Andy Samberg

I believe this one is several months old and didn't make the cut. But my guess is that Andy and Fred thought it was still funny so they kept pushing on it until it got through.

I can see why they didn't think it was funny. It looks like Will Forte wrote it. Will has had some hilarious songs, but this isn't one of them.

Unfortunately, you can't help but compare each Digital Short to the great Andy Samberg shorts from the past, and this one falls short.

That said, it's still mildly enjoyable; Andy makes it funny at least a little.


Andy Samberg made SNL funny again?

Adam thinks so...


President-elect Barack Obama has grumbled about the BCS, but kept the tone upbeat.

"Saturday Night Live" weighed in this weekend with a much sharper tongue.

It attacked the system with seething sarcasm. If you're one of those who gave up on the show a few years ago, it's actually funny again (particularly Andy Samberg).

Nice job by longtime cast member Will Forte on this song: "Will there be a playoff in place before UCLA is in contention for a national title?"

UPDATE: A couple of readers have pointed out that Will Forte is, of course, a UCLA alum. He was a history major and member of Lambda Chi Alpha.

—Adam Rose



Monday, January 19, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Larry the Goose (Weekend Update)

Update: Larry the Goose

Hahahaha! Andy Samberg is hilarious as Larry the Goose!!! He really cracks up Seth. Why does he make so many references? Because he's got Netflix, that's why!!!

This is classic! Andy Samberg is starting to approach on Adam Sandler territory. This is exactly the level of silliness Adam brought to his Weekend Update characters, but Andy is putting a nice pop culture spin on his silliness.


SNL 1/17/09 - Rosario Dawson & Fleet Foxes

This week Andy Samberg is a goose!

SNL Promo: Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson dines with Bill and Jason.

Third one's the best!

Cold Opening - Vice President Dick Cheney: The Final Interview

The departing Vice President has no regrets.

Darrell Hammond ... Dick Cheney
Kristen Wiig ... Diane Sawyer

Ouch, the regret joke shouldn't go this long.


Rosario Dawson
Fred Armisen ... Fericito

Commercial: North American Savings

Fred Armisen ... Applicant
Abby Elliott ... Applicant
Will Forte ... Applicant
Bill Hader ... Employee
Darrell Hammond ... Employee
Bobby Moynihan ... Applicant
Andy Samberg ... Applicant
Jason Sudeikis ... Applicant
Kenan Thompson ... Applicant
Michaela Watkins ... Employee
Kristen Wiig ... Applicant
Casey Wilson ... Applicant

Da Learnin' Train

Rosario Dawson ... Carla Da Funkee Conduktah
Fred Armisen ... Mailman
Abby Elliott ... Dominique
Will Forte ... K
Bill Hader ... Deejay
Bobby Moynihan ... Hector
Andy Samberg ... Jesse
Jason Sudeikis ... Harry Connick Jr.
Kenan Thompson ... Riznatch

Commercial: Gitmo Ad - Guantanamo Bay Going Out Of Business Sale

Rosario Dawson ... Cuban lady
Bill Hader ... Announcer (voice)
Jason Sudeikis ... CIA field op

Aladdin Anniversary

After 10 years, it's a whole new world.

Rosario Dawson ... Jasmine
Jason Sudeikis ... Aladdin

SNL Digital Short: A Couple of Homies

Two good friends take it to the next level.

Fred Armisen
Will Forte
Andy Samberg

I believe this one is several months old and didn't make the cut. But my guess is that Andy and Fred thought it was still funny so they kept pushing on it until it got through.

I can see why they didn't think it was funny. It looks like Will Forte wrote it. Will has had some hilarious songs, but this isn't one of them.

Unfortunately, you can't help but compare each Digital Short to the great Andy Samberg shorts from the past, and this one falls short.


Every class has a special student.

Rosario Dawson ... Cindy
Will Forte ... Mr. Dillon
Bobby Moynihan ... Liam
Kenan Thompson ... Sam Jeffers
Kristen Wiig ... Gilly
Casey Wilson ... Teacher

Kristen Wiig pulls out another classic character. Go Kristen!!! Kristen, you should write more dual characters that you can dow with other cast members (like your A-holes characters).

The pencils bit was too disturbing.

Musical Performance "Mykonos"

Fleet Foxes

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Fred Armisen ... Bernard Madoff
Kristen Wiig ... Judy Grimes
Andy Samberg ... Larry The Goose

Update: Judy Grimes

Update's travel correspondent is totally just kidding.

Update: Larry the Goose

Hahahaha! Andy Samberg is hilarious as Larry the Goose!!! He really cracks up Seth. Why does he make so many references? Because he's got Netflix, that's why!!!

La Policia Mexicana

You have the right to remain silencio.

Rosario Dawson ... Isabella Lopez, Carmen
Fred Armisen ... Carloz Ruiz
Bill Hader ... Roberto Gonzales, El Jefe
Bobby Moynihan ... Miguel
Paula Pell ... Announcer (voice)

The View

Rosario Dawson ... Salma Hayek
Fred Armisen ... Joy Behar
Jason Sudeikis ... Ricky Gervais
Kenan Thompson ... Whoopi Goldberg
Michaela Watkins ... Barbara Walters
Kristen Wiig ... Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Musical Performance "Blue Ridge Mountains"

Fleet Foxes

Good Excuse!

Rosario Dawson ... Perpetua McGirk
Will Forte ... Host
Jason Sudeikis ... Caller (voice)
Kenan Thompson ... Robert Cyclone
Kristen Wiig ... Host

Update: Ann Coulter

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter stops by for a chat with Seth.

Similar to Andy's Rahm character a few episodes ago, my guess is that Michaela's take on Ann was too harsh for NBC to want to air it. Fortunately, we do get these bits as Web exclusives.

Overall: Hmmm. I wasn't really into this episode. The only parts I loved were Judy Grimes (always impressive) and Andy Samberg's awesome goose. Go Andy! Next time, give us a solid Digital Short instead (I'm still waiting for a music video parody of Britney Spear's work).


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is a band member for Doogie Howser's Theme Song

SNL Digital Short: The Doogie Howser Theme

Neil Patrick Harris and the SNL Orchestra present...

Neil Patrick Harris. Himself
Fred Armisen ... Keyboard player
Abby Elliott ... Violinist
Will Forte ... Drummer
Bill Hader ... Saxophonist
Darrell Hammond ... Trumpeter
Bobby Moynihan ... Tuba player
Andy Samberg ... Drum pad player
Jason Sudeikis ... Bassist
Kenan Thompson ... Harpist
Michaela Watkins ... Violinist
Kristen Wiig ... Guitarist
Casey Wilson ... Violinist

With all the Doogie skit possibilities, not sure why they did one on the theme song. Still funny though. Andy on the um, what is that?

Oh well. Andy does look great dressed up like Doogie Howser though.


Rosario Dawson hosts SNL this week

SNL Promo: Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson dines with Bill and Jason.

The Alexandar bit was classic.

What Digital Short could Andy do with Rosario?


Friday, January 16, 2009

SNL 1/11/2009 - Neil Patrick Harris & Taylor Swift

Update: Added the Doogie Howser Theme and Burger King commercial and Fred visits the Audio Room. Originally posted on 1/11/09.


Neil Patrick Harris, best known as Doogie Howser, was also the genius friend in Starship Troopers. Currently he's known for "How I Met Your Mother" and the "Harold & Kumar" films.

Andy Samberg does his Mark Wahlberg impression again in the monologue, and he appears as a member of Blue Man Group in "Save Broadway." Take that, Mark Wahlberg!

SNL Promo

Check out Neil and Will Forte in this promo vid:

My favorite was the second one, about the rash.

Will just isn't as funny as the other SNL players. I think he's the next to go.

Cold Opening The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow welcomes Roland Burris and Gov. Blago.

Abby Elliott ... Rachel Maddow
Jason Sudeikis ... Rod Blagojevich
Kenan Thompson ... Roland Burris

Abby gets her first chance to lead a skit. How did she do? I didn't think she was funny. She mostly just set up Kenan's not-so-funny jokes. Jason's jokes are much better. Jason saved this one.

Abby is pretty excited to say for her first time, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"


Neil Patrick Harris opens the show.

Neil Patrick Harris
Fred Armisen ... An other guy (audience member)
Bill Hader ... An other guy (audience member)
Bobby Moynihan ... Turtle (audience member)
Andy Samberg ... Mark Wahlberg

Neil masterfully reminds everyone that he was Doogie Howser, and really makes it memorable that he's on "How I Met Your Mother." Nice job!

Hahahaha!!! Andy Samberg pulls out his Mark Wahlberg! Neil shows great comedic timing.


Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb work the fourth hour.

Neil Patrick Harris ... Ian Price
Michaela Watkins ... Hoda Kotb
Kristen Wiig ... Kathie Lee Gifford

Kristen is so annoying that this is mildly enjoyable. Michaela gets to punch Kristen!

Save Broadway

The show must go on...

Neil Patrick Harris. Mark from Rent
Taylor Swift ... Annie
Fred Armisen ... Blue Man
Abby Elliott ... Peppeteer
Will Forte ... Blue Man
Bill Hader ... Music Man
Darrell Hammond ... Dude from Stomp
Bobby Moynihan ... Magical Mr. Mistophiles (from Cats)
Andy Samberg ... Blue Man
Jason Sudeikis ... Phantom
Kenan Thompson ... Miss Siagon writer
Michaela Watkins ... Wicked Witch (from Wicked)
Kristen Wiig ... Chicago performer
Casey Wilson ... Chicago performer

This is my favorite skit of the show. Bobby Moynihan is hilarious, as well as Bill Hader, and the Blue Man Group (Andy, Fred, and Will).

Penelope: Group Therapy

Penelope's two best friends are Liza Minelli and a tomato.

Neil Patrick Harris ... Dr. Hammill
Liza Minnelli ... Herself
Will Forte ... Bob
Bill Hader ... Video instructor
Kenan Thompson ... Lou
Kristen Wiig ... Penelope
Casey Wilson ... Sam

The video gag is hilarious. Good ending too.

SNL Digital Short: The Doogie Howser Theme

Neil Patrick Harris and the SNL Orchestra present...

Neil Patrick Harris. Himself
Fred Armisen ... Keyboard player
Abby Elliott ... Violinist
Will Forte ... Drummer
Bill Hader ... Saxophonist
Darrell Hammond ... Trumpeter
Bobby Moynihan ... Tuba player
Andy Samberg ... Drum pad player
Jason Sudeikis ... Bassist
Kenan Thompson ... Harpist
Michaela Watkins ... Violinist
Kristen Wiig ... Guitarist
Casey Wilson ... Violinist

With all the Doogie skit possibilities, not sure why they did one on the theme song. Still funny though. Andy on the um, what is that?

Musical Performance "Love Story"

Taylor Swift

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers ... Host
Kenan Thompson ... Charles Barkley
Will Forte ... Performs a song about the BCS

Update: Charles Barkley

Sir Charles Barkley discusses his latest traffic violation with Seth.

Kenan still isn't funny. Agree or disagree?

Update: BCS Song

Will Forte debuts his BCS song on Weekend Update.

Not the best, but still funny, and his songs gotta be what's keeping him on SNL.

Two First Names

Neil Patrick Harris.. Himself
Fred Armisen ... David Lee Roth
Abby Elliott ... Jamie Lynn Spears
Will Forte ... Joe Pantoliano
Bill Hader ... Daniel Day-Lewis
Darrell Hammond ... Tommy Lee Jones
Andy Samberg ... Billy Bob Thornton
Jason Sudeikis ... Philip Seymour Hoffman
Kenan Thompson ... Michael Clarke Duncan
Michaela Watkins ... Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kristen Wiig ... Jamie Lee Curtis

I wish they posted this one online. So many caricatures in one skit!!!

Fran & Freba

These two ladies have everything under control.

Neil Patrick Harris ... Fran
Will Forte ... Gil
Kristen Wiig ... Freba

Neil plays a woman. This is a great idea. Not the funniest, but a great idea.

Frost/Other People

Journalist David Frost asks the tough questions...

Neil Patrick Harris ... David Frost
Fred Armisen ... Paul Lynde
Bill Hader ... David Bowie
Darrell Hammond ... Richard Nixon
Bobby Moynihan ... David Crosby
Jason Sudeikis ... Attorney
Kenan Thompson ... Fred Berry

Eh. Not so good. The little dance was funny though. Thankfully they didn't let it drag on.

Musical Performance: "Forever & Always"

Taylor Swift

Commercial: Burger King / Whopper Virgins

Neil Patrick Harris ... Interviewer
Fred Armisen ... Farmer
Bobby Moynihan ... Farmer
Michaela Watkins ... Farmer
Kristen Wiig ... Translator

Eh, it was okay. Bobby was a little funny, but Fred and Michaela weren't so much.

BONUS: Fred Visits the Audio Room

Fred does his improv thing. It might have actually been interesting to have the audio engineers talk about what they do. Oh well.

Overall: Andy busts out Mark Wahlberg and his Blue Man impression. Not the best episode, but it was still highly enjoyable.


Nice collection of Andy Samberg pics


Remix of Andy Samberg's J--- In My Pants - Nerd Remix

And you thought the guys in the original video were losers...


Special thanks goes to Tory L. and Ayse C. for their bravery in participating, Si W. and Charles L. for their time and patience as cameramen, and of course The Lonely Island for providing the music and inspiration for the whole thing in the first place!


Can't think, 'cause I'm really stressed
Not prepared for my physics test
I'm studying with a girl I just met
Gotta finish up these problem sets
She asks me how I did number eight
I say that you gotta differentiate
She says, I'm tired, let's go to your room
The math must've worn her out, I assume
She shoves me on the bed and takes off her shirt
I push her back 'cause I needed to work
She gets mad and throws my cube at me
But I see the colors turn so perfectly,
That's when I


I'm really sorry, please don't get me wrong
When I see a Rubik's cube I get turned on
Now I have the urge to solve this thing
And so I


You might think that this is all absurd
But it's not my fault that I'm a physics nerd
Now get out of my room, I need to clean up
And then we'll go back to work

I need a few things from the library
Gotta do my research on philosophy
I saw a girl, her body was a work of art
I walked up and asked where I could find Descartes
She took me to call number J16
Over in the back where we couldn't be seen
I looked at her, she looked back at me
This was the only place she wanted to be
I moved in closer to stroke her hair
When all of sudden I saw Shakespeare
And I


I know you might think that I'm really weird
But I get a boner every time I read King Lear
I gave Act Five a little glance and Then I


Hey, it's your fault that you took me here
You know that I have a fetish for Shakespeare
I get so hot when I take a look
I think I'm gonna have to check out this book

Last week, as I was programming,
I worked all night on pure caffeine
Finished my code and put the input in,
Saw no errors or IO exceptions
And I


Driving down the street in my Honda Accord
The only thing my yearly budget can afford
I turn on the radio and hear Beethoven's Ninth
And I


I just derived all of Maxwell's Equations
And I


I look up a word in the dictionary
and I


When I finished reading A Brief History of Time


I saw a book
And I


I went to the


You know...this is why we don't get girls.

I j--- right in my pants
Every time you're next to me
And when we're holding hands
It's like having s-- to me
You say I'm pre-ature
I just call it e-stasy
I wear a ru--er at all times
It's a necessity

'Cause I


I j--- in my pants, I j--- in my pants,
Yes I j--- in my pants, yes I j--- in my pants

And I


I j--- in my pants, I j--- in my pants.


Thanks to Girl in the Purple Jacket (in this video) for the tip. She said:

hey, i don't know if you're still posting "jizz in my pants" remixes, but there's a really funny new one up on youtube called "jizz in my pants- the nerd remix". it's pretty well done and has already gotten around 30,000 views so you should check it out! thanks,

- Girl in the purple jacket.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

SNL Statistics 1/10/09 - Andy Samberg in 4 skits

Andy's skits:

1. Monologue (as Mark Wahlberg)
2. Save Broadway (member of Blue Man Group)
3. Digital Short: Doogie Howser Theme Song (drum player)
4. Two First Names (as Billy Bob Thornton)

Total Skits:

Neil Patrick Harris - 9
Taylor Swift - 3
Liza Minnelli - 1

Fred Armisen - 6
Abby Elliott - 4
Will Forte - 6
Bill Hader - 6
Darrell Hammond - 4
Seth Meyers - 1
Bobby Moynihan - 5
Andy Samberg - 4
Jason Sudeikis - 5
Kenan Thompson - 7
Michaela Watkins - 5
Kristen Wiig - 7
Casey Wilson - 3

Andy Samberg was in 4 skits tonight. Darrell Hammond was in more than usual (he's usually just busting out the impressions in 1-3 skits). Bobby Moynihan is doing well and a bit above average (at 5). Abby's starting to break out tonight with 4, she led her first skit (Rachel Maddow Show), and she got to say "Live from..." for the first time. Michaela's breaking out with 5 as well. They needed women, and Michaela is proving to have the best comic timing of the three new ladies.


1. Job Security goes to...
Kenan Thompson - 7
Kristen Wiig - 7

2. Team Player goes to...
Fred Armisen - 6
Will Forte - 6
Bill Hader - 6

3. Well Rounded goes to...
Bobby Moynihan - 5
Jason Sudeikis - 5
Michaela Watkins - 5

4. Honorable Mentions goes to...
Abby Elliott - 4
Darrell Hammond - 4
Andy Samberg - 4

5. Skating By goes to...
Casey Wilson - 3

There are no "On Thin Ice" awards (2) or "In Big Trouble" awards (1) this week. Seth only does Weekend Update, so I don't think he's in danger of losing his job unless he wants to leave. And I don't think he has any reason to leave.

Predictions for next season: Amy Poehler already left mid this season, so she'll remain gone.

1. They let Will Forte go (he's one of the longest-running, which means he's going to go soon). Or they let Darrell Hammond go (he's broken records, he can't stay on forever, and they don't need him now that Hilary isn't in the spotlight as much).

2. Michaela steps up to the Weekend Update anchor spot to accompany Seth Meyers.

3. Michaela, Bobby Moynihan, and Casey Wilson all become regular players.

4. They keep Abby as a featured player, and they add another one or two more new guys as featured players. (Feature Jorma! You know you want to!!!)

What do you think?

If Casey replaced Maya and Michaela replaced Amy, then who are Abby and Bobby replacing? That's why I think they lose one guy (my guess is Will Forte or Darrell Hammond), and they keep Abby as a featured player, to see if she gets funnier.

Who do you think is going to leave next?

Darrell Hammond has been on for 14 years now (wow; he's done 103 impressions).

Seth Meyers has had 8 years (but I don't think he wants to leave Weekend Update, and I don't think they want to lose him yet).

Will Forte has been on for 7 years.

Fred Armisen has had 7 years. They still rely on him, and he's still the only Obama impression they have.

Kenan Thompson has had 6 years. He's the only black person. (That might sound racist, but historically, SNL has usually had a black person, including Garette, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and more.)

Jason Sudeikis has had 6 seasons, but I think they rely on him a lot.

Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Kristen Wiig have had 4 years. They rely on all three of them way too much to drop any of them (although Andy isn't in as many skits, his are arguably the most popular). Plus they're all very popular.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Andy Samberg's Hot Rod - THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!

Yeah, this is so not going to last. But enjoy watching the entire movie of Hot Rod while you can...

[SNIP - Removed already]


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who is Andy Samberg's Most Underrated Character?

So who is Andy Samberg's most underrated character?

I think it's Young Chuck Norris.

Andy should make Young Chuck Norris into a regular skit?

Who else could be Andy Samberg's most underrated character?

- Young Chuck Norris

- Ariel

- Space Olympics Host

- Cathy

- Swedish Chef

- Sanjaya

- Blizzard Man

- Jack Johnson

- The Jogger

- Mark Wahlberg

Anybody else?

Eliot thinks that Molly Shannon has SNL's most underrated character. Observe...


Jeannie Darcy: SNL's most underrated character? - VIDEO

It seems that there has never been a period of time when critics (and the masses) didn't chide Saturday Night Live, claiming the show to be in a "creative slump," or even going as far as calling it - get this - "Saturday Night Dead."

But for stalwart fans like myself who tend to consider every nuance and minor detail of the show's sketches, the sentiment is either only partially true or not true at all. Sure, the show saw a spike in viewership thanks to Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression, leading critics to praise SNL's "creative resurgence." But the buzz was just as strong when Will Ferrell played George W. Bush nine years ago. (And, furthermore, it wasn't as if the show didn't have its culturally resonant hits in recent years, not limited to Maya Rudolph's Donatella Versace impression or Andy Samberg's fusion of Internet humor into the mix).

So to those who say SNL is back, I say, have you ever seen Molly Shannon's Jeannie Darcy? Because it is, by far, one of the most brilliantly executed, underrated characters to ever appear on the show. (Or maybe I just have a thing for mullets and bolo ties. Same difference.)



Does Andy have a character that's more underrated than Molly Shannon's Jeannie Darcy?


Monday, January 12, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Mark Wahlberg (Neil Patrick Harris monologue)


Neil Patrick Harris opens the show.

Neil Patrick Harris
Fred Armisen ... An other guy (audience member)
Bill Hader ... An other guy (audience member)
Bobby Moynihan ... Turtle (audience member)
Andy Samberg ... Mark Wahlberg

Neil masterfully reminds everyone that he was Doogie Howser, and he really makes it memorable that he's on "How I Met Your Mother." Nice job!

Hahahaha!!! Andy Samberg pulls out his Mark Wahlberg! Neil shows great comedic timing.

So Andy figures out a way to change up his "Say hi to your mother for me" line by turning it into, "Say hi to How I Met Your Mother for me."

Funny, and a welcome spot, but Andy should really do a new skit as Mark Wahlberg and take it to a new level. Mark Wahlberg is always repeating what people say and speaking under his breath, and Andy could take his bits and those ideas and put together a nice skit of Mark in a movie (a Digital Short of a fictional movie Mark might be in) or he could use it in a skit where he's acting and keeps asking the director for advice.

Andy, we want more Mark Wahlberg!!!! Thanks for this one! We'll take what we can get!!!



Andy Samberg - Is a member of the Blue Man Group (Save Broadway)

Save Broadway

The show must go on...

Neil Patrick Harris. Mark from Rent
Taylor Swift ... Annie
Fred Armisen ... Blue Man
Abby Elliott ... Peppeteer
Will Forte ... Blue Man
Bill Hader ... Music Man
Darrell Hammond ... Dude from Stomp
Bobby Moynihan ... Magical Mr. Mistophiles (from Cats)
Andy Samberg ... Blue Man
Jason Sudeikis ... Phantom
Kenan Thompson ... Miss Siagon writer
Michaela Watkins ... Wicked Witch (from Wicked)
Kristen Wiig ... Chicago performer
Casey Wilson ... Chicago performer

This is my favorite skit of the show. Bobby Moynihan is hilarious, as well as Bill Hader, and the Blue Man Group (Andy, Fred, and Will).

Andy has a funny look and facial expression as a member of the Blue Man Group! Taylor did a great job! Why isn't she hosting???


Sunday, January 11, 2009

What does Andy Samberg's YouTube hit say about NBC sites?

NBC guards video content pretty jealously. NBC clips posted to YouTube without authorization typically are pulled down fast. But a clip that appeared on the network's stalwart comedy show, Saturday Night Live, is racking up huge viewership on YouTube.


The comedy skit known as "J--- in My Pants" starring SNL cast member Andy Samberg has recorded nearly 8 million views since being posted on December 6 and is YouTube's most watched video this month. NBC hasn't ordered the clip to be pullled from YouTube. That may seem like a policy shift, but in this case the TV network apparently has no right to do so.

The skit was produced by Samberg and his production company. They own the rights and they uploaded the clip to YouTube. Choosing to promote the clip on YouTube rather than NBC sites such as and YouTube has raised some eyebrows.

But Samberg and his business partners are trying to promote the song featured in the skit and have a record deal with Universal Music Group. Samberg likely wants to reach as many consumers as possible. While the SNL skit featuring Tina Fey's impersonation of Gov. Sarah Palin drew an enormous audience to and Hulu, there's no arguing that YouTube, which topped 100 million visitors in October, has a much larger following than and Hulu combined.

And it's important to note that YouTube is increasingly becoming an important music hub. The major recording companies are negotiating new licensing deals with YouTube. A source at one of the major labels told me this week that the top labels are beginning to see growing revenue from their deals with YouTube.

Sure, in the end Samberg gave a tacit endorsement to YouTube. The site obviously fit his needs. Regardless, it doesn't change one important fact. This is one video. Most of the hot videos Samberg and SNL produce will only be accessible at NBC sites.



Saturday, January 10, 2009

Andy Samberg's Incredibad album cover parodies ET (and final song list)

The Lonely Island’s Incredibad Parodies E.T.

The cover of The Lonely Island’s (Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg) debut CD Incredibad is a parody of the poster for Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Here's the final track list:

1 Who Said We’re Wack?
2 Santana DVX [ft. E-40]
3 Jizz in My Pants
4 I’m on a Boat [ft. T-Pain]
5 Sax Man [ft. Jack Black]
6 Lazy Sunday [ft. Chris Parnell]
7 Normal Guy (Interlude)
8 Boombox [ft. Julian Casablancas]
9 Shrooms (Interlude)
10 Like a Boss
11 We Like Sportz
12 Dreamgirl [ft. Norah Jones]
13 Ras Trent
14 D--- in a Box [ft. Justin Timberlake]
15 The Old Saloon (Mix Tape Edit) (Interlude)
16 Punch You in the Jeans
17 Space Olympics
18 Natalie’s Rap [ft. Natalie Portman and Chris Parnell]
19 Incredibad

The CD will be sold with a bonus DVD, which will feature the following music videos:

1 J--- in My Pants
2 Just 2 Guyz
3 Lazy Sunday [ft. Chris Parnell]
4 Ras Trent
5 D*** in a Box [ft. Justin Timberlake]
6 We Like Sportz
7 Space Olympics
8 Bing Bong Brothers


Iran So Far didn't seem to make the final cut, but there's more than enough here for all their fans. It's not so often that an artist releases 19 songs on an album with 6 of those songs as music videos and another 2 music videos that are not on the CD. That's a total of 21 songs!!! Take that Madonna!


Friday, January 09, 2009

SNL Update: Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) to Host SNL this Saturday

This coming weekend, Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting Saturday Night Live! We used to dream about Mr. Harris when he played Doogie (in fact, yours truly mentioned this in print a few years ago). We loved his speed-freak cameos in Harold and Kumar. These days we laugh so hard we cry at his portrayal of Barney Stinson, the over-the-top-but-still-believable womanizing scotch-swiller-catchphrase-maker on CBS's How I Met Your Mother. (And yes, yes, we know Mr. Harris plays for the other team.) Fingers crossed he drags HIMYM co-star Jason Segal on for a few sketches. The two are known to do duets now and then; we'd like to see what they'd whip up with Andy Samberg for a digital short. ‘J--- In My Pants' part two?

Check out Neil and Will Forte in this promo vid:

My favorite was the second one, about the rash.

Will just isn't as funny as the other SNL players. I think he's the next to go.

Yeah, Neil could be hilarious with Andy Samberg. We'll see!!!


You Can't Stop the J---ing: Remakes and Commentaries on Andy Samberg's "J---- in My Pants"

Remakes and Commentaries of Andy Samberg's "J--- in My Pants"

Cr@p in My Pants parody:

This guy didn't get it (his response is funny for all the wrong reasons)...

WARNING: Some text at the end of the vid with coarse language.

This guy doesn't like it, and doesn't really say why. It seems that the reason is that Andy has done other music videos already? Didn't Adam Sandler do a bunch of similar acoustic songs? Hmmm.

These ladies recite it:


Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Lonely Island - The Pepper

I believe this was the first Lonely Island video. It certainly looks like it. Some of the jokes aren't quite there, but there are some good editing effects here too, like Akiva remembering the boxers.

Andy Samberg isn't in this one. I believe Andy was away at college. That would place this video in about 2002.

WARNING: Language and man butt (Chezz's I think). Plus it's mostly just gross.

Enjoy! (Or whatever)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

J--- In My Pants - Set to an American Pie edit

The Lonely Island's song J---- in my Pants put to clips of American Pie!

This works way too well!!!



Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Text Preview of Andy Samberg movie: I Love You, Man

Check out bold for review of Andy's part...

Preview: I Love You, Man

It's rarely cold in Los Angeles, even in December. However, last Friday night was particularly frigid. It was so cold that press and studio employees outside Paramount's Sherry Lansing Theater were bundled up in an array of fashionable scarves, hats, gloves, and winter coats. The theater is nestled comfortably in the middle of the legendary lot, and it was just beckoning for the crowd to enter into its warm embrace. The reason for the gathering was a super-advance screening of Paul Rudd's forthcoming comedy, I Love You, Man, and it was more than worth braving the cold for. In fact, I Love You, Man is easily Paul Rudd's funniest movie yet.

Past the antique popcorn machine outside, excitement was palpable in the theater. Lately, Paul Rudd's attachment to a film has meant pure comedic gold. This flick is no exception. The movie doesn't hit theaters until March 20th, but Paramount offered a very special preview just in time for the holidays. Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a real estate agent who has just proposed to his girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones). Peter's got one big problem: in addition to admittedly liking The Devil Wears Prada and trying to sell Lou Ferrigno's house, he can't find a best man for his wedding because he has no guy friends. So, his gay brother, Robbie, a hilarious Andy Samberg, attempts to help him find guy friends and go on man-dates. He comes across Jason Segel's Sydney Fife during a showing of Ferrigno's house and they form a bond over a mutual appreciation for the cuisine at real estate open houses and Rush.

I Love You, Man is raucous, riotous, and raunchy—a true comic gem that showcases Rudd's gift for well-timed delivery, Andy Samberg's snarky sarcasm, and Jason Segel's calculated cool. It's perfect for any man-date and way better than The Devil Wears Prada.



This is great! It's great that Andy's building strong friendships with great actors like Shia Lebeauf, Paul Rudd, Justin Timberlake and others.

It's also great that Andy Samberg holds his own in this ensemble cast.


Monday, January 05, 2009

Andy Samberg: King Of YouTube

AdAge's Michael Learmonth declares Andy Samberg King of YouTube as he reports that SNL's digital short "J--- in My Pants" is the most-watched YouTube video of the past month, clocking in thus far at 6.7 million views. Of course, what makes this interesting is that "J--- in My Pants" is one of the rare SNL clips available on the Google-owned YouTube:

NBC has a tortured relationship with YouTube, and takes a hard line toward enforcing copyright. The video's presence on YouTube likely has something to do with the fact that the song is the first single from Universal Music Group's upcoming release, "Incredibad," and the label has some interest in building an audience for it. The video was uploaded by Samberg's production company, The Lonely Island.

NBC is trying to make a buck from the short on its own site via advertising from Nissan and Wrigley's, where the video is receiving far fewer views (561,000). NBC also gets 70%-80% of the ad revenue from sales on, which doesn't disclose views but is running the video with an Absolute Vodka ad.

Last month, Ars Technica speculated that Samberg's viral hit "Lazy Sunday" was responsible for YouTube's $1.5 billion sale. The video, which debuted in December 2005, is widely credited with introducing YouTube to America, but NBC had it removed from the site so it could host it exclusively in its own player.

Watch Samberg's hit clip below:



Andy Samberg - Gets painted by Paul Rudd (Everyone's a Critic)

Update: Added the Hulu vid for our international peeps. Enjoy! Originally posted 11/18/08


Digital Short: Everyone's A Critic

Paul Rudd paints a masterpiece of Andy Samberg in his latest film. Also features Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Casey Wilson, and more.

Holy crack in the smack! Wow. This is a mix between gay jokes, random humor, and violent shock humor. Wow. I like the random stuff, but the rest... not so much. Andy and Paul were much funnier in the promo for this episode.

There's a lot of death and violence going on. So who wants to see what the portrait looks like? This seems like it's "The Ring" on crack! =^)

What do you think?

Andy answered the question of whose music this is: it's his. In other words, that's Andy's voice. Jorma mixed it up. Do you want it to be on their February Incredibad CD? I do.



Sunday, January 04, 2009

Girls remake Ka-Blamo

Ka-Blamo 2 (Lonely Island)

We didn't make the music up. Its from Lonely Island their video is and also check out their site We loved their video so much we had to make one our selves ...

WARNING: Some language

"You're such a whore... Not Kablamo!" - Noice.


Is Andy Samberg's "Lazy Sunday" Responsible For YouTube's $1.5 Billion Sale?

How did YouTube turn itself into such an essential worldwide service that Google plunked down $1.5 billion in cash and prizes to acquire the video sharing site? It depends who you ask, of course, but NBC Universal's general counsel, Rick Cotton, has his own answer: the cupcake-munching white rappers of Lazy Sunday fame. In other words, NBC made it possible, but YouTube made all the money.

In this view, YouTube was a nice place for emo kids to post rants about Britney Spears, but this sort of stuff hardly made YouTube an essential visit. No, what built YouTube's brand was the flood of unauthorized commercial content sloshing around on the site a few years back--a heady time before Hulu et al. when one could reliably dig up episodes of The Simpsons, The Daily Show, or Saturday Night Live.

At a conference on the Future of Television this last week in New York, Cotton made it clear that he hasn't forgotten those early days. According to him, YouTube was vaulted into national popularity by SNL's hit "Lazy Sunday" rap about a pair of lame white guys from the Village who wanted nothing more than to spend a Sunday afternoon in the theater, watching The Chronicles of Narnia.

The infamous video, with is still somehow worth a 50,001st viewing:




Yeah, pretty much. Narnia Rap did put YouTube on the map and made it bigger than its competitors, but the content from there snowballed YouTube's popularity. Also, YouTube had one of the easiest to use interfaces, so that definitely helped.

So, should NBC get credit for the YouTube founder's wealth? Nah. NBC shouldn't even get credit for the vid. Sure, they own it, but they are just lucky enough to run the money behind Lorne, his magic show, and the amazing Andy Samberg. That's all. To the rest of us, it's just one rich guy in a suit versus another rich guy in a suit. They're all rich guys in suits. The real money should go to Andy and the creators.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Steve in "We Like Sportz" (music video)

The sequel to "Just 2 Guyz" is here!

Taken from The Lonely Island's debut album
In stores 02/10/2009

The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone.

This is the Lonely Island music video.

0:57 Andy Samberg is Steve again!!! Andy reprises his guest appearance character, Steve.

Andy's facial expression is amazing!!!

Overall, this video is pretty funny that they are so awkward about sports, but it just isn't the same as Just 2 Guyz. The original seemed better because they seemed to have just met, being two friendless guys who became friends and started a party with just the two of them. That just seemed funnier than two guys who are awkward about sports.

Also, I enjoyed the jump cuts in Just 2 Guyz. This sequel doesn't use the jump cut effect. Instead it uses flash photography effects, which are much easier to do. I'm not sure if they didn't use the jump cuts because they also did them in Lazy Sunday and they didn't want people to think they were using Lazy Sunday effects or what. But Just 2 Guyz used jump cuts masterfully before Lazy Sunday, and I was hoping to see more of them in this video. No such luck.

Jump cuts are when the people seem to jump to new locations in the screen. It's done by keeping the camera still, moving around, and then editing out the sections where you're moving so it looks like you pop into new locations.

Check it out in the original Just 2 Guyz:

I noticed that they do use the camera effect once. The original just seemed funnier with Jorma saying stuff like "you get tossed."


Friday, January 02, 2009

Andy Samberg - in "I Love You, Man" Movie Trailer

Friendless Peter Klaven (Rudd) goes on a series of man-dates to find a Best Man for his wedding. But when his insta-bond his new B.F.F.(Segel) puts a strain on his relationship with his fiancée (Jones) can the trio learn to live happily ever after?

Starring: Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Andy Samberg, Thomas Lennon, Rashida Jones

Alright! Andy plays the gay brother, and he nails it!


J--- in My Pants - #6 best YouTube vid of 2008

So says Huffington Post...

6. Andy Samberg, King Of YouTube

Was Andy Samberg responsible for YouTube's $1.5 billion sale? Probably not, but he certainly didn't hurt the site's value with "Lazy Sunday" in 2005. Since then, his videos are generally YouTube stars... depending on how long NBC leaves them on the site.


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