Monday, April 30, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is one of the most Influential People of the year


Here you can vote for Andy Samberg as one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of the year:,28804,1611030_1610841_1609904,00.html

It says...

AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: Comedian, Saturday Night Live cast member

PRO: Co-founder of the Internet sketch comedy team the Lonely Island whose digital shorts became an Internet sensation. A digital short he made for SNL called Lazy Sunday garnered significant attention and bolstered Samberg into the mainstream.

CON: Has had limited prominence in SNL's live sketches, and has followed up Lazy Sunday with only one other sensational short—the R&B spoof -- in a Box.


They forgot to mention that he created YouTube by rocketing it to the top of the Internet video pack (YouTube now has a commanding lead), he made NBC Internet video into a business (NBC leads the pack now in TV channels that do Internet videos), and he put Saturday Night Live back on the map. Additionally, the recent Dear Sister (The Shooter) along with other popular digital shorts (Young Chuck Norris, Natalie Portman Rap, and Laser Cats) shows that he has longevity other than just -- in a Box. And he has received a little more notoriety as a live cast member recently, doing his two live skits of Sanjaya.

Plus they also don't mention that he's successful because he has The Lonely Island (and many others) supporting him and writing for him. He's well supported by his friends.



Added the embedded video to the original Laser Cats and a new link:

Andy Samberg - Almost makes fun of Ludacris

Ludacris beats Andy Samberg to the punch and doesn't let him make fun of Lude's name.

This was a TV promo for the 11/16/06 episode of Saturday Night Live.

And here Andy Samberg pretends to be Ludacris, because Lude is late for his taping.

This was for the 11/16/06 episode of Saturday Night Live.

I like how it cut out on Lude at the end. Nice touch!




We updated Andy's second Sanjaya performance with Scarlett Johanssen - 2 new videos and 7 new images:

Andy Samberg - Pretends to be Ludacris

Here Andy Samberg pretends to be Ludacris, because Lude is late for his taping.

This was for the 11/16/06 episode of Saturday Night Live.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Andy Samberg - Sings a duet with Scarlett Johansson as Sanjaya

Andy Samberg - Sings a duet with Scarlett Johansson as Sanjaya

Andy's first performance of this character:

In this clip you see Scarlett consoling Andy's Sanjaya. They sing together. Andy nails the hair style. Funny stuff. I wonder if they had a screen he ducked behind to have a hairstylist quickly flip his wigs.

With Sanjaya out of the limelight, this will probably be the last appearance of this character for Andy.

9-second clip of Andy from a fish lense (Kristen reprises her "crying girl" role):


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Andy Samberg - Watches Peyton Manning Dance

Here Andy Samberg watches Peyton Manning dance. Will Forte plays the coach who attempts to get his team fired up for a game by... dancing?

Andy watches the silliness ensue.

Video removed




We added the newer Dear Sister (The Shooter) parodies of Lost and Peyton Manning:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Andy Samberg - Dances with Drew Barrymore

Check out this backstage video of Andy Samberg doing a commercial for Saturday Night Live with guests Drew Barrymore and Lilly Allen. He makes them both laugh repeatedly, as well as with Marci Klein, their producer.

Here is the video:


Andy gets the ladies to laugh with his silly antics:

(1) "Popcorn" - I think he's saying "Get the popcorn" in response to the idea of watching the clip they just taped.

(2) He gets them all to laugh with a response of being told what to do. He reacts with a humorous facial expression and body gestures.

(3) Andy starts dancing and gets Drew to dance with him. "Same."

(4) "Whaaaat???" - This is in response to "What?" being Lilly's only line in that take.

(5) His take of "Oooh, cat fight" and then his laugh. I even hear the cameraman laughing at that one. That's the one that they aired. It's even funnier in this environment. You can see the SNL promo here:

(6) I think he said, "Bath time at the gym" or "Back to the gym." Some laughs and Lilly Allen says, "You're funny." Yes, he is.


You're probably looking for the Dear Sister/The Shooting video from the last episode of SNL:


We added another video link to the Sanjaya skit that Andy did:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Andy Samberg's "Dear Sister" Parodies

The video, Dear Sister/The Shooting, hit YouTube for a couple of days before it was pulled off, and, in that time, hundreds of thousands of people watched it (it was the #1 video on YouTube yesterday).

Go here to watch the video:

Fans were already posting parodies of the video on Sunday, one day after the short appeared on Saturday Night Live. It's interesting, because these are parodies of a video that is a parody of The OC.

First, let's start off with Se7en, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman:

Next comes The Departed, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Mark Wahlberg...

The Short Version (featuring slow-mos and flashes):

The Medium Version (featuring Mark Wahlberg as well):

The Long Version (for the die-hard fans):

Next, let's go with Lost:

This is the longer version that's had more views:

This version is less watched, but closer to Dear Sister:

And, finally, let's go with my favorite, Peyton Manning:

Please note that we also found one where it was done to a really bad black & white homemade film where a guy stabs someone with a knife one time, we found one where there are a lot of random shootings from various films streamed together, a couple of versions where a guy shoots himself, a Lego version, and a South Park still images version (feels like a slide show thrown together). We don't think any of those are worth watching.



New link and embedded video of the Narnia Rap:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Andy Samberg - Says he's over 21

Andy and his friend Shia as underaged kids pretending to be over 21 to buy beer from a very serious store clerk Kenan. Within the couple are Bill and Seth(?) setting up a failed plot over Kenan, in the end everything is solved with a single $5 note.

From the NBC's Youtube profile (that means it won't be deleted by the site)

Andy Samberg - Wants to release an album

Here is an article where Andy Samberg talks about releasing an LP with his Lonely Island dudes, Jorma and Akiva.;title;0

""It's something we've always wanted to do and we've been working on putting it together," said Samberg of an LP he's hoping to record soon with his Lonely Island troupe writing partners, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. "It's about finding the time, but we've definitely got some ideas.""

This next quote makes me wonder what their idea with Justin was going to be... maybe we'll find out when Justin hosts next...

"Samberg said the writing team originally came up with a different idea for Timberlake, but show honcho Lorne Michaels insisted they exploit his musical side. "We wanted to do an early-'90s-style R&B song and Jorma came up with the 'Di-- in a Box' premise," he said of the smooth, Color Me Badd-esque ballad about an unexpected holiday surprise."

This next quote makes me think that it's interesting that a lot of the music they are making fun of was from a similar era. My Testicles, Special Gift, Narnia Rap, and even Young Chuck Norris were not all that far apart in the time periods that the music was popular...

""We presented it to Justin once we thought it was funny enough and he didn't even blink," Samberg recalled. "He was like, 'Oh yeah! Absolutely!' " Inspired by some of the music the Lonely Islanders grew up listening to as kids in the San Francisco Bay Area — Jodeci, R. Kelly, the Isley Brothers, LeVert and "any '90s R&B band who had a song with the word 'freak' in it" — the song was a perfect fit for Timberlake, who was also a fan of all those acts. Plus, the former boy-bander was more than willing to poke a bit of fun at his harmonizing past and dress up in the goofy color-coordinated suits, oversized shades and complex facial hair."

"He basically came up with the hook," Samberg said. "I had a loose melody and he took the reigns and schooled us on how to record and make it sound fantastic. He added pauses to make it more catchy. And that 'Midday at the grocery store' line? That was his."

"We traded messages after [the whole thing took off online]," Samberg said. "He loves it."

"Samberg said that now that he's done filming the big-screen comedy "Hot Rod," directed by Schaffer and featuring Taccone, he's hoping to get working on that album."


The Lonely Island dudes could easily release two full musical albums without recording any new songs:

From The Lonely Island:
- The Heist
- Bing Bong Brothers
- Just 2 Guyz
- Ka-Blamo
- Stork Patrol
- My Pants
- We Didn't Do the Bu This Month
- Awesometown Theme Song
- And lots more...

From Saturday Night Live:
- Lazy Sunday (Narnia Rap)
- Young Chuck Norris
- Natalie Portman Rap
- My Testicles (with Tom Hanks)
- Harpoon Man
- Special Gift (with Justin Timberlake)
- Sloths
- Andy Popping Onto Frame techno mix

However, I think he'll mix it up some with Lonely Island, SNL, new music, and some skits (like Adam Sandler's stuff). In that case, they can stretch out the existing music over like 6 albums (along with the new material).

- We added the Crazy Delicious image to the Narnia Rap blog and video:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Andy Samberg - Makes fun of Namesake on the phone

Here Andy Samberg is making fun of his friend and collaborator Kal Penn and the name of Kal's movie, Namesake.

Andy is just on the phone, and he follows Jorma's lead in making fun of the name of the movie. Mostly, this is just Andy going along with Jorma's joke, and lending his name to the video. Notice how Andy's name is in the title, as if he's giving the interview.

Still, it is Andy, and he's still funny. You may need to crank up the volume to hear Andy on the phone.

So here you go:


We're going to categorize this as Videos_TV because that's what it's the closest to.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Andy Samberg - Fan Made Video with Natalie Portman

Here is a fan-made video of Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore, and Wynona Rider and their Saturday Night Live work.

Bottom line: Take a look at the end to watch Andy Samberg do his viking dance to easy listening.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

And Samberg - Featured in TV Guide

Here Andy Samberg is featured in TV Guide for his role as Sanjaya:

Although the guide almost makes the bit sound funnier than it was, it is still fantastic to see all the cast working together and Dan Aykroyd join them!

Here's our blog on the actual video:


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Andy Samberg - Is a 3D Animated Viking

Here a fan recreated the Natalie Portman rap (from Saturday Night Live) in Sims 2. You can see Andy Samberg near the end as a 3D Animated Viking.

Warning: Lots of bleeped explicatives


For another 3D animation, check out Extra Fruity - Improved:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Andy Samberg - Jorma licks his face (News Getters)

The Lonely Island's News Getters

This is Kiv's little "going on his own and annoying his friends" video. Akiva interviews Andy Samberg (sort of) and, yes, Jorma licks Andy's face. Plus there are a lot of shots of Andy laughing.

Andy also says, "False," and does a spit-take with his coffee.


Also, here is "Taking Care of Business" from TheAnimationEmpire:

Monday, April 09, 2007

Andy Samberg - Tells you about Dude-atude (IGT Buzz Countdown)

Here Andy Samberg (from Saturday Night Live) teams with The Lonely Island to tell you about Dude-atude.

This is actually an edited version of their second episode of IGTV: Buzz Countdown. (IGTV stands for Ignition Television.) It was a fictional channel and "Behind the music" television show that they made for The show got canceled after this episode, and their next show was The Bu. All of that was before YouTube existed, and Channel 101 was the best way to get online views. Now it sort of pales in comparison, but it still brings in a dedicated crowd.

Thanks to Elisa/Blusugie for identifying the movie they are lampooning, Teen Witch:

Anyway, here's Andy's silliness:

Andy's different shots remind me way too much of the old videos we used to do over at The Animation Empire:

Also, we added an embedded YouTube video of Andy's impression of Sanjaya:


Friday, April 06, 2007

Andy Samberg is - Sanjaya from American Idol

Here Andy Samberg is playing Sanjaya from American Idol.

On Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, Andy Samberg comes in and crashes the party!!!

The original audience was emotionally into it, so Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, and a cameo from the great Dan Aykroid were all crying, just like the audience members on the show. This was a great showing of SNL team work where 5 cast members and a former cast member were all involved.



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Andy Samberg - Regarding Ardy (TLI Episode 2)

Another classic with Andy Samberg. This is The Lonely Island's second attempt at a TV pilot. The show was called The Lonely Island, named after their apartment and comedy group. Their third attempt was Awesometown, which got them writing for MTV shows, which got them on Saturday Night Live (Andy is on; Kiv and Jorma are writers).

This was pitched in February 2003.

The beginning with Brooke Shields has some sexual references. The rest is better. The story is focused around Andy, so there are a lot of his silly antics.


If you haven't watched it yet, get Mad At Phone:

Andy Samberg - Who Invited Steve? (Just Two Guys)

Here is Just Two Guys from The Lonely Island. The video stars Kiva and Jorma, but Andy makes an appearance as the outcast, Steve.

Andy is bringing a lame skateboard. He says nothing, but he's still hilarious.


Watch our short, Taking Care of Business, if you haven't yet:

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