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Andy Samberg aims to be the new Adam Sandler

Samberg aims to be new Sandler

NEW YORK -- When Andy Samberg was a kid, one of his most frequently played CDs wasn't by a musical act, but by his comedic hero, Adam Sandler.

"Sandler's first album, I probably listened to like a million times," Samberg, in a recent interview, said of Sandler's 1993 CD They're All Gonna Laugh at You!

"It's like summer camp for me, discovering that with all my friends. ... It was truly inspirational."

Samberg hopes to have a similar affect on people with this month's release of Incredibad, a new CD/DVD he released with his writing partners Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, childhood friends collectively known as The Lonely Island. While The Lonely Island may not be a household name, the clips the group has produced for Saturday Night Live have become viral sensations, like J--- in My Pants and D--- in a Box, which featured a memorable appearance by Justin Timberlake.

Those songs are included on Incredibad, along with a DVD with shorts from the show, as well as new material.

"I think if you're into what we do, we're delivering on that in spades," said Samberg.

It was The Lonely Island's digital short film, Lazy Sunday, that lit the spark for Samberg's white-hot career. When Saturday Night Live aired it in December 2005, Samberg was a goofy 27-year-old rookie, basically unknown to even the show's most devout fans. Within a week, the video -- a geeky, hip-hop paean to The Chronicles of Narnia -- was viewed more than a million times on the Internet. Since then, The Lonely Island's shorts, like Natalie Portman's Natalie's Rap, have become instant Internet hits (Their new single, I'm On a Boat featuring T-Pain has topped iTunes' music video chart).

The new CD/DVD features their greatest hits as well as new collaborations with top stars like Jack Black, Norah Jones, and Julian Casablancas of The Strokes.

"We just sat down at the beginning and were like, 'Whose careers can we ruin?' And then we just picked names out of a hat," Taccone joked.



Nice! I like Jorma's joke. =^)

Yeah, Sandler's album was an inspiration for a lot of us. Something Sandler did, though, was that he managed to transfer from SNL to have a hit album to movies. His album sales eventually died off (they just got more and more crass and less random), but his movies remain strong.

So what I wonder is if Andy Samberg can transition to films. These bit roles he's doing (like last year's Nick and Norah and this year's I Love You, Man) will definitely help give him someexperience and a following, but 2007's Hot Rod lacked character development and it didn't hit with the audiences.



Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island - Punch You In The Jeans

This sounds like another SNL Digital Short.

Wow what a waste of wishes. =^)

Andy imagines a face. =^)


Friday, February 27, 2009

Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island - Santana DVX (feat. E-40) (song)

Warning: Language

It's about the champaign.



Andy Samberg - at Newbury Comics in Faneuil Hall tonight

Samberg live

As you may have heard, "Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg, who is famous for his digital shorts and for doing a near-perfect Mark Wahlberg impression, will be at Newbury Comics in Faneuil Hall tonight to promote an album called "Incredibad." The disc is by Samberg's trio the Lonely Island, which takes responsibility for a number of ridiculous songs featured on "SNL," including "[You Know What] in a Box" and the more recent spoof "I'm on a Boat." Samberg and his Lonely Island cohorts - Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone - will perform tunes and mingle.

7 p.m. Free. Newbury Comics, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston. 617-248-9992.



Awesome! They're doing a free live performance!


Andy Samberg - Icon: Lickety Lips

Need an Andy icon?


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Andy Samberg Breaks Caricature (Out Interview)

In I Love You, Man, the Saturday Night Live wunderkind plays gay...straight.

Halfway through writing one of his lauded digital shorts at the Saturday Night Live studio at 30 Rock the Thursday before it’s supposed to air, Andy Samberg is ruffled in his raffish, lackadaisical way. It’s already 9 p.m. and he’s got all night to go. His hair is mussed, but that’s to be expected. His style is slacker-cool (plaid work shirt, corduroys) except for a pair of new brown-and-pink argyle Gravis skate shoes.

“I’m the number 1 dandy-preppy-skate poseur,” he says happily, breaking into his million-dollar grin and settling in for an interview. Samberg has a lot to smile about. As the crown jewel of the strongest SNL cast in years, Samberg, 30, has an ardent and large following, a future of guaranteed-profitable films (see Ferrell, Will), and his good looks. But the thing he’s got most -- and what makes you love him -- is laughter, huge skeins of it that unspool and fill up a room. And more than his laughter even, he’s got the ability to make others -- me, you, the rest of the world -- laugh.

Check out the video of the photo shoot here:

I Love You, Man, Samberg’s second live-action feature (after Hot Rod), is, in his words, “a dude-on-dude romantic story that straight guys can feel comfortable watching.” Written by John Hamburg (Meet the Parents), it stars Paul Rudd as Peter Klaven, a man on the verge of marriage. Concerned about her soon-to-be-husband’s lack of male friends, his fiancée, Zooey (The Office’s Rashida Jones), encourages him to find some. Inexplicably bereft of the programmatic behavioral quirks that bring men together -- a love of football and talking about pussy -- Peter turns to his younger brother Robbie, played by Samberg, for advice. Robbie is a classic bro. He works at a gym, likes to give pounds (terrorist fist jabs!), and refers to men as dudes and stuff as shit, as in “Dudes like shit like that.”

“Apropos to your magazine,” Samberg explains, “he’s gay.” And not just any type of gay, but a het hunter.

“My character knows men really well, and knows straight men really well, because he only fucks them,” says Samberg. As a scholar and lover of men, Robbie doles out advice on how to catch one. The word man-date is used a lot, and Peter goes on a number of them. Hilarity and high jinks promptly ensue. Many end in disaster, but one ends in a friendship with Sydney Fife, a bro-ish investor played by Jason Segel, which forms the crucible of the narrative.

I Love You, Man is one of those funny, good-hearted bromance movies ushered in by 2007’s Superbad. It’s not going to win any Oscars -- it’s like The Break-up but in reverse and for men. There’s little revelatory in I Love You, Man, either in concept or execution. It will, perhaps, be called a “tender, modest story” by New York Times film critic A.O. Scott and he’ll be right. But beneath the modesty and tendresse, there is a daring notion at play: Samberg’s character is an unlisping, unfey, unqueeny gay man in a non-gay film. Groundbreaking, right? Sadly, in the conventional cineplex, it is. Samberg goes where no man has gone in mainstream comedy: He plays gay...straight.

“The reason I liked the character is because I know people like that,” says Samberg. “There is this guy I know who for all appearances is pretty aggressively straight but who is actually gay. When we do an impression of him it’s always like [slipping into the bro voice], “Fucking pounded some beers, fucking kick-ass game on the television, I’m going to go suck a dude’s dick. See you later!”

Samberg might be an unlikely banner-waver for a sophisticated and subtle take on homosexuality. His tenure at Saturday Night Live -- and SNL in general for that matter -- has been marked by accusations of insensitive depictions of gays. More accurately, for the past 34 years, Saturday Night Live has ghettoized gayness, making it nothing more than a punch line in sketch after sketch. It’s not unfair or completely inaccurate to say it’s a small step from punch line to punching bag. Of all the cast members in the history of SNL only one -- Terry Sweeney, 1985­–1986 -- was openly gay. Does this have to do with Christopher Hitchens’s fallacious and phallocentric thesis (published in Vanity Fair) that a dick and a hunger for vagina is a prerequisite for funniness or is it just run-of-the-mill situational segregation? Samberg himself has taken a lot of the heat for the November 15, 2008, show, hosted by Paul Rudd, which was derided as a “gay minstrel show” by the blog Defamer. Proposition 8 had just passed and gayness was in the ether, but it doesn’t explain this:
Kissing Family: College student Rudd brings his roommate, Samberg, home for a family dinner. His family is very affectionate. The favorite mode of affection: a profusion of kisses on the lips. Father-on-son, brother-on-brother, but strangely little mother-on-son or father-on-mother. Samberg is shocked but, in the end, confronts his fear with a slobbery, open-mouthed kiss with the father. “That wasn’t so bad,” he concludes.

Everyone’s a Critic: Samberg asks Rudd, who’s highlighting his lines in his dressing room, “This is going to sound kind of weird but [pregnant pause] may I paint you?” Cut to: candles, sensual music, Paul Rudd naked, Samberg behind an easel. Think Titanic with Rudd as a very hirsute Winslet. “It’s cold in here,” says Rudd. “Could’ve fooled me,” says Samberg. The two switch positions. Later they attempt to auction off Rudd’s painting but are unsuccessful as the bidders gouge their eyes out at first sight of it.

Guys in a Car: A seemingly straight man tells a car full of his bros about the last time he had sex. The coitus occurred in the backseat of a cab with the cab’s male driver.

Backup Dancers: Samberg, Justin Timberlake, and Bobby Moynihan, dolled up in unitards and pumps, play backup dancers in Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video.

Update: Snagglepuss: In the infamous “Weekend Update” in which Seth Meyers shushes audience members booing at the mention of Prop. 8 with a terse “Vote’s over,” Moynihan, dressed as the pink and seemingly gay mountain lion Snagglepuss, mourns the passage of Prop. 8 while becoming increasingly agitated at Meyers’s insinuation of his homosexuality.

This from a show with only three gay writers out of 21 and no gay cast members. But Samberg poo-poos the episode’s gayness. “It wasn’t on purpose. Sometimes you have a really dirty show. Sometimes you have a really gay show. As much as I’d like to say we made the [painting sketch] in response to Prop. 8, we didn’t.” Furthermore, he says it’s inaccurate to think that the sketches mock gays. The source of the humor, he claims, isn’t in homosexuality itself but in the fraught relationship straight men have with it. “It’s bro-gay,” says Samberg, “which I love just because dudes that are bros and super antigay are the ones who need to get it the worst. They’re the ones we have the most fun fucking with.”

And if you think about it, he’s right. The kissing family is, by all indications, a heteronormative nuclear family. The guys in the car are simply “dudes.” Despite the candles and the soft sex music, Rudd and Samberg are nothing more than painter and painted. The humor is in the notion -- which makes many people very uncomfortable -- that beneath the thin veneer of heterosexuality is a current of homosexuality yearning to breathe free. On SNL, ambiguously gay duality is played for laughs and no one -- at least no one with a working sense of humor -- can deny it’s funny. As Samberg says, “It’s a slippery slope, but sometimes that shit is just funny.”

But to justify the gay jokes as merely an act of provocation is to leave the door open for insidious stereotyping. The mincing foppery of Beyoncé’s backup dancers may well be a role-playing game meant to rattle homophobes, but it is an imprecise weapon of indeterminate range. Samberg et al, lisping in unitards and pumps, look a lot like gay stereotyping. This problem could be solved, or at least ameliorated, if Samberg were gay or if SNL’s cast and writers were gayer. But Samberg is too damn good a comedian to make lapsing into vulgar caricature -- be it gay, white, or Mark Wahlberg talking to animals -- a habit.

The best illustration of Samberg’s talent and the embodiment of his agent provocateur philosophy is his impeccably timed, heat-seeking missive to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran. At a speech at Columbia University on September 24, 2007, Ahmadinejad claimed, “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country.” By that Saturday, the 27th, Samberg and his writing partners had written, recorded, and shot a surprisingly catchy love song to Mr. Ahmadinejad called “Iran So Far.” The joke of the song wasn’t -- or wasn’t merely -- that one man could care so deeply about another as to pen him a ballad; nor was it merely Fred Armisen’s eerily realistic Ahmadinejad that rendered that scary despot cuddly and adorable. The work was in the words. “Talk smooth to me, without a tie,” Samberg raps, “Your pants high-waisted, damn, so fly / We can take a trip to the animal zoo / And laugh at all the funny things that animals do.”

“The rap,” says Samberg, “is the vessel for the jokes we are thinking of.” At one point, Samberg, playing the piano atop a double-decker bus as it rolls through Times Square, raps, “I know you say there’s no gays in Iran / But you’re in New York now, baby / It’s time to stop hiding / And start living.” Like the bus, the line has a number of levels. In two unrhymed couplets, Samberg deflates a bigot, supports a city, condones a way of life, and makes you laugh.

Similarly, says Samberg, “no one is going to look at my character in I Love You, Man and say ‘It’s funny because you’re a straight guy playing a gay guy.’ It’s funny because the character is funny.” That’s one small step for Samberg but one giant leap for comedy.

I Love You, Man opens March 20. Incredibad, the new album from Samberg’s band, the Lonely Islands, is available now.



Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island - Incredibad (song)

This is their story...

Jorma has a great rapping voice. This one would also be a sweet music video (oh, wait, no, it gets too nasty).

"I think we should screw."




Andy Samberg - Did Whaaat in His Pants?

Just when you thought Saturday Night Live's "Dick in a Box" would go down as the best digital short in history, the late-night crew has upped their game with another dirty little music video that involves a dirty little oopsies in the undies — "Jizz In My Pants." The soon-to-be viral hit stars Andy Samberg alongside Jorma Taccone, an SNL writer and fellow member of Samberg's The Lonely Island sketch comedy group. Also featured in the risqué short are Molly Sims and Jamie-Lynn Sigler as the sexy ladies who prompt the premature party foul. And to really hit it out of the park, SNL recruited Justin Timberlake for a few key cameos throughout the video as the disgusted janitor in charge of the clean up on aisle three.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Andy Samberg Covers Out Magazine

SNL wunderkind Andy Samberg takes the March 2009 cover of Out Magazine and chats up his new movie, I Love You, Man.

The 30-year-old funnyman describes the comedy as “a dude-on-dude romantic story that straight guys can feel comfortable watching.” The flick stars Paul Rudd as a guy on the verge of marriage who ends up on an accidental date with Andy, who plays a gay character who only sleeps with straight guys. A het hunter, if you will.

Andy says, “No-one is going to look at my character in I Love You, Man, and say, ‘It’s funny because you’re a straight guy playing a gay guy.’ It’s funny because the character is funny.’”

And responding to criticism that Saturday Night Live has resorted to gay stereotypes, Andy claims the source of humor is not homosexuality, but in the fraught relationship straight men have with it. “It’s bro-gay,” he says, “which I just love because dudes that are bros and super antigay are the ones who need to get it the worst. They’re the ones we have the most fun f—ing with.”

I Love You, Man opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, March 20.



Good catch from Kayleigh!

The article says:

"The flick stars Paul Rudd as a guy on the verge of marriage who ends up on an accidental date with Andy"

This article from Just Jared is wrong. Andy Samberg plays Paul's brother, not a guy who goes on an accidental flick with Paul.



Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island - Boombox (song)

The Lonely Island - Boombox (feat. Julian Casablancas)

This one wasn't quite so funny. Thoughts?

Oh, wait. It gets funnier at the end. This would make an interesting music video. Apparently the Boombox causes sex.

This one is Andy's voice.


Andy Samberg VS Sarah Silverman (photo)

Sarah Silverman and Andy Samberg - The 2007 MTV Movie Awards, June 3, 2007

I wonder who would win in a comedy-off...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Andy Samberg's Incredibad Debuts at #1 on iTunes Album Chart

The Lonely Island's Incredibad Debuts at #1 on iTunes Album Chart

SNL Comedy Troupe's Universal Republic Album Opens At #13 On Billboard's Top Album Chart, #1 on Billboard's Comedy Album Chart

NEW YORK, Feb 18, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as 'the new frontier of white and nerdy,' and lauded on the cover of TV Guide magazine as 'the future of TV and digital comedy,' The Lonely Island (Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone) can now add the title "music super stars" to their growing repertoire of entertainment milestones - their Incredibad debuted as the #1 Comedy Album on the Billboard chart, as well as hitting the #1 spot their first week out on iTunes' coveted album chart, giving them the best debut by a new artist in 2009.

Released February 10th, the CD/DVD has garnered across the board acclaim as it also locks down the #13 spot on Billboard's Top Album chart. 'The lyrics are hilariously simple and the music wildly catchy,' raved the New York Observer, 'without a doubt one of the funniest albums, music or otherwise in years,' wrote Paste - 'good music and pitch-perfect style parodies.'

Incredibad is packed with new parodies and signature musical versions of groundbreaking digital shorts that have transformed sketch comedy and online satirical fare. Among the breakout gems included on Incredibad is the Emmy-winning YouTube sensation "D**k In A Box," featuring superstar Justin Timberlake, which snagged a record-breaking 30 million-plus views before being permanently housed at NBCs online destinations and Hulu, and the more recent follow-up "J**z In My Pants," which had 15 million views in its first month on YouTube. And don't forget their current SNL/YouTube sensation "I'm On a Boat," a send-up of hip hop's status-seeking obsession featuring T-Pain, which has hailed as 'the gold standard on how to be both clever and profane.'

The CD features uproarious new surprises such as "Sax Man," featuring Jack Black, "Santana DVX," featuring Bay area rapper and The Click founder E-40, and "Like a Boss," among others. Audio renditions of past webisodes and SNL shorts round out the Universal Republic release, including fan-favorites such as "Lazy Sunday," which first aired on SNL in December of 2005, becoming a YouTube phenomenon and helping to brand the fledgling site as the internet's premiere must-watch online destination.

The trio's inspired new musical creations feature a diverse arsenal of guest-artists including hip hop impresario T-Pain, Grammy winning superstar Norah Jones, comedian Chris Parnell, The Strokes' Julian Casablancas, and others.
The Lonely Island will be celebrating their first release by doing two in store appearances in support of Incredibad - in New York City at Virgin Records Union Square and Newbury Comics in Boston. The "hometown" stop at Virgin will take place Wednesday, February 25th at 7pm with a Q&A and CD signing. The Newbury visit is on Friday, February 27th at 7pm following the same format.

SOURCE: Universal Republic



Well, they did win an Emmy for writing a song. Now let's see if they win a Grammy. =^)

Note: "J**z In My Pants" is up to 27 million views on YouTube now.


The Lonely Island - Normal Guy

It's a skit on their CD. Jorma's the annoying normal guy.


Andy Samberg - Hangs with Amy & Will (photo)

Ben Gibbard, Andy Samberg, Will Arnett, and Amy Poehler - Death Cab for Cutie's Album Release Party to Benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, May 4, 2006

Monday, February 23, 2009

Molly Sims Was Hot to Help Andy Samberg with Racy SNL Vid

The mellifluous Molly Sims may have her pick of men, but she jumped at the chance to help SNL's Andy Samberg "jizz" in his pants.

"They called me directly — no agents, no managers, nothing," the former Las Vegas beauty told E!. "It was like, 'Can you do this?' I said yes. And it was like, 'Be here tomorrow.'" Sims joined Samberg for the comedian's latest digital short, "Jizz in My Pants," as a seductress on the dance floor who gets him to — well, you know.

Sims was ready to get up close and personal in part because she'd been a fan of Samberg's earlier viral hit with Justin Timberlake, "Dick in a Box." The pop star also appears in this latest effort as a grocery store worker on clean-up duty after SNL writer and Samberg's Lonely Island comedy group partner Jorma Taccone encounters Jamie-Lynn Sigler at the checkout.

"They were like, 'We have to warn you. Just have some imagination,'" Sims recalled of her introduction to the "Jizz" project. "They sent it to me. Yeah, it was weird when I was just listening to the track."

And while the faux music video has been making the rounds across the 'net, Sims said she isn't hoping that everyone sees it. "Some people I called and some people I was like, you know what, I'm just gonna wait until I see it," she said. She did, however, send it to her dad (we'll leave that one to the Freud scholars.).



It's cool that Andy and the dudes just called her up. It's also very cool of her to jump in a day's notice like that. Great job Molly!!!


Andy Samberg Hugs Annette Bening (photo)

Saturday Night Live - Andy Samberg, Annette Bening (air date 12/9/2006)


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Andy Samberg - Bio on TV

Birth Place: Berkeley, CA
Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 08/18/1978, Leo
Profession: Actor; comedian; screenwriter
User Rating: 5 stars (50 ratings)

Formed a comedy filmmaking group called The Lonely Island with longtime friends Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer; produced a series of popular online shorts, including The O.C. parody "The 'Bu."

Worked as an assistant on the ABC sitcom Spin City.

After joining Saturday Night Live in 2005, rose to fame with his music-parody shorts, particularly the rap spoof "Lazy Sunday."

Made his big-screen debut playing stuntman Rod Kimble in the 2007 comedy Hot Rod.

Andy Samberg Relationships:

Margie - Mother
Darrow - Sister
Johanna - Sister
Joe - Father
Joanna Newsom - Significant Other

Andy Samberg Awards:

2007 Emmy: Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics - Winner


New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY; attended University of California, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA



Andy Samberg Talks Football (photo)

SNL - Jeremy Piven, Jason Sudeikis, Andy Samberg - "That'll move the chains" - airdate 1/20/2007

Hey, Jason looks good blonde!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Lonely Island - Shrooms

Have you heard The Lonely Island's "Shrooms" yet?

It's hilarious!!!

Rachel and friend cut ya a video:

Xbox Avatar version:

Album cover:


Andy Samberg Bald (photo)

Saturday Night Live - Air Date Nov. 1, 2008 - Will Forte, Andy Samberg, Ben Affleck

Friday, February 20, 2009

SNL Statistics 2/14/09 - How Andy Samberg did

These are the stats for the number of skits they were in on the 2/14/09 (Valentines Day) episode of Saturday Night Live...

Alec Baldwin 7
Jonas Brothers 4
Dan Aykroyd 1
Jack McBrayer 1
Cameron Diaz 1
Fred Armisen 3
Abby Elliott 2
Will Forte 6
Bill Hader 6
Darrell Hammond 1
Seth Meyers 1
Bobby Moynihan 3
Paula Pell 1
Andy Samberg 4
Jason Sudeikis 6
Kenan Thompson 5
Michaela Watkins 3
Kristen Wiig 7
Casey Wilson 3

Top performer: Kristen Wiig with 7
That was just as many as the host, Alec Baldwin, which is very rare!!!

Second place: Tied with 6 are Will Forte, Bill Hader, and Jason Sudeikis
Will Forte and Bill Hader are really staying up there lately. Great job keeping versatile boys!

Third place: Kenan Thompson with 5. I loved his Big Buts skit.

Fourth place: Andy Samberg with 4. This is typical for Andy. His Jonas Brothers digital short was hilarious!!!

Fifth place: Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan, Michaela Watkins, and Casey Wilson tie with 3. A little low for Michaela and Fred. I think Will and Bill have been getting more skits lately but Fred hasn't. I wonder if Fred's the next to go. Tough to tell, because they are all very talented. This is average for Bobby. Get more skits, Bobby!!!

Sixth place: Abby Elliott only gets 2 skits. Again Abby gets the shaft. However, Abby has done a great Angelina Jolie impression twice now on Weekend Update (and she was cute in the Photo Shop skit). Abby, you need to do an Angelina Jolie Show (like how Chris Kattan did his "Antonio Banderas How Do You Say It? Ah, Yes... Show").

And bringing up the rear with 1 skit are Darrell Hammond (they usually just play him once or twice; I wonder if he gets paid per skit), Seth Meyers (he just does Weekend Update), and Paula Pell (she's a long-time writer who does voice narrations).

Cameos: A great week for cameos! Dan Aykroyd and Cameron Diaz show up (but both weren't so hot). Plus the Jonas Brothers appear in 2 skits!


Andy Samberg and Lorne Michaels (photo)

Andy Samberg and Lorne Michaels - The Los Angeles "Hot Rod" Premiere, July 26, 2007

Rachel gushes on Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island CD

At 1:34 Rachel shows the cover of TV Guide... with Andy Samberg on it!!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Andy Samberg - Behind th Scenes of TV Guide (video)

TV Guide Magazine: The Future of TV Photo Shoot

Check out Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island as they smash tvs and slay dragons at the photo shoot for the Future of TV issue of TV Guide Magazine - on newsstands February 11, 2009

Andy smashed a stereo with a sledge hammer! Awesomeness.


Andy Samberg on TV Guide

Hey, have you seen the TV Guide this week? Andy Samberg is so on the cover!!!

Here's a message from Jen from

"So I was at the store today and saw that Andy is gracing the cover of the TV Guide Mag! There's a 3 page spread on the Lonely Island boys inside! Sweet!! People are catching on... :)"


Andy Samberg Covers TV Guide

Saturday Night Live funnyman Andy Samberg channels his inner-fortune teller and looks into his crystal ball for the latest TV Guide cover. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On the success of his trio Lonely Island: “Success hasn’t changed us…it’s just changed our amount of leisure time….to zero”

On the relationship of TV and online: “Being on TV is what makes our stuff more popular on the internet.”

On the “Clockwork Orange goes porn vibe” (track shorts over silver tights) for the TV Guide Mag photo shoot: “Oddly this look works.”

On meeting the SNL team for the first time: “I was like, ‘Guys if they want me to do anything, I’m doing it’. This was my dream.”


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Braden, a boyfriend (The Cougar Den)

The Cougar Den

Note: The Jonas Brothers portrayed the women's boyfriends in this sketch at dress rehearsal.

The cougars are on the prowl for young men.

Alec Baldwin ... Blaine Bagby
Cameron Diaz ... Kiki Deamore
Will Forte ... Brandon
Bill Hader ... Brendan
Paula Pell ... Announcer (voice)
Andy Samberg ... Braden
Kenan Thompson ... Kenneth
Michaela Watkins .. Barbara Lanka
Kristen Wiig ... Jacqueline Seka
Casey Wilson ... Toni Ward

Kristen's taking the spotlight for the women now that Amy's gone. It makes me want to see what the other three ladies can do.

Cameron Diaz shows up. Lots of stars and cameos in this episode! I love Kenan's looks he gives!

So the Jonas brothers did this in dress rehearsal and was replaced by Bill, Will, and Andy. I wonder if the Jonas brothers were already in too many skits, if they were busy prepping to perform, or if this skit was too edgy for them. Not sure.

Basically this is a vehicle to give these three ladies regular characters. It works pretty well. What do you think?

Andy is funny here just in the looks he gives.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Eric with the sleepover idea (Republican Congressional Leadership Meeting)

Cold Opening: Republican Congressional Leadership Meeting

The minority on The Hill has big ideas.

Dan Aykroyd ... John Boehner
Will Forte ... Dave
Darrell Hammond ... Panelist
Andy Samberg ... Eric
Jason Sudeikis ... Tom
Kristen Wiig ... Panelist

Cameo from Dan Aykroyd!!!

An interesting conversation, but mostly a waste of so much talent on this stinker.

Andy Samberg is Eric with the sleepover idea. Even though this skit isn't all that funny, Andy's facial expressions are still funny. Reminds me of his wimpy Deep Dish character.


Akiva helps Jimmy Fallon tape for his show

Opening Montage

Jimmy brings you a sneak peek at some of the raw footage that will be incorporated into the show's opening montage.

So the interesting thing here is that Jimmy is such good friends with The Lonely Island dudes that Akiva is helping him shoot some amazing footage for his new show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (he's taking over for Conan O'Brien).


Monday, February 16, 2009

Andy Samberg - Found out the Jonas Brothers live forever (Digital Short)

Film SNL Digital Short: Property of the Queen

The Jonas Brothers live forever...

Jonas Brothers
Will Forte ... Band member
Bill Hader ... Wizard
Bobby Moynihan ... Band member
Andy Samberg ... Himself
Kenan Thompson ... Band member

Hilarious! I love that they kept addng to the gag as it went. This made it even funnier!

I love Andy's gag with the DVD player at the beginning. I also like the Highlander line. Plus Bill's wizard is hilarious, and Will, Bobby, and Kenan were funny as the band. I also like how the gazelle transforms.

"This guy." Hilarious!


SNL 2/14/09 - Alec Baldwin and The Jonas Brothers

4/7/09 Update: We added a Michaela Watkins video that's hilarious! It's her blogger character on Weekend Update.


Of course if Steve Martin hosted this season then Alec Baldwin has to as well. Alec hasn't really done anything memorable with Andy yet. (Steve Martin just did his most memorable bit with Andy by being a part of Laser Cats 4.)

The Digital Short is hilarious! And it features Andy (and many other dudes).

SNL Promo: Alec Baldwin and The Jonas Brothers

Alec wants to know if there are any Jonas Sisters.

A couple of cute gags here from Alec.

SNL Promo: Alec Baldwin

Alec and Will discuss magic, massages, and the Jonas Brothers.

The massage gag is hilarious. Great job Will!!!

Cold Opening: Republican Congressional Leadership Meeting

The minority on The Hill has big ideas.

Dan Aykroyd ... John Boehner
Will Forte ... Dave
Darrell Hammond ... Panelist
Andy Samberg ... Eric
Jason Sudeikis ... Tom
Kristen Wiig ... Panelist

Cameo from Dan Aykroyd!!!

An interesting conversation, but mostly a waste of so much talent on this stinker.


Introducing Jack McBrayer.

Alec Baldwin
Jack McBrayer
Fred Armisen ... Audience member
Bobby Moynihan ... Audience member
Jason Sudeikis ... Audience member
Kristen Wiig ... Audience member

Jack's pretty funny. I love Bobby's character.

The Oldest Jonas

Fourth Jonas: There was a fourth Jonas named Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin ... Gary Jonas
Jonas Brothers

Lots of Jonas brothers skits. That's pretty good for a few of straight-edge kids. Very amusing skit.

The Cougar Den

The Jonas Brothers portrayed the women's boyfriends in this sketch at dress rehearsal.

The cougars are on the prowl for young men.

Alec Baldwin ... Blaine Bagby
Cameron Diaz ... Kiki Deamore
Will Forte ... Brandon
Bill Hader ... Brendan
Paula Pell ... Announcer (voice)
Andy Samberg ... Braden
Kenan Thompson ... Kenneth
Michaela Watkins .. Barbara Lanka
Kristen Wiig ... Jacqueline Seka
Casey Wilson ... Toni Ward

Kristen's taking the spotlight for the women now that Amy's gone. It makes me want to see what the other three ladies can do.

Cameron Diaz shows up. Lots of stars and cameos in this episode! I love Kenan's looks he gives!

Film SNL Digital Short: Property of the Queen

The Jonas Brothers live forever...

Jonas Brothers
Will Forte ... Band member
Bill Hader ... Wizard
Bobby Moynihan ... Band member
Andy Samberg ... Himself
Kenan Thompson ... Band member

Hilarious! I love that they kept addng to the gag as it went. This made it even funnier!

Commercial: Sir Mix-a-Lot's Photo Shop

Give your photos the gift of back.

Abby Elliott ... Becky
Will Forte ... Employee
Bobby Moynihan ... Employee
Kenan Thompson ... Sir Mix-A-Lot
Casey Wilson ... Customer

Hilarious. Bobby's facial expressions are always funny. Abby needs more skits.

Musical Performance "Tonight"

Jonas Brothers

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Kenan Thompson ... Oscar Rogers
Abby Elliott ... Angelina Jolie
Michaela Watkins ... Angie Tempura, blogger
Jason Sudeikis ... Joaquin Phoenix

Update: Oscar Rogers

Fix it, then do it with your Valentime!

Oh no, not the fix-it guy again!!! This is so not funny.

Good news that Abby busted out her Angelina Jolie again (no vid though). Keep it up Abby!

B**** Please

A blogger with a simple message.

Michaela Watkins channels Dana Carvey with this funny character. I like characters like this where it is the character that's funny and not the gags.

Vincent Price's Valentine's Day Special

Alec Baldwin ... Richard Burton
Fred Armisen ... Liberace
Bill Hader ... Vincent Price
Kristen Wiig ... Carol Channing
Casey Wilson ... Elizabeth Taylor


Hold my calls.

Alec Baldwin ... Troy
Will Forte ... Carl
Bill Hader ... Jerry

Interesting conversation. I think this is a recurring skit for Will and Bill. Not super funny though.

Musical Performance "Video Girl"

Jonas Brothers

Wii Guys

It's all in the wrist.

Alec Baldwin ... Father
Bill Hader ... Son
Jason Sudeikis ... Son
Michaela Watkins ... Mother

Yeah, the funny thing is, this is pretty much the game exactly. =^)

Nice skit!

Commercial: Chewable Pampers

Smells like dinner time!

Jason Sudeikis ... Father
Kristen Wiig ... Mother

A previous commercial that's still hilarious!!!

Commercial: Virgania Horsen's Hot Air Balloon Rides

Come on a hot air balloon ride with me!

Kristen Wiig ... Virgania Horsen

From last season, this commercial was shot and edited by The Lonely Island. Pretty funny.

Commercial: First Coughs - Mastering The Art Of Foreshadowing Your Character's Death

Alec Baldwin
Fred Armisen ... Actor
Will Forte ... Actor
Bill Hader ... Actor
Andy Samberg ... Actor
Jason Sudeikis ... Actor
Kenan Thompson ... Actor
Kristen Wiig ... Actress

Overall: Overall, this was a very strong episode. I thought the Cold Open (sorry Dan Aykroyd), Mr. Fix it, and Scheduling fell flat, but I loved the Digital Short, and the Monologue, Oldest Jonas, Cougar Den, Sir Mix-a-Lot's Photo Shop, and Wii Guys were all funny. Plus it was wise to pick two great previous commercials, Chewable Pampers and Hot Air Balloon.

Great job Alec and SNL! Probably the best episode of the season (or pretty close to, so far). Definitely better than the Steve Martin episode (so Alec really came through this week).


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Andy Samberg - Annoys Jimmy Fallon with the NBC music

The Lonely Island guys stop by to promote their new album, "Incredibad."

Check out Jimmy's V-Log for his new Late Night Show (he's taking over for Conan), where Jimmy "attempts" to interview Jorma and Andy on their Incredibad album.

For those who don't know, Jimmy and The Lonely Island are long time pals. They met on the MTV Movie Awards where Jimmy hosted and the dudes were writers (plus they got to act a little). Jimmy recommended them to Lorne, which is how they got onto SNL.

So it makes sense now that they've moved on to successful careers to have them still collaborating like this whenever they can.



BONUS: Jimmy Fallon's First Stand-Up Performance

17-year-old Jimmy Fallon's first stand-up appearance. From Bananas Comedy Club, Poughkeepsie, New York.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Andy Samberg - Would rather do Angela Lansbury

Andy admits he'd rather do Angela Lansbury:


What's your favorite Lonely Island song that wasn't on Incredibad?

I think mine is actually "My Testicles," the Ariel and Effrim song that Andy did with Tom Hanks back in early 2006.

The deal with Iran So Far is that the publisher of the Aphex Twin sample wanted way too much money for a sample that's part of one of many songs on a CD.

What's your favorite Lonely Island song that wasn't on Incredibad?

Here are some options...


o Kablamo!!!

o Stork Patrol

o Zanzibar

o My Pants

o Awesometown

SNL, 05-06:

o Young Chuck Norris

o My Testicles

SNL, 06-07:

o Harpoon Man

o Andy Popping into Frame song (no lyrics)

o Roy Rules

o Sloths

SNL, 07-08:

o Iran So Far (legal issues)

o Hero Song

o Daquiri Girl

o The Best Look in the World

SNL, 08-09:

o Extreme Activity Competition song (no lyrics)

o Everybody's A Critic song (no lyrics)

So what's your favorite Lonely Island song that wasn't on Incredibad?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

SNL Statistics 2/7/09 - Andy Samberg ties for most skits!!!

Bradley Cooper - 8
TV on the Radio - 2
James Lipton - 1
T-Pain - 1
Fred Armisen - 2
Abby Elliott - 1
Will Forte - 5
Bill Hader - 4
Darrell Hammond - 2
Seth Meyers - 1
Bobby Moynihan - 2
Andy Samberg - 5
Jason Sudeikis - 3
Jorma Taccone - 1
Kenan Thompson - 2
Michaela Watkins- 4
Kristen Wiig - 5
Casey Wilson - 2

Andy tied with Will Forte and Kristen Wiig for most skits this week (5) from a cast member. I think this reflects how much the public loves Andy. Plus Will and Kristen are well-rounded team players. Will plays the best victim, so as long as he keeps that up, he probably has job security.

Second place is Bill Hader and Michaela Watkins with 4. Watkins is proving that she's an asset and securing her place among the players.

Third place is Jason Sudeikis with 3. This is most likely giving Jason a break as they do more silly characters with Andy this week.

Fourth are Fred Armisen, Darrell Hammond, Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson, and Casey Wilson with 2 skits this week. Fred's taking a break, Darrell is more of a secret weapon that they only use a few times per episode, so tht leaves Bobby, Kenan, and Casey. Bobby is doing good, but he needs to keep looking for the break-out character. Kenan and Casey are fun, but they aren't funny. I wonder if Kenan's the next to go. I think it is him or Will Forte.

Fifth is, once again, Abby with 1 skit. Why wasn't she in the game show skit as a wife? She really needs to fight for those roles, now that they have four women. There's nothing that Kristen brought to her role that Abby couldn't have done with her looks. So, Abby, fight for those parts!!! And come up with some original characters and impressions pronto!!!


Has anybody bought the Incredibad album?

If so, what did you think?

It was a lot more rapping than I thought it would be. But that makes sense. All of their older stuff was rapping.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Hans Gruber from Die Hard

Show: Bad Guys, Good Conversation

Fear does not exist on this talk show.

Bradley Cooper ... Johnny Lawrence
Bill Hader ... Jame Gumb
Andy Samberg ... Hans Gruber
Jason Sudeikis ... John Kreese
Michaela Watkins ... Alex Forrest

Andy Samberg gets to play Hans Gruber! This is an impression he did in his original audition for SNL back in 2005. Awww, Andy didn't get to yell "McClane!!!"


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andy Sambeg's Incredibad - on Wikipedia

Incredibad is an upcoming album-DVD by the comedy troupe The Lonely Island (which previously released songs under the band name Incredibad), to be released on February 10, 2009, on Universal Republic Records. Many of the songs on the album debuted on Saturday Night Live as SNL Digital Shorts. The album is also available on vinyl.

Collaborators on the album include T-Pain, Norah Jones, Jack Black, E-40, Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, Sly & Robbie, DJ Nu-Mark, J-Zone, and Justin Timberlake.

Disc 1 - CD
"Who Said We're Wack"
"Santana DVX" (featuring E-40)
"Jizz in My Pants"
"I'm on a Boat" (featuring T-Pain)
"Sax Man" (featuring Jack Black)
"Lazy Sunday" (featuring Chris Parnell)
"Normal Guy" (interlude)
"Boombox" (featuring Julian Casablancas)
"Shrooms" (interlude)
"Like a Boss"
"We Like Sportz"
"Dream Girl" (featuring Norah Jones)
"Ras Trent"
"Dick in a Box" (featuring Justin Timberlake)
"The Old Saloon" (interlude)
"Punch You in the Jeans"
"Space Olympics"
"Natalie's Rap" (featuring Natalie Portman)

Disc 2 - DVD
"Jizz in My Pants"
"Just 2 Guyz"
"Lazy Sunday" (featuring Chris Parnell)
"Ras Trent"
"Dick in a Box" (featuring Justin Timberlake)
"We Like Sportz"
"Space Olympics"
" Bing Bong Brothers"

The song “Iran So Far,” featuring Adam Levine, was supposed to be on the album, but the rights could not be secured because of the Aphex Twin sample used in the track.


Incredibad Countdown: Released today!!! Go get it!!!


Andy Samberg is Incredibad (Rolling Stone article)

Saturday Night Live's golden boy Andy Samberg will be putting out a comedy album, titled Incredibad, next February, and you can expect it to be just as raunchy as "Dick In A Box" and "Jizz In My Pants." A slew of "real" musicians will join Samberg on the album, including T-Pain, Norah Jones, Jack Black, E-40, the Strokes' frontman Julian Casablancas and Justin Timberlake.

The album is a product of the three-man team known as the Lonely Island, comprised of Samberg and fellow SNL writers Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.

"We definitely wanted it to be a classic comedy album, but also one you put on more than once," Samberg said in an interview with MTV News. "We've gone out of our way to make it musically pleasing. We started on a few songs that were not funny enough, for us, but they sounded pretty cool. And the bottom line for the project was, 'Is it going to be funny first and music second?' I think it's 95 percent music, and we hope people would throw it on and bump it."

The trio has been posting songs and videos on their website for years, but have always wanted to put out a full album. Incredibad will rely heavily on hip-hop beats, recruiting Sly & Robbie, Jurassic 5's DJ Nu-Mark and underground producer DJ J-Zone to help them create rhythms. Jorma helped create some of the beats as well.

The first single "Jizz In My Pants," has become a viral hit since it debuted on SNL last week and features cameos from Timberlake (as a store janitor), the Sopranos' Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Molly Sims.


Incredibad Countdown: It's out today!!! Go get it!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Mark Spitz, Olympic swimmer

Update: Mark Spitz

The second most famous Olympic swimmer discusses the first.

Andy's pretty funny here. Good puns. I wish I had an Admiral.


Andy Samberg's Incredibad - The Secret Formula to their hit songs

See bold below for Andy stuff.


Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, aka the comedic trio known as the Lonely Island, aren’t shy about flaunting their indie rock bonafides. Samberg has done a wicked Conor Oberst impression on his day (night?) job, Saturday Night Live, and Taccone has a small library of YouTube clips of him dancing in his underwear in front of SNL guests like Arcade Fire and the Arctic Monkeys.

Their debut album Incredibad, due on February 10 via Universal/Republic, features musical guests like Norah Jones, T-Pain, and Strokes singer Julian Casablances, and note-perfect genre parodies of new wave dance music and thugged-out hip-hop. Samberg says we shouldn't expect any Animal Collective parodies from the group any time soon though, as the guys would "have to learn to sing that good." Then again, that might not be too great an obstacle, as Samberg quickly added that they’ve been considering a Fleet Foxes parody that would highlight "how bad we are at harmonizing."

Most of the song parodies aren't meant to jab at specific genres or artists, but rather to highlight absurd non-sequiter lyrics, top-notch tunes and often tragically deluded narrators. Schaffer says that part of the joke in the party anthem, "Just Two Guyz," is the awkwardness of the rappers, while Samberg's titular white Rastafarian, "Ras Trent," is meant to be as terrible a toaster as possible.

The group's music videos, like the recent smash, "Jizz In My Pants," and the classic, "Lazy Sunday," have garnered a devoted YouTube following (and are included with Incredibad). Though they're aware of the need to balance their own interests with what might be palatable to a wider audience, they're not afraid to throw their followers a curve ball. Taccone jokes that he expects fans of "Jizz" to hate the awkward nerd rap of "We Like Sportz." Ultimately, Schaffer says, the group’s main priority is not what will play on Hulu, but whether a joke amuses them: "If we like something, we'll do it."

Tracklist For Incredibad:

Disc One - Album:
01. Who Said We're Wack
02. Santana DVX (ft. E-40)
03. Jizz In My Pants
04. I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain)
05. Sax Man (ft. Jack Black)
06. Lazy Sunday (ft. Chris Parnell)
07. Normal Guy (Interlude)
08. Boombox (ft. Julian Casablancas)
09. Shrooms (Interlude)
10. Like A Boss
11. We Like Sportz
12. Dreamgirl (ft. Norah Jones)
13. Ras Trent
14. Dick In A Box (ft. Justin Timberlake)
15. The Old Saloon
16. Punch You In The Jeans
17. Space Olympics
18. Natalie’s Rap (ft. Natalie Portman And Chris Parnell)
19. Incredibad

Disc Two - DVD:
01. Jizz In My Pants
02. Just 2 Guyz
03. Lazy Sunday
04. Ras Trent
05. Dick In A Box
06. We Like Sportz
07. Space Olympics
08. Bing Bong Brothers


Incredibad Countdown: 1 more day!


Andy Samberg - Is "On a Boat" (SNL Digital Short)

5/26/09 Update: Added NBC Uncensored video.

Digital Short: I'm On A Boat

T-Pain, Andy and Akiva head out on the open seas. Jorma gets left behind.

I'm on a boat!!! I knew the boys had another one to three hit music videos in them for their CD release, and here's one...

Without the audience laughing:

WARNING: Explicit lyrics in this version...

NBC Uncensored version:

Clean lyrics on YouTube:

Awesome! It's cool to see The Lonely Island mix these videos up! For example, Andy and Jorma were the leads in J--- in My Pants, Jorma and Kiv were the leads in We Like Sportz, and Andy and Kiv are the leads in I'm On A Boat. It's also cool that the third guy still makes an appearance in all of them.

So we have some pretty silly gags here. Stuff like Jorma getting harassed by the other guys, T-Pain saying that he never thought he'd be on a boat, the mermaid, and oh so much more.

Definitely a great piece both musically and comedically.

What did you think?



TheAnimationEmpire corner...

The Godfather in 1 1/2 Minutes


Sunday, February 08, 2009

SNL 2/7/09 - Bradley Cooper & TV On The Radio

SNL Promo: Bradley Cooper

Kenan and Bradley hug it out.

Kenan isn't all that funny. In my opinion, his strength is in being the straight man who gives the crazy characters a look.

Cold Opening: Bipartisanship

The Senate is in need of support.

Fred Armisen ... Harry Reid
Kristen Wiig ... Nancy Pelosi

Boring and painful...


Bradley Cooper
James Lipton
Andy Samberg

Show: Today

Kathie Lee at the Hoedown!

Bradley Cooper ... Miss Bee
Michaela Watkins ... Hoda Kotb
Kristen Wiig ... Kathie Lee Gifford

I know that Kristen Wiig's Kathie impression is supposed to be annoying, but it's so annoying that it's more annoying than funny. Thoughts? Bradley Cooper saves this.

Gameshow: I'm Gonna Have Sex With Your Wife

The game show with no cash or prizes.

Bradley Cooper ... Danny Lane
Fred Armisen ... Michael Vodner
Will Forte ... Ron Stillwell
Bill Hader ... Tommy McCafferty
Michaela Watkins ... Catherine Stillwell
Kristen Wiig ... Jennifer McCafferty
Casey Wilson ... Michael's wife

Twisted much. I would have liked it if one of the contestants went postal. Will Forte looks good with the facial hair.

I'm On A Boat

Andy Samberg
Jorma Taccone

Wow. I think this is their second-best digital short this season, behind "J--- In My Pants."

Without the audience laughing:

WARNING: Explicit lyrics in this version...

Clean lyrics on YouTube:

Song: Memories

Bradley Cooper ... Guy
Will Forte ... Guy
Bill Hader ... Guy
Jason Sudeikis ... Guy

Musical Performance "Golden Age"

TV on the Radio

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Andy Samberg ... Mark Spitz
Kenan Thompson ... James Harrison
Kristen Wiig ... Bjork

Really?!?: Michael Phelps

Seth shares his thoughts on Michael Phelps.

Wow! I was wodering if Seth was going to go off on Phelps, especially after Phelps hosted earlier this season. But it was exactly the opposite! Seth shows extreme loyalty to the former host here as he attacks everybody who slammed Phelps for smoking dope. Great job, Seth!

Update: Mark Spitz

The second most famous Olympic swimmer discusses the first.

Andy's pretty funny here. Good puns. I wish I had an Admiral.

Update: James Harrison

The Super Bowl winner would like a minute.

Kenan busts out a tired Harrison. Funny, but it's really only one joke.

Update: Bjork

Iceland's lead vocalist weighs in on the economy.

Cute. Kristen shows that she owns random.

Admirals Locker Room

Bradley Cooper ... Matt
Will Forte ... Pierre LaRue
Darrell Hammond ... Burt
Bobby Moynihan ... Keith
Jason Sudeikis ... Tim Potenzone
Michaela Watkins ... Staff member

Show: Bad Guys, Good Conversation

Fear does not exist on this talk show.

Bradley Cooper ... Johnny Lawrence
Bill Hader ... Jame Gumb
Andy Samberg ... Hans Gruber
Jason Sudeikis ... John Kreese
Michaela Watkins ... Alex Forrest

Andy Samberg gets to play Hans Gruber! This is an impression he did in his original audition for SNL back in 2005. Awww, Andy didn't get to yell "McClane!!!"


Bradley Cooper ... Bill
Will Forte ... Father
Bill Hader ... Matt Sajak
Andy Samberg ... Mark
Kristen Wiig ... Dina
Casey Wilson ... Mother

Musical Performance "Dancing Choose"

TV on the Radio

Commercial: No Bruce! Let Me Finish! The Best Of Celebrity Tirades

Bradley Cooper ... Christian Bale
Abby Elliott ... Joan Cusack
Will Forte ... Stagehand
Darrell Hammond ... Jim Cramer
Bobby Moynihan ... Nathan Lane
Kenan Thompson ... George Foreman

Overall: A fun episode. What really stood out here was "I'm On a Boat," and Andy, Seth (Really), and Kristen on Weekend Update. There wasn't much else great about this episode. Thoughts?


Andy Samberg's Incredibad Album - Billboard article

See all of it big:

Correction: Iran So Far didn't make the cut due to legal issues.

Nice plug by Lipman at the end.

Incredibad Countdown: 2 more days!!!


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bradley Cooper hosts SNL tonight

If you don't know already, Bradley Cooper hosts SNL tonight.

Here he and Kenan hug it out:

Hmm. No ideas of what he could do with Andy. You never know...


Friday, February 06, 2009

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE swaps superstardom for supermarkets

The SexyBack singer’s geeky shop cleaner look, above, is for a music video for a single with a very rude title from band THE LONELY ISLAND.

The US comedy trio – AKIVA SCHAFFER, JORMA TACCONE and ANDY SAMBERG, – have had more than 20 million hits on YouTube with the vid.



Our favourite crooner, Justin Timberlake, has made a cameo in a new 'Saturday Night Live' video following on from the success of 'D--- in a Box'.

Starring comedian Andy Samberg, Molly Sims (from the TV show 'Las Vegas') and Jamie-Lynn Sigler (from 'The Sopranos'), JT cameos as a shop cleaner in this video - 'J--- In My Pants'.

It's a bit rude, but it sure does bring the LOLZ!!

And for old times sake - 'D--- in a Box'.


Incredibad Countdown: 4 more days!!!


The Lonely Island - All their Social Networking sites

First, you can join the official Lonely Island list:

Second, you can join the Lonely Island iLike page (it's a less trashy MySpace):

Third, you can keep up with the Lonely Island twitter page (Jorma sends out helpful links):

Fourth, you can add their page to your library (for music listening):

From Computerman:

Fifth, join their Facebook page (like MySpace but cooler):

Sixth, join their imeem page (also social networking and music):

Seventh, subscribe to their YouTube channel (videos, of course; they have 67,000 subscribers):

Eighth, join their MySpace page (17,000 friends):

Ninth, check out their iTunes page:


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