Sunday, February 01, 2009

SNL 1/31/09 - Steve Martin and Jason Mraz

Lots of Andy this week! Plus Steve Martin is always a joy!

SNL Promo: Steve Martin and Andy Samberg

Steve and Andy share a glimpse into the future.

The country has gone to the crapper anyway? That's a perfect reason to start an Andy Samberg Show! Let's do it!!!

SNL Promo: Steve and Kristen

Steve Martin is a legend.

Not quite as funny, so they are Web exclusive.

Obama Cold Open

President Obama is feeling nostalgic.

Okay. Here we go. Fred Armisen is finding more opportunities to pick fun of Obama (rather than playing him straight too often), and Jason Sudeikis' Biden jumps in to liven things up even more. Plus they pick a little fun at Bush in the process. This is a good strategy, and this one shows some promise for where they can take Obama and Biden in the future. Great job Fred and Jason!

NFL Films: Forefathers of The Game

They called him 'The Gun' for two reasons...

Bill Hader narrates and plays the ref. Darrell Hammond, Bobby Moynihan (Ray "The Monster" Krupp), Will Forte, and Jason Sudeikis give interviews about The Gun. Steve Martin is The Gun.

Pretty appropriate for Superbowl weekend.

Andy Samberg caught it!!! Hahaha.


Your issue may have issues.

Kenan Thompson hosts and the guests are Casey Wilson (she's not willing to admit her acne problems) and Steve Martin (man boobs).

Another non-funny Kenan character, the few laughs here are mostly centered around watching Steve Martin move around with his man boobs.

MacGruber: Pepsi #1

MacGruber meet MacGyver.

Eh, MacGyver makes a guest appearance as Will Forte wastes time and the bomb explodes. Kristen Wiig plays Vicky.

MacGruber: Pepsi #2

MacGruber has changed his name to "Pepsuber."

I like the "Pepsuber" title at the end. These just aren't staying fresh enough to be funny. Thoughts?

MacGruber: Pepsi #3

Pepsuber can only think about Pepsi.

I like the new song, "Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi..." reminds me of the badger song.

I think this is the funniest one of the three.

Neil & Jean

Jean has either ecstasy or breath mints in her purse.

Another Super Bowl skit. Will Forte has three good lines here, "You little funky junky joker monkey," "Excuse me sir, is your face taken," and the description of the denim vagina.

Will Forte and Kristen Wiig play their nerd characters. Steve Martin is the third in their group. Bill Hader and Kenan Thompson are watching the game. Abby is the waitress.

Overall, mostly boring. Nothing special from Steve Martin here.

Update: Gov. Patterson

Gov. Patterson discusses the latest Senate nominee and New Jersey.

Seth Meyers interviews Fred Meyers' Patterson. Funny stuff. The rudeness is hilarious. That loks pretty genuine at the end where Fred was improving in his character by annoying Seth some more. If Patterson became president, Fred Armisen would be getting a lot more positive buzz for his presidential impression.

Update: Gov. Blagojevich

Gov. Blagojevich would like to set the record straight.

I like Jason Sudeikis' Biden better.

Update: Angelina Jolie

Angelina is on the prowl for babies...

Abby does Angelina Jolie. A great impression, but she needs some funnier lines.

Digital Short: Laser Cats 4

A robo-villian reveals family ties in the latest installment of Laser Cats!

As Andy Samberg promised, here is Laser Cats 4. You can tell how many seasons Andy has been on SNL by how many Laser Cats there are.

Hahaha!!! How they manage to keep it so great and fresh, no one knows. They went with the Robo Cop 2 story here, mixed in with some Star Wars at the end. Will Forte is the scientist, Kenan is the robot, and Steve Martin is... well... you know who he is. Plus Lorne Michaels plays the usual role... himself.

"Do you get that it's King Lear?"

Steve Martin: Late for School

Steve Martin performs the song "Late For School," which he wrote, from his new banjo CD, "The Crow."

Eh. Not exactly King Tut.

Commercial: Pampers

Smells like dinner time!

Hahaha! Nice commercial! Kristen Wiig is supported by Jason Sudeikis as she convinces us to eat diapers.

Bernie Madoff

The ponzi-schemer is having a Super Bowl party.

Another Super Bowl skit. This is mostly just watching Fred leave messages. Not exactly funny, but Fred's character is interesting to watch.

Overall: We got to see Andy in the Steve Martin promos, the NFL documentary, and of course, Laser Cats 4. Steve Martin was The Gun, had man boobs, and was Andy and Bill's father.

Of the four Laser Cats, the second one was the least interesting, and the other three kept it fresh. This was probably my second-favorite Laser Cats episode, after the first one.


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