Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Q & A: How much does Andy Samberg get paid on SNL?

UPDATED: Originally posted on 6/1/10. We added the guesstimate for his annual income from SNL.

Well, let's say that he's making a lot less than the $70,000 he's been getting paid to do college performances and interviews and less than what they're probably paying him (per day) for hosting Shark Week.


According to the Jay Mohr book "Gasping for Airtime," former SNL cast member Jay Mohr said that his starting salary on SNL was $5,500 per week, plus $1,500 per week for a writing credit. The next year's salary was $6,500 per week (or $8000 with the writing credit) up to $12,500 per week for a fifth year tenured performer.

As of 2001, Will Ferrell held the record for the highest salary for an SNL cast member at $350,000 for the year, or $17,500 an episode.


Given that it's 2010 and not 1995 (Jay Mohr) or 2001 (Will Ferrell), the average is probably higher and closer to $7 or $8,000 now.

Seeing how Andy's been on for 5 years, and the 5th year salary in 1995 was $12,500 per episode, my guess is that Andy's getting about $16 or $17,000 per episode. At the end of season 37, Andy's original contract will be up, and he could negotiate to raise his salary significantly.

Based on the guess that he's making about $16K per episode, and Season 36 of SNL had 22 episodes, Andy's probably making somewhere around $352K per year on SNL (pre tax). That's pretty good (of course), but compare that to getting $70K per night in doing a show, and there's not much to compare.

Plus the writing credit might be up to $2 or $3,000 per episode now (but Andy's not a writer; he hasn't cared enough about that).

The reason why we only have old data is that it usually takes a ridiculously high negotiation to get it leaked to the press (like Will Ferrell's) or a star to be a little frustrated (Jay Mohr) and willing to divulge the secrets. (That said, Jay Mohr is on good terms with Lorne now, and I think Lorne was actually in the right at the time... Jay wasn't that big of an asset to the show; his comedy has gone on to mature more over time.)


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