Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes

Which made Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes more famous... Andy Samberg's Lazy Sunday or Sex in the City?

Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes were made famous by Sex and the City (and on a smaller scale, by Andy Samberg's Lazy Sunday)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sarah Silverman says Andy Samberg's stuff looks cheap

The panel at the June 19, 2010, All-Star Comedy Roundtable, which included Ben Stiller, Zach Galifianakis, Andy Samberg and Sarah Silverman, made moderator Brian Williams and each other laugh plenty of times during the discussion about comedy...

The moderator and four actors conducted the discussion sitting onstage in armchairs and on a long couch. One of the dominating topics was how quickly Samberg's digital shorts for "Saturday Night Live" had rocketed into cultural fame.

"I'm probably the least famous person here. Why did I have to go first?" Samberg joked after Williams asked him about his videos. "('Saturday Night Live' executives) knew we'd shot videos before, and they said, 'Hey, we're always looking for short films.'"

He said "SNL" executives asked for the shorts because it filled a need in the show.

"They need something to play while they switch sets," Samberg said. "So they're like, 'We need pre-taped stuff, and if it's funny, even better.'"

Silverman said she had always admired Samberg's videos.

"It shows comedy in its rawest form is funnier than something with a bunch of money thrown at it," she said.

"So I think Sarah was saying your stuff looks cheap?" Stiller added.

The actors often interrupted each other, either to contribute seriously to the discussion or to riff on the others. At one point when Samberg was speaking, Silverman said loudly, "I'm bored." ...

In addition, audience members were given the opportunity to ask the stars questions. Topics ranged from friendships among comedians, the experience of being on "Saturday Night Live," and whether the career of a comedian is what the four dreamed of when they were younger. Galifianakis, Samberg and Silverman all said that had always been their goal.

"I kind of always wanted to direct movies," Stiller said in reply to the question. "So I never thought I'd be acting this much. But I'm very happy."

Read the rest here:


So what's the most interesting part here for me is that Lorne and the producers were interested in The Lonely Island's digital shorts in order to fill out time to switch sets and costumes. That's probably why they air commercials multiple times and how they select where to place the digital shorts (especially really short ones that come in threes, like the MacGruber digital shorts).


Monday, June 28, 2010

Sarah Silverman licks Andy Samberg's nose!!!

At the Nantucket Film Festival, Sarah Silverman finally got to do what she has apparently wanted to do for a long time—lick Andy Samberg's nose! The Saturday Night Live funnyman allowed Silverman to taste his schnoz in front of a few hundred people while they were panelists on Ben Stiller's All-Star Comedy Roundtable.

Read more:

Thanks to Becca for the scoop!

Becca says:

So jealous of Ms Silverman!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Additional Andy Samberg EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup pics

I know, we've blogged a bunch on it, but we found y'all some more photos!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Did Andy Samberg impact Jack Johnson's new album?

Who knew that Andy Samberg’s impersonation of Jack Johnson on Saturday Night Live as the host of “The Mellow Show” would have such a big impact on the Hawaiian-born singer? Johnson plays against typecasting on his sixth album, which clocks in at just under 42 minutes and features 13 songs. Most of them are upbeat, and if not scorchers, are certainly jammy.

The title track, with its Beatles and Pink Floyd traces, for instance. Or the ‘50s-style romp, “At Or With Me.” Or even better, the bluesy “Bad Wine, Mistakes, Mythology,” which slurred together is fun to sing along to. Johnson’s quirkier side shines through on “Pictures of People Taking Pictures.” He does get mellow here and there with acoustic numbers, but compared to 2008’s subdued Sleeping Through The Static, To the Sea is an adrenaline rush.

Verdict: I doubt it that Andy impacted the album (although JJ loves Andy's impersonations), but there's nothing wrong with extra jammy music!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Andy Samberg plays with a puppet - What's Your Number? photo

Thanks to Becca for another great scoop!

First a bear, and now a puppet!

Andy Samberg played with a puppet on the Boston set of What's Your Number?


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Andy Samberg hanging out with Anna Faris while filming

How lucky is Anna Faris? The blond beauty was photographed goofing off with the hunky Chris Evans on the set of their movie, What’s Your Number? in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday, June 14th, 2010. Joining the pretty duo on set was funny guy Andy Samberg.

The romantic comedy follows a woman looks back at the past twenty men she’s had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love.

This will be Evans final film before starring in “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

More pics:


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Andy Samberg - the Futsoc interview

He danced with Justin Timberlake in the "You-know-what In A Box" viral video, crossed the galaxy as a "Space Chimp," and showed us all what a "Hot Rod" he is. But Andy Samberg is also a huge soccer fan, and he's got World Cup fever.

"I'm diagnosed," Samberg said while helping promote a 2010 FIFA World Cup video game at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles. "I did not get my flu shot for World Cup fever. Be careful though, it's similar to swine flu, and you do not want that."

The "Saturday Night Live" star, who says he was "okay" when he played soccer as a kid, acknowledges that the sport has struggled to score interest in the U.S. on a professional level.

"Americans like a lot of scoring. If soccer games were, like, 20-15, I think people would watch a lot more. But I feel like every year it gets bigger here."

One place where soccer, er, football, is big is England. The U.S. team will go toe-to-toe with the English on Saturday in both squads' opening game of the 2010 World Cup. Samberg says he likes the Red, White and Blue's chances, especially with star midfielder Landon Donovan.

"He certainly has one of the most superhero-ey names of anyone in the history of sports," claims Samberg. "He sounds like a character from one of the 'Star Wars' prequels."

But Saturday's game between the United States and England is no joke... and Samberg believes that it should even have a special name.

"(England) calls it football and we call it soccer. I decree this game 'Futsoc.'



Monday, June 21, 2010

Andy Samberg interview - soccer and tan work

Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

Mike Harmon of & catches up with Andy Samberg of SNL and The Lonely Planet to talk FIFA World Cup, EA Sports & comedy inspiration at "Balls to Brits." Samberg offers water cooler lines & challenges the US team.


The Lonely Planet? Um, sort of. But more like an Island.

Good interview. "Just go spongebob!" (Means just stop talking and learn from the pro actors, watching and absorbing it.)

Andy doesn't talk about his other projects (just his tan). I don't know why. He just shot a film, he's looking at another movie coming, and he and The Lonely Island boys are talking about another album. Plus he's coming back to SNL.

$20 in cash for doing the hamburger dance. =^)

Andy doesn't tweet. (A reminder that the Andy Samberg twitter channel is still fake.)


Andy Samberg debates YouTube with Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifinikis

Thanks to Becca for the scoop!

NANTUCKET - An all-star comedy roundtable starring Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Andy Samberg and Zach Galifianakis yesterday during the Nantucket Film Festival devolved into a debate over YouTube.

While “Saturday Night Live” funnyman Samberg and Galifianakis, the breakout star of “The Hangover,” owe much of their comedy career success to the online video sharing site, Silverman isn’t a big fan.

“It’s like rollerblading in an outdoor mall,” she said. “We did it because it was fun and new, until there were laws made about rollerblading in an outdoor mall.”

Silverman said YouTube ruins her ability to try out new material - see what bombs and what works - because it all ends up on the Internet before the act is ready for prime time.

“People put your stuff up there and it’s not ready,” she said, adding that old-school stand-up comics such as Richard Pryor honed their acts after months of performing.

But with YouTube, fans who show up at her shows expect to see new material all the time, not the old stuff they’ve been watching on the Internet for months.

Zach was more positive.

I think it’s a cool thing,” said the hirsute Southerner. “It’s a new avenue for people to get into the comedy business.”

When asked by audience member Allison Weiss, 12, of Guilford, Conn., who he liked to watch on YouTube, Z gave props to Andy Milonakis, whose freestyle rhyming vids went viral, as well as Comedy Central’s Bo Burnham, the Hamilton homey who recorded his shtick from his bedroom.

Sidenote: Zach was so impressed with the little girl’s question, he took out his wallet and handed her $20 from the stage.

Read about how Zach went on to interview Brian Williams for his Between Two Ferns Internet show:


Looks like Zach grew his beard back after he shaved it on SNL. It's a trimmer beard now, though.

So what do you think? I think Sarah has a good point. Comedians spend months coming up with jokes to perfect a routine and then they repeat that routine for like a year. It's kind of like how a musician comes up with a new album every year or two. Similarly, comedians won't have a new set of jokes for about a year or so.

However, that said, there are the truly legendary comedians... the Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Cosby, etc... the legendary comedians actually stole from each other. You could enter them into a room where people have heard their jokes, and they'd simply and comfortably pull out more jokes, often borrowing from each other or improv-ing with the crowd when they felt like their audience knew their jokes. Or Cosby would just remember something else that happened to him in his life, and boom, he would instantly be down a new tirade of a story, over-expressing the characters from his life.

And then Zach and Andy wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Internet videos. Ben Stiller is doing more Internet videos now, but he got his start with digital shorts on TV. And Sarah Silverman even owes a lot of her popularity to YouTube videos like "I *** Matt Damon."

What do you think?


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andy Samberg - and his ideal robot

Question for Andy Samberg: If you could build a robot, what would it do?


If I could build a robot it would be a robot that beats up my alarm clock robot (I have an alarm clock robot) Whenever my alarm clock robot went off this new, anti-alarm robot would smash it and then say, "Ignore that, Andy. You need more sleep and you're not weird for sleeping through all the sunlight. Your friends, family and co-workers are all wrong." And also it would make me sandwiches.
- Andy Samberg


Thanks to Anony for the scoop.

Also, check out the SmartGirlsAtTheParty site while you're there. It's Amy Poehler and her friends (Amy is such a hard core entrepewhatever, what with UCB, her show, and all). It's pretty much Amy hosting as they interview and play with smart girls and what they're doing. Totally cool and worth checking out.

Abby Elliott's a member:



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Andy Samberg - at the Nantucket Film Festival today

He's doing the round table comedy talk today at 12PM with Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, and Zach Galifianakis.

The images are of past appearances of Andy with the other comedians.


Sweet new Aubrey Plaza video and Scott Pilgrim trailer!

So along with all the other interesting Aubrey Plaza news, we featured the sweet new Aubrey Plaza online video on our Aubrey Plaza news blog. The video, Prom Night, also stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett.

Here's the video:

Go here for our commentary, including why Jason and Rachael said they were out of gum (was it a mistake?):

And to see the amazing Scott Pilgrim trailer and the other Aubrey news, just check out our Aubrey Plaza news blog:

It looks like Scott Pilgrim VS the World is going to be a hit!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Andy Samberg and Anna Farris filming scenes for "What's Your Number?"

Anna Faris and Andy Samberg were spotted in Boston today as they filmed scenes for the upcoming film “What’s Your Number”.

A woman looks back at the past twenty men she’s had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love.

Anna is one lucky actress – she’ll be working with some of “Hollywood’s Finest”: Ryan Phillippe, Joel McHale, Zachary Quinto, and Chris Evans.


That looks like a bear mascot costume.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Andy Samberg in Great Day - Behind the scenes

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Great Day.

Once again, too short, but we'll take what we can get. =^)

What did you think of that short?

Thanks to Sammi for the scoop.


Andy Samberg gives the spanks

Just read the ball and begin forming a single file line. No pushing. SNL cutie Andy Samberg was signing balls (not mine, unfortunately) at the FIFA World Cup Balls To The Brits, Balls To The Yanks Event, at Universal Citywalk in Calif.


Here's Andy at the Celebrity Soccer Challenge back in 2008:


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Andy Samberg talks about SNL underwear rituals and the 2010 World Cup

Andy Samberg revealed on Friday to On The Red Carpet's Rachel Smith the unusual Saturday Night Live ritual, his World Cup pick, and gets a little confused when asked about his upcoming film, What's Your Number?

“One thing I always will do before SNL, without exception, is put on underwear. I make no exception,” he joked with Smith at the recent “Balls to the Brits, Balls to the Yanks” event in Los Angeles, sponsored by the video game EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup. “I’m like a clean freak, I want underwear on."

So why is underwear so key? Well Samberg says, “Every now and then fellow cast members get a little flash of something. I don’t want to say [what] I have or haven’t seen of Bill Hader.”

Samberg, an avid soccer fan, also discussed the big World Cup match between the United States and England. “I gotta pull for the U.S. because I’m from here, but I have to admit I do root for England second," he said.

His dream outcome? “I’m hoping for whatever result ends up advancing both teams,” he said. It looks like he got his wish. The match ended in a draw.

Check out our video interview with Andy Samberg



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Andy Samberg - hangs out at an EA Sports event

June 11, 2010

SNL star Andy Samberg – checking out the action at an EA Sports World Cup event in Universal City, Calif. – disapproves of this (crystal?) ball's message: "England will win the championship."


I think Andy wants USA to win the cup!

Thanks to Amy for the scoop!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Advice for Kanye West

Andy and Jimmy rocked out at that event, and they presented Beyonce with the award, and Beyonce gave her speech time over to Taylor Swift:

On June 8th, The Kinky Surgeon wrote:


someone should tell kanye not to mess with snl, as if thats gonna stop them from making jokes about him. especially if he's acting like a little baby.

he's really lost it ^^ it kinda amuses me. he's probably thinking he's totally kicked snls ass by saying those things :P even though it's just childish.

now I'm a little sad that snl is on summer break, they could talk about it on weekend update again :P

This is regarding Kanye's lyric battle with SNL in his new song. Read more here:

That's pretty good advice. Nobody takes SNL seriously, especially not the writers and stars on SNL. For example, Kristen Wiig's Kathy Lee impression is super malicious, but she's actuactually humble about it and doesn't mean it that way.

So I think the SNL writers and actors just expected Kanye to laugh it off and not get angry about it, because that's what they'd do if it was them.

In comedy, the way to get even is just to laugh it off and laugh with it (making fun of yourself), or make fun of them when the opportunity presents itself.

SNL is fully willing to make fun of itself, like in the Betty White monologue, where she made fun of SNL for doing a live show. She used to do live shows, because they hadn't figured out how to record shows yet (they did them like radio). And you know an SNL writer wrote that joke, not Betty.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

MacGruber tanked in the Box Office

Domestic Total as of Jun. 9, 2010: $8,511,440

Production Budget: $10 million

Still, this is better than Will Forte's last effort, The Brothers Solomon (9/7/07), which made only $900,926.

But not quite as good as Andy Samberg's Hot Rod...

Which made $14,334,401.

So unfortunately The Lonely Island remains unbankable in movies.

So sad. =^(

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TheLonelyIsland's anti-Shrek campaign

(in no way affiliated with #MacGruber which is also out in theaters today) #Shrek Exposed!:
- The Lonely Island


Shrek's been doing some terrorist bombing:

So that was the Lonely Island's tweet (and they have a similar blog post). This basically means that Joni or Jorma wanted to comically downplay MacGruber's biggest film competition (sort of how Austin Powers 2 trailer masterfully told you to watch Star Wars), which is Shrek 4.

Kind of amusing...

Shrek's offensive haircut:


Friday, June 11, 2010

Andy Samberg joins the Ben Stiller comedy roundtable

I love Andy's look at Sarah in this image...

Known for his sometimes outrageous contributions to “Saturday Night Live’s” “Digital Shorts,” Andy Samberg has been a defining presence on the flagship NBC sketch-comedy show for the past five years, a presence he will bring here next week during the 15th annual Nantucket Film Festival.

June 19th, 12pm

A new addition to the Ben Stiller Comedy Roundtable event on Saturday, a program that already boasts Stiller and comedians Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Silverman, Samberg, an Emmy winner who has been an SNL cast-member since 2005, is well-known for his “Lonely Island” series of skits and music videos on the live show.

With ditties that have crossed over to the mainstream through radio, viral videos and record sales, Samberg is responsible for co-writing and producing such parody hits as the Grammy-nominated “I’m On a Boat” featuring rapper T-pain, and “Lazy Sunday,” a video featuring Samberg and SNL alum Chris Parnell in a comedic song about going to see “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Samberg along with childhood friends and producing partners Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, make up The Lonely Island that put out their first album “Incredibad” in 2009.

“Ben, Zach and Sarah are already a killer combo, but the addition of Andy to the mix further solidifies the event as one of the most memorable in festival history,” said festival executive director Colin Stanfield.


Andy hasn't done anything official with Stiller yet (other than doing some comedy bits in a Night of Too Many Stars), but he has done bits with Sarah Silverman and guested on her show (where they made out).

Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

Let me know if anyone finds video of this event!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Was Aziz Ansari's MTV Movie Awards opening better than Andy Samberg's?

From MTV...

MTV Movie Awards 2010: Relive Robert Pattinson And Taylor Lautner As Les Grossman's 'Bad A** Cops'

We started out with Les Grossman, whose Tom Cruise cameo might have gone over a few of your heads. If you have no idea why the A-list movie star was dressed up like an overweight ugly bearded producer, then do yourself a favor and go out and rent "Tropic Thunder." Then cross your fingers that Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson actually star in a movie called "Bad-A** Cops." But never grow handle bar mustaches. Either way, the film would probably make at least a billion domestic.

Hey, there's Bill Hader!

The intro video went on to include some of the biggest films coming out — Michael Cera ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World") was seen trading in his life as an actor to be a book end, Jaden Smith kicked Les's a** in a karate fight while his dad Will looked on in approval — and then Les sent us on with a show.

We must say, as much as we love Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari's opening monologue was about a billion times better than last year's. First he commented on the 3-D phenomenon (making the astute assumption that the 3-D movies really don't look as realistic as, say, "Julie & Julia"), he moved on to "Twilight" because, since it's MTV, of course "Twilight" is the biggest movie of the year...

He briefly summarized the first two films — like anyone in the audience didn't know what it was about — before making fun of the "New Moon" cliffhanger. As he astutely pointed out, it wasn't much of a cliffhanger because OF COURSE Bella was going to say yes! Let's just say we got some pretty hilarious reaction shots from Kristen, Taylor and Rob in the audience during that.


I've got to admit that Aziz's standup was better than Andy's, because let's face it, that's Aziz's thing. But if you compare that to the sweet song that Andy opened with, then you're comparing apples to oranges, and I'd give it to Andy, honestly.

Plus I'd give the movie opening to Andy as well. Tom Cruise was entertaining, but it's a different kind of humor.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is Kanye Mad at SNL?

In "Power," a just-leaked new track, possibly from the forthcoming Good *** Job, he says: "F**** SNL and the whole cast/Tell 'em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ***."

But why?

Presumably, it was one of SNL's three major digs at him following his [un]merciful interruption of Taylor Swift's... acceptance speech at last year's VMAs.

Here's Seth Myers and Amy Poehler blasting Kanye on September 17 during "Weekend Update": "Really Kanye West, you interrupted someone again?"

Here is Taylor Swift's monologue from November 7, in which she addressed Kanye's VMAs outburst in song form: "You might be expecting me to say something about Kanye and how he ran up on the stage at the VMAs/ But there's nothing more to say, 'cause everything's okay/I've got security lining the stage."

Also, here's Taylor Lautner's December 12 monologue, during which he beheaded Kanye in effigy:

Read it from the perspective of a Kanye lover here:


Monday, June 07, 2010

Andy Samberg at a MacGruber screening

Sunshine Landmark Cinemas. May 19, 2010.

What was the funniest moment on set?

“During the second sex scene, Will, because he’s having sex with a ghost, is humping air pushed up against a gravestone, banging his knees on the gravestone, and Lorne Michaels runs up and takes a picture of him from behind, giggling hysterically.” — Jorma Taccone


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Andy Samberg in only 3 of the top 10 skits this season?

Mark Graham made a list of the top 10 sketches, and Andy's only in 3 of them...

Now that the 35th season of Saturday Night Live is in the books, it’s time to take a look back at what most observers would classify as a solid-B season of the show. Admittedly, the show never quite reached the dizzying heights that it did last year in its 34th season, but then again, the writers and castmembers didn’t have the benefit of the frenzy of an election year to fall back on. Even without that well of material, this season saw plenty of its own highs: Kenan Thompson blossomed into a star (as Kristin Wiig faded ever so slightly), the Lonely Island guys had their most consistent season of their five seasons on the show, and newcomers Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad helped to stabilize the show after the off-season losses of Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins and Darrell Hammond.

Without further ado, here are our picks for this season’s ten most memorable sketches.

10. “On The Ground” starring Andy Samberg, Bobby Moynihan, Jenny Slate, Ryan Reynolds and Elijah Wood

Even though none of the digital shorts that the Lonely Island contingent produced this season struck the kind of viral paydirt that predecessors like “Lazy Sunday” or “Dick In A Box” did, it was quite a consistently funny year for Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer (this despite the fact that SchafferTaccone was doing double duty in the editing booth putting the finishing touches on the MacGruber movie). This particular short revolves around the exploits of one of those annoying, anti-social types who are always prattling on about their revulsion to things like “the system” and “the Man.” As a means of showing his disgust with the rules of society, this goateed hipster with misplaced anger issues takes his frustration out by whipping things like energy drinks, hot dogs and his girlfriend’s Blackberry at the ground. “Happy birthday to the GROUND!”

9. “Potato Chip” starring Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis and Blake Lively

This was one of those delightfully bizarre end-of-show sketches that never quite catches on with the audience at the live taping but becomes more and more impressive after repeated viewings. Frankly, we kind of wish that host Blake Lively would’ve got out of Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte’s way in this sketch and these two comedic powerhouses go toe-to-toe. That said, watching Forte unleash his rage while staying in character (see also: Fart Face) always makes for essential television.

8. “Scared Straight” starring Kenan Thompson, Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Moynihan, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader and Betty White

In a lot of ways, this was Kenan Thompson’s breakout year on the show. His recurring series of “Scared Straight” sketches, in which he portrays the movie-obsessed jailbird Lorenzo MacIntosh, gained tons of momentum this year and became an audience favorite. We really liked the sketch he did with Charles Barkley (“Instead of ‘Show me the money!’, he’ll be saying ‘Blow me for free!’”), but then again, you can’t really beat Betty White screaming “WIZARD OF ASS!”

7. “Teacher” starring Tina Fey and Justin Bieber

We’re pretty sure that Justin Bieber dropped out of school about 20 million YouTube views ago, but on the off chance he didn’t, we sincerely hope that he asks Tina Fey to prom.

6. “Hamilton” starring Will Forte and Gabourey Sidibe

This was one dynamite, envelope-pusher of a sketch. Will Forte has always excelled at creating characters with really weird backstories (think MacGruber, think Jeff Montgomery, Sex Offender), but this extension of Hamilton — a character we’ve seen pop up at various public functions involving a microphone over the years — was pretty bold. He’s overtly racist, he traces long passages from Robert Ludlum novels onto his lover Gabourey Sidibe’s back with his penis, and would prefer to go to Larry Bird theaters, if only they existed. More humor that makes people feel uncomfortable, please!

5. Monologue: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bobby Moynihan

Wow, just wow! Okay, we admit that this doesn’t exactly fit in the category of “funny” [except for Bobby Moynihan's contributions], but can you remember the last time that a guest host put this kind of effort into winning over an audience during a monologue? We certainly can’t.

4. “Stefon” starring Bill Hader and Seth Meyers

The most recent example of a Saturday Night Live cast member breaking character due to a giggle fit came during this past weekend’s Weekend Update segment. W.U. host Seth Meyers brought in the show’s anxious city correspondent, Stefon (as played by Bill Hader), to discuss some of New York City’s finer tourist attractions. Hader is normally an unflappable performer, but midway through the bit, he hilariously loses his composure while sniffing his hands and explaining to Midwesterners about the allure of Teddy Graham people and high-waisted midgets.

3. “What Up With That?” starring Kenan Thompson, Kristin Wiig, Andy Samberg, James Franco, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate, Nasim Pedrad, Will Forte, Bill Hader, Mike Tyson and Jack McBrayer

Oooh, wheee! Kenan Thompson’s performance as Soul Glo’d BET host Diondre Cole is a comedic tour-de-force of irrepressible energy, enthusiasm and sweat. This character first debuted in the episode hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Gerard Butler back in October, but quickly became such an audience favorite that he appeared in five total episodes this season. And while there’s no denying that Kenan is glue that holds this sketch together, the non-speaking roles portrayed by Fred Armisen and breakdancing b-boy Jason Sudeikis really provide the icing on the cake (that is, if you will allow me to mix my metaphors).

2. “Hamm & Bublé” starring Jon Hamm and Michael Bublé

In just two appearances as host of Saturday Night Live, Jon Hamm has shown that he has the potential to one day reside alongside hosts like Alec Baldwin, Christopher Walken, Tom Hanks and Steve Martin in the (as yet non-existent) SNL Guest Host Hall of Fame. The thing that we love about this particular sketch is the way it derives its strength from the menacing side of Jon Hamm, a side which he frequently shows off on Mad Men in his portrayal of Don Draper. Sure, he’s hands down one of the most handsome actors working in Hollywood today, but it’s his embrace of the dark side that really separates Hamm from other one-note pretty boys. That is not to take anything away from Bublé’s performance here; the skit balances on him effectively cowering in fear of the champagne and pork-obsessed Hamm and he nails it.

1. “Pageant Talk” starring Zach Galifianakis, Jenny Slate, Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader

This was one of those glorious moments on SNL where an individual’s performance connects with both their fellow actors and the audience in such a way that the entire sketch gets elevated into instant classic status. In this case, Zach Galifianakis’s perfect turn as the pageant-obsessed “old queen” Gene Shimp was so hilariously eccentric that it nearly caused Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader to break character. Add in SNL rookie Jenny Slate’s perfectly blank performance as the object of Gene’s obsession, daughter Wanda Gale Shimp, and you have yourself a sketch for the ages.

Plus videos here:


So Andy was mentioned here for On the Ground, What Up With That? and Scared Straight.

Andy's done a lot more than just that this season. Some people love the last short (Great Day) and Boombox more than I do, but I think the digital shorts, Cherry Battle, Shy Ronnie, and the Tizzle Wizzle Show all deserved to be mentioned as amazing shorts this season.

Plus some of his non-digital-short work should have made it (in addition to Scared Straight and What Up with That?), such as Bidet (with Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig), Bubble Suits (with Lady Gaga), Scrooge McDuck (on Weekend Update; we need more cartoon impressions), Deep House Dish (where Lady Gaga and Madonna fight), and The Mellow Show (with the real Dave Matthews).

And I also loved Andy in Booty Call, Laser Cats 5, Mort Mort Feingold, and as Nicholas Cage on Weekend Update.

What do you think?


Friday, June 04, 2010

Alex Holdridge picked Andy Samberg for "The F-Word"

In 2007, Alex Holdridge earned a place on my list of directors to watch (which I keep stapled to the fridge because we ran out of magnets) by directing a film called In Search of a Midnight Kiss. It was a fantastic indie romance, less navel-gazing than others, raunchier than others, and I genuinely cared about what the characters were going through.

In a world lacking in both good romantic comedies and good dramas aimed at a younger crowd, it was a pleasant surprise that showed up at the door with five condoms.

Hopefully that sensibility translates to his forthcoming project. According to Production Weekly, the director is negotiating with Fox Searchlight to helm The F-Word with Andy Samberg possibly starring.

The plot is as navel-gazing as you can get – people in their 20s fighting back their natural feelings because the girl’s already got a man. However, if there’s anyone I would trust to elevate material like that, it’s Holdridge.

That raises the question though, of what version of Andy Samberg we’re going to see. He’s a bit manic when it comes to comedy, and I’m wondering if the script will call for him to calm it down. I can only imagine with the complexity that a subject like that might carry with it, that it’ll demand a bit of drama from the actor. He showed shades of that with his role in I Love You, Man, so hopefully he can deliver even more.

Read more at Film School Rejects:


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Why I was disappointed when Fallon, Sanz, Rudolph, Parnell, Morgan, and Dratch were coming on SNL

I think at the time I was disappointed with Jimmy, Horatio, Maya, Chris, Rachel Dratch, and Tracy Morgan because I saw them replacing Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon, Cheri, and Anya. The new crowd wasn't all that funny; not in the same way.

Ferrell's team had insane humor (Dog Show, Culps, his George W Bush, Spartans, Roxbury, Get Off the Shed), and the others had amazing humor as well (Mr. Peepers, Mango, Goth Talk, Simmer Down, Delicious Dish, Antonio Banderas Show). Each week was like a treat (similar to when Dana Carvy and Mike Meyers ruled or when the original cast was on).

Will Ferrell also had a few overlaps before he left, where he did a few amazing things with the new cast... Cowbell, Jeffrey's, Hot Tub Lovers. Plus Kattan revived his DeMarco Audition skit with Chris Parnell to make it a team skit and far better as the DeMarco Brothers Auditions.

So I kind of saw this amazing team breaking apart and getting replaced by people who weren't quite so explosive and funny. To be fair, Jimmy's impressions were amazing, and I looked forward to seeing him at the Weekend Update desk with a guitar in his hand. That was hilarious and amazing at the same time.

But the skits and characters weren't there, and I don't think they've ever gotten back to where Ferrell and team had them (they concentrated on team skits, which were far funnier than casts supporting individuals like they mostly do now). So I have found that cast/generation to be funny at times; they just didn't have the magic of Ferrell's team, the Dana Carvey/Mike Meyers team, or the original cast.

And I don't think the current cast is there either. I liken the current cast to when Sandler and Farley led the cast with their friends like Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and David Spade (who still do movies together like the new movie, Grown Ups; Ferrell should be teaming with his SNL cast more for films, as should Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey).

Sandler and his boys were funny, and there were some great individual moments, but they didn't have the consistency, absurdity, and randomness that Ferrell's team, Carvey/Meyers's team, and the original cast had.

Likewise the current cast is similar. They are funny. I laugh hysterically when I watch "What's Up with That?" Kristen Wiig has mad skills. Jason's sports announcer makes me chuckle despite Will Forte. Andy's Digital Shorts are the life line of the show. And most of the other skits are worth a good chuckle (Bobby, Abby, and Nasim are promising). But they don't team together well enough. They support well, but individual skits or the strange Will Forte office-style skits just aren't as interesting and entertaining as a team skit.

The last great team skit I saw out of them was the A-Holes with Kristen and Jason, and they kind of overdid that skit in two seasons and ran its course.

Understandable, since the two had a hit skit, and they wanted to get popular and known as quickly as possible; lately SNL has done the same thing with "What's Up with That?", the Forte/Sudeikis Women's Sports reruns, Wiig's Gilly, and more. Basically, they randomly found a good thing so they repeated it as much as possible to keep the show alive.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Andy Samberg Movie Update - What's Your Number?

The news is that the movie "What's Your Number" is currently being filmed! Yay!

Anna Farris is an executive producer on it.

Directed by Mark Mylod (directed Entourage episodes)

Karyn Bosnak novel

A woman looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love.

And Andy's one of those dudes!


Chris Evans ... Colin

Anna Faris ... Delilah Darling

Ryan Phillippe

Zachary Quinto

Andy Samberg


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