Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is Kanye Mad at SNL?

In "Power," a just-leaked new track, possibly from the forthcoming Good *** Job, he says: "F**** SNL and the whole cast/Tell 'em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ***."

But why?

Presumably, it was one of SNL's three major digs at him following his [un]merciful interruption of Taylor Swift's... acceptance speech at last year's VMAs.

Here's Seth Myers and Amy Poehler blasting Kanye on September 17 during "Weekend Update": "Really Kanye West, you interrupted someone again?"

Here is Taylor Swift's monologue from November 7, in which she addressed Kanye's VMAs outburst in song form: "You might be expecting me to say something about Kanye and how he ran up on the stage at the VMAs/ But there's nothing more to say, 'cause everything's okay/I've got security lining the stage."

Also, here's Taylor Lautner's December 12 monologue, during which he beheaded Kanye in effigy:

Read it from the perspective of a Kanye lover here:



TheKinkySurgeon said...


someone should tell kanye not to mess with snl, as if thats gonna stop them from making jokes about him. especially if he's acting like a little baby.

he's really lost it ^^ it kinda amuses me. he's probably thinking he's totally kicked snls ass by saying those things :P even though it's just childish.

now I'm a little sad that snl is on summer break, they could talk about it on weekend update again :P

Ed Price said...


That's pretty good advice. Nobody takes SNL seriously, especially not the writers and stars on SNL. For example, Kristen Wiig's Kathy Lee impression is super malicious, but she's actuactually humble about it and doesn't mean it that way.

So I think the SNL writers and actors just expected Kanye to laugh it off and not get angry about it, because that's what they'd do if it was them.

In comedy, the way to get even is just to laugh it off and laugh with it (making fun of yourself), or make fun of them when the opportunity presents itself.

SNL is fully willing to make fun of itself, like in the Betty White monologue, where she made fun of SNL for doing a live show. She used to do live shows, because they hadn't figured out how to record shows yet (they did them like radio). And you know an SNL writer wrote that joke, not Betty.


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