Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iran So Far Remake

Roc-A-Feller Productions brings to you "Iran So Far" by Andy Samberg and Adam Levine as seen on Saturday Night Live. Enjoy.


Here's a 14-second clip of the orignal (click the link on the right to see the whole thing):

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Andy Samberg - Was welcomed back after the strike

Michaels was so aggrieved at the comedic opportunities that had been lost to the show during the writers' strike that he resolved to broadcast four shows in a row for the first time since 1976. It's not a moment too soon. ''When we were coming back from the strike, I caught the subway with Amy,'' says cast member Andy Samberg. ''We stopped at one of those coffee trucks and we went to pay and the guy's like, 'Are you kidding me? Welcome back, we missed you!'''


Maple Story - Lazy Sunday Remakes

Several Lazy Sunday remakes using MMV...

From chikinw00t:

From idb2:


Friday, August 29, 2008

Michael Phelps to host 'SNL' season premiere

Our Olympic Stud will be hosting Saturday Night Live's 34th season premiere Sept. 13th. (Musical guest Lil Wayne.) My internal monologue upon reading the press release:

- Do the monologue in a Speedo. Do the monologue in a Speedo. (And not that full-body one.)
- Andy Samberg will make a great Ryan Lochte.
- Would Michael be too busy to do something with
- Annie and I are going to fight over it.

What was your first-response internal monologue to news of Phelps' hosting duties?



I can't think of a digital short that Andy Samberg would do with Michael, but Andy could do some pretty silly impersonations of olympic athletes.


Andy Samberg - Ardy Party Music Video

A custom made video for this great and hilarious son.

WARNING: Very explicit lyrics!!!

The video is from The Lonely Island Episode 2: regarding Ardy (a failed TV pilot).

Slightly better video quality, with various video clips:



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Andy Samberg's former fling, Kirsten Dunst, is seeing Justin Long?

The New York Daily News is saying Kirsten Dunst's latest fling is Justin Long, the guy from those "I'm a Mac" TV commercials. He just recently split up with Drew Barrymore.

Kirsten is building up quite a life list, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Hartnett, Andy Samberg and Orlando Bloom.


I don't know whether it's more disturbing that Kirsten Dunst (Spider-man, Bring It On) is seeing Justin Long (Die Hard 4, Dogeball), or that Justin was seeing Drew Barrymore before Kirsten, or that Kirsten had Andy Samberg and could possibly move on from him to guys like Justin.

All's fair in love and weirdness.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maria Plays with Andy Samberg's Ball

From Maria...

Being an Andy Enthusiast isn't always easy...

I knew right away, when I bought my Maroon 5 tickets I was going to make an Andy/Adam/Iran so Far Away Beach Ball to toss around the concert and spread the word...about Andy of course..people were already there to see Adam. Well the more time I spent with the ball, the more attached I became to it. So I kept it and danced with it all night long. My mission failed but I still have the ball and I WILL throw it at the next concert. I think we make a cute couple...



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Andy Samberg - With Cheryl Hines and Kristin Chenoweth

Andy Samberg at the Space Chimps premiere with Cheryl Hines and Kristin Chenoweth.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Jorma Taccone - His Work On Saturday Night Live

It's interesting when one person appears in so many Andy Samberg skits.

I've been analyzing how Jorma has slowly appeared in less skits over the years. Let's take a look...

"Saturday Night Live" (All)

Steve Carell/Kanye West (1 October 2005) - Writer (writer)

Jon Heder/Ashlee Simpson (8 October 2005) - Writer (writer)

Catherine Zeta-Jones/Franz Ferdinand (22 October 2005) - Writer (writer)

Lance Armstrong/Sheryl Crow (29 October 2005) - Writer (writer)

Jason Lee/Foo Fighters (12 November 2005) - Writer (writer)

Eva Longoria/Korn (19 November 2005) - Writer (writer)

Dane Cook/James Blunt (3 December 2005) - Writer (writer), Passerby (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Alec Baldwin/Shakira (10 December 2005) - Writer (writer)

Jack Black/Neil Young (17 December 2005) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Lazy Sunday"), Composer

Scarlett Johansson/Death Cab for Cutie (14 January 2006) - Writer (writer), Director of 'Duluth Live' (uncredited)

Peter Sarsgaard/The Strokes (21 January 2006) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Young Chuck Norris"), Guy in 'Young Chuck Norris' sketch (uncredited),
composer (additional music)

Steve Martin/Prince (4 February 2006) - Writer (writer)

Natalie Portman/Fall Out Boy (4 March 2006) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Natalie Raps"), Composer

Matt Dillon/Arctic Monkeys (11 March 2006) - Writer (writer)

Antonio Banderas/Mary J. Blige (8 April 2006) - Writer (writer)

Lindsay Lohan/Pearl Jam (15 April 2006) - Writer (writer), Laser Cats Villain (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Tom Hanks/Red Hot Chili Peppers (6 May 2006) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Please Don't Cut My Testicles"), Ariel & Efrim Dancer (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Paul Simon (13 May 2006) - Writer (writer), Passerby (uncredited)

Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado (20 May 2006) - Writer (writer), NBC Page (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Dane Cook/The Killers (30 September 2006) - Writer (writer)

Jaime Pressly/Corinne Bailey Rae (7 October 2006) - Writer (writer)

John C. Reilly/My Chemical Romance (21 October 2006) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Harpoon Man"), Passerby (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Hugh Laurie/Beck (28 October 2006) - Writer (writer)

Alec Baldwin/Christina Aguilera (11 November 2006) - Writer (writer)

Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges (18 November 2006) - Writer (writer)

Matthew Fox/Tenacious D (2 December 2006) - Writer (writer)

Annette Bening/Gwen Stefani (9 December 2006) - Writer (writer)

Justin Timberlake (17 December 2006) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Dick in a Box"), Composer

Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins (13 January 2007) - Writer (writer), Laser Cats Villain (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Jeremy Piven/AFI (20 January 2007) - Writer (writer), Nurse Nancy trailer voiceover (uncredited), composer (additional music), Director (digital shorts) (segment "MacGruber")

Drew Barrymore/Lily Allen (3 February 2007) - Writer (writer), composer (additional music)

Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban (10 February 2007) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Sloths") (music: "Andy Popping Into Frame"), Sloths Singer (uncredited),
composer (additional music)

Rainn Wilson/Arcade Fire (24 February 2007) - Writer (writer)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Snow Patrol (17 March 2007) - Writer (writer)

Peyton Manning/Carrie Underwood (24 March 2007) - Writer (writer)

Shia LaBeouf/Avril Lavigne (14 April 2007) - Writer (writer)

Scarlett Johansson/Björk (22 April 2007) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Roy Rules!"), composer (additional music)

Molly Shannon/Linkin Park (12 May 2007) - Writer (writer), composer (additional music), Director (digital shorts) (segment "MacGruber")

Zach Braff/Maroon 5 (19 May 2007) - Writer (writer), Talking Dog (voice)

LeBron James/Kanye West (29 September 2007) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Iran So Far")

Seth Rogen/Spoon (6 October 2007) - Writer (writer), composer (additional music), Director (digital shorts) (segment "MacGruber")

Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters (13 October 2007) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (music: "People Getting Punched Just Before Eating"), Punched Before Eating Guy (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Brian Williams/Feist (3 November 2007) - Writer (writer)
Episode dated 17 November 2007 (17 November 2007) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Iran, Redux"), Himself

Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood (23 February 2008) - Writer (writer)

Ellen Page/Wilco (1 March 2008) - Writer (writer)

Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend (8 March 2008) - Writer (writer), Soundtrack (writer: "Hero Song"), composer (additional music)

Jonah Hill/Mariah Carey (15 March 2008) - Writer (writer), Director (segment "MacGruber")

Christopher Walken/Panic at the Disco (5 April 2008) - Writer (writer), Bad Guy (uncredited)

Ashton Kutcher/Gnarls Barkley (12 April 2008) - Soundtrack (writer: "Daiqurai Girl"), composer (additional music)

"Saturday Night Live" (As a Musician)

Dane Cook/James Blunt (3 December 2005) - composer (additional music)

Jack Black/Neil Young (17 December 2005) - Soundtrack (writer: "Lazy Sunday"), Composer

Peter Sarsgaard/The Strokes (21 January 2006) - Soundtrack (writer: "Young Chuck Norris"), composer (additional music)

Natalie Portman/Fall Out Boy (4 March 2006) - Soundtrack (writer: "Natalie Raps"), Composer

Lindsay Lohan/Pearl Jam (15 April 2006) - composer (additional music)

Tom Hanks/Red Hot Chili Peppers (6 May 2006) - Soundtrack (writer: "Please Don't Cut My Testicles"), Ariel & Efrim Dancer (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado (20 May 2006) - composer (additional music)

John C. Reilly/My Chemical Romance (21 October 2006) - Soundtrack (writer: "Harpoon Man"), composer (additional music)

Justin Timberlake (17 December 2006) - Soundtrack (writer: "Dick in a Box"), Composer

Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins (13 January 2007) - composer (additional music)

Jeremy Piven/AFI (20 January 2007) - Nurse Nancy trailer voiceover (uncredited), composer (additional music)

Drew Barrymore/Lily Allen (3 February 2007) - composer (additional music)

Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban (10 February 2007) - Soundtrack (writer: "Sloths") (music: "Andy Popping Into Frame"), Sloths Singer (uncredited),
composer (additional music)

Scarlett Johansson/Björk (22 April 2007) - Soundtrack (writer: "Roy Rules!"), composer (additional music)

Molly Shannon/Linkin Park (12 May 2007) - composer (additional music)

LeBron James/Kanye West (29 September 2007) - Soundtrack (writer: "Iran So Far")

Seth Rogen/Spoon (6 October 2007) - composer (additional music)

Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters (13 October 2007) - Soundtrack (music: "People Getting Punched Just Before Eating"), composer (additional music)

Episode dated 17 November 2007 (17 November 2007) - Soundtrack (writer: "Iran, Redux"), Himself

Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend (8 March 2008) - Soundtrack (writer: "Hero Song"), composer (additional music)

Ashton Kutcher/Gnarls Barkley (12 April 2008) - Soundtrack (writer: "Daiqurai Girl"), composer (additional music)

"Saturday Night Live" (As an Actor)

Dane Cook/James Blunt (3 December 2005) - Passerby (uncredited)

Peter Sarsgaard/The Strokes (21 January 2006) - Guy in 'Young Chuck Norris' sketch (uncredited)

Lindsay Lohan/Pearl Jam (15 April 2006) - Laser Cats Villain (uncredited)

Tom Hanks/Red Hot Chili Peppers (6 May 2006) - Ariel & Efrim Dancer (uncredited)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Paul Simon (13 May 2006) - Passerby (uncredited)

Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado (20 May 2006) - NBC Page (uncredited)

John C. Reilly/My Chemical Romance (21 October 2006) - Passerby (uncredited)

Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins (13 January 2007) - Laser Cats Villain (uncredited)

Jeremy Piven/AFI (20 January 2007) - Nurse Nancy trailer voiceover (uncredited)

Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban (10 February 2007) - Sloths Singer (uncredited)

Zach Braff/Maroon 5 (19 May 2007) - Talking Dog (voice)

Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters (13 October 2007) - Punched Before Eating Guy (uncredited)

Episode dated 17 November 2007 (17 November 2007) - Himself

Christopher Walken/Panic at the Disco (5 April 2008) - Bad Guy (uncredited)


  • It looks like he had to leave this past season a little early to go work on the Land of the Lost film (with Will Ferrell). So it looks like he's still engaged in SNL.

  • Jorma created the McGruber bits and directed/wrote them all, except for an episode during his absense at the end of last season. It featured Shia LaBeouf and included Andy Samberg as his gay friend.

  • It also looks like he's given up on being a player on SNL, and just concentrates on his writing and music. His biggest acting roles were in the first year. (It looks like he had to fight a little and sell himself on them, and then maybe he stopped trying.) He only appeared twice this past season (the Christopher Walken episode was old film of him in the Laser Cats intro, so I'm not counting that).

  • What do you think?

    - TAE

    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Visits Seth Meyer on Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Right. So Seth Meyer was a professor in Journey to the Center of the Earth (in the previews it looked like the entire movie only had three humans).

    Names: Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg
    Photo date: 29 June 2008

    Anyway, so Andy was visiting him at that. It was a visit in June, so my guess is that Andy was visiting Seth as he did press for the movie.

    It's probably a good career move that Andy is close friends with the head writer on SNL. =^)


    - TAE

    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Images at the Space Chimps Premiere

    July 12, 2008.

    Space Chimps Premiere

    Names: Kirk De Micco, Andy Samberg

    Names: Kristin Chenoweth, Kirk De Micco, Cheryl Hines, Andy Samberg

    Names: Kristin Chenoweth, Cheryl Hines, Andy Samberg


    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Andy Samberg Blog - #2 on Google Search

    Andy Samberg Blog is currently #2 on Google Search.

    Check it out. Click for bigger:

    That's us, right under Wikipedia.

    Click for bigger:

    That's right. We beat IMDB, NBC, and YouTube videos.

    Thank you so much. This wouldn't be possible without all of your support!

    - TAE

    Jen and Kat visit Andy Samberg... sort of

    Jen said:

    Kat and I were in new York a couple of weeks ago and this is as close as we got...

    Click for bigger:

    Andy looks a lot more humongous and 2 dimensional than I remember him.

    Thanks to Jen and Kat Candy!

    - TAE

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Andy Samberg - His TV appearances

    Here's a list of Andy's TV appearances (mostly where he plays himself):

    "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" .... Himself (2 episodes, 2007-2008)
    - Episode dated 15 July 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Himself
    - Episode dated 3 August 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself

    "MuchOnDemand" (1997) TV series .... Himself - Guest (unknown episodes, 2007)

    "Sarah and No Name After Dark" (2007) TV series .... Himself - Guest (2007)

    "Martha" .... Himself (1 episode, 2007)
    - Episode dated 7 November 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself

    "The Daily Show" .... Himself (1 episode, 2007)
    ... aka A Daily Show with Jon Stewart (USA: new title)
    - Episode dated 7 August 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself

    "Entertainment Tonight" .... Himself (1 episode, 2007)
    - Episode dated 3 August 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself

    "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" .... Himself (1 episode, 2007)
    - Episode dated 3 August 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself

    "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" .... Himself (3 episodes, 2006-2007)
    - Episode dated 31 July 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself
    - Episode dated 20 December 2006 (2006) TV episode .... Himself
    - Episode dated 31 January 2006 (2006) TV episode .... Himself

    "Scarred" .... Himself - Guest Host (1 episode, 2007)
    - Hot Rod Edition (2007) TV episode .... Himself - Guest Host

    "Late Show with David Letterman" .... Himself / ... (2 episodes, 2006-2007)
    - Episode dated 30 July 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself
    - Episode dated 12 January 2006 (2006) TV episode .... Himself/Ardy

    Comic-Con 2007 Live (2007) (TV) .... Himself

    "Webnation" .... Himself - Guest (1 episode, 2007)
    - Episode #1.9 (2007) TV episode .... Himself - Guest

    Guys Choice (2007) (TV) .... Himself

    2007 MTV Movie Awards (2007) (TV) .... Himself

    2006 MTV Movie Awards (2006) (TV) (uncredited) .... Ron Google

    "Saturday Night Live" .... Himself (1 episode, 2006)
    - The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse (2006) TV episode .... Himself

    "Premium Blend" .... Himself (1 episode, 2005)
    - Episode dated 7 January 2005 (2005) TV episode .... Himself

    G-Phoria 2004 (2004) (TV) .... Ned Gray

    40 Most Awesomely Bad Dirrty Songs... Ever (2004) (TV) (as The Lonely Island) .... Himself/Panel


    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Is attracted to Minnie Driver when she's pregnant

    Minnie Driver and Andy Samberg were on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month.


    Though she feels like "I've been pregnant for nine years," [Minnie] Driver says the baby is due in "six or seven weeks – but maybe sooner."

    Quipped fellow Kimmel show guest, Saturday Night Live regular Andy Samberg, as he gazed at the expanded Driver: "I'm confused by how attracted I am to you right now."



    Check out the video on that page! You can see Andy Samberg in the first few seconds.

    - TAE

    Space Chimps Review: ABSOLUTELY NO APE-PEAL

    Another negative review of Space Chimps.

    This one's from this guy:

    Who was apparently doing a...


    Which he gave...

    So enjoy the review (or don't).

    - TAE


    SOME men are called to greatness. I, on Monday afternoon, was called to "Space Chimps." And at times, sitting in an air- conditioned screening room for 80 minutes - so you don't have to - seemeda heroic sacrifice on par with lung donation.

    I went in expecting to be disappointed, but even so, I was disappointed. "Space Chimps," a digitally animated feature that gives every indication of having been written and drawn by its titular characters, is unfunny. But it isn't just that; it's also weird, with some rattling moments of crudeness. Try explaining to a prosecutorial 4-year-old why one monkey says to another, "Is that a banana in your pocket?"

    Other awkward allusions include one to the drug humor in the 28-year-old movie "Airplane!" ("looks like I picked the wrong week to stop eating bananas") and an almost funny but bizarre nod to David Bowie's spaceman period, which was so long ago that Andy Samberg, who voices the lead monkey, wasn't yet born.

    Samberg, who is establishing a track record of delivering about one laugh per year, is a circus chimp who gets blasted out of cannons and into the night sky. "Space Chimps" is touching for about 48 frames, when his character, Ham, reaches wistfully out for the moon. He was made for better things.

    His grandfather was the first US monkey in space, which makes Ham III the perfect choice to be sent on a mission with a scientist chimpette (Cheryl Hines) and a dimwitted chimp commander (Patrick Warburton) to recover a lost spaceship that disappeared in a far corner of the universe.

    While the chimps do weak parodies of the training scenes from "The Right Stuff"- no twists are added, just re-enactments that count on you to giggle because they're done by chimps - we cut to a distant planet, where the lost ship has landed among an alien race.

    The animation, previously drab and cheap-looking, now becomes actively ugly, a visual litter box. The aliens are a herd of gopher-like figures with shiny skin who stand around being terrified of their leader, a dictatorial beast (Jeff Daniels) who looks like a bull on his hind legs. He is using the new spaceship from Earth to advance his powers.

    When the space chimps arrive, they get advice in defeating this despot from a little freak, voiced by Kristin Chenoweth, who looks like a midget with a baby's head the size of a medicine ball. You're unlikely to see a toy modeled after this character unless they sell Happy Meals in hell.

    The chimps toss around little puns ("I'm just a chimp off the old block," "No monkey business," etc.) while commenting on how lame they are. This touch of screenwriting self-hatred is refreshingly honest, but when your jokes are this crusty, why not discard them and start over? Besides, when it comes to chimps and space, Stanley Kubrick pretty much covered the topic.

    Running time: 81 minutes. Rated G.

    Opposable thumbs down.


    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Thinks Chris Romano is the funniest guy he knows

    Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorm Taccone admit that Chris Romano (Romanski) is the funniest person they know.

    Nice little gag that they're holding their Emmys.

    What is Andy holding in his right hand? Some sort of golden cylinder? Is that another award he's won?


    - TAE

    Andy Samberg Awesomeness - A Tribute Video

    andy samberg is the greatest.

    The Backseatsman slowed down and set to music.


    Monday, August 18, 2008

    Two Girls Watching Andy Samberg's Mirror

    Two Girls Watching Andy Samberg's Mirror

    From the description:

    "leah and me"

    - TAE

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Kidsday Movie review: 'Space Chimps'

    BY DYLAN RICE AND NICHOLAS RICE Kidsday Reporters, ages 11 and 12

    We went to New York City to watch a screening of the new animated movie "Space Chimps." We liked the movie and thought it was very funny.

    It's about a chimp named Ham III (voice by Andy Samberg) who is assigned to search for a $5 billion NASA probe that disappeared into a wormhole and landed on a distant planet.

    But Ham doesn't want to live up to the legacy of his grandpa (Ham I), who was a famous space chimp. The crew, Lt. Luna ( Cheryl Hines), Commander Titan (Patrick Warburton) and his good friend Houston (Carlos Alazraqui) convince Ham to leave his circus career behind and go into outer space.

    When Ham, Luna and Titan arrive on the nearby planet where the probe landed, they learn that an evil alien creature, Zartog ( Jeff Daniels), is using the probe to be a dictator. Zartog finds Ham, Luna and Titan and captures their ship with Titan inside, leaving Ham and Luna looking for safety.

    Dylan's favorite scene was of the landing because there was a lot of action. While they're looking for Titan, they discover a creature named Kilowatt (Kristin Chenoweth), whose head lights up when she's scared or nervous. This was Nick's favorite part. He thought the whole scene was hilarious. Kilowatt is very funny.

    So Ham, Luna and Kilowatt go on an adventure to try to rescue Titan and save the people of the planet ... until Kilowatt gets eaten by a monster! You'll have to see the movie to find out what happens. And keep an eye out for Dr. Bob. Dylan thought he was funny.

    Overall, we would recommend this movie for younger kids (3-14).


    Friday, August 15, 2008

    SNL PUNCHED Spoof: Toy and Action Figure Museum

    Here is a little video made at the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Dies in a board meeting with his twin (Business Meeting)

    Updated 8/14/08 - Added the embedded Hulu video and the image. Originally posted on 2/25/07.


    This is hilarious! Here is an SNL Digital Short shown this week on Saturday Night Live. Andy Samberg appears along with many other people. Bill Hader pulls out some laughs, along with the rest of the cast. This really feels like a great Monty Python sketch. Prepare for pure randomness!

    Rainn Wilson - President: Got to cut budgets

    Amy Poehler - Shelly: Transportation (Straight man, nothing wacky)

    Jason Sudeikis - Daniel: Online Division (also straight)

    Bill Hader - Peter: Goes with Dan (also not funny; part of the setup)

    Andy Samberg - Derek: Lose Tech Support (nice hair and glasses on Andy)

    Will Forte - Red: Downsize Research (sporting red hair; his name has something to do with his appearance, which is a hint that it's going to get wacky)

    Kenan Thompson - Waterguy: Doesn't work there (nice straight character, the random bystander; also, our first laugh from the audience)

    Andy Samberg - Derek's Twin Brother: Agrees with Derek (starting to get a bit more wacky)

    Darrell Hammond - Mountain Joe: Consolidate Marketing (nice look on Darrell)

    Jason Sudeikis - Snake Eyes: Scale back IT (nice slithery voice)

    Fred Armisen - Gary: Long before... (interupts Chief Big Cloud; hilarious!)

    Kristen Wiig - Chief Big Cloud: Cut Accounting (Big laughs)

    Bill Hader - Crazy Carl: Huuuh (Good laugh)

    Kid - CEO's Nephew: Massive layoffs (some kid)

    Talking Sandwich - Gigantic Turkey Sub: Mustard, then Cut Human Resources (major laughs; VERY random)

    Andy Samberg - Mounted Tiger Head: Longer Lunch Breaks, Didn't prepare (tons of laughs)

    Nobody - Invisible Man: Out Sick

    Maya Rudolph - Wonder Woman: Invisible Man is out sick (she's not actually named)

    Will Forte - Captain Pajama Shark: Present (good laughs; Will is random, and he loves it)

    Arcade Fire - Themselves: Cut human resources (first "Wooo" since the Digital Short title)

    Rainn Wilson - President: Answers fake phone (I don't think that was funny. They should have done a corded phone out of his shirt instead)

    Great Ending!!!!

    Biggest Laughs...

    #1 Laugh: Crazy Carl

    #2 Laugh: Gigantic Turkey Sub

    #3 Laugh: Mounted Tiger Head

    #4 Laugh: Captain Pajama Shark

    #5 Laugh: Waterguy

    #6 Laugh: Chief Big Cloud

    #7 Laugh: Building collapsing

    Overall, I haven't seen a non-musical Digital Short this funny since Andy Walking and the original Laser Cats!


    Remake: Hot Rod Thrust Dance

    A bunch of guys doing the Thrust Dance from Hot Rod...

    Includes a nice openning clip from the movie to introduce it. Also ends well with the Hot Rod quote, "This is totally my hat now!"


    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Pops Onto Frame

    Updated 8/13/08 - Added a Hulu embedded video. Originally posted on 2/07/07.


    From season 32 (06-07), episode 13.

    Here Andy Samberg pops onto frame, and threatens to shoot Will Forte. This is a new SNL Digital Short from Saturday Night Live.

    It's another one of the videos where you aren't entirely sure why it is funny (like Andy Walking), but it still is funny.

    There is absolutely no dialogue at all.

    Also features Will Forte.


    Boyzone - Space Chimps style!

    Mostly a looped clip.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Martha Stewart & Andy Samberg Pumpkin Pie 101

    Martha Stewart & Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live make pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving 2007.

    Click to N-joy:

    Andy has some nice quips with Martha Stewart.

    He loves evaporated milk (not condensed). =^)

    The video calls him "Andy Sandler." Heeheehee.

    Dear Skywalker

    A parody of SNL's "Dear Sister" digital short, except with Star Wars!

    Music is "Hide & Seek" by Imogen Heap.

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Akiva says Andy Samberg is an A-Hole (Hot Rod - red carpet)

    The hosts seem to speak a mixure between English and Arabic?

    Britney Irvin is on at 4:59.

    Akiva Schaffer is on at 5:10.

    Chris Parnell is on at 5:32.

    Chester Tam is on at 5:56.

    Film Synopsis:

    For his entire life, Rod Kimble (Andy Samberg) believes his father, now deceased, was a successful and respectable stuntman working for Evel Knievel. He aspires to follow his father's footsteps and become a famous stuntman himself. Meanwhile, his stepfather Frank (Ian McShane) fails to respect Rod as a man, often going out of his way to beat him in sparring sessions and mocking his stuntman dream.

    While he makes many attempts at landing jumps with his moped, most of them end unsuccessfully. After an ill-fated jump attempt at the public pool, he returns home to find out that Frank is in urgent need of a heart transplant. Angry at the thought of his stepfather dying without getting a chance to "beat his face in" and gain his respect, Rod goes to a forest to contemplate but ends up rolling down an enormous hill after tripping while punch dancing. At the bottom, he sees a sign that gives him an idea to save Frank. He tells his friends Rico (Danny R. McBride), Dave (Bill Hader) and his half brother Kevin (Jorma Taccone) about his plan to do a jump over fifteen school buses, and give the proceeds to his stepfather's surgery. He also adds Denise (Isla Fisher), his college-graduate neighbor whom he has a crush on, to his crew.

    To promote his stunt and also raise funds, Rod works parties, corporate get-togethers, and other events. Kevin releases a movie using his footage of Rod's stunts and sells over 200 tickets, but everyone at the movie laughs at Rod's expense because the film depicts his failed training attempts. Rod gets angry and throws the theater's projector out of a window, and ends up giving up all the money he has raised so far to cover the respective damages. Upset, he returns home, where his mother reveals to him that his father was not the stuntman he thought he was. Humiliated, Rod quits the crew and ends his dream to beat up his stepfather, despite his friends' interventions. However, he takes up the jump again when Dave asks Rod to take him to the hospital due to an injury sustained under the influence of LSD. When he does, Dave gives him advice that inspires him to apologize to Kevin. As he accepts his apology, Kevin also reveals that Rod's stunt footage has gotten popular through the Internet, and a local AM radio station offers to cover the expenses of the jump.

    Rod gets the crew back together and they start setting up for the jump. On the day of the jump, his friends give him a new suit and motorbike. He also receives a kiss from Denise, who broke up with Jonathan (Will Arnett), her insensitive and callous boyfriend. As Rod jumps off the ramp, the speed of his new motorbike enables him to jump over the buses, but as he gives his friends a thumbs up, they realize that he had let go of his bike in the process. The bike smashes through a stage and Rod's body slams against the other ramp. As his friends nurse him from his unconscious state, he wakes up. Rod, with the help of Kevin and Denise, triumphantly gets up to the applause of the crowd, and the donations finally accumulate to the $50,000 goal. The film ends as Rod (with his own moustache) again spars with Frank. Over the course of the fight, Rod gains the upper hand and succeeds in making his stepfather respect him.

    Dear Pokemon

    Pokemon SNL Dear Sister Spoof

    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    Dear Anchorman

    Anchorman (SNL Dear Sister Spoof)

    How this scene should have gone.


    Friday, August 08, 2008

    Dear 300

    Song title : Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap.

    Short and sweet. Almost 1.5 million views. =^)

    Thursday, August 07, 2008

    Lord of the Dear Rings

    This video is a parody of the "Dear Sister" sketch from Saturday Night Live, which itself is a parody of The O.C. Season 2 finale.

    Yeah, this one's depressing.

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Dear Sister and Its Spoofs

    Of the many popular digital shorts the Lonely Island trio has created since joining SNL (Lazy Sunday, Dick in a Box, Natalie Portman Raps, etc.), the most aggressively memed vid has been Dear Sister. A mock murder gunplay spoof of The OC’s second season finale, co-starring SNL guest host Shia LaBeouf, the vid itself has been spoofed in over 1,000 separate YouTube videos.

    The brief, absurdist sequence goes like this: Andy Samberg nonchalantly walks into a living room, where Bill Hader is writing a letter to his sister. With his face in half-profile to Samberg, Hader begins explaining his letter, when suddenly Samberg shoots him in the back. The action shifts into slow motion as the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap plays — the same dramatic tune that plays over the gun violence in The OC’s second season finale.

    The non sequitur action then gets stranger. As Samberg laments over shooting Hader, Hader shoots Samberg. Video goes slow motion, Hide and Seek plays. LaBeouf runs into the room; Hader and Samberg shoot him. Video goes slow motion, Hide and Seek plays. Kristin Wiig walks into the room; Hader, Samberg and LaBeouf shoot her. Video goes slow motion, Hide and Seek plays.

    The action continues, but the point’s been made: It’s not the plot that matters, but the melodrama of the song. The use of song snippets in this efficient, scene-popping manner seems, to me, to owe its origin to the longer song montages popularized in films of the ’80s. But after being initially used to provide dramatic resonance to a violent scene, repeating Hide and Seek reveals the use of song as a maudlin shortcut, a simple (but brilliant) way to magnify a scene’s impact.

    The tiny genius of Dear Sister lay in isolating that single dramatic trope and bringing it into full relief. YouTube auteurs — who uploaded the original clip in the first place, since rights issues prevented NBC from doing so — immediately realized the spoof potential and applied the trope to a host of subjects: Dear Snatch, Dear Matrix, Dear Boromir, Dear Duck Hunt, Dear Sparta, Dear Skywalker, even Dear 9/11. Searching for “Dear Sister” and/or “snlocmeme” reveals hundreds more.

    The cultural resonance of Dear Sister also received an unfortunate bump when, two days after the vid was uploaded to YouTube, a troubled student named Cho Seung-Hoi shot and killed 32 students at Virginia Tech. Despite that unfortunate confluence of events, the parodies kept coming.


    Dear Duck Hunt

    But why can't you shoot that dog?

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Is the drive through guy (Pep Talk)

    8/5/08 Update: Added the Hulu player. Originally posted on 4/20/07.


    Here Andy listens to Fred Armisen go nuts. Andy's character name is Pete. Fred plays the manager of a fast food restaurant. All Andy says here is, "That's me" and then "Why?"

    Keenan has a funny line, "20 seconds?"

    This was aired on 12/02/06. Thus "Happy Holidays" at the end in the Lost font style.

    The audience finds Fred's antics funny, but that's all that is going on here.

    Also in this skit are Matthew Fox (host), Kenan Thompson, Amy Poehler, and Will Forte walks in late.

    Here's the video:



    Space Chimps - Pop Matters Review

    The fate of Space Chimps is preordained. Opening during the season of WALL•E and on the same weekend as The Dark Knight, Kirk De Micco’s low-buzz cartoon has little hope of making its box-office mark. This is just as well, however, as the film is a mess of missed opportunities, a project that reportedly went through a thrasher of directives and deadlines and came out looking woebegone.

    The story opens on Ham III (voiced Andy Samberg), grandson of Ham, the famous first chimp NASA sent into space in 1961. Ham the younger is now barely making ends meet as a circus performer, getting shot from a cannon and crash-landing for the entertainment of easily distracted humans. “Space is in my veins,” exults Ham. Yeah, agrees his wise old chimp attendant/best-and-only-friend, Houston (Carlos Alazraqui), “And between your ears.” (As any viewer paying half-attention will guess, this friend will be the occasion for the line about having “a problem,” but you might still cringe when you hear it.) If this exchange is not exactly brilliant wordplay, it’s useful to keep in mind that talking talking chimps here—at least until we’re not. Whenever the chimps get around humans, they’re reduced to screeching and chirping, in order, I suppose, that the humans might be distinguished from them. This is, apparently, a distinction that needs to be reinforced because in this film’s view, the humans—even the brilliant scientists who oversee space launches—are not smarter or articulate than the chimps.

    Even within the logic of cartoon language, it’s a little hard to see how the fact that beings on another planet also speak English, or chimpish, or whatever it is the chimps are speaking when they get there. For indeed chimps do go into space in this helpfully titled movie. Ham is the designated star of the trip, a PR stunt, but the team he’s fronting is actually trained to fly (see also: The Right Stuff). Along with these chimp astronauts, the arrogant Titan (Patrick Warburton) and the lovely Luna (Cheryl Hines), Ham is expected to reveal to humans back home that a probe’s discovery of a previously unknown planet is not a mistake.

    The fact that the probe lost contact on landing prompts NASA scientists Dr. Poole (Jane Lynch) and Dr. Bob (Patrick Breen) to call for a follow-up capsule-with-chimps (at a cost of $3.7 billion, a point repeated more than once). Though a senator (Stanley Tucci) resists the mission, he’s convinced by arguments concerning his reelection campaign, a plot point that indicates that even G-rated movies have now officially made politicians the easy target that Nazis and lawyers used to be.

    After some forgettable training and piloting sequences, the chimps arrive on the faraway surface. The planet (which is about as bland a place as you might imagine; as Ham puts it, “We’ve landed in Barstow") is populated by a mix of brightly colored unidentifiably roly-poly bipeds with big eyes, reptilian skin, and caved-in noses. The enterprising Zartog (Jeff Daniels) is especially jazzed by the discovery of the probe: he clambers onto it, starts pushing buttons, and suddenly finds himself ruling the world, by subduing challengers to his bossiness (the planet is equipped with a volcano full of something molten that instantly freezes bodies into statues: Lord Zartog makes liberal use of this substance to silence wayward subjects).

    The chimps have a small window before the capsule automatically returns to earth, but they are also troubled by what they see as a moral situation. That is, unlike the humans who are shooting debris into space willy-nilly, they worry about what Star Trek used to call the Prime Directive: meddling in the business of developing worlds. The probe constitutes such meddling, even as Zartog is putting it to uses never conceived by its makers.

    It’s not a terrible dilemma for kid viewers to consider (and not unrelated to the concept of too much trash that is made so vivid in WALL•E). But Space Chimps‘ appeal is also limited by its less than compelling animation and scattershot plot. If their adventures on the new planet are predictably episodic, the aliens who harangue or help the chimps meet are startlingly insipid (consider that they must pass through the Valley of Very Bad Things). They make a new friend called Kilowatt (Kristin Chenoweth), an undulating bulb-shape on teeny feet who lights up and squeaks when she’s afraid, and pause to dance with little colored balls who shape themselves into an alternate version of Ham. Why, we’ll never know.

    Lacking forward motion, Space Chimps turns itself in circles. Chimp scenes cut to Zartog scenes, which cut to scenes on earth, where the scientists twiddle their thumbs while hoping their very expensive machines will somehow reinitiate communications. This leads them to another non-surprise: they never see the moral situation the chimps do.


    Monday, August 04, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Won't eat Oreo Cookies (McMillan Family Moment)

    8/4/08 Update: Added the embedded Hulu vid. Originally posted 2/16/08.


    A father and son moment with Oreos, suddenly goes sour. Featuring Andy Samberg and John C. Reilly.


    Monkey business gets few laughs (Space Chimps Review)

    There's nothing wrong with Space Chimps. It's perfectly acceptable family entertainment with cute monkeys, the usual message of self-empowerment and the eye-popping animation we've come to take for granted.

    But is that enough?

    Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live voices protagonist Ham III, who's not interested in carrying on the legacy of his grandfather, the first simian astronaut. Even when he's shanghaied by NASA into exploring a strange new world, he's more interested in making time with astrochimp babe Luna ( Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm).

    The clever animators went to town on the aliens and their Candyland world, and even slackerized Ham's hair. Samberg's goofiness translates well, but apart from Patrick Breen as an ultra-low-key rocket scientist, the other actors don't have many opportunities to get laughs.

    That's because the script is not particularly funny and the direction isn't crisp enough to pull off the slapstick. Most of the best jokes are aimed over kids' heads: "Why wasn't I born a rabbit or squirrel or art history major? No one expects great things from them."

    There are 2001, David Bowie and psychotherapy references, but little to amuse and amaze the Barney crowd.

    The film is suitable for all ages but there's probably not enough fuel beyond cute chimps in Candyland to achieve orbit for the kids.


    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    Andy Samberg - Shoots People (Dear Sister)

    8/3/08 Update: Added new DailyMotion and Hulu embedded vids. Originally posted on 4/17/07.


    Hopefully NBC will get the rights to clear on the song and they'll post it themselves on YouTube.

    Andy Samberg and much of the cast get a little violent on us:

    This video features Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Shia LaBeouf (the guest; he was in Holes, Disturbia, as well as the upcoming Transformers and Indiana Jones 4), Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Fred Armisen.

    And the episode of the OC that it is based on:



    The Animation Empire Update:

    Here is our first V-Log skit, Following Directions:

    Andy Walking

    8/3/08 Update: Added the embedded Hulu video. Originally posted on 8/16/06.


    Andy Walking - Saturday Night Live

    One of my favorites.

    Andy Samberg asks factual questions of passers-by outside NBC Studios in the style of the Jay Leno bit, Jaywalking. Instead of asking hard questions that people get wrong, he asks easy questions and then laughs off the correct answers as false.

    All logic will tell you that this isn't funny. There's no possible way that this could be funny. Yet Andy makes this hysterical.

    "Complete this phrase, 'The Declaration of Indepen...'" "Dense." "Yeah, you are!"

    More links:


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