Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Andy Samberg follows in Jimmy Fallon's footsteps

Andy Samberg to host MTV Movie Awards

MTV announced this week that Andy Samberg will host the MTV Movie Awards this year as he continues his customary bid to jump from Saturday Night Live to marquee stardom.
The move makes sense for MTV, since Samberg has emerged as a viral celebrity known as much for his mock music videos as his actual skits on Saturday Night Live. For Samberg, the job provides the chance to follow Jimmy Fallon, his most immediate predecessor, who also hosted MTV awards shows on the way to a hit-or-miss movie career that culminated in his new late-night gig.

As with Fallon, Samberg has had a rocky transition to the screen—Hot Rod, his most visible starring role, fizzled in 2007. He has since wisely scaled back to voice parts and a supporting role in I Love You, Man, which opens this weekend.

The MTV Movie Awards is set to air live May 31.



Are Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom still dating?

There's a lot flying around the rumor mills... including that they're still dating.

Here's a post from one of our readers who says he/she saw Andy at one of Joanna's concerts recently...

i just got back from camping in big sur.....went down to the fernwood resort to hear a little folk music by mariee sioux and an unknown band going by the name 'beatles's' which turned out to be joanna newsom.....and guess who was in attendance mister samberg himself, not on his boat. Didnt see smooching on joanna or anyone else, but there he was. oh man you should have seen the joanna she was something else her playing and what she was wearing holy shhhnikes hothothot dogging man o man something else that is all gooddbye

So maybe they're still together.

CONFIRMED: They were also seen recently at the Kentucky Derby.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Andy Samberg - Fred Armisen interviews The Lonely Island

Fred Armisen Interviews the Lonely Island for Pitchfork TV (Video)

The Lonely Island's debut album, Incredibad, is funny in waves (mostly in the songs that have been around for a while), but, even with a song called "Jizz In My Pants," isn't really awkward--it's pretty confident in its faux-hip-hop hysterics.

This video interview of the group by Fred Armisen for Pitchfork TV makes up for that--it's resolutely awkward as Andy Samberg and company talk about seeing each other's pricks (they settle on that since it's an Internet show), their album, and Radiohead (Armisen lets you know who they are) before Armisen signs off by saying Pitchfork is shutting down for good. It's the most awkward interview you'll watch all day.


What? The Lonely Island gave an awkward interview? That sounds like every interview they do. =^)


Andy Samberg - Not in "I Love You Man" enough?

Also startling is the sight of Rudd, normally the smartest guy in the room, playing the doofus for a change. He's such a great match with Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) that it makes you forgive the film for largely squandering comic co-stars Andy Samberg (who plays Peter's gay brother), Jane Curtin and J.K. Simmons.

Samberg at least gets the film's most quotable wisdom: "Hooking up is easy. Making platonic male friends, not so much."



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Does Andy Samberg Have a New Girlfriend? Is it Aubrey Plaza?

UPDATE: Andy was never going out with Aubrey Plaza. They are just friends. At the time of this video and up to the current time (Oct 09), Andy has been dating Joanna Newsom, the singer.

4/25/09 Update: Aubrey Plaza confirmed with us that it is her in this picture.

3/29/09 Update: Aubrey's sister, Renee, confirmed that Aubrey is not dating Andy, and she has a boyfriend.


So what everybody wants to know is if Andy Samberg has a new girlfriend.

Andy hasn't mentioned Joanna lately, and he hasn't been seen with her either. He even described his latest vacation and trip home, and it was alone. No mention of Joanna.

Hard to tell if Andy has a new girlfriend. We received confirmation, that it's not this girl:

Who is this?

Well, at the end of the video they yell "Parks & Recreation," which is the new show that Aziz (we think he's the friend Andy's with) and Amy Poehler are on:


Seeing how Andy is friends with both Aziz (Andy appeared on Aziz's Human Giant show) and Amy (Andy did SNL with Amy and they've hung out quite a few times; Amy's husband was in Hot Rod), it makes sense that he's hanging with the cast.

So who is the girl then?

Well, it's hard to tell, but our best guess seems to be another cast member on Parks & Recreation...

Aubrey Plaza: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2201555/

(Confirmed: Aubrey Plaza told us that it was her)

She's a stand-up comedian who is starting to get a little bit more famous. Check out her hilarious Sarah Silverman impression:

She's a currently unknown actress who's found some experience with comics mostly. Such as the Jeannie Tate show:

Here she plays Tina Tate on The Jeannie Tate Show:

She might be unknown now, but after "Parks & Recreation," "Funny People," and "Scott Pilgrim VS The World" are seen, she's going to be very famous.

Aubrey Plaza of Small Wonder Productions is an actress and stand-up comedian who began acting at age 8.

She might have first met Andy when she interned at Saturday Night Live as a set designer.

Aubrey Plaza is an actress and comedian who has worked extensively with the Upright Citizens Brigade. On January 14, 2008, The Hollywood Reporter printed Plaza would join the cast of the untitled Office spinoff. She will play an intern in a small town's park and recreation department. Her boss will be played by Amy Poehler.

Also in January 2008, Plaza was added to the cast Scott Pilgrim vs the World. In Scott Pilgrim she will play the secondary character's (played by Michael Cera) girlfriend with a hot temper.

Here Aubrey is in Anti-Drug Dog, a fake commercial:

So she probably got onto the show (Parks & Recreations) due to her work with the Upright Citizens Brigade, which is owned by Amy Poehler. So Amy Poehler is still her boss (on the new show too).


"The Internet is pretty much how I got where I am." —Aubrey Plaza, on her career

"I play a kind of a young Janeane Garofalo. The great thing about the part is that she’s the girlfriend, but she’s really funny too. And Judd lets me say crazy things." —Aubrey Plaza, on her role in Funny People

And here is Aubrey as Daddy's Little Judge:

Plaza, 24, is the daughter of Bernadette Plaza of Woodbrook and David Plaza of Alapocas; and her younger sisters are Natalie and Renee (see Renee's comment below).

Plaza, a veteran in improv and in acting, is in the upcoming Judd Apatow movie "Funny People."

She graduated in 2006 from New York University and while living in New York has done a variety of things: A set design internship at "Saturday Night Live," a play (the Natalie Wood role in what she called a bad adaptation of "Rebel Without a Cause" -- so bad that when one character yelled "shoot him," the audience would chime in), a walk-on on "30 Rock," (she was leading a tour, just like she used to do as an NBC page), independent film, work for the Web (such as "Jeannie Tate," a series about a soccer mom with a talk show in her minivan) and live comedy (such as Bombardo, an all-female improv group).

As a comic, Plaza said she was inspired by Janeane Garofalo and used some of her bits early in her career.

She's been to Los Angeles enough to appear before casting directors ("it's like dating") that she cracks wise about that city, too. "I like driving in L.A. At least you have normal thoughts in the morning: 'I hope I'm not late.' In New York, on my way to work in the morning on the subway, I hope that homeless guy doesn't hit me with that mannequin hand."

Plaza's breakthrough role might be that part in "Funny People": A young Delawarean who improvises and does stand-up comedy (does that sound familiar?).

The cast did some public bonding together, which generated this squib in Entertainment Weekly about "three of its leading actors, Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, and Jonah Hill. ... The yuksters made two appearances at the L.A. outpost of Upright Citizens Brigade (capacity: 92) along with 'The King of Queens' star Kevin James and newcomer Aubrey Plaza, all so they could hone their stand-up skills."

So is it Aubrey Plaza that Andy Samberg is with in this video?

Time will tell!


Andy Samberg - Audio interview with Showbiz Monkeys

Interview: Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer of The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island -- the comedy collective featuring Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg and SNL writers Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer -- recently released an album featuring a mix of songs that were at one point SNL Digital Shorts and a host of new tracks (many with guest vocals from stars like Jack Black and Norah Jones). That album, Incredibad, surprised many by debuting at #13 on the Billboard charts a few weeks back, but for the many who watch SNL every week hoping to check out their latest work and helped make their videos the most-watched on YouTube, it wasn't much of a surprise at all.

ShowbizMonkeys.com has featured The Lonely Island a lot over the last couple years, which is why it's so great to see them on top of the comedy world. Besides the new record, Samberg can be seen in the comedy I Love You, Man (coming out this week) and Taccone will be in this summer's action comedy Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell. Yet despite their recent success, these three friends who met in Junior High and started making comedy videos and posting them on TheLonelyIsland.com back in 2001 are still as nice and down-to-earth as anyone.

After interviews with Samberg in 2007 and Taccone (and Lonely Island collaborator Chester Tam) in early 2008, I finally had the chance to talk to all three of them at once. In the audio clip below, the Dudes explain their thoughts on the album's early success, what classic Lonely Island track everyone should check out, and why if you're reading this right now, you can't be a "fan" of ShowbizMonkeys.com.

Listen to the interview here (just click the play button on this page):



Andy Samberg - Gossip Girl image

OMGStephanie strikes again!!!

From the maker of the TLI Twilight image, Stephanie puts TLI into Gossip Girl!

Why does Andy always play the girls? He looks good as them though!!!

Stephanie, you're getting even better at this! Keep up the good work!!!

We're starting a new category called "Images - Fan-Made" for awesomeness such as this.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Rock remembers his SNL skits (including The Rock Obama with Andy Samberg)

Backstage: Dwayne Johnson

Web Exclusive- Backstage at SNL with Dwayne after the show!

Check out Andy at about 1:37 left on the clock as The Rock remembers his The Rock Obama skit he did with Andy. Andy plays Rahm Emanuel.


Andy Samberg - Twilight Image


Made by our reader and friend, Stephanie.

Stephanie strikes again with an Andy Samberg Gossip Girl image:


Check out Stephanie's PhotoBucket page (login required):



Friday, March 27, 2009

Andy Samberg - Daytona Beach Spring Break '88 promos

The Lonely Island said, "MTV is playing our "Daytona Beach Spring Break '88" promos all week! They're on pretty much every commercial break on MTV & MTV2. AWESOME!!!"

Nevermind. These videos don't work. Bummer.

Get Outa' Here Steve!

Slap on your Speedo. The Lonely Island guys take you back to Spring Break '88 in Daytona Beach!

'J**z in My Pants' Pt. 1

'I'm On A Boat' Pt. 1

Slap on your Speedo. Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg are taking you to Spring Break!

Too Loud!

Oooh Yeah!

'Punch You In The Jeans' Pt. 1

100 Dollar Rock Dive Challenge

'J**z in My Pants' Pt. 2

'I'm On A Boat' Pt. 2


Andy Samberg - In I Love You Man (movie trailer)

Go watch I Love You Man if you haven't!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Andy Samberg - Leaves Villa with new girl?

Andy Samberg And Friends Leave Villa in West Hollywood. 03 23 09.

Here Andy Samberg leaves Villa with a new girl, and they're arm in arm. Anybody know who she is?

We think her name is Aubrey Plaza (read here for all the details):

I don't recognize any of Andy's friends here. We think one guy is Aziz is from Human Giant.


random lazer-eyed cat T-shirts r everywhere

The Lonely Island said: "random lazer-eyed cat T-shirts r everywhere!"



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Andy Samberg & The Lonely Island - Interviewed by College Humor

Jake and Amir interview The Lonely Island

The rap stars behind "Dick in a Box" and "Jizz in my Pants" open up about their future plans to add another member. Hopefully.


Hahahahaha!!! Andy and Jorma get kicked out of The Lonely Island.


Kay Sunshine recommends I Love You Man

Today, though, I saw the new movie "I Love You, Man" and maybe it's cause of my strange Andy Samberg obsession [or maybe not...hear me out] but it was hysterical.
Best movie I've seen in a while.

I squealed whenever Andy came on screen...good times.
I'm looking forward to see it again.
So go see it. I recommend it.


Thanks Kay!

Andy Samberg Impressions - Mark Wahlberg

Join us as we learn about people who Andy Samberg does impressions of.

First up for us to get our daily dose of Hollywood celebrity gossip... is Mark Wahlberg.

We're heading to the Celebrity blog site, Wooden Spears, to get our fix.

How Tall is Mark Wahlberg?

Mark Wahlberg broke into the music scene as rapper Marky Mark in the early 90’s. His five foot eight inch height gained considerable notoriety then as a young man including a two year stint in prison for assault.

His early successes in the music business came through the help of brother Donnie, a member of the boy band group New Kids on the Block. His performances are often risqué, where he is usually bare-chested showing off his well muscled body and strips down to his white briefs while rubbing the front portion of his body. His physique though won him an advertising campaign for Calvin Klein underwear. This then opened doors for him to the movie business and has appeared to have dissociated himself from rap music.

His first acting stint was in “The Renaissance Man” but he got noticed for his work in “The Basketball Diaries” and “Fear. He has also played the role of Dirk Diggler in “Boogie Nights” , Detective Danny Wallace in “The Corrruptor”, Troy Barlow in “Three Kings” and most recently, as Tommy Corn in “I ♥ Huckabees” and Bobby Mercer in “Four Brothers”.


The site also has all the other celebrity gossip, including Paris Hilton gossip.

How Much Does Mark Wahlberg Weigh?

If you remember Mark Wahlberg as the guy dropping pants in Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, then you know that he’s a rare breed of Hollywood actor because of his transition from the music industry to the silverscreen, let alone his showbiz career as a generally laughable “icon” of all things over the top during the early 90’s to a well respected actor at the turn of the century and beyond.

The kid who [turned down the gig] for the New Kids on the Block (the spot went to his brother Donnie) weighs around 160-205 pounds depending on whether he’s making a film or he’s just kicking back. If you’d like to know how much Mark Wahlberg weighs at the moment, your best bet is to check what movie he’s filming for and what kind of role he’s playing, and you’d generally get an idea of what kind of bulk he’s trying to put on (or put off) for that role.


Do you like this series of posts or is it lame-tastic? Let us know!!!

Thanks to Anony for the correction!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Andy Samberg & The Lonely Island - UGO Interview

Lonely Island Interview

Funny music usually sucks. Most of the time it’s either not very funny or not very musical. Lonely Island has made an album that’s both. I didn’t think they could do it. Boyhood buddies Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone are funny guys. Their digital shorts are the best skits on SNL, and their multiple Internet hits suggest they’re at least a tad musically inclined. But a full album? No way they could pull it off. Yes way? Incredibad hit No. 1 on iTunes, and I’ve listened to it three times since it dropped. I’ve never listened to a full Weird Al album. When “The Dudes” called, I had to answer. Check below to see their thoughts on everything from West Coast hip-hop to Joe Montana to removing j---- stains from your pants.

UGO: How am I gonna figure out who’s talking here?

Andy Samberg: If something sounds really nerdy, it’s Kiv. If something sounds really sexy, Jorm. Everything else is me.

UGO: OK, got it. You guys just finished playing multiplayer Call of Duty with some fans. How’d it go?

Akiva Schaffer: I don’t know that you can call it “playing.” It was more bumbling around and getting shot in the head.

Andy: We held controllers.

UGO: How come NBC hasn’t given you guys a show yet?

Andy: Um… Because we’re on one.

Akiva: Yeah, our contracts aren’t up.

UGO: What are you guys wearing right now?

Andy: Jorm has a sexy little number on: A T-shirt and jeans. Akiva’s wearing a nerd outfit: A cardigan and button-up shirt. I’m wearing Nikes.

UGO: Do you guys have any handy methods of getting jizz stains out of pants?

Andy: More j---. I know it sounds like it wouldn’t work.

Akiva: It really does.

Jorma Taccone: You have to use a lot more j---.

Akiva: A lot more.

UGO: So you all grew up in Berkeley, California together. I’m a Southern California guy myself. I know there’s some beef between our kinds, especially in jails.

Jorma: Yeah, we’re not Norteños. We don’t think.

UGO: What came first for you when you were growing up: Comedy or music?

Jorma: Comedy. We love music, but definitely comedy.

Akiva: Comedy, always.

UGO: Do you have any favorite SNL sketches from before your time?

Andy: Oh my g---. A lot of them, yeah. “Schmidt’s G-y” was certainly a big one for us. Will Ferrell did a skit called “Mr. Tarkanian” which was one of my personal favorites.

Akiva: And there was this one when Kelsey Grammer hosted a long time ago where he’s a private eye, and it’s in black and white, and he keeps talking about burritos [“Private Eye”].

Andy: And “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.”

UGO: Do you have a favorite host from back in the day?

Jorma: I always remember when Joe Montana hosted, a) because he was my hero at the time, and b) because he did that awesome mas---at-on joke.

UGO: What did you guys listen to growing up? Any Bay Area underground hip-hop like Living Legends, Hieroglyphics, or Soulsides?

Andy: Of those groups, Hieroglyphics especially. We were from Berkeley and they were always right there.

Akiva: That Souls of Mischief album [93 ‘Til Infinity] came out when we were freshmen in high school.

Jorma: All the Kings Horses.

Akiva: Don’t know what that is.

UGO: You can hear in Incredibad that you know your hip-hop. You can hear the influences, Beastie Boys, Lovage, modern crunk rap.

Andy: We put E-40 on the album for that reason. We wanted to show that influence.

Akiva: It doesn’t get much more Nor Cal than that.

UGO: What came first: “I’m On A Boat” or Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s “Boats n Hoes?”

Akiva: They were made at the same time. We went to the Step Brothers premiere and saw the music video and we thought, “Oh no. Is it too similar? Do we have to kill ‘I’m on a Boat’ now?” And then John C. Reilly came to our house for a birthday party and we brought him into the studio and played it for him and he was like, “Heck no. Not too similar at all. You guys gotta do it.”

Andy: And once we got T-Pain on the track we figured we differentiated it enough.

UGO: Why isn’t “Iran So Far Away” on the album?

Jorma: There were some sample clearance issues. For that song I sampled Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th” and his publishing company wouldn’t give us the rights.

Andy: Well, they would but…

Jorma: They cleared it for SNL. If we ever make a Best of SNL Shorts DVD we can put it on there, it can be on repeats of SNL, but it wasn’t cleared for the album.

Andy: It could have technically been cleared for the album…

Jorma: But they asked for an outrageous amount of money.

Andy: For the record, Aphex Twin was super cool about the whole thing. It was the label.

UGO: Jorma, are you going to abandon writing after you become super famous from your upcoming role in Land of the Lost?

Jorma: You really have to see Land of the Lost to see how much I’m really not gonna blow up. I might be able to score some other monkey roles, but no. I really like writing on SNL, and I’ve been able to direct a little too, so, I really enjoy what we do on the show.

UGO: So you guys went to the University of Santa Cruz together. Andy, you went for a couple years before transferring to NYU. Did you guys know anybody like Ras Trent?

Andy: Oh my ---- yes. I think everyone knows at least one Ras Trent.

UGO: I definitely do. I’m not sure that mine had the rollerskates…

Jorma: We had to throw in the rollerskates for the Steel Pulse reference.

UGO: Are you guys fans of Gunther, and has he inspired you at all?

Jorma: I certainly appreciate what he’s doing, and I love some of the photos on his album covers, but…

Akiva: Andy and I don’t even know who he is.

Jorma: He does a lot of Euro stuff. He’s kinda like Tom Hanks in “Please Don’t Touch My Te-ti-l-s.” If you don’t know that one, look it up on Hulu. We based that one on this bizarre Israeli Gunther type of dude.

UGO: What do you guys listen to while making love?

Andy: We don’t make love, we just ####.

UGO: Is that so?

Andy: C’mon, no one believes that. Everyone knows we make love.

Akiva: We make love and then we ####.

UGO: I wouldn’t necessarily expect that order of operations…

Andy: I think that’s the right order.

UGO: I guess that’s one way of getting to know someone. If you could look at a play count of everything I’ve ever listened to while in the s--k, Wu-Tang would probably be at the top. A lot of GZA.

Jorma: You would just put on Liquid Swords and make love?

Andy: I’ve definitely found that girls like b--ing to hip-hop. It makes them feel like they’re doing something dangerous.

Akiva: I’m more of a 12 Play guy. But I don’t really make love. I just take out my Louis Rag and wave it around in the air.

UGO: You might want to keep that to yourself and tell all your homies that something else went down.

Andy: Kiv is constantly telling us, “Guys! I had some s-- last night! I was waving my Louis Rag all over the place!”

Jorma: I love picturing a na--d girl on a bed while Kiv stands there waving his Louis Rag. She’s all, “Hey Kiv, come to bed. Let’s get -e-y.” And he’s just like, “Nah, I’m waving my Louis Rag.”

UGO: I guess it doesn’t really matter what happens. It just matters what your friends think.

Andy: That’s very important, yes.

UGO: Akiva, did I see you walk into Westville a while ago and order the $13 three veggie special?

Akiva: That is very, very possible.

Jorma: That sounds like you.

UGO: Do you eat a lot of vegetables?

Akiva: It’s very hard to eat vegetables in New York.

Jorma: What are you eating right now Kiv?

Akiva: I’m eating a chicken panini.

Andy: Those vegetables at Westville are good though.

Akiva: What were you eating there?

UGO: I think probably one of those scrambles. They’re not omelettes, they’re scrambles.

Akiva: You know what’s great there is their turkey burgers. I don’t really like turkey burgers, but I love them there.

UGO: Do you think it’s an old wives tale that people get tired from turkey?

Akiva: You get tired because you’re full. The amount of tryptophan that’s in turkey is so small that you’d have to eat like six whole turkeys for it to actually affect you.

Jorma: Akiva is dressed so nerdy that I’m inclined to believe him.

UGO: I’m sold.

Akiva: Look it up on Mythbusters.

Jorma: Did Mythbusters do that, nerd?

UGO: I think I hear an SNL skit coming…



Should Joanna Newsom date this guy instead of Andy Samberg?

Friend and reader Danae thinks Joanna Newsom should date this banjo guy (Kevin) instead of Andy Samberg:

Danae says:

JUST FOR THE LOLS. They look like a good couple.

Thanks Danae!

So... it seems a few anonymous Joanna fans think this is mean. Why is this mean? Is there something wrong with Kevin?

We do stick with Andy Samberg! We post a silly or less-interesting post about once a day, followed by a more substancial post. So if you're looking for a substancial post, check out the sweet interview we posted today. Thanks!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Carl Lorthner's response

Actually posted on 3/22/10.

Here is the email you get back from Andy's Carl Lorthner character (from Parks and Recreation):

THANK YOU FOR YOUR EMAIL Re: [your subject]



Andy Samberg - Behind the scenes of I'm On a Boat

The Lonely Island - Making of I'm On a Boat, Feat. T-Pain

Check out Andy Samberg behind the scenes for this making of video for MySpace.


Andy Samberg - An early siting with his girlfriend, Joanna Newsom

So our friend and reader Danae found this older mentioning of Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom holding hands at a Chloe Sevigny party. This was when earlier in their relationship, in early February, 2008.

Here's the goodness...

Chloe Sevigny, Ari-Up, Slits, Andy Samberg, Joanna Newsom

Posted in music style on February 8, 2008

Cool chick Chloë Sevigny has loads of equally hip friends to call on when she decides to throw a party. But even she was surprised by the turnout at the bash she hosted at Webster Hall Monday night -- along with MAC Cosmetics, Self-Service Magazine and boutique Opening Ceremony -- to celebrate her debut collection for the store and featuring a special performance by British punk rock band The Slits. By the time she arrived around 10:30 p.m., there was a line snaking around the block, three deep with grungesters, alternative chicks and general misfits.

"Oh my God, did you see how many people are out there?" exclaimed Sevigny to Slits lead singer Ari-Up as they made their way backstage. "It's, like, thousands!"

"They're all here for you," replied the red fishnet-bedecked belter. (She might have had a point, as many of the Opening Ceremony posters of Sevigny plastered all over the venue were quickly ripped off walls by eager fans.)
It has been 20 years since the band last performed at Webster Hall. "We really changed music, the culture and clothes. We were 30 years ahead of everyone. We were the first to wear tutus with Doc Martens, and then Madonna started dressing like us," claimed Ari-Up of the quartet, which formed in 1976.

Though you wouldn't guess it from Sevigny's Liberty print-laden collection, the actress-designer claims to be quite inspired by The Slits. But don't expect to see them making fashion week appearances a regular activity. "We're more individual," declared keyboardist Hollie.

They certainly attracted an eclectic crowd. Upstairs in the VIP area, Andy Samberg held hands with date Joanna Newsom, while Natasha Lyonne chilled with friends. Alexander Wang danced up a storm (apparently his own party Saturday night wasn't enough).



Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did Andy Samberg's "Hot Rod" inspire "The Wrestler"?

Hear Me Out While I Posit That The Wrestler Was Inspired by "Hot Rod"

Before completely writing me off, I know it must seem a bit strange to compare an Oscar-nominated and award-winning film with a small movie that flew under even the cultiest radar in 2007. But hear me out: I absolutely think that "The Wrestler," while maybe not inspired by, was preceded in theme by the Andy Samberg movie "Hot Rod."

Do you even remember "Hot Rod"? Here -- allow me to tell you why you should, because there is a chance that you'll want to see it after reading this blog. And yes, that may be overestimating my own powers as a writer. Anyway, it was released in August 2007 -- Oscar season! No, not at all. It starred the then-sorta-new guy on "Saturday Night Live," Andy Samberg. The one with the hair. Trying and failing to jump over things on a moped. You probably wondered, Why the hell do they keep putting these schmucks in movies and then expect us to pay money to see it? Honestly, not many people did. But this was before the SNL Digital Shorts really hit it big. (True, "D*** in a Box" aired in December 2006, but despite the hilariously analytical and serious profile on Wikipedia, there just weren't enough believers to head to the box office for a full-length movie. Hmph. Maybe because Wikipedia sucked all the fun out of "D***in a Box.")

But here, now, is why "Hot Rod" is like "The Wrestler." In the broadest sense, both Randy "The Ram" Robinson (played by Mickey Rourke) and Rod "The...Rod" Kimble (played by Samberg) are both hell bent on following their true passions, even if it means risking their lives for it. Both characters are told they can't be what they feel they were destined to be -- Randy, a Wrestler, Rod, a Stuntman. Pursuing what they feel they truly have to be batters them, shatters their confidence, hurts their relationships, imprisons their hair...but they do it anyway. They just can't find happiness anywhere else, and even when they are told it's just not who they can be, it doesn't matter.

For anyone with a passion, it's inspiring. Go ahead and laugh, but for those of us who feel we were born to Write, Act, Parent, Invent, Rescue, Cure, Fly to the Moon...how many of us actually do it? Randy and Rod did it. They might be fictional characters in an imaginary storybook land, but hell's bells - they did what they had to do. It should light a spark in all of us, even if our only passion right now is to Be Satisfied.

This may be a silly, James Lipton-y way to review a movie like "Hot Rod," but now that the boys behind it -- The Lonely Island -- are becoming A Big Deal, I thought it would be a good time to give the movie a chance at life again. Because it's awesome, everyone is really funny, it's a lot less heavy than "The Wrestler," there are bitchin' stunts, and Andy Samberg is seriously adorable. (I said it. I'm not sorry.) If you like the SNL Digital Shorts, then behold the first full-length effort by Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.* And also visit their site and get their album, "Incredibad."

The rest of the similarities are just wild, like that whole Lincoln-Kennedy connection conspiracy. Besides the overlying theme, there is undying reverence for '80s music, old school event fliers, strained family relationships, and friends who are supportive but are horrible role models. But look at these:

*Both Randy and Rod gallop into a wooded glen and leave under painful, less than ideal circumstances. (Though only one features a "Footloose" homage. I'll let you guess which one. "The Wrestler!" Ha, no it's not.)

*Both puke after going a bit too far. Both also appear to puke the same color, which is, admittedly, gross and not noteworthy.

*Both have women who support them throughout the movie, but can't love them until the very end, when they may or may not survive what they are about to do.

*Both nearly die, though only one experience includes a character looking like a Bee Gee. (Again, "The Wrestler." Ha, no, lied again!)

*Both movies feature graphic incidents with industrial tools.**

*Both movies feature old school Dodge Ram vans! That was proof enough for me. Darren Aronofsky, you total hack. (Not lying, but kidding! Definitely kidding.)

Truly, if you've been feeling bad about yourself lately, if you've been feeling like you can't make it out of the toilet bowl of life you've been swimming around in, go see "The Wrestler." You will see a guy who has been through everything, left for dead, and doesn't care. Because he's a Wrestler, he'll always be a Wrestler, and if he has to, he'll die a Wrestler. (And Mickey Rourke lives up to the hype, in case you were wondering.) Then, after that, follow it up with a "Hot Rod" chaser. You will see a guy who is completely, ridiculously not a Stuntman but swears he is, and he'll risk life and limb trying to prove it.***

*To be honest, all the Lonely Island guys are a pretty cute package.

**This is what I believe could ultimately sell people on seeing "Hot Rod."

***I thought I would hate Andy Samberg after seeing "Hot Rod." Hate. I didn't. I went from hate to Great Big Heart. You could too!



Friday, March 20, 2009

Andy Samberg on Jimmy Kimmel Live 3/18/09 (video)

Updated 3/20/09: Got a comment from a girl in the vid!!!


Jimmy Kimmel Live - Andy Samberg talks about Mark Wahlberg, SNL, his new movie, and his overly lotioned hands

That girl at 0:23 looks a little bit excited. =^)

AND... her name is Stephiee! She left a comment below. She said, "that excited girl is ME!!!!! i was staring at andy the entire time since his seat was positioned towards my direction. amazing"
Thanks Steph!!! Here's her blogger photo as proof:

So Andy talked to Rahm and tried to get invited to the White House. So I wonder if Rahm watched the online-only one where Andy was mostly just cursing in anger.

The Lonely Island rented a house last summer to make the songs on their albums. They must live in apartments or condos.

Andy's a method actor. He boned a bunch of dudes for his new movie.


Andy Samberg - Got shot in the neck (Dateline)

Show: Dateline

The truth can be satisfying.

Tracy Morgan ... Carl Collins
Abby Elliott ... Sally Bingham
Bill Hader ... Keith Morrison
Andy Samberg ... Ronnie Taylor
Kenan Thompson ... Chris Bingham

Hahahaha. Bill Hader is hilarious. Recurring skit... It even ends well where he and Tracy make sounds together!

Andy Samberg plays Ronnie Taylor, who got shot in the neck. Bill's Keith is pretty happy about that!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Andy Samberg On Ellen Degeneres 3/17/2009 (full video)

Guest interview of SNL comedian Andy Samberg!

They talk about how Andy met Ellen at MTV Movie Awards... which led to the topic of Andy hosting this year's show!

Hahaha. Ellen didn't want to say *ick so she had Andy say it!

Andy's an Emmy winner!!!

Andy has a good story about how he first met Ellen, but other than that, this interview just goes over the stuff that Andy's been up to... his SNL stuff, hosting MTV, his Emmy, his movie (I Love You Man), and his CD (Incredibad).


Signed Autograph of Andy Samberg (from Ryan C)

Ryan C got signatures from Andy Samberg, Jorma, and Akiva. They signed this Hot Rod photo...

Ryan C is a frequent reader and can be found in the comments. So give him a hollar!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Andy Samberg - Interview with PopTub

The Lonely Island, Paul Rudd & Jason Segel on POPTUB

The full interview:

Andy and the Lonely Island talk up their Incredibad CD.

Andy made YouTube popular because he had Google stock.

"Ooooh! PopTub!"

Andy likes Stevie Nix.

Pepsi-sponsored PopTub sent us their video. Thanks PopTub!!!

Check out their YouTube channel:



Andy Samberg - Drank booze when under-age (Scared Straight Part 2)

Scared Straight

Tracy Morgan ... Kendrick McEntire
Bill Hader ... Kid
Bobby Moynihan ... Kid
Andy Samberg ... Kid
Jason Sudeikis ... Sikorsky, officer
Kenan Thompson ... Lorenzo McIntosh

This time Kenan does this again with Tracy Morgan. Tracy sports a sweet fro.

Andy, "Is that the plot of the movie Sidways?" Andy's the ringleader at 3:45.

Hahahaha. Bill Hader loses it when Kenan and Tracy start touching his face.

Ryan noticed at 4:37 that Kenan lip-syncs Tracy's lines. Ouch!!!

Jason Sudeikis starts improvising his movements at 5:22 and Bill, Andy, and Bobby can't keep a straight face looking at him.

It's amazing, this skit is hilarious, and it has nothing to do with the writing. It's the improv'ed movements of Kenan, Tracy, and Jason, and then Bill's, Andy's, and Bobby's reactions. =^)


Andy's a Raver (with raver glasses???)

Andy Samberg's a raver!!! Don't believe me?

Check it out:

Check out the huge sunglasses at 0:30.

We couldn't find glasses online exactly like this, but we found some cool raver stuff that flashes and glows!

Go put on your raver glow glasses!

And maybe (if you're a hawt chick), get your glow earrings on.

And don't forget your glow gloves!!!!

Awesome!!! =^)

The Glow Gloves are white (in the light) and glow bright green (in the dark). They glow brightly in the dark after you charge them with light and they glow very well under blacklight as well.

The gloves were originally intended for using sign language in the dark, but you can get creative and find other uses for the glove. Or you can use them to make your dancing as cool as Andy Samberg!!!

These amazing gloves use a new "Next Generation" glow material that makes them much brighter and glow much longer than conventional glow-in-the-dark stuff! You can reuse them again and again!

Let's rave!!!

Wow. There are all kinds of glowing things out there (once we started looking).

We found this site called GlowHouse.


They've got animated T-shirts!!! That's awesome!!!

The latest designs are here! The TQ Raver is a real hit. It has a sound sensitivity controller and a quieter battery pack that is sewn snugly into a pocket at the bottom front of the T-Shirt. The panel size is 20.5cm x 5.5cm to be big enough to make an impact while still looking cool.

Here's how it works... The T-Shirt has a graphic equaliser on the front, when sound is played the lights on the equaliser flash to the beat of the music.

Of course, they've also got glow sticks.

They sell glow sticks in packs of 6, and they're super popular. The glow sticks are as bright as they get, and they glow brightly for about 12 hours, lasting a total of 36 hours before they burn out. They are safe, and each glowstick comes with a string so you can tie it on your wrist or your belt.

Andy Samberg's glow stick leaked. =^)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Andy Samberg - In "The Party" (SNL Digital Short)

SNL Digital Short: The Party

The usual party suspects...

Fred Armisen ... Guest
Abby Elliott ... Guest
Will Forte ... Tom
Bill Hader
John Lutz ... Guest
Bobby Moynihan ... Guest
Andy Samberg
Jason Sudeikis ... Batman
Kenan Thompson ... Mr. Personality
Casey Wilson ... Guest

Hilarious! It's like the Boardroom Meeting skit with just some random shots at people. Not exactly a song, but it's hilarious!!! Batman finally showed his face.

You can find this skit on the right at any time, under the Digital Shorts.

What did you think of it? What was your favorite part?

I liked the terd burglar. =^)


Andy Samberg - Is Nat Cannon on Brian Fellow's Safari Planet

Brian Fellow's Safari Planet

Tracy Morgan ... Brian Fellow
Bill Hader ... Cow (voice)
Darrell Hammond ... Announcer (voice)
Andy Samberg ... Nat Cannon
Jason Sudeikis ... Chuck Yates

Andy comes on at 2:30. Andy shows off his red-tailed hawk. Too bad Tracy's not funny here.

Andy plays it straight, wondering why Tracy is talking to an imaginary cow. Great job, Andy!!!


Andy Samberg - Hosting 2009 MTV Movie Awards!!!

Joni broke the story...

Andy Hosting 2009 MTV Movie Awards!!!

Hey, ya'll! Joni here! Reports are flooding in from across the globe that Andy will be hosting the 2009 MTV Movie Awards!!! What an amazing country we live in where a recent immigrant from the Czech Republic, who hardly speaks a word of English can live out his dream to open his own restaurant! Sorry, that was a separate thought entirely... You can read more about Andy's hosting gig!



Andy Samberg hosting MTV Movie Awards

'SNL' star was a writer for the show

NEW YORK -- "Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg will host the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

It will be Samberg's first time as host of the event, to air live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City on May 31.

Samberg said he grew up watching the awards and was a writer for the show before landing his gig on "SNL," so "it will be a sweet and satisfying homecoming. I can't wait to act really important."

Samberg has appeared on the NBC sketch comedy show for four seasons, building a fan base with quirky video shorts featuring himself, fellow "SNL" players and celebrity guests such as Justin Timberlake and Natalie Portman.


Thanks Ryan!


Andy Samberg - How does he get his junk to stay in the box?

So here's the age old question...

Sure you cut the hole in the box and stick your junk in there, but what if your junk isn't inflexible enough to keep the box up? Maybe Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake can keep the box up and not sliding off their junk, but what about the rest of us?

Well we decided to scour the Internet and look for a male enhancement that would solve this problem.

That brought us to the peloop Web site. Here's what they say...

These 3 materials will constantly provide [you] with amazing benefits. peloop™ is simply worn... like you wear a ring on your finger. It's [male enhancement] made simple.

These materials work by drastically improving the condition of blood... Your... health is as good as the blood health inside it... It's that simple.

They even have adjustable sizes. =^)

How does it work?

The first benefit comes from the magnet. peloop™ contains a strong rare earth magnet that creates a magnetic field... where the blood enters.

When blood flows through this magnetic field, the blood cells spin then separate from each other giving each cell more surface area to carry much more oxygen and vital nutrients... The magnetic field also widens your... blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through.

The second benefit comes from Tourmaline and Germanium which emit negative ions (also known as "Air Vitamins") and Far Infra-Red Rays (also known as "Growth Rays").

Negative ions work to neutralize acidic levels in the bloodstream while Far Infra-Red Rays cleanse and increase the production of cells...

peloop™ is physically made by mixing Silicone, Germanium and Tourmaline using a high quality Mix-Refining Machine. Then a Vulcanizing Testing Machine is used to create the mold with a small hole for the magnet. The material mixture is added to the mold to create peloop™ and the magnet is then inserted.

The result is one powerful peloop™ that combines these amazing materials to give you permanent and lasting [male enhancement].


So there you have it. Apparently you can use a magnetic ring to keep the box from sliding off your junk. Who'd have known.

Plus apparently women will look while you laugh:

And women will blow into your belly button:


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