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SNL 3/7/09 - The Rock & Ray LaMontagne

Updated 3/16/09 - Added the "Andy Samberg as Cathy" Weekend Update skit (also starring Justin Timberlake as Irving and Jessica Biel as Jessica Rabbit).

Check out this week's episode with The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) & Ray LaMontagne. It was off to a good start with some great promos from Andy Samberg...

The Rock & Andy Samberg Promo

There are so many hilarious bits these two did that they showed them all. I like the "Dwayne Wayne" bit at the beginning (from A Different World; just random) and the smiles bit at the end. The weight lifting bits were amusing but not as funny.

Kenan & The Rock Promo

Not only is Kenan not funny here, but I don't even understand what the joke is supposed to be for the first bit. Stuff like this makes me wonder when Kenan's time will be up.

Cold Opening: A Message from the Secretary of the Treasury

The Treasury Secretary is open to suggestions.

Will Forte ... Timothy Geithner
Bill Hader ... Louis, caller (voice)
Paula Pell ... Denise, caller (voice)
Jason Sudeikis ... Dominic, caller (voice)
Kenan Thompson ... Nkumo, caller (voice)

Cute. Sad, but cute.


Dwayne is still as tough as ever.

Dwayne Johnson
Fred Armisen ... Lee, trainer
Abby Elliott ... Dancer
Kenan Thompson ... Himself
Kristen Wiig ... Dancer

Wow. That has to be one of the best monologues I've ever seen!!!! Hilarious!

MacGruber 1

MacGruber w/ MacGuyver

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Richard Dean Anderson ... MacGyver
Abby Elliott ... Mother
Will Forte ... MacGruber
Jason Sudeikis ... Doctor
Kristen Wiig ... Vicky

Hahahaha. The first one is hilarious!!! Carry over from the Superbowl Pepsi bits with Richard Dean Anderson. This set is much better!

The Rock Obama

Don't get the President angry.

Dwayne Johnson ... The Rock Obama
Fred Armisen ... Barack Obama
Will Forte ... Tom Coburn
Darrell Hammond ... John McCain
Andy Samberg ... Rahm Emanuel
Kristen Wiig ... Kay Bailey Hutchison

Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy's Rahm is pretty funny. A few good laughs here.

MacGruber 2

Richard Dean Anderson ... MacGyver
Abby Elliott ... Mother
Will Forte ... MacGruber
Michaela Watkins ... Assistant
Kristen Wiig ... Vicky

See the MacGruber vids above.

Activia Commercial Shoot

The yogurt is very effective.

Abby Elliott ... Andrea
Jason Sudeikis ... Robbie Dunn
Kristen Wiig ... Jamie Lee Curtis

Kristen returns to this same skit. "Yeah, top on."

Lots of pooping going on!

Hawaiian Bar

Hawaiian Hotel: Service with a smile.

Dwayne Johnson ... Musician
Fred Armisen ... Musician
Abby Elliott ... Patron
Will Forte ... Patron
Bill Hader ... Patron
Darrell Hammond ... Patron
Bobby Moynihan ... Patron
Andy Samberg ... Patron
Jason Sudeikis ... Patron
Kenan Thompson ... Patron
Michaela Watkins ... Patron
Kristen Wiig ... Patron
Casey Wilson ... Patron

Wow. Everyone was in this skit. Casey's only skit.

The Rock and Fred go around insulting everyone to music. What could be better?

That waitress at the end looked like she was watching the screen to see when she was on camera. Then she was like, "Oh I'm on!" You could totally see it in her expression.

MacGruber 3

Richard Dean Anderson ... MacGyver
Will Forte ... MacGruber
Kristen Wiig ... Vicky

See the MacGruber vids above.

Musical Performance: "You Are The Best Thing"

Ray LaMontagne performs his first song from 3/7/09.

Ray LaMontagne

Wow, they don't usually post clips of the musicians. Ray must have given them permission somehow.

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Kenan Thompson ... Michael Steele
Andy Samberg ... Cathy
Justin Timberlake ... Irving
Jessica Biel ... Jessica Rabbit
Will Forte ... Jon Bovi member
Jason Sudeikis ... Jon Bovi member

Update: Michael Steele

The GOP leader drops by the Update desk.

Hmm. Why won't they show Andy Samberg's Cathy or Jessica Biel's Rabbit? That's the stuff we really want to see!

The good thing about Justin Timberlake is whoever he's dating he brings to SNL. First he got Cameron hooked on SNL, and now Jessica? Sweet! Keep coming back you two!!!

Update: Jon Bovi

The world's first opposite tribute band.

These guys are amazing singers! Will Forte shows it off frequently, but Jason hasn't shown it since Young Chuck Norris and the Sloths/Giraffes bits.

Will Forte's facial expression are hilarious.

Update: Cathy & Jessica Rabbit

This time Justin Timberlake appears as Irvin and Jessica Biel (Justin's babe) appears as Jessica Rabbit.

Wow. Andy's Cathy impression is hilarious!!! This is his second go with the character.

Jessica Biel absolutely nailed the Jessica Rabbit impression! Wow!!!

Keep it up Justin and Andy! You guys are hilarious together!!!

Show: Game Time With Dave And Greg

The best sports show in the galaxy.

Dwayne Johnson ... Dave Delmonte
Bill Hader ... Greg
Darrell Hammond ... Tom, caller (voice)
Seth Meyers ... Joey, caller (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Chuck, caller (voice)
Andy Samberg ... Pat, caller (voice)
Kenan Thompson ... Randy Dukes
Kenan Thompson ... Announcer (voice)

Nice picture of Andy Samberg as a former host from 1987.

Wow, that was actually pretty funny, especially at the end. Greg is definitely not an alien.

Apprentice Commercial Shoot

Donald Trump is ready to riff.

Dwayne Johnson ... Dennis Rodman
Fred Armisen ... Tom Green
Bill Hader ... Director (voice)
Darrell Hammond ... Donald Trump
Michaela Watkins ... Joan Rivers

Mildly amusing. Rock's Rodman is the best part. Fred's Green is okay.

Musical Performance: "Trouble"

Ray performs song #2 on 3/7/09

Ray LaMontagne

Lighthouse Date

The rocks are treacherous.

Dwayne Johnson ... Guy
Will Forte ... Captain
Bill Hader ... Sailor
Bobby Moynihan ... Sailor
Andy Samberg ... Sailor
Jason Sudeikis ... Jetskier
Kristen Wiig ... Girl

Hahahaha. They saved one of the best for last. This is my favorite skit of the episode. What do you think?

I thought it was funny that Jason Sudeikis was wiping the water off his eyes after he was already impaled. I suppose it was best to do this skit last because it must have been more time consuming to dry off after this skit.

Overall, this was one of the best episodes of this season. Every skit was amusing, and a few were hilarious. Even thought there wasn't a digital short, Andy Samberg appeared 5 times, and there were some very funny skits. Great job SNL!!! I also noticed that they used Abby a lot more than usual (5 times) and Casey less than usual (only 1 time).


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